Temple (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

I want you to promise me that you're gonna let me go.
I promise.
- Do you regret what we did? - No, I don't.
- Calm down.
- Ahh! I really miss her, Lee.
If he surfaces, she'll probably be the first person he'll visit.
I have another idea.
It's not, you know, strictly by the book.
Who are you? He was wearing a hat with "Whitesnake" stitched on it.
"Whitesnake"? This vial is no good to me anymore, so you might as well take it with you.
Thank you, doctor.
Does that woman know you're taking her kidney, Daniel? Look, the very fact I got involved with you in the first place should have told you how far I was prepared to go.
Thank God.
Hi, this is Anna.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Listen, I was wondering if you could call me back as soon as you get this.
It's pretty urgent.
- Is Lee around? - No, he went to collect his van.
- OK.
- Daniel, I couldn't have a word - with you a second, could I? - Well, I - Just a quick one.
- Make it quick.
OK, so with everyone suddenly leaving, I'm sort of confused as to what to do next.
- Uh-huh.
- I mean, you'll be leaving soon, right? - Yeah, I suppose.
- So, what should I do? Do I stay down here? Do I hand myself in? - You know I have a new daughter? - Yeah, of course.
So seeing her is also something I need to think about.
Listen, have you spoken to Lee about any of this? Well, I tried to, but - Was that you? - No.
Oh, great.
Lee got it for me.
I only use it for texts, never calls, and only with Michelle.
Listen, Jamie.
I really need to go.
Can we have this conversation later? Sure.
Look, since you do have a phone, could you do me a favour? - All right.
- Keep an eye on Beth and the other patient in there.
Call me, or text me if their condition changes in any way.
- Cool.
- Let me give you my number.
- How long will you be? - Uh about an hour.
- And we'll talk then? - Sure.
- Also, Daniel? - Yeah? Don't tell Lee about the phone, please.
Is that all right? OK.
Oh - Hey.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here? - Collecting my van.
- How's the hand? - OK.
So listen, no hard feelings about the job, hey? You're gonna look back one day and see this more as a blessing rather Just fuck off, you condescending fucking twat! Hey.
How are things? Oh, yeah, yeah.
No, not bad.
Listen, I'm sorry to disturb you so early, but I've been trying to get in touch with Anna.
- She isn't here, mate.
- OK.
Do you have any idea where she might be? Come in.
It's tough, you know? Four years.
I'm sorry to hear that, Jack.
You know, I found out she hadn't been going to work, and she wouldn't tell me why, or what she'd been doing in the meantime.
I don't know.
So I assumed an affair, although she denied that.
Well, it's no wonder she's not answering her phone.
What was it anyway? Oh, just something I wanted to ask about Beth.
Shit, sorry.
That's my boss.
Yeah, I know, it's It's a pretty bad one, actually.
Bloody cold sweats and everything.
- What are you doing? - Huh? - What the hell are you doing? - Oh, I was just looking for milk.
In the freezer? - Uh - What were you looking for in there? - Is this what you're looking for? - Uh, no.
What then? OK, yes.
It's a treatment Anna was holding for me.
Well, why couldn't you have just said that? - Well - So you've been in contact with her? - Anna? - Yes.
- So you know where she's been? - No.
- But she's been with you? - What? - Fucking you.
- Jesus, Jack.
- Fucking you.
- God, no! Well, what then? Jack Christ, you're as bad as she is.
Get the fuck out of my house.
- OK, but look, can I have it? - What? - The vial.
- Are you kidding? Jack, you have no idea how important that is.
Get the fuck out of my house, I said, before I call the fucking police.
And when do you think you'll go back? - To work? - Yeah.
- Soon enough, I'd say.
- Do you think you're ready? Don't know.
Who's that? - Hello? - Hi, is that Chloe? Yes.
I told you, it's nothing like that.
You've already had an affair with the guy, and you've already lied to me about him.
- I didn't lie.
- What did you do then? I just didn't mention him.
- Anna.
- What? - I don't like him.
- I know.
I don't care if he's lost his wife.
I don't like that you go running to him the moment he clicks his fingers.
I can't help it if he turns up at your door.
I can still tell him to piss off, though.
I just need to know what it is he wants.
- Why? - I just do.
You're under his fucking spell is what it is.
I can see it, Anna.
Uh "God, I'd do anything to see her, to see you.
" - All right, do it now.
- Sure? Yeah, come on.
That's as good an opening as we're gonna get.
Uh, "Well what if there was a way you could?" - Winky face.
- Yeah.
"What do you mean?" Oh.
Well, I couldn't get hold of you, so I had to try there.
And then he then he invited me in, so So he knows? Well, only that it's me you've been spending the time with.
Yeah, right.
I mean, why didn't you answer my calls? I don't want to be a part of this anymore.
You said you were done.
- I know I did.
- That you'd let her go.
I know, but look, then I got a call from this woman and Daniel, don't you think you've taken this far enough? I mean, where is this gonna end? Well, we're at the end.
The transplant's happened.
The kidney seems to be taking.
I just need this one last favour.
After this, I'll never ask you for anything again.
I promise.
So who's it for? Someone who's ill.
- Who? - Just someone.
And this is what you've been doing all the time you've been out of work? Yes.
Why? Because - Because he needed me to.
- And is he why you're leaving? No.
He isn't? - I'm leaving because - Why? Because I'm just not happy anymore.
Answer me something, will you? What? - Have you slept with him? - Oh, Jack.
Have you? - Some time ago, I did, yes.
- When? Does it matter? - Well, more than once? - Yes.
I'm sorry.
Did you get it? Ah! Ahh.
Jamie! - So you're gonna take it and - Yeah.
- And hide it where? - Well, I don't know yet.
But when this place is discovered, which it will be, then it's gonna be discovered.
Better it stays accessible for us than someone else.
Am I right? I mean, who's to say we couldn't regroup at some stage? See if it can't be laundered or? - You know? - Right.
You could build a new shelter.
- The fuck? - What is it? - Who's been in this? - I don't know.
There's about 30, 40 grand gone here.
- It wasn't me.
- Jamie.
- Seriously.
- What's going on? Lee, what's up? - What did you spend it on? - Sorry? What did you buy with the money you took? - I don't know what you're talking - What did you spend it on? It was that kidney, wasn't it? - No.
- You fucking liar.
- Lee.
- You liar.
Don't you know that there are consequences for what you do? For everyone around here.
- No, hang on a minute.
- Don't you realise the danger? Of course you do.
Lee, please.
You just don't give a fuck.
I can't believe I told you.
- Lee.
- That I admired you, you know? - Lee, come on.
- Uh That you inspired me.
I mean, what the fuck was I thinking? She groaned a couple of times which gave me a bit of a fright, to be honest.
Nothing else to report.
Well, you were right to call.
Daniel? I was wondering if we could have our chat now? - Oh, yeah, listen - Cos remember, you I do, I do, but there's something I got to do.
- Can't it wait? - Well, no, it can't.
- Can't this? - Yeah, I suppose.
- Rob? - Yeah? - He's he's gonna do it.
- You're joking.
What does he say? - He's leaving now.
- For the hospital? - Yeah.
- We should get going.
We're ready.
What are you thinking about? I'm just thinking what happens next? Well what's next is, hopefully, she will wake up.
But but what about after that? Haven't you thought about that? To be honest, uh, I never really imagined this day happening.
I mean, how much trouble am I in? Well, the resurrection is gonna be hard to explain, I think.
So, I would say a bit.
Will Beth hate me for not doing what she asked me to? What I promised I would.
What's the alternative? Well, we know what the alternative is.
Yeah, exactly, so Fuck.
- I don't know where the hell he's gone.
- Mmm.
I'm sorry about you and Jack.
That's all right.
It would've happened eventually anyway.
- Really? - Yeah.
It was never really right.
You know that.
Then you find yourself playing a part, pretending that you're feeling something that you think you should be feeling.
And you just realise, that's all I've been doing.
- Pretending? - Yeah.
What? Nothing.
Just, uh Whatever reasons I have for doing this guilt or pride - Or love? - Or love, of course.
I just need you to know, and I know this isn't the time or place I never pretended with you.
Not for a second.
It's important to me you know that, that's all.
Look, you have the money.
Yes, we have, and thanks for that, Lee.
But that's not all we're looking for.
- Well, what else are you looking for? - You know what else.
- Jamie? Yeah, but - Mm-hmm.
- Why, though? - Revenge, Lee.
- Exactly.
- Retribution.
He needs to be punished for what he did to my Sebastian.
Well, I don't know where he is, so it's - What? - Do we really want to do this again? - Don't plead ignorance, Lee.
- Oh, I'm not pleading anything.
- Then what you doing? - I'm just keeping my fucking mouth shut.
- All right? - Because he's your friend? Because he's your friend, Lee? Someone who put you in this position ain't a friend.
Well, nor are you two either.
Right? So you could do your thumb thing all you want.
Yeah, or you can beat me up or whatever cos it's not gonna work this time.
Why not? Because it's only pain.
- Hmm.
- Because it's only pain.
See, suddenly, I'm beginning to realise Oh, fuck! Oh, f! Ow! Oh, fuck! Ow! - Has she forgiven you yet or what? - Kind of.
- Kind of? Not really, then.
- No.
Oh, no, I definitely think he looks more like you.
- Don't you think? - Than who? Well, than Jamie.
- Yeah, I don't know.
- Oh, oh, he does.
I think it's amazing how little there is of him.
That's not me trying to be mean or questioning his parentage.
- Do you want a coffee, Mum? - Uh, yeah, well, if you're going down.
- Yeah.
- Nanny would love a coffee.
- OK.
- Yes, I do.
I I think I'm in shock.
Am I in shock? I'm sure you are.
I feel fucking nauseous.
- That's definitely a sign.
- And dizzy.
Well, you've just been shot in the foot, you know? Let's go over this again.
There's a bunker.
Yeah, and it's underground.
Lee! Fuck! OK! How many people are down there? God! All right, all right, just give me a second.
- What'd you tell him? - Just that we're here.
In the lobby? - Yeah.
- OK.
Well, you know, Michelle.
Uh, I'm not sure we shouldn't have got some backup.
What, and share the arrest? Come on, Karen.
He did kill a copper, Rob.
The greater the crime, - the greater the glory.
- Greater the glory.
- Oh, shit! - What? He's already here.
He's upstairs somewhere.
- Where? - He says he's lost.
Well, tell him to ask a nurse for directions or something.
- Come on.
- Fine.
What's the number? What's the number? What's the number? Oh, Jamie.
Right, he's done the thumbs-up.
- He's on his way down.
- OK.
Well, it turned out to be something quite banal, actually.
I know, Chloe.
I know, and I will, OK? Wait, I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Is Dr Milton here? Uh, no, but he'll be back in a few minutes.
- Who are you? - I work with him.
Oh! Oh.
- Sorry.
- You need to go back to bed.
- No, I'm fine, thank you.
- No, I'm serious.
- Oh.
- Daniel! - There you go.
- Thank you.
- Dr Milton is wonderful, isn't he? - Mmm.
I think he's wonderful.
- No, I do too.
- He saved my life.
I have a autoimmune haemo - Haemolytic anaemia? - Mm-hmm.
And if it's really bad, your spleen has to be taken out.
Or else you'll die.
- And what else did he take out? - Nothing else.
What do you mean? What's up? She was here.
- Who? - Your donor.
Anna, she's just had major surgery.
Whatever she tells you Don't even fucking try that.
What kind of person are you? She doesn't know.
- Listen, every step I've taken - Daniel.
Every step I've taken with this has been the only step available to me, and every single time, the only choice has been to either do that thing or to let Beth die which was never a choice.
Even if it meant stealing an innocent person's kidney? What are you trying to prove? Is this even about Beth? - Anna.
- Oh, Jesus, I thought I understood.
I really did.
I know what we were doing here was crazy, but I always thought it was born out of, I don't know, love, like you said, and that justified it for me.
But you know what, Daniel? For the first time, I'm actually frightened of you because nothing can justify this, not even love.
- No, listen.
- Get away from me.
- No, no, no - Get the fuck away from me! What the fuck is going on here, eh? - Lee? - Yeah, he met with a bit of a mishap.
- Who are you? - Don't worry about it.
So where is he? - Hello? - Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Michelle? - It's a trap, Jamie.
- It's a trap? - The police have my phone.
They're the ones who've been messaging.
Where are you? - I'm just heading down to the lobby.
- No, no, that's where they're waiting.
- Oh.
- You need to get out of here.
- Shit! Was that him? - Where? There! Up on the walkway.
I think it was.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Shut the fuck up! You're lying.
- I'm not lying.
- No, but you said he never leaves.
Yeah, but only today he was wondering whether he should turn himself in or find somewhere else to hide out.
- Only today? - Yes.
The day that we happen to come down here looking for him.
- What are you gonna do to him anyway? - Sorry? Don't be asking questions you don't wanna know the answers to.
- Something bad, then? - Worse than you can imagine, love.
- Why, though? - Anna, don't.
No, I mean, what's the point in hurting someone for something you cannot do anything about? - You got the money.
- Yeah, but not the satisfaction.
- But why is that so important to you? - Anna, stop.
Because it is.
- Even if his only crime was stupidity? - Anna.
No, his crime was causing my son to be sent to prison, where he's now on his knees, cleaning faeces from the toilet bowls of convicts, among other demeaning activities.
So I don't care how it happened And hurting him's gonna do what? Make you feel good? Naw, it's gonna give me the justice I require.
- That's absurd! - All right, enough.
- No, it doesn't make any sense.
- Shut the fuck up! Please, don't hit her.
We'll do whatever it is you want us to do.
You think I don't know that? Don't you ever call what I'm doing absurd again.
And don't you ever undermine the integrity of what I'm doing for my son or its nobility.
Do you understand? Yes.
Now one of you better come up with an idea and fast, cos in about two minutes, I'm gonna start getting really annoyed.
- You need to get out of here.
- I want to see you so bad.
- I know.
- And Jemima.
- Who's Jemima? - Our daughter.
We don't have a daughter.
We have a son.
- What? - All right, listen.
- Are you listening? - Yeah.
Um, go to the back of the hospital.
There's a big sort of waiting room area.
- Why? - Just go there, all right? OK.
- Give him to me.
- Sorry? - Give him to me.
- Hang on a minute.
What's the matter? You gave my phone to the police.
- What phone? - You know what phone.
Well, uh, why the hell did you have it in the first place? I hate you for doing this.
You are supposed to be on my side.
- I am on your side.
Just because I - Don't follow me, please.
He has a phone.
Sorry? He has a phone.
I could call him, tell him to come back down.
- Good.
- What? - What the hell else am I supposed to do? - They're gonna kill him.
- They're gonna kill us.
- Yeah, well, whose fault's that? - I told you your acts had consequences.
- Lee.
Yeah, just as long as your wife's all right, then fuck everyone else, isn't that right? - Listen - You're a fucking fanatic.
- Do you know that? - Yeah, it's true.
You know it's true.
- Daniel, is it? - Yes.
Come on.
- My phone's in the lab.
- Then let's go.
- Can you handle these two without me? - You're kidding, right? - So you researched a cure - Kind of.
- that doesn't exist - Yes.
while you're running a clinic for criminals.
- Well, not just criminals.
- OK.
Mate, you're out of your fucking mind.
Where are you? Fuck.
Look up, look up.
Jamie! - Oh, my God.
- Jamie.
- He's so beautiful.
- Well, you can barely even see him.
I can.
Hey, Jemim - Shit, what's his name? - It's James, of course.
Hey, James.
Hey, son.
Hello, baby.
I miss you so much, babe.
- Jamie, run.
Run! - Police! Stay where you are.
Oh, don't be an idiot, Jamie.
Where the hell is it? - Come on! - No, I know it's I know it's here somewhere.
If you're playing for time or trying to fuck with me Now anything that sounds like you're warning him or telling him not to come down here, I'm gonna kill you, and I'll kill your wife and the other one and Lee.
And I'll leave you down here for the fucking rats to feast on.
- Do you understand? - Uh, yeah.
Go on.
Stop! - Voicemail.
- Let me hear.
Fuck's sake.
- Leave him a message, and again - I know.
Jamie, it's Daniel.
Listen, um, I don't know where you are, but could you get back to the bunker as soon as you can? I'll I'll explain what it is when you get here.
All right, cheers.
So, what next? Wait and see if he calls you back.
Or comes back.
What's through there? - Nothing.
- Don't tell me fucking nothing.
Is it her? Yes, it is.
- Oh, fuck.
- Enough! - Jesus! - Lee, I'm telling you.
- I can't help it.
- Let me give him something for the pain.
Oh, yes.
Yes, please.
All right.
Fuck it, just give him whatever.
I'll have to go down to the ward though.
- The ward? - Yeah.
Well, in that case, no, forget it.
He can do without.
No, please, please, listen to me.
Please, I can't.
Fucking listen to me, I can't! Fucking hell, all right! But I have to go with you.
Lee, if you fucking try anything I can't What the hell am I gonna do? Come on, please.
All right, come on, let's go.
- Hey, what's happened to her? - She's just had a kidney removed.
Oh, Jesus.
I won't come in to have a wart removed, let alone a fucking kidney.
All right, come on, have you found them yet or not? - You OK? - Yeah.
Keep going.
- You sure? - Yeah, I'm right behind you.
- Shit, sorry.
- Fuck! - Are you all right? - Come here.
How long have you had her down here? Nearly three months.
You must really love her.
Yes, I do.
All right, you take, um, west.
Did you see him? Did you see him? No.
Oh, thank you.
Maybe now you'll shut the fuck up and stop whining like a baby, yeah? Don't you fucking move! - Who are you? - Doesn't matter who I am.
- Get down on the floor.
- Mercy! Get down, dickhead.
Mercy! Mercy! Time to go back.
Stop being silly.
Look who wandered in.
Hi, Jamie.
- Do you know who I am? - No.
But you know my son, right? - Sebastian.
- I didn't mean to, I swear.
Doesn't matter.
Now we're gonna head off, us three.
So you better say goodbye to your friends cos it's the last time you're ever gonna see them.
- Why? - Because you'll be dead, mate.
That's right.
And not just but dead in the slowest most brutal and lingering way imaginable.
OK? - Mercy! - Don't move.
Or I will cut your carotid artery.
You understand? What the fuck are you doing? - Drop it.
- Don't.
- You drop it.
- I will do it.
Daniel, let her go.
I'm telling you, mate, I will fucking kill every last person in here.
You'll still have to watch her bleed out, though, won't you? Mercy.
- Daniel.
- Oh, shit.
Let her go.
Put it down.
Drop it.
Fuck, Keith, don't.
Keith, don't.
Kick it over there.
Now! Anna.
Now you, Mercy.
Put the gun down.
Come on, then we can all go our separate ways.
- Mercy.
- No one gets hurt.
Mercy, you do what he says.
- No, please! - Shoot him! Mercy, no! Mercy.
Fuck Anna.
Everybody OK? I think so.
- Lee? - Yeah.
Well, apart from my foot.
So, what now? Daniel? What happens now?
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