Teen Titans Go! (2013) s05e51 Episode Script

TV Knight 5

1 [bird crowing.]
- [cat meowing.]
- [mouse squeaking.]
- [elephant trumpeting.]
- [lion roaring.]
Go! [opening theme playing.]
T-E-E-N T-I-T-A-N-S Teen Titans, let's go Teen Titans, go [dramatic music playing.]
[bats screeching.]
[cheerful music playing.]
[phone ringing.]
[squeaking on phone.]
Ahhh! [laughing heartily.]
[knocking on door.]
[squeaking continues on phone.]
[instrumental music playing.]
[alarm blaring.]
[screams in high-pitched voice.]
[blows whistle.]
[both laughing.]
[chorus in the style He-Man.]
Him guy! [sighs.]
I have come to defeat you once and for all, Muscleor! [sighs.]
What's the matter you vile goon? I just don't see the point anymore.
It seems no matter how jacked I get, I'll never become overlord of the Macrocosmos.
Turn that frown upside down, you awful creep.
There's no reason to give up hope.
Oh, just leave me alone.
There's nothing you can do to help.
There's no problem these victory hammers can't solve.
Ow! Oh! Ooh! - Are you feeling better yet? - Not at all.
If anything, I feel much worse.
That's impossible.
These fists have never failed me.
Ouch! Oh! Ooh! [thudding.]
Hey, what's all the commotion? Help me Girl-Ra.
Muscleor is sad and won't cheer up! Did you try, uh, punchin' him? So many times.
Ow! Oh! Ooh! Oh, well, uh, perhaps you should try throwing him? Brilliant.
Why didn't I think of that? Oh! [grunts [screams.]
Hey, uh How do you feel now, Muscleor? [sadly.]
Even worse.
Implausible! Ow! Oh! Ooh! Ahhh! [metal rattling.]
[upbeat instrumental music playing Welcome Welcome to my sticky hood You're just in time We 'out to eat real good Laid out newspapers And the magazines Cracked open a can Of them navy beans Poured it real slow On a bed of greens No, no napkin Just use your jeans We Keep it sticky, yo When you with Sticky Joe We keep it sticky, yo When you with Sticky Joe We keep it sticky, oh-oh When you with Sticky Joe-Joe Sticky-sticky, oh-oh Sticky-sticky, oh-oh Dumpster divin' A can a beans Sun shining on me Yeah, I'm livin' the dream New York London out to Tokyo Leavin' feel good vibes Everywhere that I go When I hit'm wit a howdy Hit'm wit a howdy When I hit'm wit a howdy Hit'm wit a howdy Howdy-ho We keep it sticky, oh-oh When you with Sticky Joe-Joe Sticky-sticky, oh-oh Sticky-sticky, oh-oh Leavin' feel good vibes Everywhere that I go It's Sticky Joe Welcome to my neighborhood It's Sticky Joe Welcome to my neighborhood Howdy [alarm blaring.]
[both laughing.]
[instrumental music playing.]
[stomach growling.]
[baby giggles.]
[upbeat music playing.]
Meanwhile, the Teen Titans close in on President Nixon's impenetrable presidential jungle fortress.
There it is, gang.
President Nixon's impenetrable Presidential jungle fortress.
We better be extra, extra cautious.
Stop right there, President Nixon.
We know all about your hotel caper! I'm not a crook, Titans.
I'm the king of America, and I can do whatever I want.
Oh, golly gee! We gotta get outta here.
Don't worry, gang.
My trusty bird-a-rang should do the trick.
It didn't work! We will never get through these bars.
They are made in America.
Out of the finest steel.
Behold! The power of your tax dollars at work.
What are we going to do? We need to call for backup.
Raven, try using your heathen magic.
I've got just the thing.
Azerath, metrion, zinthos! [Titans.]
Former politician John Fitzgerald Kennedy! Oh yeah.
Uh Bet you didn't expect to see me again, Tricky Dick.
I beat ya before, Johnny, and I'll do it again.
Er, uh, pardon my fist, Mr.
Step into my oval off-fist.
My punches are veto proof.
He's got 'em on the ropes.
He's really giving him the business.
Er, uh, now that's what I call a filibuster.
Now let's see who he really is.
Cuban politician, Fidel Castro! And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for the integrity of the American justice system.
[all laughing.]
- [thuds.]
- [player groaning.]
[dog growling.]
Oh, hey there wolfie wolf.
What's that, boy? [barks.]
- There's trouble somewhere? - [barks.]
Where's the trouble, boy? [barks.]
There's trouble at the old well? Come on, let's go! Is this the well, boy? [barks.]
- No? It's another one? - [barks.]
- Which well is it, boy? - [barks.]
You say I'll know it when I see it? [eerie music playing.]
Is this it? - Is this the right well? - [barks.]
Yay! Where's the trouble, boy? - Where is it? - [barks.]
- You say it's in the well, boy? - [barks.]
You want me to get in the well? [barks aggressively.]
The well demands a sacrifice? [barks.]
I don't know about that.
Oh Okay, I'll do it.
Here I go! [screams.]
[man laughing maniacally.]
Ow! Oh! Ooh! Argh! [thudding.]
[Cyborg and Starfire.]
Bad lady! What is going on in here? Ow! Muscleor has a bad case of the slumps.
- Ow! - And he refuses to yield to the might of our fists - and feet.
- Ow! Fools.
You can't cure the slumps with brute strength.
He needs a well-balanced diet, guided meditation, and a proper sleep regimen.
That's a bunch of baloney.
Whole grains and a nap are no match for my pythons.
Mmm-hmm, I'll give it a shot.
Pffft! Now this I have to see to believe.
Not bad.
I don't believe it.
So many grains.
Incredible! [chanting.]
Om! Om! I've never seen anything quite like it.
Look at him sleep.
So, how do you feel Muscleor? Amazing! I feel so refreshed, my muscles and my outlook on life are both fully jacked.
[all cheering.]
And I can finally become overlord of the Macrocosmos.
Ahhh, muah, ah! [both screaming.]
[Beast Boy.]
Hey, where you guys been? Argh! [laughing.]
[music playing on TV.]
[intense music playing.]
[crowd gasping.]
[instrumental music playing.]
[tires screeching.]
[sighs in relief.]
Ahhh, muah, ah!