Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s10e02 Episode Script

9062-9602 - The Beginning of the End

[ Man ] Enter the Action Zone.
Scanning for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Access now.
[ Rock ] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power They're the world's most fearsome fighting team They're heroes in a half shell and they're green When the evil Shredder attacks Turtles fight back Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power [ Ends ] [ Snarling ] Man, Leonardo is sure looking awful.
Okay, I think we've found the solution to your hypermutation.
Now stand back, guys.
I'm gonna test it out.
[ Snarling ] [ Beeps ] [ Groans ] Hey, what am I doing in a cage? You were auditioning for the lead role in the next Jurassic movie as a Turtlesaurus rex.
How do you feel? Fine.
Now can you let me out of here? Well, your vital signs are all okay.
[ Sighs ] Thanks for all your help, guys.
It's good to be normal again.
[ Dregg ] The genetic code in this mutated turtle shell contains the key to my defeating the Turtles.
With the mutanite, I will mutate them out of existence.
Um, we don't quite have the mutanite as it is a very rare element, Lord Dregg, found only in, uh, Dimension X.
I've had a patrol out searching for months.
What? I don't have months.
I need mutanite now, or my plan won't work! [ Grunting ] I-I-I know of another way.
There is an element on Earth called plutonium.
It not only creates mutations, but can cause an atomic explosion as well.
[ Beeps ] Excellent.
This plutonium is just what I need to rid myself of the Turtles, so I can finally conquer the Earth.
But how exactly do you plan to dispose of the reptiles? I don't.
They'll dispose of themselves.
Oh, no! Look at those feet.
I'm glad we can't smell them.
I am pleased to see your mutations have finally been stabilized.
Looks like I'm the only freak left in the circus.
The happy butterfly does not spend its time dreaming of caterpillars.
[ Groans ] I feel sick.
What a wuss, Leonardo.
I saw this movie six times before it made me nauseous.
[ Roaring ] Easy! Easy, Leonardo! We're your friends, remember? [ Snarling ] Why do I get the feeling he thinks we're turtle burgers? Do not resist him.
[ Growling ] Sensei, no! - Get away from him! - [ Growling ] [ Roars ] [ Groans ] I didn't move, I swear.
[ Carter ] We got to stop him before he turns the city into a junkyard again.
[ Donatello ] I'll go with Carter.
[ Yelling ] No need to alarm anyone.
I just want your entire supply of plutonium.
Now! Uh-oh.
Guys! We've picked up his trail on East Valla Boulevard.
- We're on our way! - [ Tires Squealing ] There he is! Leonardo! Please come back to the lair with us.
[ Roaring ] [ Donatello Groans ] Hey.
You all right, Donatello? Oh, nothing a little adjustment won't fix.
[ Neck Cracks ] Ahh.
Hey, guys, does Leonardo like hockey? Uh, not particularly.
In that case, we're in trouble! Okay, Michelangelo.
Now! Let's get him back to the van.
Whoa! I feel like a frozen TV dinner.
I can't let you cause any more damage.
[ Roaring ] [ Snarling ] Hey! [ Shouting ] [ Roaring ] [ Screaming ] [ Screams ] We gotta stop Leonardo before he trashes the whole stadium.
Whoa! I'm slipping! [ Grunting ] [ Screaming ] - [ Grunts, Groans ] - [ Siren Blaring ] [ Groans ] Good shot, dude.
Only I'm not a Teenage Mutant Hockey Puck.
[ Roars ] You okay, Carter? Ooh.
I'll be fine once we get Leonardo back to normal.
Come on! [ Screaming ] Wow! The Internet is great for researching stories.
I'm here live from the Metropolitan Hockey Stadium.
Once again, one of the notorious Mutant Ninja Turtles is wreaking havoc, this time in the middle of the hockey play-offs.
Oh, those guys have more energy than that battery-powered rabbit.
But from now on, I'm working on nice, ordinary stories.
And this is just what I've been looking for to crack the biggest chop shop ring in the city.
Otto Wrecker, known car thief.
Disappeared two years ago.
Now to analyze all the car thefts over the past three weeks.
And that's where the computer predicts Otto will strike next.
[ Clanging ] He's headed for the bridge.
Cut him off on the north side.
We'll cover the south.
[ Tires Squealing ] [ Roars ] Easy, Leonardo.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
[ Snarls ] [ Donatello ] It's one of Dregg's shuttles.
[ Tires Squealing ] He's got Leonardo! Well, what are we standing around for? - Wait! - [ Whistle Blowing ] That train'll crash if it reaches the bridge.
We gotta stop it! But what about Leonardo? I'll go after him.
You guys take care of the train.
There's a switch about 100 yards back.
See if you can change the tracks.
I'll try to signal the train.
[ Grunts ] Man, it was never this hard on my electric train set.
[ Train Whistle Blowing ] [ Shouting ] It's too late, Carter! Get off the tracks! No! Carter! [ Whistle Blowing ] That was the bravest thing I ever saw.
That dude sacrificed himself to save the train.
Guys! Could you help me? He's still alive! Thanks.
Don't mention it.
And don't scare us like that again! Hey, guys? How are we gonna locate Dregg's shuttle? Come on.
We can track it from the van.
[ Beeping ] He's headed northeast.
Well, let's boogie! Titanium, aluminum, chromium, benzine.
The Microbots will have everything they need to rebuild that warehouse to my specifications.
With those kinds of chemicals and Dregg's kind of mind, he's gonna build something bad.
[ Electricity Crackles ] [ Engine Starts ] [ Tires Squeal ] [ Drill Buzzing ] [ Buzzing ] [ Brakes Squeal ] This is going to be a nice, easy, Turtle-free story.
[ All Shouting ] What? Oh, talk about bad luck.
I'm in the middle of another one of Dregg's evil plots.
[ Gasping ] He's got Leonardo.
I've got to alert the others.
Time to go to work, my little friends.
Build me a plutonium ray.
And when they're done, I'll transform you into the deadliest turtle in the world.
[ Beeps ] I've lost the shuttle.
Guys, it's April.
Dregg's got Leonardo.
We're in a warehouse at 333 South Sim-- [ April Screams ] [ Radio Static ] We gotta find April and fast! But she never got a chance to give us the entire address.
No problemo, dude.
I'll just let my Turtle fingers do the walking through the Web pages.
[ Beeps ] Uh-oh.
Major problemo, dude.
There's two addresses beginning with 333 South Sim-something.
There's Simpson Street and Simpleton Boulevard.
Well, we'll have to check them both.
[ Roaring ] [ Crackling ] Relax, Turtle.
You'll be dealt with soon enough.
Now's my chance to free Leonardo.
[ Panting ] Lord Dregg, here's the plutonium you required.
[ Dregg ] Everything is ready.
No! That plutonium will destroy him! [ Roaring ] Stop! He'll never survive! Don't worry.
It won't be fatal.
[ Chuckles ] At least, not yet.
- [ Beeps ] - [ Roaring ] Huh? Huh? Leonardo? Are you okay? Actually, I feel great.
Why did you cure me? Cure you? Ha! Think again, fool.
[ Michelangelo ] All right, dudes.
Let's kick some bat! [ Animals Screeching ] What would Dregg be doing in an animal warehouse? Maybe he knows Santa's not going to give him that puppy he asked for.
Over there.
[ Kiaiing ] [ Roaring ] Either Dregg needs a shave, or we're in the wrong warehouse! Let April go, Dregg.
There's no reason to keep her here.
You're right.
Mung, release her.
[ Beeps ] Go on, April.
Get out of here! I said I was releasing her.
I never said anything about letting her go.
Mung, have the Microbots turn her into a cyborg.
No! Freeze, beetlebrain! Destroy them! [ Tires Squealing ] Mung, use the plutonium ray.
Guys, look out! I brought your blades, Leonardo.
[ Electricity Crackling ] Thanks, Raphael.
The game's over, Dregg! On the contrary, Turtle.
It's just beginning.
At this very moment, the plutonium in your system is turning your mutated genes into a very unstable element.
Dregg, you're not trying to tell us that he's gonna reach critical mass? Exactly.
That means Leonardo is gonna go nuclear in less than 30 minutes.
He'll take the whole city with him.
He's bluffing.
I don't feel a-- a-- I don't feel very good.
Uh, nothing personal, but you don't look very good either.
[ Roaring ] What? I said it wasn't personal.
- [ Roaring ] - [ Grunting ] [ Electricity Crackling ] Come on! We gotta get outta here! [ Cries Out ] [ Snarling ] Let her go, Leonardo! Leonardo! Please, put me down! Help! How are we gonna stop Leonardo before the big bang? Well, if-if we can get the chemicals Dregg used on Leonardo-- We can diffuse him and possibly stabilize his mutation.
All right! We're happening now! Let's have the chemicals.
Uh, they're in Dregg's shuttle.
We're not happening.
Donatello and I will go after Leonardo.
You guys try to get Dregg's chemistry set.
[ Michelangelo ] Right.
[ Tires Squealing ] Dregg's shuttle is up ahead.
See if you can get underneath it.
Oh yeah, piece of cake.
Whoo-hoo! Caught a big one, dude! [ Beeps ] [ Grunts ] You sure they didn't catch us? - There he is! - Look out! - [ Roaring ] - [ Screaming ] [ Tires Squealing ] He's going crazy! Carter, stop! [ Brakes Squeal ] Uh, we need to borrow your truck.
It's a national emergency.
[ Screaming ] [ Roaring ] Higher! April! [ Roaring ] Jump! Yuck, this stinks.
I need some air.
No, don't touch that! [ Shouting ] [ Grunting ] Carter, get us back to the lair.
Fast! Raphael! Get the chemicals! Oh, man! I hope these are the ones Donatello was talking about.
Cowabunga! You won't get away, Turtles.
Whoa! [ Crackling ] No! [ Crashing ] [ Growling ] He's about to go critical! If Michelangelo and Raphael don't get here soon, this place is gonna be a Turtle crater.
Oh, yeah, we got 'em.
Well, here goes.
[ Roaring ] Oh, man.
I gotta cut out those cheesy sci-fi flicks.
I just had one weird dream.
[ All Laughing, Exclaiming ] Welcome back, dude! He's back to normal! [ Panting ] The picture from the remote Microbot we placed on the reptile is coming in now.
[ Gasps ] They've returned the mutated one to normal, Lord Dregg.
He may look normal, but I've permanently altered his genetic structure.
And soon, I'll put it to my advantage.
Well, your transformation is stable, Leonardo.
No more wild mutations.
[ Laughing ] I can't believe it.
I'm a normal mutant again.
Isn't it great, Carter? Yeah, sure.
Hey, hang in there, Carter.
If my calculations are correct, we may be able to eliminate your mutation with a similar combination of elements.
Yeah, well, I'm not sure I'd want to return to normal.
Even if I could.
Maybe the only thing that makes me special is my mutation.
It is not your mutation that makes you special, Carter.
It is you who make your mutation special.
Whoa, Sensei.
That's deep.
Too deep for me.