Tell Me a Story (US) (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

Ever After

1 Previously on Tell Me a Story REPORTER: Do you fear for your safety getting back onstage again? I'm surrounded by the best security team there is.
You need to convince Ashley to cancel the concert.
It's too dangerous.
All you had to do was get me access backstage.
They've made an arrest.
It's over.
TAYLOR: I'm calling about a hit-and-run last night.
I saw one of my neighbors pull into his garage, and his windshield was all messed up.
What I need is proof.
something I can take to the cops that proves Ron was behind it all.
Then this can finally be over.
We can go back to our normal lives.
You want to turn our own mother in to the cops? Give me the I know how you feel.
Your world is spinning.
It's the same as I felt when Tucker abducted me.
- TUCKER: Get out of here, now! - [GRUNTING.]
We just need to work together to try to get out of here.
I'm Detective Chapman.
We're investigating a missing person.
Would you mind showing me some ID? I swear, I can't find anything in this bag.
Yeah, my wife, she says that [CHIMES.]
- It's not working.
- No, give it to me.
Give it to me.
- Maddie give me your hand.
We don't have time.
- No.
- It's the only way to get you out.
- I don't [EXHALES.]
Same as you did for me.
- Okay.
- On the count of three.
One, - two - Go! [SHELF SLIDING.]
You guys should know that was a cop.
He was looking for you, Tucker.
Don't worry.
I took care of it.
But I don't think we're gonna be able to finish our session now.
I got it.
For what it's worth, I think we were starting to make some real progress.
It's too bad that it had to come to this.
- No! Tucker! No! [PANTING.]
- Get down! - [GROANING.]
Stay with me.
We need to put pressure on it.
- Hold it! [PANTING.]
Without a doctor, you're good as dead.
Neither one of you are getting out of this house.
Hello? Derek.
Are you still at the house? Is Ron still there? I am.
But he's gone.
You're lucky he didn't kill you.
You find anything in his room? I did.
The hard drive and the jewelry he stole when he killed Cora.
Good work.
What now? Now we go to the police and hope that they believe us.
They still think I did it.
This time will be different.
I'll tell them the truth about Ron's alibi, and you'll show them everything that you found in the vent.
I promise.
I'll make them listen.
Simone? I never told you I found anything in the air vent.
It-It's Ron's go-to hiding spot.
I just thought you, uh Of course.
So, what do we do? Let's meet tomorrow.
We'll go to the police together.
Sound good? Sounds good.
How do we get out of here? We can't.
The door is reinforced.
Two vertical bars, 16 horizontal.
Three locks.
Well, you really thought of everything, didn't you? Maddie, listen to me.
I'm gonna figure out a way to get you out of here.
I don't care what she does to me, but I'm not gonna let her hurt you.
Well, that's really great.
Thank you.
You know I would never hurt you.
Really? Never? You already killed innocent women.
I didn't want to.
I didn't have a choice.
You always have a choice.
And when push came to shove, you chose yourself over anyone else.
Why, Tucker? So you could write? To sleep? Maddie, no! [GRUNTS.]
You're not the person I knew.
And I don't need you to save me.
Can I come in? Sure.
That's beautiful.
Damien sent it over.
You don't love it? Just doesn't feel like me.
Not anymore.
Then wear something from your own closet.
Damien doesn't get to tell you what to wear.
Neither do I.
Have you heard from Maddie? No.
I'm trying not to worry, just giving her some space.
She didn't text me back.
She always does.
Well, she's dealing with Tucker.
She's got a lot going on.
Tonight is all about you, honey.
That's the problem.
I'm terrified.
It's okay to be scared.
Brings out your strength.
I have a surprise for you.
- Dad's guitar.
I thought it couldn't be fixed.
Found a guy in Memphis.
I don't know what to say.
Well, you don't have to say anything.
You're a performer.
You get up on that stage tonight and you sing it.
You are so strong, stronger than I could ever be.
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
Heard you were in the house.
Eh, you know me I couldn't stay away.
So, the rumors are true? They got me back on patrol next week.
That's great.
Another officer grew a conscience and went to I.
Turns out that that was not the first crime scene that Edwards had tampered with.
After how everyone treated you, um, mm, how I treated you, why would you even want to come back here? 'Cause I want to change this place for the better.
Only way I see to do that is from the inside.
That, and Ashley reminded me how much I loved being a cop.
I'm, um, I'm sure she's relieved her suspect's in custody.
Thank you again.
Has he, uh has he given you a motive yet? No.
He claims he's innocent, just like everybody else.
You're certain he's the guy? He's got a history of violence, mental illness, not to mention all the physical evidence we found tying him to the case.
Relax, Beau.
I'm telling you, it's it's over.
Going already? Yeah.
Honey, you know, it's not too late to give up all of this.
Yeah, it is, Mom.
Taylor, nobody knows it was you.
You walk away right now, nobody's the wiser.
Where is this coming from? I thought you wanted to see Rebecca pay as much as I did.
What, now you're worried about them? They ruined our lives.
Yeah, but hurting that poor girl again isn't gonna do the trick.
Yeah, well, we'll see about that.
What are you doing? [LINE RINGING.]
What I should've done before.
What's your emergency? - I need the police.
Don't try anything like that again.
I'll be back after.
I can't let you do this.
: So you're what? You're gonna stab me? [SCOFFS.]
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Now get out of my way.
- No.
Please don't do this.
No! - Get out of my way.
- Get out of my way! - Please don't do this! - [GRUNTS.]
Mom? Mom.
No, no, no.
It's just me.
I see that.
I called you.
- You did.
- You sent it straight to voice mail.
I did.
Why are you here, Simone? The truth? Sure, let's try that.
I didn't have anywhere else to go.
Well, how selfish of you.
I'm a selfish person.
Did something happen? I think Derek killed my dad.
Derek? Jesus.
I thought he was helping you.
He tried to frame Ron, and now I'm afraid he's onto me.
- Okay, so what are we gonna do? - We aren't doing anything.
I didn't come here to ask for your help.
I'm sorry I ever got you involved in my bullshit.
It was wrong.
And now I should go.
I have more bullshit to deal with.
So, what, you came back here just to walk out on me again? I don't know why I came, okay? I just did.
I You're the only person in my life right now that I [SIGHS.]
Never mind.
You're right.
I shouldn't have come.
Hey, no, no, no.
I know that asking for help is the hardest thing in the world to do.
Trust me, I know that.
You need help.
Let me help you.
I've always been this way, Jackson.
It's my mom.
Can you hold on one second? Can you sit, please? Yeah, hey.
No, I haven't heard from her.
No texts, nothing.
You check her office? Yeah.
Uh, Mom, let me call you right back, okay? Okay.
All right.
Simone [CHUCKLES.]
: What am I gonna do with you? [GRUNTS.]
I told you, all I want is to keep you safe.
Maddie, give it to me.
The second Olivia wakes up, if she isn't awake already, she's going to kill you.
Because she knows when the police do come, you'll tell them everything you know.
Olivia said the same thing about you.
She said that you would never let me live because I know what you did.
To those women.
To Brendan.
And she's right.
I can't keep what you did a secret.
I'm not asking you to.
Wash you away - Wash you away - Next, please.
Step forward.
- Wash you away - All right, go ahead.
Wash you away - Hey - You're good.
That's weird.
The doctor said that the metal pins wouldn't set anything off.
It happens, especially with these older machines.
Um, I have a copy of my X-ray on my phone if you need to see it.
Broke it in two places.
Four screws.
One metal plate.
How'd you do that? Fell off my boyfriend's motorcycle.
Have a good night.
You, too.
I was weak when I found you Now I know what I got to do MAN [OVER RADIO.]
: Copy? Copy.
Give me one good reason I shouldn't call the police right now.
I didn't come here to fight.
You've been telling the truth all along.
I know that now.
You never killed anyone.
It was Derek.
Is that a joke? Veronica, he killed Cora.
I think he followed me to Clay's office.
You expect me to believe that my Derek is a monster? And I need your help.
We are done here.
Good luck with the police.
I'm gonna let them know about this little visit.
I think he killed Ron.
Have you heard from him since last night? Go ahead.
Give him a try.
Derek couldn't hurt a fly even if he tried.
And what possible reason would he have to kill anybody? I'm not sure.
But you and Ron have been making him feel small his whole life.
Maybe this was his way of proving himself.
You don't know a thing about him or my family.
Veronica, please.
I need you.
He'll listen to you.
I don't ever want to see you again.
And if I do, it's me you're gonna have to worry about.
Can you meet at the distillery? Why don't I meet you at the police station? I'm not stupid.
I know you know.
Come to the distillery, Simone.
If you're not here in 30 minutes, then your lover boy, Jackson, will go missing, and they will never find his body.
Come in.
- [SIGHS.]
- I, uh, wanted to give you this, but maybe I should've brought some more.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
You've got this.
I feel like a fraud.
What do you mean? I wrote this song about overcoming the worst.
About being brave.
Look at me.
I'm still hiding behind this mask.
Then take it off.
You don't need it.
- The scars.
I - Yeah.
They're a part of you.
They're a symbol of everything that you've overcome.
Still here.
Still beautiful.
Mm-mm! That's enough.
Put your phone on the table.
I didn't call anyone.
Who would I call? Back up.
I'm sorry it had to come to this.
You can stop this, Derek.
- Right now, if you want.
- DEREK: You think I wanted this? I care about you, Simone.
I protected you.
We were supposed to be a family.
You, me and Mom.
But you couldn't let it go, could you? Just let Jackson go.
It's me that you want.
- Shut up! I thought you'd have both realized by now - how this is going to end.
- SIMONE: Derek, please.
This is between us, between family.
She's right, for once.
This is between family.
Mom, you shouldn't be here.
SIMONE: She knows everything, Derek.
I told her.
I didn't want to believe it.
Sweetheart, what have you done? What have I done? Everything I did, I did for you.
To protect you.
Dad was gonna divorce you.
Cora and Clay were gonna turn on you.
Derek where's your brother? He was gonna betray you.
He didn't love you, not the way I do.
You didn't even see me.
You always thought I was the weak one, but I was the one that saved you.
I forgive you.
Now it's my turn to protect you.
I'll take it from here.
No! I [PANTS.]
I have to do what's best for my child.
I know I failed you, but I didn't raise this.
I'm calling the police.
You're gonna pay for what you've done.
Oh, they're loose.
I think I can pry them open.
What? What is it? It's gasoline.
MADDIE: Come on.
Come on! - Let me help you.
Olivia! Olivia, I know what you're doing.
Olivia, please, don't do it.
Whatever you want, I will give it to you.
What I want you can't give.
Olivia, listen to me.
I was wrong.
You and I we are the same.
No, we're not.
All my life, I've known I was different, but I never wanted anyone to see what I really was.
I'm not afraid of that anymore.
I guess I have you to thank for that.
Oh shit.
MADDIE: Come on.
- Come on! - [GROANS.]
MADDIE: It's not working! - [GROANS.]
- Here.
Let me help you.
Tucker, give me your hand! [GRUNTS.]
Come on.
Maddie! Get up! TUCKER: Anna! Anna, no! Don't hurt her! I'm not Anna! [PANTS.]
Move! - Where are you taking me? - Where this all fucking started and where it's gonna end.
- Move! - [PANTING.]
So you're gonna shoot me in the back? Not even look me in the eyes? [LAUGHS.]
I'm not gonna shoot you.
Anna drowned.
This is only fitting.
Maddie! Maddie! Maddie? Maddie?! - [YELLS.]
- [YELLS.]
Tucker?! [GASPS.]
Tucker?! [SHOUTING.]
: Tucker? Tucker! [GASPS.]
Oh, my God.
Uh Tucker? Tucker, wake up! Tucker? [CROWD CHATTER.]
Almost time.
Are you ready? [EXHALES.]
I think so.
I didn't think I'd ever get back here.
I did.
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, Ashley Rose.
What's a heart without its home? What's a bird without its wings? I thought you took everything that made me feel like me Finding beauty in the pain Fighting through it every day You can try but you will never see the last of me And in that place Something changed Inside of me I'm not the broken, beaten down I'm the thunder rolling in This is the calm before the storm I'm the lightning and the wind I'll sweep your feet up off the ground I'll let everybody see That I'm not the same as I used to be I'll sweep your feet up off the ground I'll let everybody see That I'm not the same As I used to be.
Jeff, get Ashley off that stage.
Do it now! - No! - [BEEPS.]
Come with me, Ashley.
Let's go.
Where are we going? Car.
We need to get you to a secure location.
- What about Beau? - He's fine.
He wants you to be safe.
- No.
Leave him.
All security personnel, the suspect is in the building.
Her name is Taylor Conroy.
Lock it down now! [RHYTHMIC BEEPING.]
Go, go, go! Down the stairs! [PANTING.]
Oh, no.
Stop here.
Please don't do this.
- I'm I'm begging you.
- Shut up! You're the one who did this to me.
You were supposed to burn to death in that car.
Why? What did I do to you? - You were born! - REBECCA: What do you want? Do you want money? You know, I figured you'd go back to the checkbook.
The greatest hits.
But where was your fucking generosity when I needed you? You're Taylor.
You're Donna Conroy's daughter.
- What's going on? - You didn't tell her about me.
Why am I not surprised? Mom? [SIGHS.]
Your father had an affair.
I didn't know there was a child - until after he died.
- But then you did, and you still did nothing! Do you know what it was like to grow up with nothing? A selfish mess for a mother.
Her parade of loser boyfriends.
When Mom passed out, they'd just come down to my room.
My life was a nightmare.
It was like I was cursed.
All because you couldn't be bothered.
That's not true.
I gave your mother everything - that I could, but it was never enough.
- And you! You grew up with everything! You had my life.
The life I deserved.
- And now I'm taking it back.
- No! - [GUNSHOT.]
- REBECCA: Ashley, go! Just like a fucking Pruitt.
To hide.
Not to take responsibility for the pain that you've caused.
Taylor, listen to me.
ASHLEY: I'm so sorry for what you went through.
I wish I'd known you were out there but we're sisters.
We could still be sisters.
Don't you want that? Killing us won't fix anything.
It won't make you feel any better.
There's only one way to find out.
Stop! Don't hurt her! [GUNSHOT.]
: Are you okay? - Yeah.
We're we're okay.
Uh, Ashley.
- No.
No! - [GRUNTS.]
No, no, no, no, no! No, no, no! - I'm calling for help.
- No! No! No! - Beau, you're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Look at me.
Stay with me.
You're safe now.
- No.
No! No, no, no! - You're safe.
: Please stay with me.
Beau, please! [FADING.]
: Stay with me, Beau! Stay with me! Beau! Beau! - - [MUTED SOBBING.]
Gunshot wound to his abdomen.
BP's dropping.
Resps are shallow.
- Let's get him to surgery.
- You two stay here.
- We'll do everything we can for him.
- Excuse me.
I just got a message that my daughter Maddie is here somewhere.
My own child and I missed it.
We all did.
Veronica, if there's anything I can do Actually, there is.
I want you to take the distillery.
It's what your father wanted, we both know that.
I'm gonna come clean about what I did with his trust.
What the matter? Isn't that what you wanted? Veronica, we've tried fighting.
Maybe it's time we try something else.
Like a new start? Ma'am.
This way, please.
You left this.
I was in a hurry.
I'm running out of ways to say I'm sorry.
Well, say something else, then.
I did.
When? After I left your apartment.
I realized I didn't say what I came to say, so I left you a message.
Didn't you get it? [CHUCKLES.]
: No.
I was kidnapped.
- Listen to it.
- No, hold on, don't go anywhere.
I'm not gonna stand here and wait while you listen.
- I'll be over there.
- Do.
That was a really long message.
: That's your response? It was long.
It's also the most honest voice mail I've ever left, Jackson.
Well, then I only have one thing to say.
I love you, too.
Mom? Come here.
Mom told me everything.
Have they given you an update? We're still waiting.
And what about Tucker? He's alive.
But barely.
The doctors say he's in a persistent vegetative state.
That he'll probably never wake up.
That's more than he deserves.
Miss Rose? [CHUCKLES.]
: Hey.
Heard you were awake.
How are you feeling? [SIGHS.]
I am sore.
But I'll I'll be all right.
I, uh, checked up on your dad.
The nurses said he can come visit you later.
Maybe the hospital will give us a family discount.
: So you're going back.
Yeah, I thought I'd, uh, I'd take your advice.
I'm happy for you.
It's gonna be weird not seeing you every day.
Following you around, watching your every move.
- Thank God that's over.
Uh you know once I get out of here, maybe we can finally have that date.
I promised you a home-cooked meal.
I'm looking forward to it.
I'm looking forward to a lot of things.
NEWSWOMAN: possible triple homicide.
The investigation is ongoing, but we can confirm that two bodies were found buried under a rose garden.
Divers are dragging the lake behind me looking for a third victim.
Her name, I'm told, is Olivia Moon.
So far, no body has been recovered.
MAN: Good morning.
You have a visitor.
Just ignore me.
I'm gonna check his vitals, then I'll give you some privacy.
- NEWSWOMAN: twin sister Anna drowned - Can you turn that off, please? - in the same lake nearly 20 - Of course.
For coma patients, I like to keep the TV on.
That way, they don't feel so alone.
Do you think he can hear me? It's hard to say.
There's brain activity.
If I didn't know better, I'd say he was dreaming.
Where did these come from? A woman dropped them off this morning.
You just missed her.
She said her name was Anna.

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