Teen Titans Go! (2013) s05e32 Episode Script

Stockton, CA!

1 [animal sounds.]
Go! [title music.]
T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S Teen Titans let's go [scratching.]
T-TEEN, T-TEE-TEEN Teen Titans, go! [horns honking.]
Faster, Cyborg, The HIVE is robbing the Jump City Bank.
What do you want me to do, man? I don't control the traffic.
We should have left earlier.
Sorrys, but when I gots to go, I gots to go.
Ugh! There is far too many other people in this city.
- Come on, be more aggressive! - Okay! Sheesh! [beeps.]
[tires screech.]
[commuters screaming.]
[man screaming.]
[all screaming.]
We'll stop you, HIVE as soon as we find a parking spot! [tires squeal.]
Ah! Fire hydrant! Loading zone! - Invisible jet! - [jet door beeps.]
- Parking spot! Go! Go! Go! - I see it.
I see it.
[missile whistles.]
- [Cyborg.]
Booyah! - [alarms ringing.]
[all screaming.]
Now, let's take down the HIVE.
Titans, go! - Ohs they's gone! - And so is all of the money currency.
This is a devastating loss for the city.
But at least we can take pride in the fact that we were delayed because so many people wanna live in beautiful Jump City, home of the Teen Titans.
[fireworks exploding.]
- [all.]
- That's where I wants to be.
Hey, let's not waste this trip downtown.
Who's up for some pizza? [cheering.]
Titans, go! Oh! The line is the monstrous.
We can just cut to the front.
No one will mind if the Teen Titans jump the line.
[all yelling indistinctly.]
- [horn honking.]
- Excuse me, coming through.
- [horn honks.]
- Pizza, we want it.
- [indistinct shouting.]
- [horn honking.]
[all chomping loudly.]
The big hockey game starts in 15 minutes.
Why won't all these people get out of the way? [crowd clamoring.]
- [people screaming.]
- [explosions.]
[all chanting.]
Sharks! Sharks! Sharks! Sharks! The Jump City sharks are live in five in HD on the TV.
Get ready to duck some pucks! [Beast Boy.]
And taste some of that hockey blood.
[alarm buzzes.]
- Mmm! Hockey blood! - Titans, I have terrible news! Tonight's hockey game has been canceled! - [all gasp.]
- What? Why? It appears no one bought tickets to the game because no one was around to buy them.
Do you realize what this means? Hockey isn't a popular sport in America? No.
It means Jump City is having a population crash.
[all gasping.]
Whys would anybody wanna leave? Jump city is the place to be.
That may be true but it doesn't change the fact that people are leaving Jump City in record numbers.
- Where are they going? - See for yourself.
[all gasping.]
- [all.]
Stockton? - This is terrible.
Although, who wouldn't wanna live in California's 13th largest city, which boasts a population of 320,554, a top-flight jazz school and a hot, summer, mediterranean climate, averaging 257 days of sunshine per year.
- Centrally located, Stockton's rich history - [yells.]
Stop talking about Stockton! Don't you realize the danger we are in? If this city loses its population, there will be no one to protect and we will cease to be heroes.
- [all screaming.]
- What? No! Don't panic yet! We can still get our citizens back by reminding them how great Jump City is.
Quick, Titans, name some good things about the city.
Uh, you means besides us? - Uh - Uh - Uh - I have no idea.
[alarm buzzing.]
Maybe it would help if we knew the reason people moved here in the first place.
Ooh! Perhaps the historical film will provide the necessary informational context.
Great thinking! [beeps.]
[projector whirring.]
Welcome to Jump City, the city on the brink of tomorrow.
This sparkling city on the bay was founded in 2003 by [bleeping.]
Why, there he is now.
How's it going, [bleep.]
? What a guy! - Catch a game at Jump City Stadium - [crowd cheering.]
Or enjoy some fun in the sun at Jump City's famous beaches.
More than just a day at the beach, Jump city is a pioneer of industry.
With so much to offer, - Jump City is the city of the future.
- [growls.]
[narrator reading.]
[film rolling.]
Wow! Jump city has so many sights to see.
- And the things to do.
- Mmm, that video looks pretty old.
Is all that stuff still around? - Yeah, 2003 be a long time agos.
- Let's find out.
Titans, go! [engine revving.]
Whoa! What happened? Oh, I remember! We smashed this place up, taking down Brother Blood.
- [all.]
Oh! - [indistinct.]
[engine revving.]
Oh, yeah.
I's blowed up this lab with some dangerous chemistry, yo! [tires squealing.]
I recall now doing the destroying of the beach in an effort to eradicate the crabs and their nasty claws of the pinching.
This city is trash.
[mellow music.]
Those folks moving to Stockton are making a whole lot of sense, y'all.
I'd move there myself if my work didn't keeps me here.
Don't be discouraged, Titans.
This city might be in ruins, but it still has the greatest attraction of all, us! We just need to remind the world that living in Jump City gives you a front-row seat to the Teen Titans' feats of heroism.
[fireworks exploding.]
Oh, I very much wish to show the feets.
Flappy, flappy, flappy! But how are we gonna get that message out to the entire world? The only way I know how, a website! Titans, code! [music.]
[woman reading.]
[woman reading.]
[woman reading.]
[woman reading.]
Wow! This be very sophisticated, yo! I can almost make out an image.
Its many colors and musics are quite the hypnotic.
- [Raven.]
Play the video.
- [mouse clicks.]
Welcome to Jump City.
Most of our landmarks have been destroyed.
But this city boasts an attraction more impressive - [mic feedback.]
- than any wonders of the world.
The Teen Titans! That's right.
Come to Jump City - and see the world's favorite superhero team.
- [mic feedback.]
And don't forget to visit the best place in the city [all.]
Titans Tower! [Cyborg reading.]
That's right, fools! We's will prosecute.
- [Cyborg.]
Yeah! Awesome! - [all cheering.]
Titans, we did it! People around the globe are seeing how great Jump City is.
Get ready! 'Cause here comes the Citizen Stampede! - [cow moos.]
- Ha-ha! I'mma rope me some residents, yee-haw! [device beeping.]
[all gasping.]
[beeping continues.]
Ain't that number supposed to be getting bigger? [grunts.]
Our amazing website wasn't enough.
Oh, the no, the no, the no! Oh, please the numbers go up.
Up, please! [Starfire screaming.]
We failed, Titans! With no citizens to protect, we are no longer heroes.
Then, this is the end of the Teen Titans.
It's gonnas to be hard to say goodbies to this beautiful city.
And all them things we blew up in it.
- [sobbing.]
Like the stadium.
- And the crabby beach.
Titans, could it be, everyone left because of us? - [all.]
No! - That's just preposterous.
Although with the constant destructive battles with no regard to public safety, - who would wanna live near us? - Dang, fool! You's right.
We have not lost our status as the heroes.
We were never the heroes to begin with.
This city isn't trash.
We are.
[alarm blaring.]
Crime alert! It's the HIVE.
Titans, go! Why bother? We're not heroes anymore.
And you really expect me to drive downtown and deal with all the traffic? Friends, we should answer the call of crime for it is likely to be the last time we spend together.
Very well, for the last time Titans, go! Hurry, Cyborg! We're making good time, but I can go faster.
Whoo! Wow, Jump City without cars is kinda cool.
Is it? Our most thriving metropolis has been abandoned, decimated, left to rot and decay like Parking spot! [brakes screeching.]
Wow, a free space! - For the parking of the car? - Downtown? [scoffs.]
On the weekend? I's never contemplated such madnesses.
Look, them HIVE's is coming out empty-handed.
Yo! HIVE! Your crime is meaningless.
Yeah! Ain'ts no money in there, fools! The people tooks it when they left! [mellow music.]
We didn't even have to fight.
The knowledge of their inconsequence defeated them.
Well, I'm gonna celebrate my inconsequence with some pizza.
Oh, but the line will be the endless.
Yous forgot, Star.
No peoples, no line.
No line? For the pizzas? I am loving this empty city! And it's all thanks to our reprehensible behavior, Titans.
[all exclaiming.]
Oh, the no! The pizza place is abandoned.
If there is nobody left in Jump City that means there is nobody left to make pizzas.
No pizza?! [screams.]
Whats we gonna do? Without pizzas, we's gonna starve, yo! We should just lie down and wait for death's cold embrace.
- So the cold.
- Don't give up, Titans.
There is still one thing, we haven't tried.
Move to Stockton? Yeah, I was gonna say we should move to Stockton.
They probably have tons of pizza there.
Titans, go! [engine accelerating.]
- [crashing.]
- [people screaming.]
- [camera clicks.]
- [dolphin squeaking.]
- [all cheering.]
- [indistinct.]