Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s06e05 Episode Script

9062-9203 - Super Irma

[theme] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power They're the world's Most fearsome fighting team We're really hip.
They're heroes in the half shell And they're green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hey, get a grip.
When the evil Shredder attacks These Turtle boys don't cut him no slack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter taught them to be ninja teens He's a radical rat.
Leonardo leads Donatello does machines That's a fact, Jack.
Raphael is cool but rude Gimme a break.
Michelangelo is a party dude Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in a half shell Turtle power Darn TV, it never works when you need it.
Hey, I offered to fix it, but Leonardo insists on doing it himself.
That's our fearless leader for you.
I can do it, I tell you.
All I have to do is twist this knob and-- Whoa! I can't understand it.
I had the right knob.
But you did not have the right attitude.
The true ninja spirit must be applied to all tasks, even repairing a television set.
We're here at the Japanese embassy, talking with Ambassador Murishima, who is hosting this exhibition of historic artifacts.
Can you tell us about them, Ambassador? Gladly, Ms.
The most priceless object in the entire collection is this ancient, legendary weapon.
The Sword of Yurikawa.
You recognize it, sensei? How could I not? It once belonged to my own ninja master.
The Sword of Yurikawa has the amazing power of transformation: always changing, yet always the same.
Whoa! Time out.
If something changes, then how can it, like, stay the same? Forget it, Michelangelo.
It's too deep for you.
A kiddie's wading pool is too deep for him.
If such a weapon should fall into the wrong hands, it could have dire consequences.
My students, you must go at once to guard it.
Aw, come on, sensei.
Couldn't we wait until after dinner? We're about to chow down.
Besides, I'm sure the embassy has their own people to guard the sword.
It is obvious you turtles do not have the true ninja spirit.
[sigh] Master Splinter is right.
We don't have the true ninja spirit.
Now let's go show them what we're made of.
[all grumbling] Observe, Shredder, as I demonstrate my latest brilliant invention: the Mind Bender Ray.
Lean to the left.
[Krang] Lean to the right.
Stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight.
There you go-- ooh! You see, Shredder? Total obedience.
My mind bender gives me complete power over any mutant-like forms with level Z brainwaves.
Big deal.
So you can control anyone dumber than mud.
Hey, we're as smart as mud any day.
Yeah, maybe even smarter.
Observe how I intend putting it to use.
The Tri-State Bridge.
Tomorrow, a truck convoy carrying a rare form of toxic waste is scheduled to drive across it.
By blowing up the bridge just at the right moment, the toxins will fall into the water and combine with the harbor sludge, creating a new race of mud mutants, which I alone will control.
Putting toxic waste to good use.
A novel idea.
Rocksteady, Beebop! Start loading the explosive so we can blow up that bridge! And remember, Shredder, this operation requires a hands-on approach.
Something you could never manage, seeing as how you don't have any hands.
[laughing] You never miss a shot, do you? Why, it's April O' Neil! This fabulous exhibit will be at the Japanese embassy for one week only.
So don't fail to see-- [April, Shredder] The Sword of Yurikawa.
With that in my possession, there'll be no need for explosives.
Shredder, what are you blathering about? There's no time to explain.
I must get to the surface now! He's always been a sucker for a pretty sword.
This is April O'Neil, Channel 6 News, signing off.
Ah! the Sword of Yurikawa.
I must make it part of my collection.
Every rare and exotic weapon known to man is in this room.
Priceless tools of combat from throughout history, all mine.
But the rarest weapon of all, the Sword of Yurikawa, has always eluded me.
Until now, that is.
Let me see.
Now, which of my weapons shall I use to do the job? This calls for something simple but maneuverable.
Small, unobtrusive, yet extremely effective.
Voila! I have found it! So tasteful, so elegant.
Who would ever guess its destructive power? At last, the Sword of Yurikawa will be mine.
Dudes, I have got the major munchies.
Well, forget it.
We've got to get to the Japanese Embassy.
Chill, this will only take a second.
Wait, Michelangelo.
Don't! Sorry, compadres.
I just can't resist an anchovy and hot fudge pizza.
You heard Master Splinter.
We're supposed to use true ninja attitude.
But, dude, how can we practice ninja silence with our stomachs growling? Yeah, Michelangelo's got a point there.
[sniffing] There is a certain logic to his thinking.
[sniffing] I suppose it couldn't hurt.
[all] Turtles eat with honor! We're here, fellas.
The embassy is just around this corner.
[police radio] Uh-oh.
The boys in blue.
What's going on? Put out an APB for the entire area.
The Sword of Yurikawa has just been stolen.
Stolen? We're too late.
I don't believe it.
We blew our assignment for a lousy pizza.
I agree, amigo.
That crust was seriously stale.
We can't go home without that sword.
How would we face Master Splinter? Donatello's right.
We'll just have to track it down ourselves.
Yeah, right.
Like we're just gonna turn a corner and boom, there it is.
There it is! The Sword of Yurikawa! You'd better hand that over, friend! Whoa! Neat parlor trick.
Well, easy, buddy! We don't have any fire insurance.
Somehow he set that sword on fire.
I think it's time to lower this guy's temperature.
My turn, guys.
Ow! That smarts.
Remember what Master Splinter said.
True ninja spirit.
[all] Turtle power! [muffled shouts] I thought we were supposed to do stuff like that.
Whoever that dude was, he's gone now.
Remind me to make a note.
Well, Shredder, back I see.
Yes, and my mission was successful.
Now feast your eyes on the sheer magnificence of the Sword of Yurikawa.
It looks like an everyday run-of-the-mill sword to me.
That's where you're wrong, Krang.
This sword can transform itself into anything I wish! Observe.
I'll bet you also believe in the tooth fairy.
Ha! In a moment, you'll be laughing out of the other side of your brain! You call that a transformation? He turned it into a pile of junk, didn't he? This is a fake! Someone must have stolen the real sword before I arrived.
I'm going to find out who it was! Come along, you two.
Shredder, forget the blasted sword.
We've got to rig that bridge with explosives before the convoy arrives.
The sword will be much more effective.
Trust me.
"Trust me.
" I've heard that before.
April calling the Turtles, come in, Turtles.
[Donatello] We're right here, April.
I can hear you, but I can't see you.
That's because we're right here.
Wow, that was fast.
I got a copy of the surveillance videotape from the embassy.
It might give us some clues as to who stole that sword.
I wonder if there's time to run out for some popcorn.
[April] This is the embassy trophy room, and that is the Sword of Yurikawa! Hmm, looks pretty ordinary to me.
Not according to Master Splinter.
What happened? Let's get a closer look at that, in slow motion.
So that's what happened.
Someone smashed the camera.
[Michelangelo] And scope out that righteous ring.
Mind if I use your computer to run a check on that ring, April? Well, it's against station-- Thanks.
[Donatello] The Maltese ring, an ancient, handcrafted weapon, suspected to be in the possession of Lafayette Le Drone, international weapons collector.
Lafayette Le Drone? He's got that big mansion across town.
Well, let's hit it.
Later, April.
Cowabunga! First the turtles follow April O'Neil, then we follow the turtles.
Now come on! Okay.
This is Le Drone's pad.
Well, what are we waiting for? Look, there's Le Drone now, and he's got the sword.
At last, the Sword of Yurikawa is mine! Ooh, how I have dreamt of this moment, but I must say, it is almost sad, no? I mean, after this, what further challenge does life have to offer? You want a challenge? You got a challenge.
In fact, we're having a special on challenges today.
Four for the price of one.
No salesman will call, but we will.
Better hand over that sword now.
Why, certainment.
I will be happy to.
You will? I was sure this would turn into a fight scene.
Careful, Raphael.
It might be some kind of double cross.
How ridiculous.
For a double cross, I would need a double crossbow! [all] Gas bombs.
Now you uninvited guests will see what my weapons can do.
Whoa! Head's up, dudes! He's got the whole place booby-trapped.
Two down and two to go.
Don't just hang around like that, Michelangelo.
I need your help.
Thanks, I needed that.
Go green machine.
I have not yet run out of tricks.
Hey, what's going on? Au revoir.
For all of you non-French-speaking viewers, that means[gulp]-- good-bye.
It broke.
That sword was bogus.
Sacré bleu! Someone must have stolen the real sword before I got there.
Until we meet again, turtles.
A corny secret passageway? Give me a break.
Forget Le Drone.
It's more important that we find the real sword.
Let's go, Turtles! Gone at last.
I thought they would never leave.
From the frying pan into the fire, little man.
More intruders! Easy, Le Drone.
We're on the same side.
Who are you? I am called the Shredder, and world conquest is my destiny.
I admire your collection of weapons.
Perhaps we could join forces against the turtles.
Moi? Join forces with you? Why on earth should I? Give me one good reason.
Because here's what will happen if you refuse.
Well, that is one good reason.
We both want that sword.
Once I've used it for my own purposes, You may keep it for your collection.
Monsieur Shredder, you have a deal.
Yes, a deal that will see the end of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
[Shredder laughing] [Le Drone] Oh, I like that.
[Le Drone laughing] Face it, compadres, we're just gonna have to cop to Master Splinter that we blew it.
Michelangelo's right.
The Sword of Yurikawa is gone.
And it's all our fault.
Maybe he'll be willing to forgive and forget.
It's him.
The ninja warrior.
[Donatello] And he's got the sword.
Let's show this dude what happens to sword swipers.
Okay, now what? Maybe if we ask for the sword in a reasonable way? It's worth a try.
All right.
Hand it over before someone gets hurt.
It worked.
He wants you to attack him with the sword.
I can't do that.
He's totally defenseless.
Well, you have to do it, or you'll insult his ninja honor.
I don't like it, but here goes! Ow! It's turning red hot.
I can't hold on to it! Yow! [clanging] Wait! Come back! Aw, he's gone.
Way hot! It's totally cold.
You know there's something really weird going on here.
Maybe Master Splinter will be able to explain it.
Shredder! Why haven't you planted those explosives? The truck convoy carrying that toxic waste is scheduled to cross the Tri-State Bridge in exactly 23 minutes.
If it's not blown up at precisely the right moment, our entire scheme will go up in smoke.
[Shredder] Don't get your medulla in an uproar, Krang.
The Sword of Yurikawa can do a lot more damage than some measly explosive.
If only I can get my hands on it.
Hey, boss, look who's coming.
It's the turtles.
[Shredder] What an incredible stroke of luck! They got the Sword of Yurikawa! So! We meet again! It's Shred Head and the Gruesome Twosome! All right, Shellbacks! Hand over that sword! You want it? Try and take it.
Fire away! With the greatest of pleasure.
Hey! Whoa! [rumbling] [Le Drone] Do not despair, Monsieur Shredder! The cavalry has arrived! [Shredder] What in blazes is that? It is I, mon ami! Lafayette Le Drone, your partner in crime! At last! The Sword of Yurikawa is mine! Ah-ah-ah! But only temporarily, Monsieur Shredder.
Remember our agreement.
[laughing] Of course, Monsieur Le Drone.
[Shredder] You're finished, turtles! When the bridge goes down, you go with it! [laughing] You know, I can handle losing, but do we have to listen to that stupid laugh? Heh, it's too bad you guys won't be around when the boss' army of mud mutants takes over the city.
Why just the city? With those mutants and this sword, I can rule the world! Will you forget that ridiculous sword and rig the explosives? I've told you before, Krang, no explosive on earth can match the destructive powers of this sword! Oh, all right! Take your new sword and prepare to destroy the bridge! The truck convoy is due to arrive at any moment.
[Shredder] They're almost here, Krang.
Now you'll see what this sword can do! Sacré bleu.
A chainsaw.
It will cut through these girders like a hot knife through butter! Watch closely, turtles.
This is the last thing you will ever see! What in blazes? It's gone berserk! Looks like Shredder's getting shredded.
[clanking] Gee, I wonder how come it turned on the boss.
Mm, because it gots more brains than us? I'll tell you why.
Because this sword was meant to be mine! Observe how a wise general puts it to use.
Now observe how a wise general knows when to retreat! Bummer, dudes.
There are only two cables left.
[Donatello] If this bridge collapses, it'll be bad news for the city.
It won't be such great news for us, either.
It's that mystery ninja again.
[Michelangelo] And he's coming over to say hi.
My guess is it's-- [gulp]-- bye-bye.
Ooh! Ouch! Come on! Hey, look, pal, it's not like we're ungrateful or anything, but just exactly who are you? If you must know [gasp] [all] Master Splinter! I dislike deception, my students.
But it was my way of testing your ninja spirit.
[Shredder] So, my ancient enemy, prepare to be annihilated once and for all.
We'll take care of him, Master.
You take care of them.
Shredder and I have an age-old score to settle.
You heard him, fellas.
Let's do it! Uh-uh.
Those shellbacks look real ticked off.
Make way for us! Now what, Oroko Saki? Now this! A laser blaster? As our own sensei taught us, in battle one must improvise.
Well, in that case Yo, boss, better climb on board.
Any port in the storm.
Shredder and his goons are getting away.
Well, let's stop them.
Forget them.
The convoy is about to cross the bridge.
With those cables cut, it will never support their weight.
Then there is only one solution.
[Michelangelo] All right! Way to go! Bodacious moves! Remember my words about the sword: always changing, yet always the same.
Yet no one could control it but you, Master.
That is the secret of the Sword of Yurikawa.
It can only be used for good, and therein lies its true power.
And so disaster was avoided as the convoy safely delivered it hazardous cargo for decontamination.
Just as you, my students, must now safely deliver the Sword of Yurikawa to its rightful place.
Don't worry, sensei.
We'll take it straight to the embassy.
And this time, we won't stop for pizza.
Unless, of course, it's a really great pizza.
Uh, like one with guacamole and marshmallow? What was that? Just kidding, sensei.