Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s10e05 Episode Script

9062-9605 - Turtles to the Second Power (3)

[ Rock ] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power They're the world's most fearsome fighting team They're heroes in a half shell and they're green When the evil Shredder attacks Turtles fight back Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power [ Ends ] [ Man Narrating ] Previously on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
[ Dregg ] Now that I possess your mental and physical strength, I am the most powerful being in the universe.
[ Typing ] It's time to transport a piece of the sun into the center of the city.
Something's wrong, my lord.
The transporter isn't responding.
[ Beeping ] [ Mung ] Shredder has taken the subspace amplification chip.
We can't transport the sunspots without it.
I've got to find some way to help the Turtles.
In time, you shall find your answers, my son.
Time? Yeah, that's it! Time! They should be arriving any second.
Landor! Merrick! We used our time device to bring us here as soon as we got your message that the Turtles were in trouble.
You've gotta go back in time and bring the Turtles of the past back to the present.
Hurry! Stand back! What happened? Your future selves are trapped in an alien ship.
Unless you help us give them a life-energy transfusion, they won't make it.
And neither will you.
You won't escape this time, reptiles.
Do we know that dude? Yo! Those guys sure look like us.
They are us.
We're home, safe! Oh, no, we're not! We better scram before there's Ninja Turtle-flavored gum stuck to the bottom of that thing's foot.
We've got to get ourselves-- I mean, these guys back to the lab, fast! Why do I get the feeling that's not quite as easy as it sounds? Run for it! April, warn the authorities that Dregg is up to something.
We'll get the Turtles back to the lair.
Will do! Those wretched reptiles will not prevent me from conquering this puny planet.
Ow! Ah! [ Groans ] How long before the rest of the attack fleet will be ready? About-- [ Gags ] [ Choking ] my lord.
[ Grunts ] [ Groans ] In 15 hours, I will be lord of Earth.
And my first official act will be to destroy those reptilian rogues.
What do we do now? Well, we can give them a life-energy transfusion by hooking you all up to your de-mutation ray.
Huh? What de-mutation ray? I don't have a de-mutation ray.
Uh-- He means my de-mutation ray.
You haven't invented it yet.
Oh! That de-mutation ray! All set, Carter.
[ Whirring ] How long will this take? About 15 hours.
Dregg will rue the day he tried to terminate us.
This program chip I took from his vortex transporter is all we need to get rid of him for good.
There's no time to lose, Krang.
We must get back to the nuclear power plant.
They'll be gone in a minute.
I just thought of the way to stop Dregg and take over his ship and crew.
But we'll need one of his Bat-men to do it.
Looking for me? Dregg's Bat-men have limited brain power.
Hypnotizing them should be easy.
You cannot resist my brain power.
Your mind is mine to control.
You will do exactly as I say.
My hypnotic control will only last for 30 minutes.
We've got to work fast.
The transfusion's complete.
How do you feel, guys? Fine, dude.
I think he means us, dude.
Hey, it worked, Carter! We've got our energy back.
Uh, thanks for saving us, guys.
Hey, you would have done the same thing for us.
Well, sure.
I mean, we are you.
Kind of spooky, isn't it? [ Together ] So, you're me, huh? Sorry.
After you.
No, no.
You talk first.
I am! [ Groans ] This isn't working.
Witnessing my past and present students gives me great hope for the future.
[ All ] Thank you, Sensei.
Uh, it's nothing personal, guys, but, um, we've really gotta get back to the Technodrome and stop Shredder and Krang.
You're right, Leonardo.
You guys have accomplished what we brought you here for.
I'll just bounce another message off a distant star, and it'll come back to Earth Landor and Merrick should be here any second.
[ Beeping ] I-- I don't understand it.
Well, try again, dude.
Maybe they don't have call-waiting.
[ Beeping ] What? It's not working! Hello! Does the phrase "time warp paradox" ring a bell? Hey, Raphael's right.
We've got three hours left before our presence in this time continuum causes us all to cease to exist.
[ Beeps ] The remainder of your attack fleet is ready, Lord Dregg.
Once the Earth is mine and I've gotten the chip back from Shredder, I can transport pieces of the sun to the capital cities on planets throughout the galaxy.
The universe will soon be mine.
Mung, put the Dreggnaught on autopilot.
We'll beam down with the rest of the Bat-men.
Yes, my lord.
Well, begin transporting! Oh-- Yes, my lord.
Sergeant, that alien leader, Dregg, is going to send a-- You'll have to wait in line.
But this can't wait! The city's in-- The city will run a lot smoother if you'll just get in line.
[ Rumbling ] What's going on? Oh, no! It's already started! [ Sighs ] Landor and Merrick aren't responding.
Well, uh-- Is there some other way to contact them? I'm afraid not.
I wonder what it feels like to be sucked into a time warp and cosmically annihilated? Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.
[ Rumbling ] Is that an earthquake? No.
It's coming from topside.
Let's check it out.
[ All ] Whoa! Those things are humongous! The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
I hope you're right, dude.
Here we go! Bogus idea, dude! Don't blame me.
It was your idea, dude! [ Grunts, Screams ] [ Groans ] Help! [ Buzzing ] Got him! He's got Leonardo.
Come on! [ Buzzing ] [ Screaming ] Don't look now, but we're about to become a short stack of turtle pancakes.
Let's get outta here.
[ Grunts ] Thanks, Carter.
[ Moans ] Are you all right? Yeah.
[ April ] Guys, are you there? Oh, Michelangelo, am I glad I could reach you! [ Together ] We're kinda busy right now, April.
Excuse me, dude, but I believe she was talking to me.
No way, José.
You've got your own April in the past.
I'm talking to anyone who wants to listen.
You're not the only ones fighting those things.
They're all over the world! Well, we can't fight them one-on-one.
They're too powerful.
And there's too many of them.
We've got to get to Dregg and stop the invasion from its source.
We can't just leave these two to destroy the city.
You guys come with me to the power plant.
The rest of you guys stay here and try to stop those invaders.
They went off to battle Dregg's invasion force.
I hope we're not too late to help.
We tried to arrive exactly when they called.
But a disturbance in the fabric of time-space caused us to miss our destination.
Where will we find them? Perhaps their friend April can help you.
[ Krang ] With this bat-creature under my hypnotic command, sneaking into the power plant will be easy.
Well, it better be.
I still don't like the idea of him holding a weapon on us.
Not to worry, Shredder.
He'll do exactly as I told him.
The invasion is going exactly as planned, Lord Dregg.
Well, I knew it wouldn't be long before you two were captured.
- Give me the chip.
- Very well.
Transport these two back to the Dreggnaught.
So far so good.
That chip I gave to Dregg was bogus.
By the time he figures it out, I will have transported him into a wormhole where he'll be trapped forever.
Then we'll take over his invasion fleet and conquer the Earth.
Plug this chip into the targeting computer, Mung.
Then we'll begin transporting flaming pieces of the sun to planets all over the galaxy.
Krang and Shredder are double-crossing you.
That's not the real chip! You cannot deceive my mind, Krang, now that your thought patterns are mine.
And now that I have the real chip, I can finally dispose of you for good.
Give it your best shot, Dregg.
Go, Green Machine! [ Shouts ] The chip! [ Shouts, Growls ] If either Dregg or Shredder get that chip, Earth is gonna be a baked apple.
This bulldozer ought to take care of that mondo monster.
[ Whimpers ] I think we better pretend to be teenage mutant ninja frogs and jump! [ Leonardo ] Hey, where's Michelangelo? Oh, no, don't tell me it squashed him.
[ Groans ] That was heavy, dudes.
Really heavy.
We've got less than two hours before the time paradox erases us.
Yeah, and about two seconds before the next attack monster turns us into the Cream Machine.
[ Leonardo ] We're pinned down.
I've got to get to the targeting computer before Dregg gets that chip.
There's the chip! And I've got it.
Stop! Or Krang is finished.
Uh, guys, I think he's got me.
Mung, put this chip into the transporter targeting computer.
My invasion is no longer necessary, now that I can transport pieces of the sun to all of Earth's major cities.
[ Carter ] No! Another of your cities has just been annihilated.
Have you gone wacko, Dregg? You're mad! You may call me mad, but in a few minutes you'll be calling me Emperor of the World! [ Cackles ] It's a good thing we got these buildings evacuated.
If we can get to the top floor in time, we may have a chance.
[ Grunts ] Yeah.
To see the sights one last time! [ Elevator Bell Dings ] Okay, guys, just do what I told you.
Everyone, down! Michelangelo, go! [ Donatello ] I'm not sure I know how to operate this thing.
No sweat, dude.
It's just like my rock-'em, sock-'em ninja video game.
Come on.
We've gotta get back to the nuclear power plant.
Mung, get me the League of Nations.
[ Mung ] Oh! Yes, my lord.
This is a confidential satellite channel.
What is the meaning of this interruption? Well, you see, I've already destroyed a dozen major cities.
I demand the unconditional surrender of all nations, or I shall turn the Earth into a boiling sun.
The League of Nations does not respond to threats.
Especially false ones.
False threats! Is he out of his mind? Losing your evil touch, huh, Dregg? It's true, my lord.
Scanners indicate that all of the planet's capitals are intact.
But-But-- But how? Oh, it was simple, really.
I just bypassed your subspace targeting chip and programmed your computer to run your virtual reality tests.
You've been watching reruns, dude.
And you are going to watch me put an end to your Earthly existence.
All right, guys.
Let's drop that rat! Quickly, dismantle that thing.
[ Clinking ] This thing is coming apart.
They just don't make alien invasion craft like they used to.
[ Clanging, Crashing ] [ Screaming ] What on earth? [ Groans ] My brain energy must be malfunctioning.
No, your brain is working perfectly.
The Turtles have brought their duplicates from the past to destroy you.
And destroy you they will! No! Turtles to the second power! If we survive this, I'll deal with you, Dregg.
[ Together ] Hey, have you seen my yo-yo move, dude? [ Together ] Guess I already taught it to you, huh? Quick.
We've gotta reprogram the targeting computer and transport the attack monsters to a distant asteroid.
[ Together ] Fire! [ Together ] Whoa! Mung, lock on to the sunspots and transport them to Earth.
Ready, my lord.
No! Mung, transport now! [ Grunts ] Let me go! - [ Beeps ] - Transporter activated! [ Groans ] It's too late.
The Earth is doomed.
Well, guess again, Dregg.
I retargeted the transporter.
Your starship is stardust.
[ Grunts ] What's happening? What is happening? When the transporter platform in Dregg's ship exploded, it must have overloaded this platform.
Oh, this whole place is gonna blow any second.
Then we've gotta get rid of these bad guys-- and fast.
Excuse me.
I believe you stole some Turtle power from us.
Stop! Get them on the platform! Hurry! - [ Beeps ] - Transporter activated.
[ Dregg ] I won't go back! Hurry! It's gonna blow! We saved you, dudes.
No way, dude.
We saved you.
Hold it.
Let's compromise.
We saved ourselves.
Hard to argue with that.
Uh, guys.
I don't think we saved anyone.
- [ Beeping ] - We've only got 10 seconds before we all vanish into the time warp paradox.
It's, uh-- It's been nice knowing you guys.
There isn't a second to spare.
Did they make it in time? They're back where they belong, safely fighting Shredder and Krang in the past.
Great! I guess.
Yeah, but we never got a chance to say good-bye.
Well, that's okay.
We know what they would have said.
Yeah, that's true.
They're us.
So we could just say good-bye to ourselves.
¡Hasta la vista, Michelangelo! Later, dude.
It was cool meeting you.
I think he's missing a few beans in the old burrito.
Now that Dregg is gone, I-- Well, I guess this is as good a time as any for me to go back to school and see if I can find a cure for my mutation.
Come with us to the future, Carter.
We have scientists there who can cure you.
The future? Huh.
[ Chuckles ] I never really thought about it, but it sounds pretty cool.
[ Sighs ] Maybe it's a good idea.
We don't seem to be able to cure you here.
Go for it, Carter.
Yeah, dude.
But, uh, do us one favor.
Please, don't bring any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back from the future.
Four is plenty.
[ Chuckles ] Right.
Well, see ya in the future, guys.