Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) s05e01 Episode Script

Scroll of the Demodragon

1 [chittering] Ah! Hurry, Casey, we gotta stop this freak-job! Did you see what he tried to do back there? Oof! His butt belongs to Casey Jones.
[dramatic music] [grunts] He's getting away! [both grunt] Casey! Sorry, dude.
[both gasp] Okay, evil glowing eyes, never a good sign.
[both grunting] [grunting] What the heck are they? Not human dudes, dude.
[all chittering] It's all good though.
We got these punks.
Are you crazy? There's too many.
Casey Jones never runs from a fight.
Whoa! Ahh! - No! - [screaming] [gasps] [lively music] Ahh! Now we're talking.
Yeah! I've got an idea.
[groans] Aww, sewer apples.
Booyakasha! [grunting] Aww, yeah! VHS tape mission accomplished.
Check it out.
I found them in the basement of this video store that went out of business.
the last video tape store in the whole city, dude.
[gasps] Yes! Holy geek-out, wingnut.
This is so awesome.
Mikey, pizza is on me tonight.
Get whatever you want.
Um, what are you fan-boying so hard over, Leo? Mikey managed to track down all these old super rare VHS tapes of "Space-Heroes: The Next Generation.
" The official sequel to the original "Space-Heroes.
" These are from the early 90s, but most of the tapes were put in a landfill because the show was deemed too disturbing for kids.
[dramatic music] Captain Ryan, the Nefrini are sending out an urgent com signal! Ayy! Put them on the screen, Crankshaw Junior.
Captain Ryan, the Nefrini people feel it is unfair that the Confederation is taxing our trade routes, - and we would ask you - Blah, blah, blah.
Do you see what my hand is doing, Nefrini? It's a puppet that is mocking you.
Boring! Mr.
Crankshaw, let's blow these aliens out of the water.
And by water, I mean space! But but sir! The Nefrini are a peaceful race! We can't just destroy them! Ahh! Fire photogenic missiles! [missiles charging, firing] [exploding] Yes! So awesome! Eh, it's no Crognard.
This is just as lame as the first Space-Heroes.
Lame? It's making my eyeballs melt with joy.
- I love this cartoon! - Ah.
- [gasps] - [exhales sharply] What the heck happened? We were on our way back from patrolling the city, when we found this crazy robed cultist-looking guy about to perform what looked like a sacrifice [record scratch] So Casey Jones and his sidekick, Raph, gave chase.
Sidekick? We tried to corner the robed dude, but he escaped at the last second.
Escaped? Clearly they kicked our butts to Queens, but whatever.
There were way more of them than us.
What the heck were they? Human? Robot? Mutant? Kangaroo men? I don't know, but whatever they were, they were faster and way stronger.
Even by my standards, and that means something.
My security sensors have been picking up more homeless people in the sewers.
At least I thought they were homeless people.
If these creatures are performing weird sacrifices, then we need to do something about it.
[dramatic music] Children, heed my words.
We are close at hand to bringing about his return.
But we must find the Scroll of the Demodragon.
With it, we will be able to summon a mighty being who has the power to bring forth the Master himself.
It waits for us in this city.
Go forth and capture the scroll.
Do not fail me! I just upgraded these new motion detectors to track down our robed friends.
Now if they're in these sewers within a five mile radius, - we'll find them.
- Sweet.
We split up and put these things within five miles of the lair.
Let's do this, team.
[chuckles] [lively music] Huh? [grunts] Heh.
[beeping] Oh, man.
A motion sensor is going off right down that tunnel.
Come on, Mikey.
Whoa, dude.
Should we call the guys? We can handle this.
Let's move.
[chittering] There he is [grunts] [chittering] [all chittering] [dramatic music] [chittering] [all chittering] all: Mavakaaa sekulaa nadavaaaa.
Mavakaaa sekulaa nadavaaaa.
- Mavakaaa sekul - Booyakasha! You're not going anywhere with that old paper, dudes! [grunts] Hiya whoa.
[grunting] Ew.
Ahh! [grunts] [grunts] - [chittering] - [gasps] [grunting] Wah! [all chittering] [gasps] [screaming] [both screaming] No! [screaming] - [chittering] - [grunts] [grunting] [gasps] [grunting] Let me go, you creepy ghoul! Leo! [grunting] [screaming] Mikey! [grunting] [grunting, groans] - You okay, little brother? - Not really.
Huh? [police sirens blaring] [both grunting] They caught my blades in their hands like they were plastic toys.
It was crazy.
You should have called us, man.
We could have been back-up.
Guys, listen up! This is important.
So the penthouse belongs to a wealthy collector of the weird and obscure, mostly magical stuff.
Sounds like the perfect candidate for I'm the boss of a freaky cult.
I think this is the scroll they stole: The Scroll of the Demodragon.
A scroll? Like a magic scroll? Aww, man, I hate magic.
It's an ancient evocation said to summon a powerful monster called Kavaxas.
Kavaxas belongs to a mythical race of Demodragons believed to reside in the Netherworld.
Magicians are rumored to have summoned them for millennia, their efforts always ending in tragedy.
Eh, sounds like a bunch of - nonsense to me.
- Whoa.
[chuckles] Aww yeah, ghoul-busting Mikey to the rescue! Ow! [growls] What'd I tell you about the imagination thing, huh? Focus! What have you got, Donnie? - Well, with the new sensors - [blows raspberry] I've determined a clear pattern of movement.
Right here under the south-east part of Lower Manhattan.
And here and here.
But they all converge at what appears to be a dead-end at this one place.
Hmm, you think this is where they live? Whoo, if they're actually alive.
[sighs] Do not be sad, my son.
[gasps] Leonardo, I know you feel the weight of leading your family, but remember, I am always with you.
Sensei, we're facing something we've never encountered before, and I can sense something really bad on the horizon.
What can I do? Find the light within.
It is the only thing that can save you against these creatures of darkness.
These beings are not what they appear to be.
Then what are they? What are what? Uh, who you talking to, Leo? It was No one.
Come on, let's head out.
[dramatic music] Hmm.
This is the place where they meet up.
Doesn't look suspicious.
I sense something strange close by, but I can't pinpoint it.
Maybe we should spread out more.
Look around.
Dudes, we got creepers creeping stage right! [all chittering] [chittering] [all chittering] [moans] Whoa! [distant chanting] [cultists] Mavakaaa sekulaa nadavaaaa.
Mavakaaa sekulaa nadavaaaa.
Mavakaaa sekulaa nadavaaaa.
Mavakaaa sekulaa nadavaaaa.
Mavakaaa sekulaa nadavaaaa.
Our time is nigh.
We finally have the Scroll of the Demodragon in our possession! Now we shall summon a being who will give us all the power we will ever need! Tiger Claw is the cult leader?! Excellent work, my Foot Cultists.
You understand the higher truth of our goal.
Now I will use the scroll to summon Kavaxas.
And with this mystic Seal of the Ancients, I will control him, and be his master.
- Okay, this is not good.
- We need a plan of attack.
Uh, everyone distract them while Raph and I get that seal.
- Let's do it.
I'm ready.
- Me too.
I'm pretty sure these guys are ready too.
[all growling] Aww, sewer pickles.
You couldn't sense them, Red? Their minds aren't like human minds.
[all grunting] [grunts] My old enemies.
Perfect timing.
Now you can bare witness.
- The Foot are finished.
- [grunts] Why'd you come back, Tiger Claw? So we can beat you again? The Foot is by no means finished.
Look all around you.
We have been reborn.
After our last battle, the Foot went underground.
And in these very sewers, we discovered a strange race of creatures completely dedicated to the Shredder.
And who are these freaks? Something you couldn't possibly understand.
Make them watch.
[all grunting] Let us go, Tiger Dude.
Or I'll knock all nine lives out of you.
You will bear witness to the summoning of a greater being, Kavaxas, the most powerful of all the Demodragons.
And his power will soon belong to me.
[dramatic music] Navasa, zaan, kanda, athrovaxa, noruto, zavasay.
[grunts] - [gasps] - [cultists] Mavakaa sekulaa.
Mavakaaa sekulaa nadavaaaa.
Mavakaaa sekulaa nadavaaaa.
Kavaxas! [both screaming] [all grunting] [grunts] [dramatic music] Mortal! You dare call upon Kavaxas? Lord of the Demodragons, Ruler of the Netherworld?! I will burn you and the rest of these abominations to ash.
You will do nothing but obey me.
Ahh! The Seal of the Ancients.
You are wiser than I thought, creature.
Very well then.
What would you have me do, Master? [laughing] You will destroy the Turtles and their human allies, as a sign of fidelity to the Foot.
Make it slow.
Make it painful.
As you command.
[dramatic music] Um, I have some spare pizza here for you.
It's an inter-dimensional sign of love.
Man, dragon-dude, you don't have to be such a hot-head.
Get him! [all screaming] [grunting] Ahh! [both grunting] Ugh.
Ahh! [grunts] No, Kavaxas.
Attack only the Turtles and their allies.
You will obey me.
Yes, Master.
[grunting] Ahh! Yeah boy! [all yelling, grunting] [shattering] [grunting] [all grunting] [gasps] Duck! [all grunting] [grunting] The mortal has gifts.
And when I eat her whole, I will absorb her power and use it as I wish.
[grunting] [laughing] - [grunting] - [laughing] Why can't I move you? Because I am not of this reality, child! April! We have to retreat.
Let's go! Mikey! Booyakabunga! [dramatic music] [growling] [panting] Stop! You will pursue no further.
You will not leave my sight.
As you command, Master.
You have proven your usefulness.
[all panting] Oh, man.
Kavaxas is even tougher than Super Shredder.
We could barely take down three Cultists.
How are we gonna take down an army plus Tiger Claw and Hot Head too? What now, Leo? Well, at least we know where their lair is.
We just need a new plan of attack.
Donnie, we need an upgrade.
Can we get our hands on like, say, two or three dozen tanks? [groans] April, is this Kavaxas the new leader of The Foot? I don't think so.
I did sense that Tiger Claw summoned him because he's crucial to his plans, whatever they are.
That's all I could get.
I wonder what they're really up to.
I call upon the power of the Seal of the Ancients to bind you to my purpose.
By the spirits of all Demodragons past, you have my will.
Is it true? Only you have the power to manifest my wish, do you not? Indeed, Master Tiger Claw.
I have that power and so much more.
Then you must do it.
No matter what it takes.
No matter who stands in your way.
You will bring the Shredder back from the dead!