Temple (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- Where's the money? - Money? - What is this? - Looks like about two million.
- If we're caught with it, we're screwed.
- We're screwed in any case.
- It seems your wife's condition has - I'm sorry.
What condition? - Her Lancaster's.
- I thought I'd get there first.
- Get where? - Come up with a cure.
All that time, she had that knowledge while we were indulging ourselves.
Is that what we were doing? - What the fuck are we gonna do? - Let me think! - Hi.
- Can you meet me at Temple tube station? - Who the bloody hell are you? - She's no one, George.
- I need a transfusion.
- I'm not giving any blood! - Please.
- No! I'll call the police if you don't What's that? Chloroform? - Yeah.
- I'm so sorry.
We're both benefiting from what we have.
You have a whole lot more to lose than me if we were to end it.
Am I wrong? - Still - No, forget about still.
Am I wrong? No.
Dr Sutton Bregle? - George.
- Doctor.
- All set? - Supposedly.
Again, apologies for last night.
Yeah, it's not a common occurrence here.
I should hope not, the bloody prices you're charging.
Well, you pay for your anonymity, mate.
- Don't patronise me.
- I'm not.
- Anyway, you have your pills.
- I do.
Any problems at all, you know how to contact Mr Glover-Brown.
- Yes, dear.
- OK, then.
- All right, mate.
- Oh, fucking hell.
You know the procedure.
Fucks Lee? - Lee? - Hang on a sec.
Lee! - Lee.
- Yeah.
- Where's Anna? - Who? Anna, the woman we took the blood from.
I've looked everywhere.
What do you mean, where is she? - Hi, this is Anna.
- Oh, shit.
- How close are you anyway? - Close.
- How close? - What do you mean? How likely would she be to forgive you for this? Cos, like, she knows her way in and out.
- I need to borrow your van.
- She's seen what we do here.
So, like, if she tells on us, right, we're screwed.
- We need to come up with a system.
- Should have just tied her to the bed.
Having just chloroformed her.
And stolen several pints of her blood.
It's the very reason it might've been an idea.
Just give me the keys.
Anna! Anna, are you there? - What about her family? - None of them are in London.
- Friends? - There is one.
I'm heading there now.
Where does someone go after something like that, you know? Besides the police.
And she's not answering her phone.
And I know it's a long shot, but since you and she are friends, I wondered if you might have any idea at all where she might be or You know, how I could get it touch.
And why the urgency? Well You and she aren't seeing each other again, are you? - You know about that? - Yes, I know about that.
- Well, no, we're not.
- OK.
So, what's going on between you that has you so anxious to contact her? - Who says I'm anxious? - Well, you're here.
Yeah, I I'd rather not say.
- You'd rather not say? - No.
- Why not? - Well, because it's private.
- Is it? - Yes.
Well, can I tell you something? Sure.
Chloe, they're waiting for you in reception.
I don't approve of what you and Anna did.
I think it was weak of you and selfish and disrespectful to your partners.
And I think you both should be bloody ashamed of yourselves.
But Anna is my friend regardless, and as such, I have an obligation to her.
And now that her life is back to normal, and she's back in a loving, stable relationship with a decent man who never deserved to be cheated on in the first place, I am not gonna do anything to help you endanger that.
So I'll just say this: I don't know where she is.
Haven't seen her in several days.
If she doesn't feel like returning your calls, respect that and leave her alone.
Condolences, by the way, regarding your wife.
It's an awful thing to have to go through.
Eleanor, this can work.
This could be the cure.
Whether it can or it can't is irrelevant, Beth.
Why? What did they say exactly? That it could take months before they could authorise the purchase of those particulate elements.
- Because of the expense? - Exactly.
You know how this works.
And even if it did get authorised, we all know what the risks are.
It'd have to be subjected to regular safety evaluations before we could even consider trying it on her.
Beth - Did you argue for us at all? - Of course I did.
I told them that you didn't have months and you're not only an employee but a friend.
I reminded them of your value to Phaxxol.
- What did they say? - What I've told you.
- What did you say? - Nothing! What do you mean? I suppose what I mean is, Eleanor, just how hard did you actually fight for us? How dare you.
- Fuck this! - Oh, Daniel.
- How dare you.
- Where are you going? last year's projections.
We are in line with this quarter.
Page four has been adjusted, slightly concerned about You bastards.
Taking away my wife's last chance with your protocols and your fear of fucking litigation.
Where's your loyalty? Where's your gratitude? You haven't an ounce of fucking moral integrity, have you? Any one of you! Or compassion.
Or basic human decency.
Fuck you all! Calm down.
Oh, no! Hi, this is Anna.
Please leave a message after the beep, and I'll call you back.
Anna, I really do need to speak to you.
I'm gonna head to Phaxxol now and see if you're there.
- Excuse me.
- What? - Could you move, please? I'm in a hurry.
- That's how you ask, is it? - I'm sorry? - Why don't you try being polite? - I am being polite.
- Try it without the attitude.
- The attitude? - Yeah.
- You're joking, right? - Good enough.
All right, would you mind moving please so that I can get out? - Still hearing the attitude.
- Oh, fucking unbelievable.
I don't I'm sorry.
You wouldn't mind moving a little so that I can get out, would you? - Certainly.
- Thank you.
- Asshole.
- Dickhead.
- Wanker! - Twat! Hey.
How you feeling? Hungry.
Good? Hmm? - So where's this space though? - Oh, don't worry about it.
- Is it something to do with the job? - My job? No.
- We're underground, right? - Yeah.
You can tell.
So, what is it then? Like a survivalist thing? - I'm not a survivalist, mate.
- Sorry.
How many times have I told you? A survivalist trains himself to survive with nothing.
A prepper preparers so he doesn't have to.
And what about the money? - What? - Did you get it? - Of course.
- I don't believe you.
You don't believe me? Do you believe me now? Yeah.
What is it? Nothing.
I just remembered something.
What? What happened to that policeman? Yeah He's not great.
- He's not great? - No.
What do you mean? He's in intensive care, mate.
Sorry to bother you so early.
Are you Michelle Wilson? Yeah.
I'm Detective Inspector Hall.
This is Detective Inspector Moloney.
It's about Jamie, isn't it? Some people are not only not too smart, but they're also not too lucky either, you see.
And they bring that lack of luck down on everybody else around them.
God forbid you get involved with one.
And God forbid he makes you pregnant.
And God forbid he robs a bank or money to help out - Mom.
- I'm just trying to give the detectives a bit of background information, love.
Jamie has a generous heart.
But, and he'll admit this himself, he sometimes has too much of a need to impress other people who he admires.
And that can get him, I suppose, into a bit of trouble, sometimes.
He's certainly in a bit of trouble now.
Am I right, detectives? And you've received no communication from him? - No.
- And you're sure you've got - no idea where he might be? - I am.
It sort of seems like you don't believe me.
Oh, we do believe you, Michelle.
It's - What? - Well, this hasn't been reported yet.
The officer who Jamie knocked down fired shots at his car, and before losing consciousness, he said one had hit him.
- Really? - Yes.
- Oh, my God.
- If it did, Michelle, then he may be badly hurt.
And because he doesn't want to be arrested, he may avoid and so miss out on medical attention he may badly need.
So although it is our duty to arrest Jamie, our more immediate or more pressing moral obligation is to his well-being.
Anyway, I'm gonna leave you my card.
If anything occurs to you, an idea you haven't considered yet, a friend he might have gone to or somewhere he might use as a place to hide, please let us know.
Because time may be a lot shorter than you think.
Would she have put in at work? I don't know, but I'm gonna try there anyway.
I'm really starting to worry, to be honest.
- How's your friend doing? - Yeah, not bad.
Keep an eye on him.
I'll call you later.
The fuck? Oh, you are fucking joking me.
- Hi, Katie.
- Hi, Dr Milton.
What can I do for you? Anna isn't here, is she? No, she hasn't been in at all today.
- Right.
- Can I help? No.
- Any you've tried her phone? - Yeah.
Oh, OK.
Well, if I see her, I'll let her know you came by.
- How are you anyway? - Good.
- Well, I mean - Right.
Up and down, to be honest.
For what it's worth, we miss Beth an awful lot.
I appreciate that.
- Thanks, Katie.
- No problem.
- Eleanor.
- What are you doing here? Well Do you think we could step outside? Yeah, OK.
And the things that I said, not that it's an excuse, but they came out of stress.
And fear.
And I didn't really mean them.
I know.
And I'm sorry, Eleanor.
And that's why you came here this morning.
- What's that? - To apologise to me.
Well, I was going to call, but No, I'm I'm glad you did, and I appreciate it.
I do.
And I'm sorry again that I couldn't give you and Beth what you were looking for.
You know it was impossible.
So 331 caused the biggest improvement, right? - As far as we could tell.
- Because the tests were only preliminary - Yeah, you know all this.
- No, I do.
But look.
What I'm saying is what if you and I finish them? - How? You heard Eleanor.
- Yeah, not at Phaxxol.
What if we went to the cottage? - To the cottage? - Yeah.
And what? We don't have the compound.
- Well, we could take it though.
- Well, what do you mean? Well, we could we could borrow it and any equipment we needed.
Oh, my God, Daniel.
- What? - You're deluded.
- How? - Because it wouldn't be borrowing.
It would be stealing.
And on top of which this kind of unlicensed testing is just I mean Look, it's it's over, all right? - It isn't over.
- Daniel, please, stop it now.
Beth, it isn't over, OK? Look, and you might wanna give up, but I don't.
As long as there's another option, I don't care how problematic or risky or illegal it is.
I won't.
All right? OK.
So speaking hypothetically for the moment what exactly would we need? - How long will you be gone for? - Just till the end of the week.
- We just wanted some - You time.
- Yeah.
- No, I get it.
- You sure? - Yeah.
I mean, this is exactly what you should be doing.
And you don't mind that I won't be around all week? No, Mum, not at all.
- As long as you'll be back by Sunday.
- Oh, absolutely.
- Cos I'm still making the risotto.
- Ahh.
The last thing we're gonna do is miss your risotto.
OK, then.
Get some windows open in here.
You OK? Yeah.
I just hate that we had to lie to her.
Me too.
But if this works, we can tell her everything.
- I'm gonna start bringing everything in.
- OK.
Well, degeneration is down from 70 to less than 30 percent.
- OK.
- And he's still good.
So I think we're done.
That's it? Yeah, I suppose all that remains now is to administer it.
What did I tell you? What did I tell you? That's amazing.
Oh, what are we gonna do about Eve? Well, we we tell her.
- We can't though.
- Why? Because what we're doing here is illegal, Daniel.
Cos if we do, we make her complicit.
I mean, you and I we had a choice in this, but the kind of trouble we could be getting her into Added to which, we don't know for sure it's gonna work, so All right.
We deal with these problems when we come to them.
Daniel Milton's life philosophy.
We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
Served me pretty well, right? Sometimes.
Can you promise me something? What's that? - If this doesn't work - It's gonna work.
No, wait, I need to say this.
I don't want to live.
What do you mean? - If I end up comatose.
- Beth, please.
Listen, you've had your say.
Now I want mine.
If this is the risk, then we have to confront it, Daniel.
If that happens, I I don't want you to take me to hospital.
I have no interest in wasting away on a bed for God knows how long, I need to die regardless.
I can't be that burden to you or to Eve.
It's the worst kind of indignity that I could ever imagine, so I want you to promise me - It won't happen.
- Yeah, well, if it does, though.
It won't.
I want you to promise me that you're gonna let me go.
- Daniel.
- All right, I promise.
Hi, this is Anna.
Please leave a message after the beep - and I'll call you back.
- Come on.
Anna, it's me, asking Actually, pleading with you, at this point, to please call me back.
Like I said, I'm I'm sure you'll see what happened yesterday in a different light, if you could just let me have a couple of minutes to explain the Anyway, again, please call.
Jamie? Where does he think he's going? Jamie? Oh Bloody pain in the Jamie, you stupid bastard.
Jamie? Jamie? Jam? Hey.
What the hell are you doing? - I don't know.
- You don't know? Jamie I don't know.
I don't know.
What was your plan? - My plan? - Mm-hmm.
I don't know.
Give it back, I suppose.
Look, I know the kind of trouble I'm in.
But I've got a baby on the way, Lee.
Look, I thought, if I just went there and I showed them that I was sorry, that maybe they could give me, I don't know, not immunity.
- Jamie.
- Like a suspended sentence.
You're not gonna get a suspended sentence.
- You knocked a policeman down.
- I know, but He may not live, so that won't happen whether you give it back or not.
Look, I'm not trying to make you feel any worse than you already do.
- Well, you kind of are.
- I'm sorry, but shit, I mean, the last thing you want to do is turn yourself in.
But what's the alternative? Stay down here forever? At least until you've made some rational, informed decision.
At least until you've recovered a bit, for God's sake.
- I mean, how do you feel? - Not great.
Oh, I'm not surprised, running around the bowels of the bloody city.
- I know things don't look fantastic.
- I feel like my fucking world's ended.
I know, but look, the first thing you need to do after what you've been through is get better, mate.
Is get better, and then we can talk about what you wanna do next, yeah? I mean, does that sound like a plan? Jamie.
All right.
- Finished? - I'm sorry? - Are you finished? - Oh, yeah, sure.
- What is it? - Ah, nothing.
Tell me.
You'll think I'm a fool.
No, I won't.
It's it's like last-minute doubts are suddenly creeping in.
Unfounded doubts.
Yeah, they are unfounded.
Well, then It's just What? I'm scared.
I know.
All right, I'm ready.
All right.
Is that it? That's it.
OK, then.
I love you so much, Beth.
I love you so much.
Go to sleep.
Wake up.
Wake up, sweetheart, come on.
Sweetheart, Beth.
Beth! Beth, please, wake up! Sweetheart, if you're reading this, it hasn't worked.
Considering the effects the drug will have had on my body, to allow an autopsy to happen, I fear, would only connect you to my death which would be disastrous You have to ensure that I'm never found.
Take me out in the boat, find something to weigh me down and throw me in.
Come back to shore and send the boat out again empty.
Get rid of any evidence of what we were doing here.
I know what I'm asking you But I urge you to remember and to keep your promise, Daniel.
And when this is all over please - Hey.
- Why are you visiting my friend, suggesting you and I are seeing each other? - What? - Chloe.
I never suggested that.
Oh, do me a favour.
Stop calling me.
Well, you're the one who called - Anna.
- Where are you anyway? - Hey.
- Tell me why I shouldn't report to the police what you're doing down there now.
- Anna.
- Tell me! - I can't.
- To chloroform me.
Jesus! - To steal my fucking blood? - I know, and I really regret that, Anna.
- But there was a life at stake.
- I don't give a shit.
You don't have the fucking right.
I know, I know.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
What is that place, anyway? It's a a clinic.
A clinic? Yeah, it's a clinic for people who can't or don't wanna go into the system.
- Criminals.
- People who can't - Yeah, criminals.
- Not only.
Other people too.
- What are you doing there? - I'm treating them.
No, I mean what are you doing there? A couple of months ago, you were a normal member of society.
So, what happened? Beth.
Beth? - Yeah.
- So her dying did what? Made you lose your faith in medicine? In the system? What? Please tell me because I'm trying to understand.
I'm trying to understand why my blood was stolen from me, used against my will, to save the life of some fucking criminal who put a policeman into intensive care.
What the fuck are you involved in? - That's it.
- Come on, this can't be it.
- Why? - Because that's not you, Daniel.
That's just not you.
And you have no idea how close I've come to going to the police today.
You really don't.
And the only thing that's held me back is the notion that you may not have had a choice in this, that you I don't know, you you you've You've gotten into trouble, or you someone has something over you.
Is that right? Is it even close? - No.
- Come on, you can tell me.
- It isn't even close.
- But There is more to this, right? I mean, at least admit to that, please.
- Yeah, there is.
- So, what is it? - I can't tell you.
- Daniel, you have to.
Otherwise, I will go to the police.
- I just can't tell you.
- Why not? All right.
Come down there with me one more time.
I'll show you.
- Down to your clinic? - Yeah.
Are you out of your fucking mind? - So you can chloroform me again? - No.
Or do something worse to me this time? - You think I'd do something like that? - I don't know.
I don't know what you're gonna do.
I'm not even sure I know who you are.
Yeah, you do.
You know me.
And if you can trust me just this once, and I know how hard it is to do that right now you'll see that you do.
Please? Lee.
You remember Lee? Yeah.
What's that? It's a water pump.
- How's your friend? - Yeah, he's improving, - as far as I can tell.
- Good.
We're gonna go down there.
- You gonna go down there? - Yeah.
- A lab? - Yeah.
What are you researching? Through here.
But she's dead.
She's supposed to be dead, Daniel.
Why though? Because I can't give up.
Oh, Jesus.
I won't give up.
She came so close.
You both did.
What kind of progress have you been making? Well, not enough, to be honest.
Show me.
Show me.

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