Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) s05e05 Episode Script

When Worlds Collide

1 [ominous music] [growls] It's been too long since we've faced real battle, Y'Gythgba.
I hunger for combat! True warriors are rare in any system, Commander G'Throkka.
General R'Kavaka, to what do I owe this honor? Commander G'Throkka, I bring news: the bounty hunter and escaped convict K'Vathrak lives.
Rokka rokka.
After six Vokk years, he turns up now? How can this be? How is not important.
What matters is that he's captured, and I've selected you to lead the hunt.
Sir, is this the same criminal who Took my eye and left me to perish by my wounds.
I will find him no matter what the cost.
Where is he, General? He is hunting benevolent Utrom in Dimension X, and traveling back and forth to a primitive mud ball the locals call "Earth.
" Earth? [Raphael grunting] Then we will set a course for this world.
Y'Gythgba, are you ready? Uh, yes.
Of course, sir.
Ready as always.
Setting coordinates.
Destination: Earth.
[intense music] [cracking] [jazz music] Aah! Now we're talking! Yeah! I've got an idea! [groans] Aw, sewer apples! Booyakasha! [snoring] [electricity whooshes] [metal clinks] Utrom Klaatu, what are Agent Bishop's current coordinates? This way, Utrom Niktu.
We have little time to warn him of the Salamandrian Rogue.
[electricity crackling] [robotics beeping] It is him.
It is the rogue.
[chuckles] [groaning] Aah! Where is he? Where is Bishop? [squealing] I think I will stay here on Regal 4 because I love you, Shahna.
[creature growling] No! Captain Ryan, I am so sorry, sir.
I know what she meant to you.
If there is anything I can [screaming] [creature belches] [sighs] Oh, well.
Port me up, Scronus.
Aw, poor guy.
[both laughing] Aren't you guys even watching? Didn't you see Ryan lost the love of his life? Ha! Got you back.
[both laughing] Eh, whatever.
You two are sickening Chompy.
I'm out of here.
[both laughing] You say something, Raph? Whoa, Karai, take it easy! That's why it's called training.
Just because I like you doesn't mean I'm gonna go easy on you, Leo.
Yo, Mikey, you want to play some Thanks for the sweet future tech, Renet.
Now we can, like, chat through time and space! Does this mean we're in a long-distance relationship? [groans] [drums playing] [panting] Forget it, Chompy.
Who needs love? Not this guy.
I'm a lone wolf.
A rebel! A loner! I'm fine all by my [gasps] [beeping] Holy space apples! Mona! Hello, Raphael.
So good to see you.
We need your help.
We are traveling to Earth.
Earth? You're coming here? [Chompy chirps] When? We're touching down soon, Raphael.
I'll send you the coordinates.
You sit tight, Mona.
Help is on the way! Oh! [ominous music] Salamandrians, on their way to Earth.
And they are not responding to our hailing frequencies.
Sacre bleu! What could they possibly want, s'il vous plait? It is hard to say.
We already have one crazed Salamandrian on the loose hunting Utrom.
We do not need any more.
Bishop? I'll travel to Earth and organize an EPF intercept team.
If they're hostile, I will deal with them.
[gasps] Mona! How I have missed you, Raphael.
Yikes! I can't believe Raph has the hots for a big newt.
I know, right? He's got weird taste.
Y'Gythgba felt we could use your help, and, given the threat, perhaps she is right.
A criminal Salamandrian has been hunting and destroying Utrom on Earth and in Dimension X.
Those poor Utrom! What kind of jerk would do that? - The Newtralizer.
- [gasps] Yeah, but we zapped him out of existence when we destroyed his teleporter.
He lives.
And he has already vanished from our scanners.
I fear he may have found a way to jump between dimensions.
Don't worry, Sal.
We'll find him, no matter where he is.
That's a promise.
[peaceful music] [giggling] [whirring, crackling] [snarling] Rokka rokka! Oh, no.
It's him.
Run away.
Run away! Wah! Halt, mercenary.
Raise forelimbs and submit to Utrom Sentry.
Capture and contain.
Waah! Ha! I'm coming for you, Bishop.
Rokka rokka rokka! We need to split up if we're gonna find the Newtralizer.
Raph, Mona, Mikey, and Sal Commander will try his last location.
Take this tracker.
It's the only way to anticipate his next move.
Thanks, Sal, and good luck to all of you.
Ha! [dramatic music] - Any sign of your boy? - He's not my boy.
[snarls] But he is not far from here.
[tracker beeping] You two will stay here.
Keep watch.
He may teleport this way.
Let us go, Michelangelo.
Aye, aye, Commander.
Booyakasha! So, uh, Mona, what happened since the last time we, um, chilled? Chilled? You mean the ice planet where we met? So many things have transpired, Raphael.
After you left, Lord Dregg invaded Salamandria.
It was a huge battle the biggest our planet has ever seen.
Lord Dregg!? He survived us Turtles and the Triceratons? Man, it's hard to squash that big space cockroach! We drove him away.
But Dregg swore revenge on [distant blast] Oh, no! We were supposed to keep watch! - Commander! - Michelangelo! - Commander! - [grunts] Where's the Newtralizer? [groans] [dramatic music] Huh? Mona! Aah! [both shouting] No! Bishop? What the heck is going on, man? Yeah! I thought we were friends, yo! We are friends, yo.
But Salamandrians are forbidden in this galaxy.
Whoa, what the heck? Okay, now the tracker says Newtralizer's gone again.
Here, let the science guy take a look, maybe.
[tracker beeping] He keeps teleporting.
Maybe he's going back and forth, to and from Dimension X.
Um, guys? He's here.
[snarls] Rokka rokka.
Looks like he acquired some kind of electricity-based power.
Like being indestructible wasn't enough.
Well, let's attack while he's charging up.
- Aah! - Leo! Turtles, it's been a long time.
Rokka rokka.
I owe you for this new power you've given me.
Here, let me thank you.
Aah! [gasps] [groans] [gasps] I don't know who you are, girl, but I'll crush you like the rest of them.
Rokka rokka! [grunts] What are you gonna do now, lizard? [chuckling] [growls] Relax.
Have a drink! [screams] I'll be back for all of you! Rokka rokka.
You'll be next! [sighs] I did not realize these were the same Salamandrians who helped us battle the Kraang.
Next time, look before you capture an alien life form, Bishop.
We are all friends here.
We all seek to stop K'Vathrak.
The Newtralizer's out of control.
What do we do? If he decides to destroy all Utrom, bait him here.
Take positions out of sight.
I'm adjusting my com to an open frequency.
Do you hear that, K'Vathrak? Come and get me, coward.
Listen, Mona, when this is over, I I want you to stay on Earth with us.
I am a Salamandrian warrior.
My life is dedicated to battle and the honor of my people.
But there's so much for you here.
There's fighting and pizza and "Space Heroes: The Next Generation," and [electricity buzzing] [snarls] Bishop! I'm going to destroy you.
And then your precious Utrom Council's next.
[beeps] Cowabunga! Give up, Newt! Huh? Rokka rokka.
Move! [all grunt] G'Throkka, my old friend.
I think it's time I took your other eye.
[cackles] You dirty aah! Fool! I'm gonna eat your brain, Bishop! Do you even know why you so badly want Utrom destroyed? Because the Kraang brainwashed you.
[growls] Now you're going in my belly.
[screeching] [Newtralizer cackling] [whimpering] Aah! Leave him alone, Newtralizer! Yeah! Why don't you pick on someone with more than just a brain for a body? Yes.
Now I have all of my enemies in one place.
Um, Sal, you didn't bring like some giant robot back-up, right? [cackling] [cackles] I'm gonna watch your bodies fry! Rokka rokka! - Aah! - Aah! [chuckles] [all grunt] Sacre bleu! It is the Turtles! Where are we? It's the Utrom Council [all grunting] Quickly, give them breathers.
[takes deep breath] Phew.
You the man, Bishop.
Thanks! High-three me, Rook.
High three? Queen, I bring you dire news.
The rogue Salamandrian may be too powerful for the likes of all of us, even for the EPF.
The existence of all ten dimensions is at grave risk, yet we know next to nothing about our foe.
Not entirely true.
I've measured his voltage, amperage, even his intrinsic field.
You could be a tremendous help to me, Donatello.
I have built an electrical dampening cannon that could end him for good, but I need to program it with your data.
Ooh, electrical dampener! Let me check that out.
So, we have a weapon.
We still need a plan.
Well, you doused him with water.
It really shut him down.
But we need the element of surprise.
If he attacks first, it's all over.
Everyone must be wary.
K'Vathrak has destroyed many Utrom since he manifested only last aah! Aah! Look out! Queen! Sacre bleu! Aah! Sacre bleu! Aah! [growls] Attack! Get him through the portal.
[gasps] I got him! [grunts] Rokka rokka! Get ready.
We need to keep him grounded, or the weapon won't work.
You're mine, G'Throkka.
I'll destroy you myself! [laughs] - Now! - Ha! [screaming] [electricity crackles and fades] Is that it? Did we get him? [panting, snarls] You can't stop electricity, fools! [cackling] Aah! [Newtralizer continues cackling] - Aah! - No! - Ah! - Mikey! - No! - [cackles] Now do you see? Do you see what I'm capable of? You want to see angry? Turn around! Booyakasha! Aah! It's working! Once I suck out your powers, you're going down.
Huh? [electricity winding down] Look! What's happening? [grunts] Electromagnetic interference.
But from where? Oh, no.
No! He's coming! He must have followed us here.
[dramatic music] Lord Dregg.
Salamandrians, now I shall reap my vengeance on both of you, and the Turtles, and this whole stupid world! Dregg, my old ally.
[cackles] Rokka rokka rokka! [people screaming in distance] [dramatic music] Lord Dregg is here? [screaming] [screeching] [screaming] - Aah! - [laughs] Rokka.
- Uh! - First Mikey gets disintegrated, and now Dregg invades.
So, uh, what do we do? - Uh! Uhh, uh.
- No! Leo! Oh, no.
Ahh! [grunts] Whoo.
Ah! [yells] [grunts] [grunting] We must retreat.
Everyone, hurry! Everyone, fall back! Commander! [grunting] Fall back! - No! - Mona! There's too many! [laughs] Look at it! Such beautiful chaos.
Lord Vrinigath Dregg, it's been a long time, rokka rokka.
Excellent to see you here on this primitive mud ball, my old assassin, and with new powers.
I could use your talents once more.
I plan to wipe this pitiful planet out and all of my enemies with it.
If it destroys every Utrom hiding here, I'm all for it.
You are brutal and needlessly sadistic, K'Vathrak.
I like that.
[both laughing] [screaming] [horns honking] [screams] Aah! [coughs] [screaming] [screams] The Salamandrians' complete incompetence led Dregg to Earth.
His Maligna ship can spawn countless Vreen Robugs.
All because of your collective stupidity.
I never really liked you, Bishop.
So if you talk to my woman like that again, - I'm gonna kick your - I can take care of myself, Raphael.
Thank you.
If you dare talk to me like that again, I will chew up your Utrom brain and spit it out.
Guys, we have bigger things to worry about, like 10,000 bugs searching the city for us.
And if that ship keeps spouting eggs at this rate, there will be enough insects to cover the Earth in less than a week.
[distant explosion booms] [sirens chirping, horns honking] [screaming] Ah, my esteemed guests.
[growls] Newtralizer! Your tail is mine! We'll do this together, Leonardo.
Yah! [growls] [growls] [both scream] Ah! [both scream] K'Vathrak, find me the Salamandrian female and the other Turtles.
- And be quick about it! - There are two left.
I fried the little one into pulp.
If we're gonna stop Dregg, we need a plan.
Okay, I got it! First, we commandeer a giant Navy battleship.
Then we strap a rocket to its deck, turning it into the biggest missile the world has ever seen.
Next, we fly it into the air, crash it into Lord Dregg's ship, then blow it up.
Any Vreen left standing, we stomp like cockroaches.
What do you think? I like it.
But, uh, it feels a little too much.
You think? That's, like, a Mikey-level bad idea.
Oh, sorry.
Poor Mikey.
I have a plan.
One that does not require battleships and rockets.
- Well, let's hear it anyways.
- However, my plan will need more than just the six of us [screeching] Look out! They're everywhere! This way! Follow me.
Aah! [timer counting down] What in the name of [dramatic music] Hide.
[screaming] [whimpers, screams] This way.
[all scream] [grunting] Fools! Rokka rokka.
[screams] Your toy doesn't work on me anymore, Bishop! I've adapted.
Ultrom scum! [laughs] I got him! Ahh! Eat it! [grunts] [both grunting] - Yah! - Uh! You're gonna pay for what you did to Mikey! [grunts] [grunting] You think you're a match for my powers? [laughs] Guys, what what's happening? [growls] [dramatic music] [screams] [dramatic music] Hey Newtralizer, a little power-up move I call my boom shock! Uh! [screeching] This is what I call my super zapper bug striker! Aah! [groans] Karai, behind you! [screeching] Ah! - Get off of me! - Karai! Uhh! Uh! - Hoo, ah! - Let me go! [laughs] Donnie, no! I got him! Aah! Okay, I don't got him.
Donnie! No.
You you're alive, Mikey! And you got sweet powers! Yeah, being alive is nice and all, but the electrical powers are awesome! You must be careful, Michelangelo.
Eventually, your powers could burn out.
And if they do, they'll destroy you as well.
Like, destroy destroy? Let's go.
We've got a fight to gear up for.
Dregg's Maligna ship is here.
I will organize an Earth Protection Force strike from this side.
Then me, Mona, April and Bishop will hit the other side.
Leaving me to use my sweet electrical mojo to get inside from the back and save Leo, Donnie, and the gang.
[bell dings] Tight.
This won't be easy.
Like anything we ever do is easy.
Uh! [straining] Put us down, you filthy insects! [both grunting] When I get out of here, I'm gonna open up a can of bug spray.
[both grunt] There's no escape from my webs, fleshlings! [both scream] [both grunt] - Ah, uh.
- Huh? You see, you've messed with the wrong intergalactic overlord.
Soon this primitive mud ball of a planet will belong to me! Are you going to eat all those people? No.
They're gonna be living egg sacs for my Vreen children! You're going to capture every human on this planet? That'll take too much time, Dregg.
Just blow this place up so we can move on! I don't remember asking for your opinion, hench [explosion booms] [both gasp] [heroic music] Is that the best the humans can do? Pathetic! Vreen, return fire! Run! [screaming] - Fall back! - Retreat! Puny fleshlings.
Capture as many as you can.
Then stomp the rest! Treat them like they treat my children! [screaming] [screeching] Back off, bug! Say hello to the Turtle Mech! Excellent.
They put themselves in a tin can.
I'll just squeeze them out of it.
Aah! [dramatic music] Follow the plan! Push it to the factory! Now! What? Poison! Uh! ElectriMikey with the electric slide! Booyakasha! [echoing] Bros gotta be around here somewheres.
Eww, this ship is gross and sticky and stuff.
[screams] [grunting] Turtle! Your power is weak compared to mine, rokka, rokka! What's weak is your face, rokka, rokka! There's only room in this town for one awesome electri-dude, dude! Me.
[yells] [dramatic music] The pesticide isn't working.
April, hit 'em with fire! How about extra crispy? [roars] Rokka, rokka.
Don't let up.
We've got them now.
[all screaming] [dramatic music] [timer counting down] Leo! Donnie! Look out! [grunting] [laughs] [grunting] Newtralizer? [groans] [electricity zapping] ElectriMikey is here! That's so unexpected, it's shocking.
- Uh! - Mikey! You're alive! Ah! Trespassing fools! Yah! [all grunting] Ahh.
[groans] [roars] Wah! Oh.
- [grunts] - [screams] [grunts, groans] [laughs] Your tail is mine, G'Throkka! Booyakasha! [grunting] Aah! [screams] Rokka, rokka! Ah! [grunting] [groans] [gasps] Whoa, it's like an insect rave party.
It's the power station.
I provides energy for the entire ship.
That was gonna be my second guess.
[screaming] Look out! [dramatic music] [roars] It's weakening.
Keep firing.
[all grunting] [both grunting] [yells] [grunting] Aah! [grunting] [screams] He can't take the electricity! Find something to use against him.
- [grunts] - [screams] [screams] [groans] Hurry, we need to go help Mikey.
[dramatic music] Wah! I gots mad zap in my tap, boy! [growls] [both grunting] Ah, ah, aah! Ah, ahh! [grunting] Ahh! Uh! [groans] I'll take you apart, piece by piece.
Treacherous worm! [screams] [screaming] - Rokka, rokka! - Aah! I got this, bros.
Everyone, get outta here! No, Michelangelo, it will destroy you! Hurry! Everybody out! Guys, look! Dregg's ship.
What about Mikey? [somber music] - Mikey! - You made it! Little brother! M-M-M-Mikey! Oops.
My bad.
So um, what are we gonna do about his electrical powers? I have the solution.
This weapon did not work on Newtralizer.
But it could still work on Michelangelo.
No, wait! Wait a second, guys! Wait! [screams] Aw, man! I feel naked.
And I lost all those sweet powers, yo.
Cheer up, Michelangelo.
Today was a win.
This calls for a celebration! Yes! Pizza's on me! I'm afraid we don't have time for celebration.
Y'Gythgba and I must head back to Salamandria and report to the General.
Rokka, rokka.
But Commander, I I request permission to remain on Earth.
To maintain safety of the planet from insectoid alien threats, sir.
Permission granted, Lieutenant Y'Gythgba.
You may remain on Earth.
That violates protocol 27-9-B, referring to unauthorized aliens remaining on planet You know, Mona Lisa, we have some pretty cool friends called the Mighty Mutanimals.
They're always looking for new recruits.
Oh? Well, as long as they are admirable warriors such as you, Raphael.
Rokka, rokka! Aww, that's so cute.