Teen Titans Go! (2013) s05e05 Episode Script

Tower Renovation

1 [ANIMAL SOUNDS] Go! [TITLE MUSIC] T E E N T I T A N S Teen Titans let's go [scratching] T-TEEN, T-TEE-TEEN Teen Titans, go! [MUSIC] [SQUEAKS] [GASPS] Hello, new friend.
Rubble ducky, you are the one.
[QUACKS] Slade destroyed everything.
He can't be trusted.
One of the evilest villains ever.
Who wants rubble sandwiches? ALL: I do! [CHOMPING] - Slade destroyed everything - Get in on these delicious sandwiches, bro.
[THUDS] They are not delicious! They are bitter and hard to swallow! Like the memory of Slade destroying our beloved tower! [CHOMPS] Tastes fine to me.
[GRUNTS] I can't believe you guys are willing to settle for this - disgusting pile of filth! - We loves this rubble.
Look, we's getting all this good sunlight.
That's because there is no roof! - It's so warm and cozy.
- Because everything is on fire! I now have so many places to do the hanging of the hats.
[EXPLOSION] You don't even wear hats! [PANTING] I hate to burst your rubble-bubble, Titans, but this no way to live.
We must rebuild! [GASPS] And do the labor that is manual? - I refuse to labor! - And I's refuse to manuals.
Do we really have to rebuild? What did America do when the White House was destroyed in the War of 1812? They rebuilt.
And when the White House was blown up in Independence Day? They rebuilt.
And when the White House was destroyed again in Deep Impact, Olympus Has Fallen, White House Down, - Superman II - Okay, okay.
We'll do it.
Just stop making the White House speech.
President Bill Pullman didn't stop making speeches.
And neither will I.
Now, let's take a look at the plans.
[MUSIC] The West Wing will go here.
The Oval Office goes here.
And Rose Garden will be a tasteful addition here.
ALL: Ooh.
So many of the wings.
It may fly.
BEAST BOY: We's could put a Lincoln bedroom up in here.
So me and Abe could have sleepovers.
[BOTH LAUGHING] RAVEN: This is a nice spot for the James S.
Brady press briefing room.
Ooh, I can't wait to get in there and tear into those reporters.
[GROWLING] [ALL SCREAMING] STARFIRE: Ooh, and here we could place the Situation Room.
In which there are "The Situations.
" [MEOWS] I don't know if we're building a White House or a new tower.
But I'm loving it, baby.
I'm glad you're as excited as I am.
Now, let's get downtown and get the proper construction permits.
[ALL SCREAMING] You mean, from the city? Them fat cats down at City Hall ain't cares about us common mens.
They'll get us all tangled up in their red tape.
[GASPS] Red is the stickiest of tapes.
[SCREAMS] [GRUNTING] [GROANS] My dear friends, remember that the government works for us.
I'm sure the City Inspector will bend over backwards to help us.
- Yeah, this doesn't go anywhere.
[THUNDERCLAP] [CHOMPING] [GRUNTS] [SHUDDERING] [RINGING] I trust you'll approve our plans quickly, my good man.
- [GASPS] Nooo! [LAUGHING] [SOBBING] [EVIL LAUGHTER] [STARFIRE SIGHS] Not only have we been denied the permits of building, I saw no obese felines in the hall of the city.
That City Inspector is a real butt.
I guess it's rubble living from here on out.
Who wants some rubble cake? No rubble food! I've got another plan.
If we can't build, we can buy.
ROBIN: On this episode of Home Hawks Today we'll be looking at T-shaped buildings in the area that are in our price range and meet all of our demands.
My ideal home must be close to the centers of learning.
RAVEN: Not too close.
The sound of children laughing creeps me out.
[CHILDREN LAUGHING] And within easy commute.
I ain't about to spend two hours in traffic every day.
It's also gots to be close to them bird sanctuaries.
So I continue my Ornithological studies.
[BIRDS LAUGHING] These properties have all that and more.
Now, I present to you, option 1.
[HOWLING] This quiet little love nest is a bit of a fixer-upper.
ALL: Blah! - It is the vile.
- This place might be haunted, yo.
Let's hope so! Think of how much we'll save on the down payment.
[ALL SCREAM] It appears to be the crime scene.
- Was someone dismembered here? - There's a poltergeist! This is horrible! Horrible! Keep in mind that buying a haunted dump like this and doing your own renovations is the best way to save money and increase you home's value.
ALL: No! [SIGHS] Fine.
If you wanna waste your money we'll move on to option 2.
This classy abode has an elegant yet timeless look.
It's move-in ready, and fully furnished.
The tile is not to my liking! The decor is making me sick! The wall's weird color, I don't like! This is horrible! Horrible! These are simple fixes.
You can easily repaint or pick new tile.
ALL: No! [SIGHS] Very well.
We'll move on to option 3.
- This exquisitely shaped home - Hold up! - This don't look like a "T".
- That's because it's an "R".
Well, there are only so many T-shaped buildings.
I refuse to live in the inappropriate letter shaped building! Well, the "R" could stand for Robin.
ALL: No! Fine! We'll go back to the disgusting rubble pile! It is a shame none of the buildings [MUSIC] met our unrealistic expectations.
Yeah, and this rubble living is really bumming me out.
I can't eats no more rubble tacos.
My teeths hurt.
[SOBBING] [CONTINUES SOBBING] Ouch! If only the City Inspector had granted us the permits.
[GASPS] Titans, what if we rebuild without permits.
[ALL SCREAMING] Dude, have you lost your mind? Them fat cats ain't gonna stay for it, yo.
Robin, you're messing with powerful forces.
- If the City Inspector finds out - It's a risk I'm willing to take.
When aliens blew up the White House in Independence Day, did President Bill Pullman give up? When a meteor created a tidal wave that destroyed the White House in Deep Impact, did President Morgan Okay, enough with the White House speech.
- We're in.
- Then moisten those lips, Titans.
Because we're going to [WHISTLING] Whistle while we work.
[ALL WHISTLING] [MUSIC] [CHOMPING] [STRAINING, GRUNTS] We'll never wrap this up in one episode.
Titans, whistle harder! [WHISTLING FASTER] [THUD] [MUSIC] Did I hear work whistling? [GASPS] The City Inspector.
[ALL SCREAM] Your permit was denied, Titans.
There's only one way to deal with code violators like yourselves.
Behold the power of bureaucracy! [EVIL LAUGHTER] ALL: Red tape! Yes! [CACKLING] We don't stand a chance.
The City Inspector will bind us forever with the tape that is red! We's gonna be homeless forever, yo! [SOBBING] - Are you all giving up? - What other choice do we have? In the paraphrased words of President Bill Pullman, "Hours from now, jets from around the globe will launch the largest air assault in the history of humankind.
" "Humankind.
This word has a new definition for us today.
" - None of that applies right now! - I was getting to the best part.
No more speeches of the actor president! Fine.
Titans, go! [GRUNTING AND SCREAMING] [YELLS] [CHUCKLES] Ow! Ow! Ow! [LAUGHING] [YELLS] Take that! [LAUGHING] [YELLS] [IMITATING GUNFIRE] [SCREAMS] [YELLS] [ROARS] [GRUNTS] [GROANS] Azarath Metrion Zin [GRUNTING] [EVIL LAUGHTER] This work site is officially closed until further notice.
Which will be, um Never.
[EVIL LAUGHTER] [GRUNTS] Must break free! [YELLING] [GRUNTING] We can't cut through the red tape! It's over.
Not yet.
I've got one last trick of my sleeve.
I'm going to exploit a government official's only weakness.
[SNORTING] A little something to wet your beak? [SNIFFS, CLEARS THROAT] Well, everything's in order here, you're all up to code.
Um Thank you for your, uh, donation.
[LAUGHING] - We should've started with the bribe, - Eh, live and learn.
Now Titans, get to work! [WHISTLING FAST] [ALL CHEERING] CYBORG: Nice job.
ALL: Ah! [ALL LAUGHING] Look at that toilet! - So, what do you think? - You know, it's mostly the same.
Ooh, but with the slight differences.
The important thing is that the living room has been reworked so that it's easier to enter and exit.
Which is the real reason we did all of this.
Now we'll never have to rebuild again.
Some duct tape will patch that right up.