Teen Wolf s06e18 Episode Script


Previously, on Teen Wolf It's Quinn, right? SCOTT: She's a werewolf.
Who did this to you? A deputy.
Why are there two of these bodies? Because the Anuk-Ite has two faces.
Why'd you hide these bodies? I was just helping Aaron.
It was his idea to test everyone.
See if they were werewolves.
He wanted to find his other half.
He's the Anuk-Ite.
- (BEEPS) - WOMAN: Hey, it's me again.
I, uh, don't know why you can't seem to call me back.
Maybe it's because you think you're punishing me.
But this is too long.
(STAMMERING) It's too much.
And it's not about us.
Something's happening in Beacon Hills, to the people here.
I just (EXHALES) I just, I need to know everyone there with you is okay, so can you just, please, call me, please? One call, that's all I'm asking for, and if you can't call me back, then I'm going to get my answer, anyway.
That means I'm coming up there myself.
If I don't get a call from you, I'm coming up there.
So just try (SIGHS), try to remember, it's my pack, too.
You pulled this off one of the bodies in the woods? Malia did.
Yeah, there were six dead bodies, and one of them had no face.
Okay, so the one with no face, you think that's the woman on the phone? Maybe.
It's the same thing that happened to Aaron.
It took over his body, basically stole his face and his DNA.
So that means whoever this woman is, she could be the other half of the Anuk-Ite.
Which means she's just half of the problem.
The other half we already know about, Aaron.
We don't know where he is, though.
THEO: Okay, hold on.
Aren't we supposed to keep both halves apart? If we know about one half, let's just go for that one, that's Aaron.
MASON: I'm not agreeing with Theo, but I do think it'd be easier to track down Aaron over a voice on a phone.
- That's agreeing with Theo.
- MASON: Yeah.
But I thought I'd try to soften the blow a bit.
Is everyone completely shocked that I might be right? No, we just don't like it.
Maybe we're all right, maybe we should be looking for both, Aaron and the woman on the phone.
I mean, since you guys agree - Wait, you mean, me and - Him? Yeah.
You two find Aaron.
Liam and I will try to figure out whose voice is on the phone.
If we find either half, maybe we don't have to fight at all.
Stop the Anuk-Ite Stop the war.
Well, it's still here, still dead.
What else were we supposed to do? Figure out how a Hellhound led me into the woods to find another faceless body while being technically dead.
I don't think I would have been led out there if he was fully dead.
I don't think we should be hanging out here waiting for him to spring back to life.
We don't have to wait if we can figure out how he was able to reach me.
How do we do that? I'm just gonna have to ask him.
(SQUELCHING) (MUSIC PLAYING) That's a pretty egotistical thing to say, don't you think? "You'd never be able to find Aaron on your own, "you're not smart enough.
" THEO: So if you found him, what were you gonna do? Beat him up with your AP Calculus book? I can be resourceful.
(METALLIC CLANG) (SIGHS) Was that necessary? THEO: Okay, so you're the smart one.
Why are we down here? Shouldn't we be looking around the school, or somewhere with better lighting? Aaron hasn't been in class in days.
(SIGHS) The last sighting of the Faceless was in the tunnels.
Parrish burned the body, but, you know, none of us have ever been back down here to check.
Why not? MASON: Because we're scared.
We're all scared to come back down here.
You feel it, right? It's like it doesn't want us here.
That makes two of us.
You're afraid.
That's the exact reason why we should be looking down here.
I feel it, too.
(SIGHS) Okay.
Nice and bright, dark and spooky You're right.
We need to follow our fear.
Hey, it was your idea.
(MASON SIGHS SHARPLY) (DIALING) Do you even know what you're gonna say? "Hello?" We might only get one shot at this.
What are you gonna tell her? I'm gonna try to get her to meet us somewhere.
Maybe that might not be the best idea.
Why? Then we'll know who they are.
And they'll know who we are.
(PHONE RINGS) Answer it.
You're the one who wanted to make the call, you take it.
How can I It's someone at school.
We might know who they are.
WOMAN: Hey, it's me again.
I, uh, don't know why you can't seem to call me back.
Maybe it's because you think you're punishing me.
But this is too long.
(STAMMERING) It's too much.
And it's not about us.
Liam? WOMAN: Liam! Liam? Liam! I think I know who it is.
(WHISPERING) Anything yet? (INHALES DEEPLY) As opposed to when you asked three minutes ago? No.
It's not working.
(SIGHS) Maybe you should touch him.
That's ridiculous.
There's no way Anything? Nothing.
(GROANS) What about now? Nope.
- Now? - Okay, stop.
I could try it.
You could damage his brain, maybe even more than that bullet already has.
How did it work last time? Last time, I was unconscious.
Okay, we can work with that! (MUSIC PLAYING) Mrs.
Finch? You're sure? It was her on the phone.
Okay, well, that still doesn't prove that she's the Anuk-Ite, or even that she's one of us.
It was still her.
SCOTT: Okay, well, we need to get closer, see if we can get her to expose her supernatural side.
How are we gonna do that? You're gonna do it.
Well, what about the hunters, and the Nazi student brigade? Yeah, I'll be right there with you.
- Just get close.
- (SIGHS) Find out, and get out.
But I hate biology.
Welcome back.
Phones away, everyone, and settle down.
We have a long way to go to get through the day.
We'll start first with Liam.
I didn't think we'd be seeing you again.
Can't let my GPA go down just 'cause I got beat up in class.
Well, I (MRS.
FINCH CLEARS THROAT) Gabe, I said no phones.
Okay, let's get started.
Okay, so when two people come together, we have a variety of possibilities.
And how do we determine the probability of an offspring having a particular trait? We're talking about, like, your eye and hair color, or, uh, if you have an extra digit.
- (WHIZZING NOISE) - Your hearing.
(CLEARS THROAT) Where did Rebecca go? Anything? No.
No reaction at all.
(SIGHS) Liam? What? MRS.
FINCH: Three volunteers, please.
Did Gabe get a text out? I don't know.
(DOOR RATTLES) (EXHALES) Hey, Liam, you better hurry up.
I think we're running out of chances.
Liam, that's not even remotely close.
Why don't you have a seat, and let's try this again.
FINCH SIGHS) You'd think I'd be used to that after 20 years.
Uh (MRS.
FINCH GRUNTS) That's it for today.
Class dismissed.
Not you, Liam.
You stay put.
See? It will be quick.
Mmm-mmm, not like that.
You want me to knock you out, right? Render unconscious.
Preferably without pain.
Okay, this is what we're gonna do.
You're going to press against my chest hard, constricting the flow of blood and oxygen to my brain.
It'll drop my blood pressure and render me unconscious.
That sounds totally unsafe.
- Oh, extremely.
- Are you sure? No.
(BREATHES DEEPLY) But let's go.
I get it.
I know what you're trying to do.
You do? You're upset and you wanna get back at me.
Upset? Because I stood by and I did nothing for what Gabe and Nolan did to you I'm your teacher and I should have protected you.
No! No, I mean, yeah, but, no, that's not why I'm here.
I know about your pack.
My what? I know what you are.
- Liam, I - You're a werewolf.
(CHUCKLES) A what? A person who turns into a wolf on a full moon? Oh, God.
Yeah, right.
And I can probably only be killed by a silver bullet.
No, no, that's not totally true.
- Are you on drugs? - Huh? Well, I know your father's a surgeon at the hospital.
No, I'm not on drugs! Mrs.
Finch, you're a werewolf.
- Hydrocodone? - You have a pack.
- Oxycodone? - You said it on the phone.
- That's enough.
- You can't hide what you are.
I don't know what you're talking about but you really need to go, now.
You need to leave this classroom right now.
(SIGHS) You have to leave my class.
- Go! - (BEEP) MRS.
FINCH: Hey, it's me again.
I, uh, don't know why you can't seem to call me back.
Maybe it's because you think you're punishing me.
But this is too long.
(STAMMERING) It's too much.
And it's not about us.
Something's happening in Beacon Hills, to the people here.
I just (EXHALES) Where did you find this? (LOW PULSING BEAT) (CRACKING) (EXPLOSION) (HALWYN SCREAMING) (GASPS) He's not dead.
Halwyn's not dead.
And I know how to save him.
I told you, I don't know what the Primal is.
(STAMMERS) I don't know what an Anuk-a-whatever is.
I, I was just trying to call my daughter.
Where did you get this? You said you were in a pack.
That was you on the phone, that's what you said.
And I don't know what business it is of yours, my personal life.
I am the teacher, you are the students.
I don't go digging into your personal life outside of these walls, you shouldn't be digging into mine.
Did you reach any of them before they died? What What are you talking about? Well, Mrs.
Finch, I'm sorry, but your family, they were attacked, and they're dead.
Dead? They No, they can't be dead because They were just, they were They were in the woods, they were just, they're hiding out.
They're scared.
We found that phone on a body.
Three men, two boys.
What about my daughter? Well, there was another body, but, uh But what? SCOTT: We couldn't identify it.
The skin was stripped down to the muscle.
There was no DNA.
Pack tattoo was still there.
Okay, sorry, but this Um No, this doesn't make sense.
I mean, this isn't how biology works.
LIAM: That's what the Anuk-Ite does.
It finds a body and it takes its face.
It takes the whole identity of that person.
Not my daughter.
No, not my daughter.
There's a way to find out.
Paging Doctor Bender, please.
Step one, complete.
Now how do we turn this thing on? We read the manual.
See that image artifacting? That means the bullet is ferromagnetic, probably steel.
It'll react in the MRI.
We'll increase the magnet's power and the machine will pull the bullet right out.
Ready? It could get messy.
I've seen messy.
Go for it.
We can't do this.
- What are you talking about? - The bullet.
It's not just steel.
See those fragments around it? That's silver.
The bullet was coated with it.
Silver won't react in the MRI.
We pull that bullet out and he'll start to heal.
- Healing is good.
- But he's a Hellhound.
He'll heat up.
When he does, that silver is going to melt and seep right into his brain.
So what's a little silver? Argyria.
Silver poisoning.
And we have no way of getting it out.
So if we take out the bullets, he dies again.
(MUSIC PLAYING) I won't do that.
Just call her and tell her not to go anywhere near the school.
Tell her that there's someone or something hunting for someone like her.
You have to stop talking about this.
If she shows up, at least you'll know what happened to your family, what happened to your daughter.
I'll do it for you.
(BEEPING) That's her name? That's your daughter's name? Quinn.
My daughter's name is Quinn.
LYDIA: There has to be another way.
Yeah, if we had more time, I'm sure we could figure something out, but we don't.
Someone is gonna come through that door any second now and bust us.
Our last shot at figuring out how to beat the Anuk-Ite might be lying on that table, so we need to make a decision right now.
You don't mean decide, you mean do it.
Yeah, I think it's the right decision.
If it were Parrish, he'd want us to do it.
He'd sacrifice his life for everyone in Beacon Hills.
But Parrish would be able to make the decision himself.
We don't know what Halwyn would do.
We kind of do.
He built Eichen.
He froze himself for 100 years so that he could be ready to fight the Anuk-Ite.
The first thing he does when he's unfrozen is start hunting the thing.
If that's the only thing he's ever cared about Then he'd want us to do this.
(MRI HUMMING) THEO: These tunnels go on forever, and we've been down here for hours.
MASON: No real news from the last time you said it 20 minutes ago.
I wasn't doubting the plan 20 minutes ago.
If you're so concerned, just go.
I mean, no one's forcing you to stay here.
Yeah, and leave you and our army in charge of my survival? Don't think so.
MASON: Whatever it takes just to save your own ass, and just nobody else's.
I'm here, aren't I? Maybe I wanna be in the pack.
Yeah, right.
You, you expect me to believe that? (BREATHING HEAVILY) A pack is about trust.
I mean, the first thing you'd do is figure out a way to kill all of us.
And it doesn't matter who forgets.
I won't.
I saw Scott's mom.
I saw what you did.
And as much as I'm terrified of what's down here, I'm way more terrified of turning my back on you.
(GROWLS) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (WIND WHOOSHES) That's her, isn't it? Well, what are you planning on doing? Shh! You, you're not going to try to hurt her, are you? That's my daughter.
We're gonna do what we have to do.
(STAMMERS) What exactly does that mean? Just stay back.
(COUGHS) (BOTH COUGHING) - Something's wrong.
- LYDIA: What is it? His heartbeat.
- (HEART BEATING LOUDLY) - (MRI CLANKING) It's too fast and erratic.
(MACHINES BEEPING) Turn it off! Turn it off! (MACHINES BEEPING) Hurry! (GROWLING) (IN DISTORTED VOICE) Where is it? (IN NORMAL VOICE) What's happening? The Anuk-Ite is destroying our city, that's what's happening.
And we need you to tell us how to kill it.
- LYDIA: Malia.
- Does it have any weaknesses? Is there a weapon that we can use? Malia.
What did you do to me? Quinn? (FAINT GROWLING) (HIGH-PITCHED TONE) (ECHOING) I'm looking for someone.
(DISTORTED VOICE) Someone like me.
You're not my daughter.
(INHUMAN SHRIEK) You killed her.
You killed my daughter.
You killed all of them.
(IN DISTORTED VOICE) Tell me who it is.
(STEAM HISSES) You okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
- Where's he? - I don't know.
(GRUNTS) (SCREAMS) (SCREAMS) - (COUGHS) - What was that? I don't know, but we gotta find him.
All right, get up, I can't leave you.
- (BOTH GRUNT) - Wait, wait, something's happening.
We need, we need to figure it out.
So figure it out.
(GRUNTS) I can't You can't take pain if you don't care.
Go find Quinn.
Whoa, whoa, we need to face her together.
I can't leave her.
What if she finds Aaron first? How am I supposed to fight both of them? Liam, look, man it's okay to be afraid.
Just don't let it stop you, okay? You've got this.
Hey, Theo Theo, don't fight him! - It's what he wants! - (ROARS) (GRUNTING) (YELLS) (SCREAMS) (SCREAMS) (SCREAMING) (WHIMPERS) (DEMONIC SCREAM) (BOTH GRUNTING) Hold on, Mrs.
We're gonna get help.
You just, you need to hold on a little bit longer, okay? Mrs.
Finch? Hey, I need you to look at me, okay? You have to trigger your healing.
You need to shift.
LYDIA: I'm sorry.
It was the only way to revive you.
Revive me so I can die? MALIA: No, so you could help us.
Tell us how to stop it.
You can't stop it.
You can't kill it.
But you did.
I trapped it.
- Well, how do we do that? - (GRUNTS) Don't let it find its other half.
How do we know it hasn't found it already? Because you wouldn't be alive to tell me.
(PANTING) Keep them apart.
It's still weak.
One of them isn't so weak, it's supernatural.
- Shapeshifter? - A werewolf.
You can't let the two halves merge.
If you do, you won't be able to catch it.
(GRUNTING IN PAIN) LYDIA: We shouldn't have done this.
I am so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Okay, listen to me.
If it finds its other half, if the two become one, do not look.
(GRUNTING) You can't It will kill you with a look.
Stay afraid.
FINCH: It's my fault.
I pushed her away.
Finch, please, you have to trigger your healing.
I forced her to run to them, - I forced her to hide who she was.
- Hey.
You need to shift, or you're gonna die.
Do you get it? You'll die.
Oh, Quinn.
Finch? Hey.
Shift, okay? You need to do it right now.
Shift! Quinn She's gone.
Your daughter's gone.
Quinn is dead.
What are you doing? Quinn and Aaron merged, - we have to stop them.
- LYDIA: You can't.
You can't look at it.
If you do, it'll kill you.
(CREATURE ROARING) (CRACKLING) (MUSIC PLAYING) How do we fight something we can't look at? I have no idea.
We have to learn to fight without our eyes.
Fight without seeing, that means Deucalion.
Kind of a mess, huh? There's too much blood, you should just get in the shower.
Yeah (CLEARS THROAT) You've seen me naked.
(MUSIC PLAYING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (MUSIC PLAYING) (CRACKLING) (CRACKLING CONTINUES) (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) GERARD: Not what you were hoping to find? You'll forgive me for not looking you in the eye while talking.
I've heard the stories of how lethal it can be.
I know what you want.
You want your freedom.
That means getting rid of people like Scott McCall.
That's right.
We both know you can't match him in a physical fight.
You might be able to kill him with a look, but you'd be surprised at how resourceful he can be.
(IN DEMONIC VOICE) Your offer? I will weaken him for you with the proper poison.
Then, you kill him and his friends, and that will give you all the fear you need to never be caught again.
And you? I'll drive every last one of their kind from Beacon Hills.
See this? A silver bullet.
Every legend has a little truth to it.
Isn't that right? The legend is, is that you need silver to kill a werewolf.
The truth? You need an Argent.