Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) s05e14 Episode Script

The Curse of Savanti Romero

1 [kids laughing] [doorbell rings] [door squeaks open] [kids laughing] Feels like ages since I've been out on Halloween.
After all the aliens, demons, and super-mutants, fake monsters are a nice change.
Ha! Gimme real monsters any time.
Halloween is my favorite holiday.
I go out every year! [pounds on door] [door creaks, man grumbles] Yo, yo, yo! Trick or treat, dog! - Why, you old stanky ol' creeper.
- Come on, Casey.
It's not worth it.
Let's go meet the guys.
They're always so excited for Halloween.
[doorbell rings] Hmm? [explosion, pumpkin squishes, man yelps] [dramatic music] [siren wails distantly] [slow metallic creaking] [wind howls eerily] [footstep crunches] [gasps] [man screams] You hear that, Red? Didn't sound like a fake scream to me.
Something strange is going on.
[faint growling] [dogs snarl] [dogs growling] Oh, snap.
Nice doggies.
Cool doggies.
Don't eat us, doggies! [both grunting] [dog whimpers] [dog snarls] [electricity zaps, man screams] [dog thuds, man yelps] [crowd screaming] [man groaning] Hey, are you okay? - [roars monstrously] - [gasps] [girl hisses, Casey yelping] - [chomps] - [screams] Casey! [heavy guitar chords] [glass shatters] Ahh! [driving percussive music] [jazzy theme music] [low growl] Now we're talking.
Yeah! I've got an idea! [groans] Aw, sewer apples! Booyakasha! What's wrong with him, Mr.
Gigabyte? Intriguing, Captain.
Lieutenant LeTrois has been infected by a Xenowolf virus.
Unless we can stop the infection within the next star hour, by my calculations, his transformation will be permanent.
Captain, what are we going to do? [slaps] Ow! There's only one humane way to stop this virus and prevent him from turning into a space wolf.
Lieutenant LeTrois must be destroyed! [electricity zapping] [screaming] Yes! This is gonna be perfect! - What's perfect? - Ahh! [all laughing] Haha, you should have seen your face! Ahem, uh, my costume is minty vintage, featuring Captain Ryan's rare B-uniform Captain's Jacket from season 3.
[coughs] Nerd! Hmm.
I can't decide if I should go as a zombie wizard, Albert Einstein or, um Smooth Donatello.
What about you, Raph? I'm already in my costume.
This is the one night we can go out and people won't look at us like we're freaks.
You can always dress as a fairy princess.
That was one time! [phone chiming] Hey, April! We're just getting ready Donnie! Casey's turned into a vampire, and he's hunting me! Ha! Classic Casey! I'm serious! There are monsters all over the city! You have to Agh! April? April! [both gasp] [grunting] [metallic thudding] [panting] - [growls, heavy breathing] - [screams] Casey, this isn't you! Please! Snap out of it! Your dope mind tricks won't work on me, April.
[screams] [bo staff smacks] [growling] Casey! What are you doing? [all grunting] - [thuds] - [grunts] He's much stronger [grunts] Than he looks! I got it! A vampire's worst enemy? Garlic anchovy pizza with extra garlic! [growls, screams] Gross, dude! [gags, retches] Get him! [all screaming, thudding] [grunting] [grunting and snarling] I can't believe it! Casey really is a vampire? It's not just Casey.
The city's been overrun by monsters! Real monsters vampires, werewolves, you name it! Whoa! You aren't kidding.
We gotta get him back to my lab.
- [panting] - Do you think you can find a cure, D? Well, if it's biological, maybe, but - [screams] - [chomps] April, no! [grunts, smacks] [hisses] [dogs growling] [all panting] I got you! [grunting, screams] It feels like my blood is boiling! Stay with us, April! You have to fight it.
Try to concentrate.
Come on.
This way! [all grunt] [panting] Where are all these freaks coming from? [explosion] - What? - [gasps] [electricity sizzling] [growls] [yelps] Frankenstein too? [zombie crowd groaning] No good.
Dead end! [thuds, grunts] [groaning and gasping] April? [panting] [eerie music] [turtles scream, thud] [screams] [chains shatter] - Heh.
- April! You can't do this! This isn't you! You have to fight it! But why would I fight it? I feel so good.
Come with me, Donnie.
I can make all that fear go away.
Just one bite.
[whimpering dreamily] [smacks] [zombie crowd groaning] Get it together, man! [eerie humming] [foot thuds] Jinkies! Renet? Hang on! [zombie crowd hissing] Whoa! [both hissing] Renet! My hero! [all whimpering] Turtle warriors! Yes! I was worried the Time Scepter wouldn't have enough power! Thank goodness you're all okay! All okay? But what about April? Yeah, she and Casey got turned into bloodsuckers! It's not just them.
Look! [crowd screaming] I don't understand.
How could this happen? What the heck is going on? It's Savanti Romero.
He's behind it! The evil time dude? I thought we got rid of that ugly jerkface.
He escaped.
And It's kinda my fault.
Let me give you the 7-11.
You mean the 4-1-1? My boss, Lord Simultaneous, wanted me to check up on Savanti where we banished him to the Cretaceous period.
He got the jump on me and stole my emergency back-up time jumper.
All Time Masters have one in case we get stuck in the past.
I was able to track him back here, but I was too late.
Uh, where did he get all these monsters? He somehow recruited them on his trip back through time so he can rule the world.
You really are the worst time traveler ever.
- The worst! - Back off, bro! She needs our help! Don't worry, girl.
I got your back.
And front.
We have to find a way to stop this madness.
What about April and Casey? If my plan succeeds, your friends will return to normal as if this never happened.
All we have to do - Ah, Renet - [gasps] You actually found me! But far too late! In only a matter of days, this entire city will be infected, becoming my monster slaves.
Then the future will belong to monsters monsters such as I, Savanti Romero! That's not gonna happen, lemonhead! [turtles grunt, scream, thud] I must thank you for finding the Turtles.
[turtles scream] Now I can destroy them and assure my future! Not if I have anything to say about it! [scepter humming] [screams] turtles: Whoa! Renet, I'll get you! [turtles scream, thud] [groans] Where are we? - We're in - [gasps] Ancient Egypt? Wow! The Egyptian pyramids! And the Sphinx! Look! It still has its nose.
Ooh, a nose! Big deal! What are we doing here, Renet? Yeah, what does this have to do with Savanti Romero? And when are we, exactly? The Nile Valley in the Dark Ages, the late 5th Century.
This was the first time and place Savanti arrived to start building his monster army.
Oh, grok! I should've known all that time travel would drain the scepter.
So now we're stuck here? Don't worry.
It still has enough power to get us back, but I'll have to conserve energy.
There won't be a place to plug it in for almost 2 millennia.
Very not cold.
[turtles grunt] Put your shell into it, boys! [all grunt] Savanti called upon an ancient Egyptian curse to raise the Mummy of the Pharaoh.
We have to get to the tomb before he does.
I'll zap him, reverse the curse, and send Savanti back to his time prison.
[grunts] You need to lay off the chocolate marshmallow pizza, Mikey.
What's with all that graffiti? They're hieroglyphics.
Egyptian writing was based on pictorial symbols that represented words rather than individual letters.
Now to use my custom nerd-approved translator app.
[device beeping] [giggles] I knew this would come in handy one day.
[device chimes] "If mortal flesh enters this tomb the living shall die while death shall rise.
" Oh, snap! A freaky curse, yo! Don't worry, Mikey.
Most tombs were inscribed with warnings not to disturb the dead, but it's just superstition.
Um, cool.
If it's all the same, can you go first? [chuckles] Thanks.
[scepter humming] Huh! So grokking cold! Ahh! Oh! Oh, phew.
[chuckles] - Looked like Rahzar for a second.
- Over here! What is it, some kind of riddle? Donnie? Wait, a riddle? Like a booby trap? [yelps] This is a bad idea, dude.
You watch too many horror movies.
There are no booby traps in Egyptian pyramids.
[gears click, low rumbling] [gasps] I told you! What did I say? [both gasp] [doorway slams] If I'm reading right, it says, "Only a worthy protector shall enter.
" Th-th-th-that could mean anything! We're about to be Swiss-cheesed! Think fast, Donnie! [gasps] Well, this is a tomb.
It's gotta be Anubis! He's the god of the dead.
[gears continue clicking and squeaking] [clicking stops abruptly] [sighs] [heavy grinding resumes] [screams] Good instinct, Donnie.
Nice! Quickly, just pick one! But don't pick wrong.
- [yelps] - We're running out of time! [grunting] [groaning] [groaning] [gasps] [button clicks] [grunting and groaning] Huh? How did you know to pick the crocodile? He looks like Leatherhead, and he's the best protector a turtle could ever have! Of course! That's Sobek.
He was the protector of the king.
[smooches] [gasps] Mikey, you're the bee's fleas! [heavy grinding] Far out! It's very unusual to have so many mummies buried in one tomb.
Well, not necessarily.
Often, families would reuse the same coffins and move the old mummies out.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, very interesting.
They're not so scary, though.
They're just wrinkly, smelly, and have terrible fashion sense.
Actually, the wrappings are part of the mummification process.
They preserved their bodies for the afterlife - by removing the organs and wrapping - Okay, we get it! Enough history lessons already.
Jeez! Huh? Ha! Ha ha.
Very funny Raph.
I know that's you behind me.
What are you talking about? [screams] Mummy hand! [mummies growling] [grunts] [mummies growling] [grunts] [thuds, grunts] [yelping] [mummies growling] Quickly! Down the stairs! [grunting] [stairs thud] [screams] [all scream] [mechanical buzzing] [gasping] [all screaming] [grunts] [grappling hook thuds] [all screaming] [grunts] [grunts] [panting] Whoa! [screaming, grunts] [mechanical buzzing, mummy smashes] Try reaching the other side! [grappling hook shoots] [grunts] [grunting] [all grunting] [mummies growling] [grunting, yelps] [whimpering] [mummy growling] [grunts, smacks] [moans dreamily] [mechanical buzzing, mummies smash] Guys, we're here.
The Pharaoh's Chamber.
Amazing! A completely undisturbed burial chamber of a Pharaoh.
[gears clicking] Huh? [stone grinding] [low rumbling] Yes! And we made it here before Savanti! That is the cat's pajamas! There's no way that chump is getting the mummy now! Booyakabunga! [growls] [all gasp] [heavy grinding] Uh What was that again about the living dying and the dead rising? We may have made a mistake entering the tomb.
[growls] [laughing] [all gasp] Ah! I must thank you for doing all my hard work for me.
You led me right into the tomb and even stumbled into the curse! Now the Mummy of the Pharaoh is mine to command! [growls] [growls] Great Pharaoh, Lord of the Nile, Ruler of Egypt, heed me! These mortal infidels have disturbed your sacred tomb.
Join me and destroy them, and the world will be ours! We're the ones that woke him up.
Maybe we can reason with him.
Oh, noble and groovy Pharaoh, accept my humble apologies.
[growls] Please return to your resting place.
[growls, grunts] [scepter humming] [all thud] I don't suppose you know ancient Sumerian? [sighs] [growls] [all grunting] [grunts] Use your magic wand! The scepter is too low on power.
both: Ahh! [grunting and panting] [thuds] [panting] [grunts, thuds] [grunts] [grunting and smacking] [grunts, smacks] [grunts, smacks] [growls] [metallic clanking] [grunts] [growls, grunts] [screams] [grunts] [both thud] [growls softly] [both grunting and smacking] [both grunting, chain jingling] [chain jingles, button beeps] [grunts, thuds] [whimpers] [grunting and panting] [flames roar] [grunts, yelps] [dramatic choral music] [both grunting and smacking] - [grunting and smacking] - [growls] [grunts] [sword shings, head thuds] [both laugh, gasp] Huh? [grunts] [growls] [yelps, grunts] [both yelping, grunting] [growls] [eerie music] Oh, come on! Is there any way to reverse the mummy's curse? Maybe the inscription on the sarcophagus! On it! [device beeping, Donnie groaning] How's that translating going, Donnie? All I can figure out is something about "The Pharaoh must rest in this world to move on to the next.
" [grunting and smacking] Then let's get him back in his coffin! [both grunting] [both yelp] [growls] [pottery smashes and shatters] [growls] [dramatic music] [yelps] [growls and smacks] [yelps] [whimpers] [snake hisses, Donnie screams] [grunting] [both grunting] [both yelping] [flames roar] The scepter is mine! [screams] [chain jingles, Savanti yelps] Cowabunga! [smacks, Savanti grunts] [grunts, thuds] [groans] [grunts, smacks] [grunting] [heavy thud] [growls] [chains jingle, Mikey grunts] [stone grinding] [screams] [stone cracks, crumbles] [both scream] [smashes heavily] Now to send you back to your gross Prehistory Prison! [scepter hums] I don't think so.
[explosion, all scream] [growls] See you in time! [laughs maniacally] No! We had him! Oh, grok! This is all my fault! We still have a chance to catch up to him, right? But if I mess up again, I don't know how many charges the scepter will have left.
We won't give up, not now.
Not when April, Casey, and the rest of our city is at stake.
[grunts] Thanks, Leo.
You really are a totally tubular leader.
Okay, according to the scepter, Savanti is traveling to the Middle Ages.
It should have enough power for two more time jumps I hope.
Aww, yeah! - Middle Ages, here we come! - Yeah! I hate time travel.
[yelps] - Cowabunga! - Excelsior!