Teen Wolf s06e92 Episode Script

Teen Wolf Awards

1 [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [SCREAMING] YOUNG WOMAN: There are so many award-winning moments from the last six seasons of "Teen Wolf.
" Some of us are human! I could've watched that moment like a thousand times.
It was amazing.
'Cause I was just screaming.
- It's totally [BLEEP].
- What is happening? This is a game changer.
YOUNG MAN: The award goes to [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hey, guys, the Wolf Pack girls here, aka Teen Wolf super fans.
There have been so many award-winning moments throughout the best series of all time in our opinion and now we're gonna honor the best of them.
We asked you guys to tell us some of your fave moments, and after sorting through a billion comments, we have your winners.
We're so sad that "Teen Wolf" is almost over.
But let's celebrate by giving out some much deserved, super highly official, awards to the moments that made us laugh, cry, and feel all the feels.
Let's get to it.
On "Teen Wolf" we know that the bite is a gift.
This is true.
Derek Hale said it himself.
So many people have gotten bitten in the course of these six seasons.
- Like Isaac.
- Erica.
- Boyd.
- Scott.
But the best beta creation has got to go to Scott biting Liam and turning little Liam into his beta.
This is the best beta creation because it's iconic.
It's the first person Scott turned.
[GROANS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [SNARLING] It was such a big deal because Scott never wanted to turn anyone the way Peter did him.
It was like a huge moral dilemma for him.
Scott's in a position where he's forced to decide Liam's fate.
Scott had to make a choice let Liam die or or bite him.
[GASPING] [STRAINING] I can't hold on! [SNARLING] In my head, I was like, what is Scott gonna do? Is he gonna let Liam fall? Is he gonna save him? How does he save him? [SNARLING] [SCREAMING] I didn't think he would actually bite someone, but he did.
He'll be a werewolf, but at least he'll be alive.
It was such a game changer because Liam is really important to the pack now.
We're about to see Scott kind of like raise a little baby werewolf.
And that baby's gonna go through wolf puberty [LAUGHS] real quick.
It's kind of like what Derek did with Scott.
It's just like I'm here to teach you what the hell to do.
That just shows like his true alpha-ness and it was it was cool.
[GASPING] [GROANS] I have to admit that I am a huge Stydia fan.
I have been rooting for them since the day we learned that Stiles has had a crush on her since the third grade.
Me, too, honestly.
Like when you see them at the homecoming dance together, and when Stiles saves Lydia's life, all the way leading up to the sweetest Stiles and Lydia moment when she kisses him when he's having a panic attack.
The sweetest Stydia moment their very first kiss in the locker room when Lydia just understands Stiles and knows exactly what he needs.
Is is it gonna happen? Is this happening now? And she leans in and kisses him.
It was amazing.
- [GASPING] - Stiles, look at me.
- Shhhh - [GASPING] - Look at me.
- [GASPING CONTINUES] Shhh Stiles There's a ghost upon the moor tonight I could not believe this moment was happening.
This is what we've been waiting for since season one.
This is the love of his life, and she kissed him.
I couldn't even hear pretty much those next five minutes 'cause I was just screaming continuously.
I'd always shipped from the entire show and I was like, yes, they're finally kissing.
When I first saw the Stydia kiss, I rewound and watched it again, and then rewound it and watched it again.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, it was the biggest thing on social media.
It like exploded.
Everyone was tweeting, there were hashtags StydiaForever.
I mean, this is just "the" couple.
They don't get together until the very end.
But it's just all those moments leading up to it, the anticipation was incredible, and their first kiss, like that was the start of it all.
It was just so amazing because from day one, he had this huge crush on Lydia and, finally, he's kissing the love of his life.
It was just such a relief, such a breath of fresh air.
My friends and I were screaming, we were so excited.
It's definitely the sweetest Stydia moment by far.
Ooh Scott and Stiles are pretty much the bread and butter of this show.
Their relationship is everything, and it's kind of what you and I are.
We base ourselves off of that, too.
And one of my favorite Scott and Stiles moments has to be when they're playing lacrosse and Stiles is like, "No way wolf powers," but, obviously, Scott does it anyway.
And one of my favorite Stiles moments is when there's like shots of every couple in the school kind of together, and then it shoots to Stiles and Scott walking down the hallway because like they don't need anyone else.
They have each other.
Yeah, but the most Scilesiest moment has to be Motel California.
- That scene killed me.
- Me, too.
It all started that night, the night I got bitten.
You can see Scott really upset and he's about to commit to a side.
Maybe I should just be no one again no one at all.
Allison's around.
Lydia's around.
Scott loves Allison, but she can't even save the day.
Stiles is the one who has to step in and say Scott, you're my best friend.
Man, I need you.
Scott, you're my brother.
This moment defines their relationship.
They're gonna be together forever.
They're brothers.
They were raised together.
They grew up together and they've been through so much.
Usually, we're used to seeing Scott saving the day, and in this moment we saw Stiles saving the day, and he saved his best friend's life.
So, we're gonna do this then.
I think you're just gonna have to take me with you.
That was just true brotherhood.
If you're willing to die for your friend, there's no bigger bond between guys.
[FLAME SIZZLING] This was a conflicting moment for me.
The Best of the Worst Award definitely has to go Tell me how to fix this, all right? Crazy.
Crazy AF.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] On "Teen Wolf" there's been a lot of unexpected couples that you didn't know you needed kind of like Stiles' dad and Lydia's mom.
Which makes me so happy because Linden Ashby and Susan Walters are married in real life.
Speaking of Sheriff Stilinski, I feel like so many people were fighting for Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall.
But when Melissa McCall and Argent get together, it's like this beautiful thing and it's kind of also like a McCall and an Argent end up together in the end just as we always needed.
Ooh, that gives me the chills thinking about it.
But, okay, as of this season, an unexpected couple that I think everyone is kind of ready for right now is Malia and Scott.
They're like an unexpected couple that we all didn't know we needed.
But they're also an unexpected couple that they, themselves, didn't know they needed.
When Scott and Malia were talking before she took his scene, I was just like, what is happening right now? What's going on here? Stiles wouldn't be okay with this.
If he knew all the things that we were trying to do without him, he'd he'd kill us.
I think he'd be okay.
With this? With us.
What do you mean? No, no, no, don't pass out.
I don't think you're supposed to pass out.
Plus, I'm really confused by what we're talking about, so, Scott, wake up.
This was a conflicting moment for me.
I I love Stiles and Malia together.
Like that was Stiles' girl.
I would say Scott's breaking guy code.
Uh, I don't know.
Stiles and Malia aren't together anymore, so, is it really a violation of guy code? Scott's your best man, your best friend.
Your brother's ex-girlfriend you've gotta wait at least like five years before you can make a move.
There's clearly a connection there.
They're the only ones kind of left in Beacon Hills and they've been through so much together.
I mean, she takes away his pain.
If that's not love, I don't know what is.
What happened? It worked.
So, this next category is the Best of the Worst - on "Teen Wolf.
" - Ooh.
I kind of like Theo because I love Theo, but I also know I'm supposed to hate Theo because he is the actual worst.
But he's also the best and it's very conflicting, and there's a lot of moments in this series that have me going like, wait, I don't know how I'm supposed to feel right now.
Yeah, like when the darach kisses Sheriff Stilinski.
Like she is the worst in that scene.
- But it's such an epic scene.
- Yeah.
- It's like kind of the best.
- Mm-hm.
But you've gotta pick one.
I feel like I know what you're gonna say.
I know what I'm gonna say.
That is your Best of the Worst moment? It is when you think that Stiles is about to save Scott in the animal clinic by pulling out the sword.
But, instead, he twists it, and it only makes you hurt that much more.
But you kind of like it, because then it gets in it's Stiles.
The Best of the Worst Award definitely has to go to when Stiles stabbed Scott in the animal clinic.
I'm sorry, Void Stiles, but still [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Okay? Please don't.
It's okay.
[GASPING] [GASPING] Void Stiles was crazy.
Crazy AF.
I felt betrayed.
I wasn't the one getting stabbed, and I still felt betrayed.
He's looking into the eyes of Stiles, but Stiles isn't really there.
Seeing someone in Stiles' likeness stabbing someone that he considers a brother was just so heartbreaking.
He was coming out for blood, and he was really evil and creepy, and I was at home like, damn, I'm afraid of Stiles now.
All that pain you took it all.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Now give it to me.
We've had hunters, darachs, onis.
We've had ghost riders and berserkers, but definitely the evilest thing that has ever happened was Void Stiles.
There's been so many break-ups on "Teen Wolf," but I feel like Scott always got the short end of the stick.
Between breaking up with Allison, and breaking up with Kira, he was always breaking up with somebody.
But I feel like out of all of his break-ups, the absolute worst one to watch - is his break-up with Stiles in the rain.
- Oh Scott, just tell me how to fix this, all right? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Please, just tell me.
What do you want me to do? I was desperate for Scott to forgive Stiles in that moment because they are like brothers, and you never wanna see anything bad happen between them.
It was really hard to watch because we know that all of this is happening over a miscommunication, and it ends up being this life changing moment between the two.
Some of us have to make mistakes.
Some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes.
Some of us are human! So, you had to kill him? Scott, he was gonna kill my dad.
He's trying to explain and you're not listening.
You think you know everything that's going on, but you don't.
It was so hard to watch that and be like, oh, like I wish he would just know what really happened.
I just wanted to sit Scott down, even though I'm terrified of him sometimes, and shake him, and get you to come to your senses, Scott.
Say it.
Say you believe me.
Is this the end of the best bromance ever? This is what it comes down to? After everything they've been through, you'd think that nothing would break them up, nothing.
They're brothers till the end.
You're always rooting for them, and no matter who you ship, you're always gonna ship Scott and Stiles.
[DOOR CREAKS, CLOSES] The one moment that really had you like screaming, "Did that actually just happen," what would you give it to? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] I feel like every episode of "Teen Wolf" we find ourselves saying, "Did that actually just happen?" And, unfortunately, it usually did just happen.
- [LAUGHING] - And we're all shooketh.
One moment that really made me say that was when we find out that Mason is the beast.
Innocent little Mason, who has no supernatural powers at all, is the one terrorizing the entire town of Beacon Hills.
Or when we find out that Jackson is the kanima.
That blew my damn mind.
If you had to pick one moment that really had you like screaming, "Did that actually just happen," what would you give it to? Oh.
Screaming and crying has to go to Scott dying.
Now you have to kill me yourself.
They're still mine.
Maybe not yet, but they'll come around.
Not for you.
[GROANING] Scott dying.
What? Oh, my gosh, what's happening? Is this really happening right now? Like are we gonna lose Scott? We've seen him get in fights, we've seen him beaten up, we've seen him bleeding, but we never thought he would actually die.
[SCREAMING] To see the light die out of his eyes very slowly was just so heartbreaking.
Scott can't die.
But when I thought he was going to die, I almost died.
I would be broken.
I wouldn't I would take off from school.
I'd take a vacation.
I wouldn't know how to handle that.
What's the show without him? We can't have "Teen Wolf," if we don't have the teen wolf.
Did it actually just happen? Yes.
But did it stay that way? No.
Thank the Lord.
Thank God.
[LAUGHING] There are so many Stiles-isms and funny little things that he says, - that I could go on forever.
- I know.
One of my favorite moments in Stiles' history is when he asked his dad how he would define lying, and his dad was like, "Well, how would you define lying?" And he says, "Reclining your body in a horizontal position.
" So funny.
But, if you had to pick like one Stiles-ism, what would you give it to? I think it's gotta be like one of the most relatable things he's ever said, which is, "I'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones.
Sarcasm is my only defense.
" I relate to that on a spiritual level, for sure.
What? Scott, come on.
I'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones, okay? Sarcasm is my only defense.
This is classic Stiles.
From the first season, to the last season, that's been Stiles just the entire show.
Stiles is one of the characters where everyone loves because he's so sarcastic, he's so goofy.
- What are you doing? - Sorry! Sorry! And he never takes anything serious, unless it's absolutely mandatory.
Any clue where he's gone? He killed someone.
That explains the claws and the fangs and all that.
Stiles is the only one who does not have a superpower, so, he's got to use his superpower of sarcasm.
My favorite character on "Teen Wolf" is Derek Hale, so, this next category was pretty much made for me This is true.
[LAUGHING] talking about about cousin Miguel.
Who's he again? Um my cousin Miguel.
Fans love this moment because, first of all, we have shirtless Derek, second of all, we have hilarious Stiles.
You're a horrible person.
I know.
It keeps me awake at night.
And, third of all, we have the awkwardness of Danny.
Whaddup, Danny? What do you think, Danny? Huh? The shirt.
[SIGHS] It's it's not really his color.
Danny is like checkin' out Derek and Stiles is like taking advantage of it.
Stiles catches Danny checking out Miguel's body and gets mad.
I don't know why.
I would totally be staring at his body, too.
Who wouldn't be doing a double take at Derek's body? Stiles and Derek have a love-hate relationship.
It's like they're like frenemies, really.
Stiles? Yes.
This? No fit.
Then try something else on.
It's kind of where you see the connection between Stiles and Derek first start, and it flourishes just from there.
And thus was born the beginning of Sterek.
One of the great things about cousin Miguel is that I think not only is he loved by you, but he's loved by many fans.
So, in later episodes in the series, they kind of like brought cousin Miguel back with young Derek Hale and Stiles, and it was a little like a nod to the fans, to be like, yeah, we remember, we know.
Who knows what's next for them? The award for Roscoe's finest moment has to go to [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] One of my favorite parts about "Teen Wolf" is Roscoe, which is a car, but also a true character that I hold near and dear to my heart.
Um, one of my favorite Roscoe moments is when Stiles is about to be taken from the wild hunt and he's sitting in the front of the car with Lydia and he's just like, remember I love you.
But then later on in the season, Roscoe is the reason that Lydia finds Stiles.
Very true.
Stiles comes through on Roscoe's radio.
And his keys, they find the keys.
Roscoe is the key, literally, to finding Stiles in 6A.
But what do you think Roscoe's finest moment in all of "Teen Wolf" history is? Oh, I think Roscoe's finest moment has to be the 6A finale when Stiles gives Scott the keys, and then they drive off into the sunset together like the cutest moment I could ever see.
I agree.
Stiles giving Roscoe to Scott is probably the biggest moment.
It just helps us understand the bond between Scott and Stiles and how that's eternal.
You know, you can keep the Jeep.
No, I I want you to have it.
It's been such a huge part of their journey that there's really no other way that they could have said goodbye, I think.
I leave you with this.
You know, hurt her and I'll kill ya.
Duct tape kind of signifies, you know, holding things together, keeping it strong.
It's like their bond it's unbreakable.
I need you.
You know that.
I need you, too.
I'm gonna miss you.
Roscoe carried them throughout their teenaged years, and now it's like driving them off away into the distance, the vast future of their adulthood.
You drive.
Driving off into the sunset, I mean, who knows what's next for them.
They could go back to Beacon Hills, they could be away from Beacon Hills.
But they'll always have each other and they'll always have Roscoe.
And it's such a beautiful moment, and I just wanna drive off in the sunset with them.
Me, too.
We can hop in the back of there.
All right, perfect.
We've laughed, we've cried.
We're so sad that "Teen Wolf" is almost over.
But we're glad we got to celebrate the series by giving out some awards to our favorite moments.
Make sure to tune in to the series finale next week.