Teen Titans Go! (2013) s05e08 Episode Script

Monster Squad

T E E N T I T A N S Teen Titans let's go [scratching.]
T-TEEN, T-TEE-TEEN Teen Titans, go! [MUSIC.]
STARFIRE: The going! The almost going! The gone! It is the gone! [CHEERING.]
I love Halloween! It is officially All Hallow's Eve.
It's time once and for all to prove that we're the scariest trick-or-treaters in Jump City! Yeah, but we just can't have another repeat of last Halloween, though.
We were so lame.
Aren't you scary.
It was terrible.
Them costumes gots to be scary this year, for reals.
Oh, they're not just scary.
They're monstrous.
If them trickers and treaters are wearing pants, we's gonna scare them off, yo! We will be saying the boo, boo, boo! And they will be crying the boo-hoo-hoo! - Seriously? - We're straight up Halloween frauds.
Again! [ALL CRYING.]
But in the Hallowedween's past, everyone was the scared of our costumes.
They were just being nice, Star.
It's part of Halloween to pretend to be scared of lame garbage like this.
If that is the so, I believe we should wear the costumes.
Even if they are the embarrassing.
I don't wants no pretend scares this year.
I wants them real scares! You want real scares, huh? I can help you.
But it means we're not wearing costumes at all this year.
Huh Naked butt style.
- I likes it! - Me, too! Then it's settled.
We're trick-or-treating naked this year.
That is scary, but no.
Tonight, I'm gonna cast a spell to make us real monsters.
For real.
You mean, there's a chance we won't be Halloween failures? What's you waiting for, mama? Come on! Come on! Come on! Oh, I feel the conflicted about disregarding the Halloween tradition.
Forget tradition! We're gonna get some real scares this year! RAVEN: First, heed this warning.
To turn us into monsters, I'll be tampering with forces I don't fully control.
Well, that warning is way too vague to concern me.
Yeah, totes.
Too vagues.
All that matters tonight is that we are scary.
I do wish to say the boo, boo, boo.
Very well.
Magic us up, mama! Come on! Azarath Metrion Zinthos! [SCREAMING.]
CYBORG: So this guy, Victor Frankenstein, makes this big old monster man out of a bunch of dead dudes.
But he never gave the monster a name.
That is messed up.
He could've named him something like, I don't know, how about "Karl"? [SCREAMING.]
BEAST BOY: So I be walking on through a spooky forest, when I sees this weird, old dog.
I was like, "What up, dog?" And the dog nips me! No bigs, but I didn't know that, that dog had them moon rabies.
Oh, no! I gots them moon rabies! And it's a full moon! [GROWLS.]
I am a werewolf, baby! [HOWLS.]
ROBIN: Vampires are the strongest, most famous, most suave, and good-looking of all monsters.
You better watch out for Dracula! Blah.
STARFIRE: This is the scary story of the mummy.
Being the busy mummy was very time-consuming.
She had to work all of the day and care for the baby all of the night.
Because of the time constraints, her meals were of the fast foods which gave her the irritable bowel syndrome! [STARFIRE SHUDDERS.]
And so she wrapped herself in the toilet tissues so she would always have some on hand in case of the bathroom emergency.
I am The Mummy! RAVEN: Okay, this is running long.
So I'm just gonna get to it.
I'm The Invisible Woman.
That ain't even scary! [HOWLS.]
We can't even see ya.
RAVEN: Scary enough for you? [ALL AGREEING.]
We some scary monsters now! [HOWLS.]
But I is definitely the scariest.
Are you kidding? Look at these fangs! [SNARLS.]
I am the most frightening.
Listen to my boos! [YELLS.]
Boo! Boo! Mummy, me think it more like "Booooo.
" That is what I said.
Boo! Boo! Swing batta, batta, batta.
Hey, batta! RAVEN: Isn't this so much better than those cheap costumes? I still feel this is not the right way to do the weens on the Hallow Eve.
Let's see if you still feel that way when we are the scariest trick-or-treaters in Jump City.
Titan Monsters, go! [YOWLING.]
Scary, scary Oh, so scary Scary, scary Very, very scary Scary, scary Super-duper scary Scary, scary We're real, real scary ROBIN: Drop the Robin Oh, they call me Dracula Big old bat Dracula Big bad Dracula Neck bitin' ignitin' The club lightning Garlic, daylight, stakes Frightening RAVEN: Slap you in the face Where's it coming from? Don't know Boom, there's another one I'm invisible Invisible to your eyes Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, surprise! Scary, scary Oh, so scary Scary, scary Very, very scary Scary, scary Super-duper scary Scary, scary Real, real scary BEAST BOY: I'm a werewolf Doin' what them werewolves do One bite from a fang And I werewolf you Full moon howlin' Yeah, I do that too You best watch your step Yo, that's werewolf poo Yeah, I pooped right there What do you expect? I am a dog [HOWLS.]
Scary, scary Super-duper scary Scary, scary Real, real scary STARFIRE: Toilet paper wrap Mummy busy Stomach upset Pop, pop fizzy Got an upset tum, tum Squeaky bum, bum Gr-r-rat! Slurpee cup, pum, pum CYBORG: Bolt up in the neck Body all a wreck Frankenstein's monster Got you all in check Kidding, actually I'm a really nice guy, my name is Karl.
Nice to meet you.
Psyche! [ROARS.]
Scary, scary Oh, so scary Scary, scary Very, very scary Scary, scary Super-duper scary Scary, scary Real, real scary [CHILDREN SCREAMING.]
For once, we are the scariest game in town.
All thanks to Raven.
Blah, blah, blah.
And the best part is, this spooky night is just getting started.
Oh, no.
I warned you this could happen.
It's the ghost apocalypse! [GROANS.]
You not say nothing about no ghost apocalypse.
Well, I implied it.
Why you gots to be all vague with your warnings, mama? [WHIMPERS.]
I was trying to be spooky.
Titans, if we can't stop these ghosts, they'll scare everyone out of Jump City forever! Blah.
We should've hallowed the weens properly and worn - the plastic costumes.
- Are you kidding? The whole point of tonight was to prove we're the scariest.
And this is our chance.
Monsters versus ghosts.
You heard her.
Titan Monsters, scare! [IMITATING SCARY NOISES.]
- I'm going to suck your blood! - Boo! - I don't have a face! - I gots them moon rabies! [IMITATING SCARY NOISES.]
It is not working.
We tried to be scary but we's just scaredy cats.
We don't deserve to be monsters.
Maybe we were wrong.
We wanted to scare everyone so bad we ended up unleashing the ghost apocalypse.
We should've gone trick-or-treating in our cheap costumes.
Even if people wasn't really scared of 'em, they still - pretended to be.
- [GASPS.]
That is the it! Friend Titans! I have the plan! Scary, scary Oh, so scary Scary, scary Very, very scary ROBIN: Hey, ghosts.
Trick or treat! Let's get 'em, Titans.
I'm a werewolf, fool! [ROARS.]
Too precious! [EXPLODES.]
Frankenstein? [MOANS.]
- Me Karl! - How adorable! I'm a mummy! [BOOS.]
- And I'm the invisible woman! - Oh, so cute! I'm going to suck your blood! Blah, blah, blah! Aww, the little blah! [LAUGHING MENACINGLY.]
Oh, you all look just so cute in your little costumes, I could just eat you all up! Titans! Scare! [IMITATING SCARY NOISES.]
Oh, that's way too scary! Oh.
You're just so scary in all your little costumes! [YELLS.]
I gotta say.
I've gained a whole new respect - for awful plastic Halloween costumes.
- I'm happy our traditional costumes were able to avert the apocalypse of ghosts.
Titans, there's still time for us to get out there and do some good, old-fashioned trick-or-treating.
Let's get some of that good candy, y'all.
Scary, scary Real, real scary