Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e46 Episode Script

The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! (Part 2)

1 "The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! - Part 2" We seem to be stable again.
Not for much longer if we can't find Michael and Aaron.
Them fools is in the wind, yo.
- We ain't never gonna find 'em.
- I think this calls for a last meal.
This place sure is filled with a bunch of sad sacks.
Now, look at these fools! They be eating sourdough loaf and them big sandwiches.
How much bread do you need? It's them! You're Aaron Horvath! Oh, good.
The Titans are here.
- And you're Michael Jelly-neck.
- Jelenic.
- Yellow neck.
- Jelenic.
- You's the guys who make us? - This can't be them! They are putting me under the whelm.
These are the guys that control our destiny? - You think we control you? - Ha! You control us! Our whole lives revolve around you guys.
We've been making one episode a week for 199 weeks.
That is a very aggressive schedule.
What could be better than making us? Spending time with my kids.
They are the cute.
Come on.
How hard can it be? All you do is write fart jokes! Those fart jokes come from character.
But if you don't write a new script, the Teen Titans will no longer exist! That's not true.
The Teen Titans will live forever.
- You know, as reruns.
- There's also the comics.
So, that's it.
That's all you have to say? Can we get more bread? Okay, cool.
Thanks for nothing.
Who knew the guys who controlled us were such jerks? Too bad we don't control them.
That's it.
We need to control them! But we are just the make-believe.
And they are the real.
Haven't you learned anything today? Make-believe becomes real if you believe in it enough! All we have to do is write an episode about Michael and Aaron writing the 200th episode.
And then we'll continue to exist! That plan makes the pain in my head.
- That's real meta.
- I once met a dog.
No, Beast boy.
Meta means Ugh, never mind.
Guess what? You two are about to become stars of your own animated episode! - That's fine.
- Oh, sure.
I'm not really interested in anything.
- You know, I don't care.
- That's fine.
- Charming.
- This is for real Jelly-neck's office? It's got that dungeon-chic vibe.
If we're going to make an episode, we're going to have to do it just like they do it.
And this is where they come up with all the stories for our show.
How can they write so many episodes about food in a place that makes you lose your appetite? Ugh.
Wait a minute.
If this is Michael's office, where does Aaron sit? The filth Forget the mess! We have to come up with a story - about them writing the 200th episode! - I have the idea.
It all begins on the dark and the stormy night.
Lightning the booms! Michael and Aaron sit at the desk, and then they write the story.
Uh, I don't know, Star.
That doesn't sound like it's gonna have enough farts.
Beastie's right.
If we're gonna tell a good story, we're gonna need more flatulence.
That's how Michael and Aaron do it on our show.
Hmm How about Michael and Aaron eat too many vegetables and every time they think of an idea, they fart.
I like where this is going! Oh, yes! The creative juices are the flowing, now! Warner Ranch, day! Enter Michael and Aaron, their bellies filled with gas.
From eating too many vegetables.
Okay, Michael and Aaron, sorry about the issue with the drive-on passes.
Anyway, we've got a great script, let's take it from the top.
And don't forget to have fun with it.
I sure enjoyed our veggie lunch.
I sure hope this helps lower my cholesterol.
Oh, no! My tum-tum.
That was, uh, great.
Now, just a couple of notes.
First, your voice sounds terrible.
Can you make them sound less grating and more pleasant? Uh That's how we talk.
How unfortunate.
Then, can you at least be louder? You know, like how you make us scream all the time? Like that.
From the top.
I sure enjoyed our veggie lunch! Louder! I hope this helps lower my cholesterol! Oh, no, my tum-tum! The louder.
Louder, fools! My throat is bleeding.
It hurts.
That's great, guys.
We just want to adjust to these character designs a little bit.
We wants to make them look as dumb as you made Robin look.
So, we're gonna need to make their heads a lot bigger.
We said, big! The bigger.
The bigger! Now, make them look dumb.
You know, like I'm Michael and I'm Aaron and I think I'm so funny, but I'm not.
Wonderful! Yo, guys.
I took a look at your script.
This is gonna be impossible to animate.
Don't worry about it, Pete.
The crew will take care of it.
Your script isn't producible.
It's a mess! Pfft.
We'll just figure it out as we make it.
Yeah, it's a cartoon, not a science rocket.
Here's your episode.
Imma be real with y'all.
There's some problems.
Is being too good a problem? Boom! I think make-believe is about to become a reality.
Veggie lunch.
Lunch, lunch My cholesterol.
I so enjoyed our veggie lunch.
I hope it helps lower my cholesterol! Oh, no! My tum-tum! - My tum-tum.
- Veggie lunch.
Oh, no, my cholesterol.
Comedy gold! Oh, no.
Why are we still doing the fading? Because this is bad, Star.
Make-believe only becomes real if you put your heart and soul into it.
So, you're saying we just can't hack it out? Okay.
New plan.
Redo the whole thing with heart and soul.
Nah, man.
You had your shot.
Listen, Pete.
We're not asking.
- So, how did the episode go? - Not so good, I bet.
Yo, it stank, man.
I can't believe you've made a 199 good to mediocre ones.
- It was a lot of work for one terrible one.
- We're exhausted.
Plus, now we have to hear from haters on the internet.
This show ruined my childhood.
Maybe now you can understand where we're coming from.
You can't give up on us! We're as much a part of you as you are of us! What are you gonna do instead? Get real jobs? We'd love to help you, but if we did this one, then we'd have to do another one and then another one, it would never stop.
- It's, a - Very aggressive schedule.
The only scenario I can imagine us doing the 200th episode is if we could put ourselves and our families in it.
But, that seems so self-indulgent.
Yeah, something like that would push the boundaries of good taste.
So, this is how we go out.
In the end, we're left with a question.
- What is reality? - Are we the real? Are Michael and Aaron real? Or are we just tiny points in one of them good fractals? The real question is not whether or not we're real.
It's, "Does any of this matter?" Hey, are those - I think it's - The farts? Farts can only mean one thing! Michael and Aaron must've realized we are forever interconnected! They're working on the show again! Work work work Work on an episode Work on an episode Work on an episode Work on an episode Work on an episode Every day Piling on your plate Like a work buffet You're not done yet? What's the delay? Would you like some overtime work? Okay! I'm gonna need this By the end of today Miss a delivery date No way Get that money for you 401K Invest in rental property Then Work on an episode Work on an episode Work on an episode Work on an episode Work work work # Watcha doing now? - Working on an episode # - # What about later? - Working on an episode # - # How about now? - Working on an episode # What about lunch? Imma grab a burger Then work on an episode Work on an episode Work on an episode Work on an episode Work it out Work it out We work it out We work it out We worked out our quadriceps Walked up Like a million steps Did like a thousand reps For the 200th episode But some people Don't let it go Some people just say I don't know They didn't But we did And they made their money Like pyramid We worked as hard For all the kids Who love the show Teen Titans Go And you know we're Gonna pump out 200 more # If you had no clue Well now you know # Work on an episode Work on an episode Work on an episode Work on an episode Work work Get back to work.