Temple (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Your patient's right on the verge of stage-five renal failure.
Do you know where those organs come from? My only other option is to let her die.
I'm not gonna do that.
She's my wife.
It costs money.
Big money.
And you'll be dealing with people whose trustworthiness I can in no way vouch for, you know? - I don't know where he is.
- Are you sure though? She's already said she was sure.
- Hey, I know you.
- Really? Yeah, you're Mercy King, Sebastian's mother.
- And what is it that you want? - You know what I want.
Same bloody thing I always have.
I had a nice night.
Me too.
- Can we just move on, please? - I'm trying to ask a question.
- You've had your bloody moment.
- Excuse me? - Eve! - Dr Milton.
I haven't been very well lately.
Could you see me, as a personal favor? No! I bought it, I had it, and now it's gone.
This is no good to me anymore, so you might as well take it with you.
After tonight, I'm not gonna come down here anymore.
And since I've done what I came to do, I think this might be a good moment to just go back to my own life.
Just go if you're gonna go.
Please, Daniel.
- Chest pain? - No.
- Chills? - Yeah, chills sometimes, I suppose.
OK, you're gonna feel a tiny bit of discomfort.
Are you OK? Yeah.
You're thinking about your wife.
Put pressure on that.
That's it.
I know how it feels.
Really? I lost my child.
How? Cancer.
He was four.
After that, I also wanted to die.
But I'm a coward.
I was afraid.
I never told anyone here about this.
- I'm so sorry, Suzanna.
- What I want to tell you is that, with time, the sadness you feel will become less, and you will, not always but sometimes, be able to live in the world that other people live in.
Thank you.
So, that number I got you, did it work out? Yeah, it did.
Call me when you have the results.
Hey, this is Celine.
Leave a message after the beep.
Hey, listen, I hope I'm not bugging you too much with all these messages.
I just I don't know.
It'd just be brilliant, if you could call me.
Oh, it's Lee.
OK, that's it.
Thanks, everyone.
Have a good afternoon.
Oh, Lee are you all right to meet Ferguson again tomorrow morning? - Ferguson? - Yeah.
- Thought we were done.
- No, it seems another couple of things have come up.
He'll go over them with you when you get out there.
- What time? - Eleven.
- What's the problem? - Nothing.
I'm just a bit busy.
- Doing what? - He's building a bomb shelter.
- Shut up.
- Lee, I'm proud of you that you seem to have cleaned your act up punctuality-wise, but I'm still pretty baffled by this uncommitted attitude.
- I am committed.
- Then act like it, for God's sake.
You're like a bloody teen.
Eleven o'clock tomorrow morning.
Get out there, do the job you're being paid to do.
Almost there.
Thank you.
- Jamie.
- Yeah? You haven't seen Dr S I mean, Daniel, have you? No, is he in the lab or? No, he's not.
I got a bloody patient outside.
- This is completely out of order.
- Lee? What is it? I can't seem to get Michelle on the phone.
Oh, same as me and this bloody idiot.
Keep getting his voicemail.
- Since when? - Since yesterday.
Well, maybe she's busy.
- Could you check up on her? - Oh, Jamie Please? I'd just feel a lot better if I knew what was going on, that's all.
- All right.
See you later.
- See you.
Dr Sutton-Greville? The train gets in around 9.
15, so I'll call you from the hotel about 10.
00, all right? Yep.
- How you feeling now? - How do I look like I'm feeling? I know I should be more pragmatic about it, but Look, if you're disappointed, you're disappointed.
I'm sorry it didn't work out.
I'm sorry I was so preoccupied with it.
That's OK.
- I've gotta go.
- Yeah.
Jack? Let's do something together when you come back.
- Like what? - Like something romantic.
That sounds good.
I'll call you when I get there, OK? I'm sorry, I'm afraid we're about to close.
Oh, right.
No I was wondering if Michelle was around.
Who are you? I'm a relative.
Oh, that's right.
I've seen you here before, haven't I? - Oh, that's right.
- Yeah, well, she's still in hospital.
- In hospital? - Yeah.
- Well, is she OK? - She's fine.
She had her baby.
- Oh.
- A little bit premature but healthy, as far as I know.
Royal Dukes.
- Sorry? - That's where she is.
Oh, right.
Well, I'll pop by there and, pay her a visit.
Well, she doesn't keep you two well-informed, does she? What do you mean? Well, her uncle was in here half an hour ago.
Ambrose, was it? - Ambrose? - Yeah.
Oh, Ambrose, yeah.
Well, he didn't know she'd had it either.
Well, that's Michelle for you.
Anyway, thanks again.
No problem.
Well, we can't go see her at the hospital.
So we'll just wait till she gets out, and we'll pay her another visit then.
Hey, in the meantime, maybe you should go back to Sebastian and see if there's any other names he can think of.
Look, can I ask you something, actually? - Mm-hmm.
- Right, so after we've got him, yeah? Him, the money, you do whatever it is you want to do.
Well When exactly do I get to make love to you? - Make love? - Yeah.
I mean Look, we're in daily close proximity, and I'll be honest, right, it's beginning to take a toll.
Well, who said we had to wait until it was done? - You did.
- No, I didn't.
We've barely even discussed our agreement beyond that initial conversation we had.
Right, so we don't have to? How do you want to play it? It's exactly like I remembered.
Missed it so fucking much.
Keep riding me.
- I am.
- Keep riding me! Will you shut the fuck up? - Can I help you? - Are you Jay Shah? I'm Detective Inspector Moloney.
This is Detective Inspector Hall.
We'd like to ask you some questions about a recent bank deposit you made.
- leave a message after the beep.
- Hello, Celine, it's me.
I'm just checking you got my last message.
Well, call me back.
OK, then.
Anyway, I'm gonna have my shower, get those things.
- Your magazines? - Hum.
- Furry slippers? - My face cream.
- Yeah, the cucumber one.
- Right.
Toiletries, underwear, attractive bottoms, your phone.
Is there anything else? - That's it, I think.
- OK, then.
- Now, bye.
- Bye.
- Actually, Mum, could you? - Oh, come on.
- Oh - Yeah.
You're gorgeous.
Come on.
Mrs Wilson? Here are Michelle's things.
- All right.
- And if you can bring back any essentials you think she might need, pajamas - Oh, we've already done a list.
- Ah, OK.
- Well, see you later then.
- Bye.
How you feeling? - Good.
- Yeah? - He looks happy.
- Yeah, he does.
- Can I ask you something? - Sure.
Do you know where the clothes are that I was wearing when I came in? Jesus.
Dad? Hi, Dad.
These plants are a disgrace.
I know.
How's college? - What? - Professor Kirby told me she talked to you.
Yeah, well, she she seemed pretty concerned.
I'm fine.
Why didn't you tell me this was going on with you? I don't know, I suppose I thought I was dealing with it.
And you had your own stuff going on, so Sweetheart.
It is about your mum though? I find the anger really hard to deal with.
- Anger? At who? - At her.
- Why are you angry with her? - Cos she's a selfish bitch.
- Eve, come on.
- Well, she is.
She didn't care about how what she did would impact us.
- Of course she did.
- How do you know that? Well, she said so in her letter, sweetheart.
An apology before the fact is worse.
It's like, "I know I'm gonna destroy you, but I'm gonna do it anyway.
" She would have died in any case.
Yeah, but at least she wouldn't have fucking chosen to! I mean, a letter? I I could've seen her face for one more time and said, "I love you, Mum.
" I could've said goodbye.
And that's what she denied me.
That's what she denied the both of us, and I've I've I hate her for it.
- Now, this, this is new.
- Oh, right.
But now that they've redrawn extension F - to that depth - Yeah.
we might be encroaching.
Lee, Lee, here.
You see that? Yeah, that's in the Well, that may not be a problem, actually.
Well, can you check it out? - Sure.
- Great.
- Great.
- Ah, right.
Now, where are we? Yeah, there are the two slightly more important recommendations.
- Oh, and and this is from Geotech.
- Oh! I'm sorry, guys.
I'll just be a couple of minutes.
Guy's never off his bloody phone.
Hey! Hey, sorry for being so late in getting back to you.
No, no, that's OK.
So listen, this is hard to say, so I'm just gonna say it quickly.
- I'd rather you didn't call me again.
- Wha? What do? No, you mean today or? No, I mean ever.
It's nothing to do with you.
- But it's the way I'd prefer things.
- Yeah, but why, though? It's just the way I'd prefer things, Lee, so, you know, be well, and I'll see you around, OK? Wait, wait, see me around? Hang on a second.
- Now let's here.
- All right, Lee? - Yeah.
- Good.
So Listen.
I'm afraid we're gonna have to postpone this.
- What do you mean? - Well, something's come up, and - We'll be done in 15 minutes.
- I know, but You can't wait 15 minutes? What is this, life or death? Well, from a certain perspective, it is.
- Meaning it isn't.
- Well, meaning - it's still fucking urgent.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- No need to be aggressive, Lee.
- I'm not being aggressive.
I'm just trying to say I've got some shit to fucking deal with, all right? There's no need to use language like that.
No, I'm not fucking I'm I'm - Lee.
- Fuck off! Thanks, Dad.
That was really delicious.
My pleasure.
This is Mum's.
Why do you still have it? I don't know.
I I I suppose I'm just not ready to get rid of it yet.
I think maybe my problem is there's this part of me that can't accept she's dead.
Maybe that's why I've been running around so much lately.
So I don't have to face the fact.
- But it is a fact, Dad.
- Yeah.
You have to face it sometime.
I know.
What's this? - Dad? What is it? - It's nothing.
Really? It looks like something.
Aren't you going? No.
- Why not? - Well Given my circumstances, I don't think I'd enjoy it.
Unless you came.
Would you come? Would I come? Yeah, of course, I'd come.
I'd be honored to parade the recipient of the George Manville Award for Surgical Excellence on my arm.
What? - Come here.
- What? Why? Give me a hug.
I haven't had one in ages.
- I love you, sweetheart.
- I love you too, Dad.
- Shit.
- "Be well", and that's it? No, right, now.
"I'll see you around", and that's it? Is that all I fucking deserve? - Celine! - No, it's not.
- Then why's that all you gave me? - Because I I didn't really want to have to do this.
- Which is what? - Let you down face-to-face.
Look, can we take this outside, please? I actually fell for you.
- Come on.
- No, I did.
You liked me, I know, but in that short a time Who says it has to take a specific amount of time? I fell for you, and I took the chance of revealing myself to you - I - because you encouraged me to.
I know, I know.
And I'm sorry, but You didn't like what you saw? - I'm not a fanatic.
- No, it's not about that.
What's it about? I don't know.
Look, we went out.
We tested each other out to see if we wanted to, whatever, continue - which is what people do.
- I know what people do.
And it wasn't right.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I've really got to get back in now.
- Listen, just - No One more date.
It's over.
I'm sorry, Lee.
I wish you every happiness, I really do.
But no.
Guy comes in, buys 12 PCs with cash, and that doesn't strike you as odd? Does it strike you as odd that you've asked me that question about 107 times? I told you, he said it was for a school.
Rob, can I talk to you outside for a sec? - What is it? - Do you mind if I head out for a while? Why? There's something I want to follow up on.
- Sure? - Yeah, well, this is - obviously going nowhere, so - Well, keep at it, all right? - Got faith in you.
- Do you? - Yeah.
- Well, thanks.
- Thanks for being so patronizing.
- No problem.
Do you recognize this man? No.
- Sure? - No, I've never seen him.
Well, we suspect he may be acting as some sort of go-between between Michelle and Jamie.
Right, but you just suspect.
Well, strongly enough, Mrs Wilson, that I felt compelled to ask you to see if she's talking to anyone out of the ordinary.
- She's in hospital.
- Yeah, but even on her phone or, you know She needs to be protected from actions that will certainly harm her in the long term.
Well, her and the baby.
- What do you mean? - Hmm? - What do you mean, the baby? - Well, it's pretty obvious that if she is judged to have been an accessory or indeed yourself.
- My Myself? - Absolutely.
Then your guardianship of the child will be severely jeopardized.
- Mum.
- Mm-hmm.
You took home the clothes that I was wearing when I came in, right? Yeah.
What did you do with them? - Well I threw your trousers out.
- You threw them out? Well, they had to cut them off you, didn't they? I guess.
Why? - No reason.
- There wasn't money in them, was there? No, no.
I'm sorry, I couldn't get you on the phone, so I wonder, could you could you give me five minutes? Come in.
I saw Eve today.
We talked about her maybe moving back in for a while.
Well, that doesn't sound like a bad idea.
- Yeah.
- What? I don't know.
She's so angry.
- At who? - At Beth.
I didn't know how badly it had affected her how tough a time she was having dealing with it.
I mean, she's telling me this, and I'm thinking, "Jesus, if you only knew the truth.
" I'm thinking that how could I do that to her? I mean, how could I do that to any of you? How deluded was I? What about you? What about me? Well, the breakthrough.
Well, it's gonna have to stay in my fridge for the moment.
And we didn't use it, so we can't actually say it was a breakthrough.
Yeah, that's true.
I don't know.
I'll be happy to just go back to my work, I guess.
Back to my normal life.
Yeah, I'm looking forward to that myself.
Get a rest from the lying.
Is that awful? No, not at all.
Well, you're going to have all these conflicting feelings.
And in many ways, this is the hardest part.
- What is? - Saying goodbye.
Anyway - thanks for this.
- It's OK.
Thanks for everything.
I mean, you have done so much.
I just I Thank you.
Shit, sorry.
It's OK.
- I'll see you.
- See you.
- Where the hell have you been? - Went for a walk, mate.
Didn't go up top, did you? No, I just went round the tunnels and shit.
- Have you talked to Michelle? - Yeah, she's in hospital.
- What? - She's fine.
She had the baby.
- She had the baby? - Yeah.
- And is it a boy or a girl? - How the hell should I know? Oh, hey, fuck-face.
Welcome back.
Fuck-face? Didn't you know we had a patient yesterday afternoon? - Yes.
Yes, I did.
- So, what was so important - you couldn't actually be here? - Lee.
- What? - I really don't think this is the time.
For what? Reminding you you have responsibilities to this place? Because you and me, we have an arrangement, Daniel, which, I'm sure I have no need to remind you, your wife's survival depends on.
Well, I'm not sure that arrangement's gonna continue.
- Why not? - Because she's dying.
- Your wife? - Yeah.
And there's nothing more I can do about it.
So, what does the clinic matter to me now? Well, it matters to me.
- Well, it no longer matters to me.
- Well, get the fuck out then.
- Lee.
Lee! - Shut the fuck up! I always knew you'd just fuck off whenever you got what you wanted.
I didn't get what I wanted.
Well, I knew you'd fuck off whether you did or you didn't.
Doesn't it bother you my wife is gonna die? She was never gonna live.
Are you mad? It's a miracle you ever got this fucking far, mate.
Lee, I'm gonna need some time to figure out what to do with her.
Well, go and figure it out.
- Guys - Oh, shut the fuck up! I told you! - You're the fucking same! - What did I do? See, fuck Neither of you have any concept of loyalty.
You know, this place could have been great.
It could No, it still will be great, right? It still fucking will just as long as you two arseholes clear the fuck out of it! I'll give you a couple of days grace, mate.
After that, you're out.
Does that mean he wants me to leave as well? Do you really think you and me could work this time? Why wouldn't it? Yeah, I always felt, because of the things we'd done, because they were so extreme - that we were bound by that extremity.
- Bound in blood.
Ah, that's right.
We've shared experiences.
What we did to Emmanuel, say.
- Trevor Thompson.
- Or Trevor Thompson.
That even the most constant, most long-term lovers never had, you know? And given the fact that the only obstacle at the time was Sebastian - Man, he hated you.
- Well, that's what I'm saying.
And now he's out of the picture, so it'd just be Excuse me? He's not out of any picture, Keith.
No, but you know, so to speak, is what I'm saying.
Understand something, Keith.
That boy is the center of my life.
And whatever position you have, that I allow you to have, whatever relationship, he will always be the center of my life.
- Do you understand? - Yes.
- How dare you? - I only meant How fucking dare you put it that way? If you know nothing else about me, you surely know that.
I do.
You know I do.
The 40 minutes we waited for the solicitor to come, he didn't even open his mouth.
- OK.
- Except maybe to yawn.
Fucking waste of time.
Anyway There's someone inside looking for you guys.
Ms Wilson.
Umm I just wanted to give you this.
Whose phone is this? - Hi, Simon.
- Hey, so on that sample you gave me.
You were right.
What she has is autoimmune hemolytic anemia.
- How bad is it? - Well, for the moment, I think a course of corticosteroids would probably do the job, but in the longer term, you're probably gonna be looking at removing her spleen.
I've just emailed you the full results, so you can see all the specifics there.
OK, thanks, Simon.
- Hey.
- Hey, Simon.
I'm just looking at those two reports on the samples I gave you.
Is there something wrong with them? Not at all.
But I think I've spotted something pretty extraordinary.
Well, OK.
Well, how can I help? You can do tissue-typing for organ compatibility, can't you? Is this kidneys again? Sure, let me take a look at it, - and I'll get back to you.
- Thanks, bye.
Dr Milton.
Hi, Suzanna.
I can't have an operation.
I told you I can't.
You can.
- You can if I perform it for you.
- You would do that? - Yes.
- Why? Well because I diagnosed it.
And you'll die if it doesn't happen, Suzanna.
I don't want that on my conscience.
Thank you.
How much would it cost? Nothing.
Nothing? Well, except you can never tell anyone about it.
And we'd have to go about it in a slightly unorthodox way.
So you'd really have to trust me.
Can you do that, Suzanna? Can you trust me completely?
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