Teen Titans Go! (2013) s05e46 Episode Script

The Viewers Decide

1 [animal sounds.]
Go! [title theme.]
T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S Teen Titans, let's go Teen Titans, go [intense music.]
The mother bear will fight to the death to protect her cub from this hungry wolf.
[growling ferociously.]
That's right! Back up, wolf.
You better run, son.
With the danger averted, the little cub ventures to the stream for the first time.
Uh, guys? I have something important to tell you.
Being part of the team has been amazing, but I think it's time for me to go.
- [gasps.]
No! - This is not the possible.
- I don't believe it.
- How can that bear be so cute! [baby talk.]
I'm gonna name you Cuddles.
No way.
He's a tough little guy.
- His name should be Rex.
- I prefer the Frank.
What kinda bear's name is Frank? I thoughts it was my turns to names the bear! - Real bears are named Rex.
- I said, Cuddles [all clamoring.]
So, I guess I'll be goin'.
What kinda bear's name is Frank? [indistinct chatter.]
Okay See ya.
[elevator dings.]
[emotional music.]
Wait, don't go.
[Beast Boy sobbing.]
You's gots to stay.
You gots to.
I didn't think you guys cared so much, but - Stay, Frank the bear.
- [Cyborg.]
It's not safe out there.
By the way.
I think Bumblebee left for good.
What? Why didn't she tell us? It is so the rude to leave without saying the goodbye.
[elevator dings.]
I forgot my bag.
Are you truly parting all of the ways with us, Bumblebee? It's because we're garbage, right? - We know.
- It's not you guys.
It's just I've always wanted to try the solo superhero thing.
You know, like Batman! [thundering.]
[deep voice.]
Bein' mysterious hanging out with Commissioner Gordon [simulating whooshing.]
[both cackling.]
It's kinda been a dream of mine since forever.
So, you're not going back to Titans East? Uh-oh.
I just realized, I never told them I was leaving.
How very like the you to leave without saying the goodbye.
So the rude.
[glass shatters.]
We've been looking all over for you.
Everything's been awful since you left.
- Really? - Uh, yeah.
We can't afford our rent anymore.
That's funny.
Our rent has gone down quite a bit.
[comical music.]
And we can't seem to get our chores done.
Our chores have never been easier.
- [grunting.]
- [gobbling.]
And battles have been tough.
Huh we's been fightin' better than ever.
- [growling.]
- [groaning.]
- Um a little help? - Nah, you gots this.
She totally does.
Well, you know what they say.
If you love something let it go and get over it! - Bumblebee belongs on our team.
- We want her back.
- Um this isn't up to you guys.
- She's right.
- Thank you, Raven.
- It's up to them.
[dramatic music.]
What? Who? You know, the people watching the show.
The viewers.
- That is nonsense.
- Oh, no, it ain't.
Cyborg, tell these fools how it be.
In the olden days of TV when a character was about to leave a show, or make a major change, the network would offer the show's viewers a chance to call in and vote on the character's outcome.
It's a fun event that gets the audience invested and has the added benefit of boosting ratings.
Checks it! To cast your votes on which team Bumblebee should choose [dings.]
calls dis number - and make yo voice heard.
- What number? The one at the bottom of the screen, girl.
- What screen? - Wow.
Thank you for showing Bumblebee how crazy you are.
She'll be leaving with us, now.
I already said, it's not your decision.
Wait! Will you at least give us a chance - to convince you to stay? - [sighs.]
I'll hear you out.
So, it's East vs.
Stop that! You want to recruit me, be professional about it.
Let's hear your best business proposals.
[techno music.]
The greetings upon you, the lady madam.
We will now do the persuading of you using only the business jargon.
[clears throat.]
As you can sees, we's fully prepared to offer lots of them good growths as per capita APR, at a full and up to including, 10%.
We is also willing to give you full bathroom access so's you can pee-pee in comfort and style.
[instrumental music.]
In addition to pee-peeing, your percentage of doing important stuff is projected to skyrocket in the next five years.
[mimicking rocket.]
In summations, signing here at this here X will gets you all of the aforementioned beneficials.
Thanks you.
Would you like some water? Hmm, impressive [beeping.]
- Not so fast.
- That "proposal" was nonsense.
You's just mad 'cause you ain't understand business, fool.
Go back to business school, you knucklehead.
Sit down, charlatans.
Let the grown-ups speak.
Bumblebee, Titans East has prepared a real contract offering you the coveted two S's of business: [music.]
security and status.
[Kid Flash.]
Top notch health benefits, a 401K plan, generous stock options and a fast track to full equity partnership.
I like the sound of that.
- Don't you dare listen to them.
- Why not? 'Cause these fools been crossin' their fingers behind they backs the whole times.
[dramatic music.]
[all clamoring.]
Hey! No fighting.
Fine, jeez.
We weren't even gonna.
The fingers betray the lie.
Enough! Bumblebee, make your choice.
I wasn't really convinced by either proposal.
Then it's up to the viewers at home.
Call that number, baby! Stop that.
There's no number.
What do we need to do to convince you? Hmm.
Why don't you try dazzling me? [Cyborg.]
It's time for Dazzle Me! The game show where two teams try desperately to win over the affections of one lucky superhero.
Welcome to the show, everyone.
Today, this lucky Bumblebee will be presented with two dazzling showcases to choose from.
- Let's get it started.
- Bumblebee, if you choose Titans East, you'll get A new car! [cheering.]
That's right.
Enjoy cruising the streets in your all new stylish hatch-back sedan.
[giggles excitedly.]
Featuring all-wheel drive and spacious, full leather interiors.
Equipped with air conditioning to cool you down on those hot days.
And now you can cruise in style - listening to both AM and FM radio.
- Bumblebee, if you choose Titans West, you get to take over as team leader.
- Wait! I'm the leader.
- Not anymore.
Beast Boy, tell her what she's won.
Thanks, Cyborg.
As new team leader, you'll receive the latest fashion in designer capes.
[giggles excitedly.]
And let's not forget these stylish green slacks, made from the finest polyester so they're snug in all the wrong places.
And that's not all, Cyborg.
Bumblebee will also be receiving A vacation to the island of Antigua.
That's right.
If she chooses Titans East, she'll be choosing to discover this elite island resort, complete with white sand beaches and turquoise waters.
Wow! What could possibly top that? How about a whole wing of Titans Tower, including Robin's room? [laughs heartily.]
Your wing will be located on the tower's sunny side, and includes a full service spa, a dance floor with a live DJ, and, of course, Robin's room and all of his personal belongings.
She can't have my stuff! I didn't agree to this.
Quiet, you're going to mess up the deal.
So, Bumblebee, which team will you choose? [Bumblebee.]
These prizes are amazing.
I don't know if I can decide Allows me to make that decision a little easier for you, Honeymama.
[elephant trumpeting.]
- Hey.
That's not fair.
- Two can play at that game.
[dolphin squeaking.]
Yeah, so I'm going to go be Batman, now.
Not so fast.
There's one last way to decide your fate.
- Let me guess - [all.]
The viewers.
It's the Bumblebee Telethon!! Viewers at home, call that number at the bottom of the screen and make your voice heard.
For Titans East, enter code: 100-523 204-403 82-429 442-66: 3! 04.
Or for Titans West, enter code: 4.
Now, let's throw it over to Raven in the phone room.
Robin [telephone ringing.]
these phones are ringing off the hook as callers from all over the world are casting their votes.
Ooh doesn't seem like Titans East is getting too many calls.
- Gee, I wonder why.
- Time is running out, call now.
- [clock ticking.]
- [cuckoo calls.]
Looks like them votes are in, baby! They voted for us! [crowd cheering.]
Read it and weep, chumps.
[all cheering.]
We won, whoo-hoo! In your face, Titans East.
- Bumblebee is ours.
- Uh yo, Bumblebee left.
Uh, who cares.
We won.
[all cheering.]
- [Cyborg.]
All right.
- [Starfire.]
We are the winners! [intense music.]
[low voice.]
I am vengeance.
I am the night.
I [normal voice.]
am Batbee.
[both cackling.]