Teen Wolf s05e91 Episode Script

Fiercest Females Moments

1 The women of "Teen Wolf" are a force to be reckoned with.
- (SCREAMING) - (GLASS SHATTERING) If you're looking for a damsel in distress, you have come to the wrong show.
For every badass man, there is an equally badass woman.
'Cause women are the (BLEEP).
Poo! You can't have a fiercest female moment countdown without Malia fighting the Dread Doctors.
I think Malia's fight with the Dread Doctors is such a perfect example of how fierce she can be.
She likes to fight people who are as strong or stronger than her.
Malia's definitely the most aggressive fighter of the pack.
Mostly 'cause she can't control her abilities quite the same way that everyone else can.
I just love the fact that Malia decided she could fight a Dread Doctor.
Because they don't really flinch when you hit 'em.
But she's stepping up and, you know, doing what she needs to do to save her friends.
Sometimes, you know, female characters are expected to "Well, if I have to, I'll fight.
" You know, but she's, no, she's going in, like, claws out.
She's loving it, and I think that's what people love about her.
Malia has no fear at all.
I don't think any creature on this show has truly scared her.
She sees a problem and she wants to solve it.
And if that means kicking a scary supernatural doctor in the face, it means kicking a scary supernatural doctor in the face.
Malia struggled the most when she's tried to fit into a mold that she didn't fit into.
And I think that she proves that, hey, just being yourself is the best way to go.
I love her.
She's in your face.
She's upfront.
She says what she means, and she means what she says.
And her favorite food is deer.
(LAUGHING) I think the pack would all be dead without Lydia.
(LIZ SWEZEY) There are some characters who have come in already as a fierce female, but Lydia really progressed in multiple ways.
She's kind of set up to be like the queen bee, like, valley girl.
And then you find out, like, she's a math genius.
And then it turns out she's a banshee.
And just, like, every time there's a new season, we learn something more about Lydia that, that just makes her even better.
Lydia comes through in the clutch both with solving problems and quite literally, like, saving lives at the last minute with her banshee powers.
I can't be afraid anymore.
(SCREAMING) (PRICE PETERSON) Lydia did not have a great time at Eichen House.
I don't think anyone would like being in a mental institution against their will.
So, for her to go back and save Parrish was her pushing past her own demons which was an inspiring thing in its own right.
I think so many other times you see females on television being saved by the other guy.
So, to see Lydia come in and save Parrish was, like, a really great moment.
'Cause women are the (BLEEP).
(GASPS) The thing I love about Lydia is she never wants someone else to do her dirty work, man or woman.
To think where she was when she first went out, she was a banshee to now where she's just completely owning her power, um, and just really kind of a cool, you know, inspirational kind of character for, for girls and, and even some guys out there.
(WOMAN PANTING) (GRUNTS, GROWLS) (SNARLS) (ROARS) It was an interesting experience as a viewer to kind of watch Allison, quote-unquote, "go bad.
" Anytime your mom gets murdered in a melee with monsters, you're gonna be upset and angry at whoever did it.
(GROWLS) Stop! When Allison unleashed her arrows on Derek's pack, she, uh, was in a really dark place.
This is before she really kind of realized that she, you know, is a better person than this.
She wasn't using her powers for the right reasons.
But at the same time, she needed to learn how powerful she was so that she could use them for the right reasons.
(SAMANTHA) Ultimately, you know, she came around, and I was glad when she did, but along the way, if I'm being totally honest, I still kind of loved her.
(KRISTEN) Sometimes you have to be bad to be good.
Sometimes you have to be bad to be badass.
It's, like, half of the requirement (LAUGHING) of being badass.
You're not gonna find any damsels in distress on "Teen Wolf.
" And I think Hayden is such a perfect example of that.
To go from being a human in a world filled with pop quizzes and high school sports to being a werewolf with a werewolf boyfriend.
And she really never missed a step.
Asking me to close my eyes was weird.
Sticking a Glow Stick in my face, even weirder.
But werewolves and dead doctors? - Dread Doctors.
- Whatever.
Get away from me.
What if I could prove it to you? - Prove what? - This.
- (ROARS) - (SCREAMS) Ow! Ooh! (CAR STARTS, TIRES SCREECH) The fact that her gut reaction wasn't to kind of, like, go back or cry or anything.
She just full force poo! I feel like that's an inspiration to most women.
Like, when a guy shows you who he really is, punch him in the face and ride along.
I love this moment in particular 'cause it kind of proves, like, how dumb high school boys can be.
I love that Hayden never takes any crap from Liam.
Uh, you know, he's, he's sort of the leader in training.
He's going to be leading this pack, so, you know, in theory, he is the one to sort of revere and, you know, bow to.
And she is just not about to do that.
Whatever! Get away from me.
It really is awesome to see someone that's, like, 14 years old speaking their mind, being fearless and punching their werewolf boyfriends in the face.
(KRISTEN) She doesn't have any supernatural abilities in this moment.
And she knocks out a werewolf.
Just by being a woman, that's all the strength you need.
Melissa McCall is one of the coolest mothers on television.
(SCREAMING) I was, like, ooh the whole time.
It's literally the fox coming out.
(KIRA) Mom, this isn't what I would call quality mother/daughter time.
Kira defend yourself.
Ahh! (SHOUTING AND GRUNTING) I think what makes Kira such a fierce female character is just how many layers she has to her.
You know, when you meet her, she's this, this sweet, kind, nice, you know, smart girl.
And then you put a sword in her hand and she will cut you into tiny, little pieces.
(SAMANTHA) She's basically, like, this amazing martial artist who just happens to be a teenage girl.
Not only is it an amazingly hilarious moment between mother and daughter, but it also finally revealed the just sort of this beast within that Kira has.
I love to see her transformations.
It's literally the fox coming out, like, her aura, her spirit is the fox.
(SCREAMING) Her mom comes at her hard.
And to watch her rise to the occasion and not back down.
Not say, "Mom, you know, I'm scared, I don't wanna do this.
" She steps up to the plate and it's really great to watch.
(GRUNTING THROUGHOUT) Seeing Kira and her mom fight, having these two women going at it is such a fierce moment for the show.
Well, first of all, who doesn't love a female mercenary? I mean, we just don't see those kinds of characters on TV enough.
When you think of a mercenary, you think of a, like, this big, old guy with a cigar and an eye patch.
But you get Braeden in there, and she totally redefines what it means to be a badass mercenary.
I love her and that double-barreled shotgun.
Just every time she got it out, you're like, yes, this is gonna be something good.
Braeden fighting the desert wolf definitely one of the, the moments that I was, like (INHALES) the whole time 'cause it was really stressful.
Home girl was, like, bam.
You're like, oh, ooh! And she's just a human being, too.
She's just ordinary.
But in that moment, it made her extraordinary.
I think it's just so, so kind of badass to just see this girl rolling in, blowing the place up and then rolling out.
I still remember when she took off her helmet for the first time, and it was a woman.
And it was shocking because you so expect the person on the motorcycle who's doing the crazy, cool stunt to be a man.
And so to have it be a woman was just a great moment for the series.
I think if you're talking about, you know, the fiercest females on "Teen Wolf" and specifically, you know, the fiercest moments, you cannot overlook the fight between Malia and Tracy.
When there's an opportunity to kick some ass and Malia's there, you better just grab a bucket of popcorn 'cause it's about to go down.
(SNARLING) She is the fiercest female in the most literal sense when it comes to the cast of the show because she's out there willing to tear people to pieces.
Malia versus Tracy is insane because you watch it and you forget that they're, like, teenage girls.
And you're like, you are kicking each other's asses.
Watching Malia and Tracy fight, I think, is one of my favorite female-on-female fights that this series has done.
Because it's so brutal, and I love that the show went there.
Tracy came out of nowhere as a chimera.
And Malia just attacks her instinctually.
We had seen so many people go up against Tracy and lose.
And Malia was just pissed off and ready to go.
And I think you just see her completely own Tracy.
(GROWLING) I was surprised that Malia controlled herself in not killing Tracy because she obviously could.
(SAMANTHA) To realize that her instinct is to kill and then pull herself back from that is arguably one of her biggest moments of growth as a character.
She recognizes and learns to recognize when it is not all right to kill.
And that's such a principle of the pack.
So this is considered growth on "Teen Wolf" when you don't murder someone.
When Lydia's kicking ass at Eichen House, it's just like bah! Ahh! Just by the sheer force of being a mom, she brought her son back to life.
Out of the various humans on "Teen Wolf," I think Mama McCall is the fiercest of them all.
She's amazing! Melissa McCall is one of the coolest mothers on television.
She's a single mother.
She saves lives on the regular.
And she takes care of her son.
Without his mom's wisdom and kind of protection and encouragement, there's a good chance Scott would've never become an Alpha.
Part of becoming a true Alpha was that he refused to kill anybody.
And he wouldn't have gotten that moral code if it wasn't for Melissa.
There would be no "Teen Wolf" without Melissa "Mama" McCall.
(PANTING) Okay, okay.
One, two, three, four - What are you doing? - five, six, seven, eight What are you doing? Bringing him back! When Melissa brings Scott back to life, it just showed that she can do anything.
She is almost supernatural in her abilities, yet she's only human.
She is a nurse, so, of course, she knows CPR.
But does she know werewolf CPR? Turns out she does.
His his heart, he He hasn't had a pulse in over 15 minutes.
You you can't bring someone back that's He's not someone, he's my son.
And he's an Alpha, and he's too strong to die like this! Come on! Open your eyes.
Look at me, okay? Come on.
She's like, this is my son.
He is an Alpha.
And I swear, in that moment, she was gonna roar.
And just by the sheer force of being a mom, she brought her son back to life.
When Melissa came in, I felt that moment of relief.
I'm like, oh, don't worry, Mom's here.
When Scott opens his eyes and they're that bright red, you're like, your mom did that.
You better hug her and thank her.
They certainly tested us with such a great tension-building moment.
It almost killed me, but it was great.
When you're thinking about, you know, the fierce females of "Teen Wolf," like Lydia is easily at the top of the list.
She's the complete package.
You know, she's, she's got the brains.
She's got the voice, she's got the scream.
- (SCREAMING) - (GLASS SHATTERING) And we've seen on numerous occasions, she can totally handle herself.
She's really got sort of everything that a fierce female needs on "Teen Wolf.
" (DOOR BUZZING) (DOOR BUZZING) (BOTH GRUNTING) Lydia's almost escape from Eichen is one of my all-time favorite moments of the show and definitely my favorite female moment.
We had waited so long to watch her kind of discover what she could do as a banshee.
And I loved every second of it and I'm a little bit upset that she hasn't done it every episode since.
(ELECTRICAL BUZZING) (SCREAMING) She's screaming, she's punching, she's kicking, she's like flipping guys over like, like I'd never even seen before.
When Lydia's kicking ass at Eichen House, it's one of the most badass fight scenes in "Teen Wolf.
" It's like a beautiful balance of supernatural ability and awesome choreographed kung fu.
I mean, it's just like Bah! Ahh! I can't really I don't want to scream too loud.
I don't want to break your equipment with my, with my banshee scream.
But damn girl can kick some ass.
On a scale of one to ten, in terms of fierceness, Lydia's probably like a 13.
I think she's really come into her own and she's not afraid of her own abilities.
In season one, she was wearing high heels and she may not have been able to really fight back like that.
Now she very much so is about anything she can do to save her town and save her friends.
And it's a little bit less about like what shoes she's wearing and more about the cause, although she always wears good shoes.
You can't have just ten fierce female moments from "Teen Wolf.
" Come on, there has to be an honorable mention.
(SNARLING) (FLATLINING BEEP) I feel like if you look up "fierce" in the dictionary, there is a picture of Malia.
She just goes forth and conquers.
Every time Malia's in a fight, she's just like, rhrr! Claws are out, I'm here to go, let's get it.
I don't think there's any other character on the show who can really handle Malia the way Theo does.
And I don't think there's anyone who can put Theo in his place like Malia does.
- (SNARLING) - It's okay, you don't have to stop.
- Trust me, I won't.
- (GASPS) Malia knocked that attitude right off Theo's face.
Everyone has hated Theo.
Theo killed his sister! We all hate Theo.
Malia, keep going.
(LAUGHING) Malia is a werecoyote.
If Malia wants to beat you up, Malia's gonna beat you up.
And I think he was a smart man to just kind of lie there and take it.
To have Malia be his punisher, probably he finds, um like a good situation.
It maybe even turns him on a little bit, you never know.
It was the worst scene ever, I cried so much.
It's one of the most memorable and devastating moments in "Teen Wolf" history.
Allison is actually the fiercest woman on "Teen Wolf.
" I think Allison was a fierce female long before she picked up a bow and arrow.
We saw her be sort of the shy girl who was just in a relationship with Scott.
She was sort of defined by Scott in the beginning.
She kinda had to figure out her place in the whole thing, but Allison's really selfless.
Her last moments before she left was actually saving a friend.
Not only was Allison, you know, as badass as it gets, in this moment, it's one of the most memorable and sad and devastating moments in "Teen Wolf" history.
(SHRIEKING) (SWORDS CLANGING) You forget Allison's not supernatural because she is so badass.
She had no powers whatsoever.
She's just a regular human being, and she just owned it.
She made being human look fierce.
She figures out a way to kill the Oni, who's like this incredibly complex villain that I can't figure out, I still, to this day, can't really figure out.
A female character saving one of the male characters which I think is such a staple of the show that I love.
She swooped in, she saved him, and it was a sacrifice because she soon lost her life after that.
She died, it was the worst scene ever.
I cried so much.
(LAUGHING) Not that anybody wanted to say good-bye to Allison, but I think her saving Isaac from the Oni as her last act was just so true to who she was.
That says something amazing and speaks to women about how like, you can hone your own power, and you don't have to have something extra that was given to you.
Just you, as yourself, can save the day and be the hero.
From day one, Teen Wolf has had strong female characters.
No woman on the show is a damsel in distress.
Sometimes, men need help too.
So why not have a badass female help you? Teen Wolf women can kick butt.
That is a theme that's carried on throughout Teen Wolf.
There is some kind of fire burning in every woman out there.
That's something that Teen Wolf celebrates, is the power of women.