Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) s05e17 Episode Script

Monsters Among Us

Huh? Mikey, check Raph.
Make sure his chain is still secure.
All right, chain looks good.
So's the garlic.
Yes, the garlic.
What does the smell remind you of, Mikey? Pizza.
Savory red sauce.
Trying to get to Mikey through his love of pizza? That is a low blow, Raph, even for a vampire.
It's us.
That was the beginning of our journey through time to stop Savanti from building his monster army.
Didn't really go so well.
If anything, there seem to be more monsters now than when we left.
Dudes! Monsters are everywhere! How are we gonna beat them all? You guys can't win.
This world belongs to us monsters now.
You'll all soon be extinct.
Aah! Now we're talking! Yeah! I've got an idea! Ugh.
Oh, sewer apples! Booyakasha! Savanti Romero and my master, Dracula, are gonna make Turtle soup out of you fools.
Renet, you're from the future.
You know the history of what happened.
Give us something! Um, no, because Savanti is changing everything by the second.
And soon, you'll all be changed as well.
At least they're only bats! Ugh! There's too many! Move! Aah! Close your eyes! This way! Aah! That won't hold them for long.
You guys are just delaying the inevitable.
Ugh! No.
We're back in the sewers.
This is our element.
Soon, New York City will entirely succumb to me.
Thanks to my plan, everyone in the future will be monsters.
That includes the wretched Time Masters who mutated me as punishment.
But now there will be no difference between me and everyone else.
Everyone will be a freak.
Are you not in awe of my plan, Dracula? Hmm? Petty revenge.
I was there when Rome fell.
I could feel change coming in the air.
I feel it again now.
Conquering them will be easy.
But Renet and her wretched Turtles still might defeat us.
I still don't know where to find their secret lair.
But I do, for I know the thoughts of every vampire ever bitten.
What is your bidding, master? Yeah.
Whose blood do you want us to suck, yo? Renet, isn't there a way to fix all of this with your Time Scepter? We could go back in time and try a do-over only that didn't work so well last time.
Plus, this time we wouldn't have Raphael.
She's right.
We have to stop this in the here and now.
Focus on the research, Ice Cream Kitty.
As far as I can tell, the lesson these old horror comics are teaching us is: slay the master.
If we destroy Dracula, every vampire transforms back into a human.
Hey, Mikey, now that we're back in the lair, I'm feeling much better.
Take this garlic off me, Mikey.
I'm better now.
If I can focus the waveform, I can sync enough energy for a recharge This should put her at 50% power.
Take this garlic off me, Mikey.
I'm better now.
Take garlic off Raph.
Rah! Nothing can stop us now! No! The Scepter! Greetings, Turtles.
Now you will become one of us.
This whole situation is ruining Halloween for me.
Aah! Guys, we got to focus! Ha-ah! Frank, not you, too! Frank has no choice.
Frank must obey Dracula! Time for another tactical retreat.
You're mine, Donnie! Oww! - Donnie! - No! Stay back! Ugh.
Get back, Evil Casey! I'm for real! Finally, the Turtles are outmatched.
It'll all be over soon.
Okay, easy big fella.
You know what happens when you mess with Junior Assistant Time Masters? Everything about her is the coolest thing ever.
Aah! Guys, follow me.
Quick! This way! Aah! Whoa.
An old hospital.
You mean a nightmare hospital the kind of place that used leeches instead of bandages.
That iron door should hold them.
No problemo.
they hate iron.
How would you possibly know that? Dude, I read it in "Vampire Hunter X", issue six, brah.
I might be a master researcher.
Just saying.
Guy, I'm I'm losing myself.
Does your comic say how to stop a vampire transformation, Mikey? Uh, not sure.
I never scored issue seven.
I tire of waiting.
We must send a horde after that wretched Renet and the Turtles.
What if they recharge the Time Scepter? Patience, Savanti.
There are bigger things currently at play.
Master, I brought this for you.
the Time Scepter.
Excellent, my servant.
Now I will be unstopp what? Well done, Raphael.
What is the meaning of this? You are such a dim-witted zounderkite, Savanti.
Armed with this, I will go back in time to infect early humankind with vampirism so that the entire world will be undead.
Finally, I will rule the world in darkness.
It's not working.
Why isn't it working? Who is the fool now, Dracula? Show me how it works, or I will rend you to pieces.
How it works is simple.
You need me.
That technology is far beyond your tiny bat brain.
But now I know where your allegiance truly lies.
Pharaoh? If you please.
You pit a mindless mummy against the King of the Vampires? Insulting! Any more brilliant ideas? We have to try to stop his transformation.
We also have to stop Savanti, stop Dracula, and get that Time Scepter back from Raph, all before the world ends! Great.
Vampires hate iron, but Frankensteins are fine with ugh! Oh, no.
Donnie! Aah! Through here! Coast is clear.
Come on.
Going somewhere? We are on the cusp of a new era where Dracula and I rule all of time, space, and the ten dimensions, together! - Is that possible? - Not only possible now that they have the Time Scepter, it's totally probable.
And you will not be able to stop us.
"Why?" you ask.
Uh, we didn't ask.
No one asked.
Because we will destroy you now.
Monsters, eliminate the Turtles and the girl.
Stay back, Frankenstein! No.
There's another way.
Frank, buddy, we're bros.
Remember? They're the enemies! You will do my bidding, monster.
Dracula is the worst.
Does he even know your favorite food? 'Cause I'm your real friend, and I know your favorite food is uh, frankfurters! Destroy them, creature! No! Mikey is real friend! You are not! Wow, that was totally tubular.
What comic book did you learn that strategy from? Uh, "Mikey Makes The Whole Thing Up And Gets Lucky" issue number one! Is it possible to use the Time Scepter to get rid of our enemies? What do you think? The time is nigh for the utter destruction of ooh! No one assaults the immortal Dracula with aah! I got it! I don't got it! Mikey! Oh, medieval knights.
Majestic heroes of bravery! They'll help us, dudes! Monsters! Run away! Run away! Monsters! Get the Scepter! Frank will master time travel.
Frank break everything! - Raph! - Aah! Gross! Feel free to help out any time guys.
Ugh! Seriously! Aah! This is aah! Yes! Back right where I oh, not here.
Even Ancient Egypt is better than the prehistoric age.
Don't let him repair it! Then he'll be in complete control! Guys, wait! We're focusing on the wrong thing.
Didn't "Vampire Hunter X" teach us anything? We take out the master, we free all the monsters.
Stake me up.
We declared we would share this.
There's nothing to share if it doesn't work.
You'll fix the staff.
I'll take care of the Turtle creatures.
Booyakasha! No! Oh, well.
He was a jerk.
But it's too late, fools.
The Time Scepter is fixed.
Now I, Savanti Romero, will rule all of time and what? Enjoy your stay, Savanti.
We'll check up on you in another 30 years or so.
No! Oh, Grok.
Aah! Oops.
Leo! Donnie! Mikey! We're we're back! And we're not freaky vampires anymore! Yes! Uh, who is this? This is Renet, the greatest Time Master who ever lived.
Did that actually happen? Were we, like, an army of awesome monsters? It was no dream.
And now I am forever trapped in this forsaken age.
Don't worry, Vulko.
I'll return you to your time, before you became a werewolf.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you, great and powerful witch.
But what of Frank? I would never forget you, Frank.
You turned the tide of this battle.
I'm gonna take you to the future, where you'll be appreciated by everyone.
I can't thank you Turtles enough.
You are all groovy-to-the-max awesome! Party on, Renet.
You are the most incredible person who has ever lived in the history of living! That's the second-nicest thing anyone's ever said about me.
What was the first? You'll just have to wait until we meet again, Michelangelo in the future.
How about some trick-or-treating, team? Tonight is the night! Halloween-akasha!