Ten Days in the Valley (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Day 7: Breaking the Story

1 Quinn O'Farrell how come I don't know this guy? JANE: You were part of that lick crew? You're Gus' drinking buddy.
You worked with Red.
Cross Red, and you're done.
GUS: You were screwing your brother-in-law? It was such a long time ago.
- It was before you met him.
- There's no reason to lie about it! The casita raid was supposed to be simple, but it went to hell.
He shoots a bunch of people.
Why? Help me, please.
- Mom.
- Lake? Focus.
Who are you with? - I don't know.
- The car you're in what color is it? The inside is black.
It has one of these big, fancy radios.
- A police radio? - Yeah.
Quinn? It's Jane! I have to talk to you! S01E07 Day 7: Breaking the Story If you want me to stay I'll be around today To be available for you to see - [GUNSHOT.]
- Everybody down! - [SCREAMING.]
- Get down on the ground! Get down! [SCREAMING CONTINUES.]
JACOB: Asparagus or mushrooms? Both? Neither? I'll decide.
Hey, there.
Coffee's ready if you want some, but there's no cream.
Dad forgets stuff Cream, dish soap, my birthday.
Where is your dad? Not really sure.
He left early.
Oh, uh, actually, I have to go.
Jane - I'm gonna need you to eat this omelet.
- Why? Dad says a man who can cook will keep 'em coming back.
And I got a girl I want coming back, so I need to know if this omelet's gonna do the trick.
So, has, uh, he cooked for you yet? Your dad? No.
Normally, he busts out his Memphis ribs like five minutes into meeting someone.
We don't know each other very well.
Oh, sure, I get it.
You're just helping him with a case? Yeah.
Thing is, though, Dad's had like a million cases, and you're the first one to wake up on our couch.
You know what? I'm gonna get out of your hair.
Whoa, okay.
I didn't mean you had to leave.
No, that was really good.
You're friend's gonna love it.
Oh, uh, okay.
Okay, come on.
Confession time.
My dad wanted me to keep you here.
Really? He says you get in trouble on your own.
I don't need your dad's permission to leave.
He said you'd say that, too.
Jacob, thank you for breakfast.
Excuse me.
What am I gonna tell him? Tell him I went to work.
Got a job for you.
CCTV from a '76 gas station off the 170.
At the 18:20 mark, a gray SUV gasses up and pulls out.
I need you to find it.
You got plates? - Nothing.
- Make or model? Ford, maybe.
But you're gonna have to confirm that.
Cross-reference with the street cams, see what was in the area.
Uh Look.
If it helps, it may have been a police vehicle.
So I need you to check the auto pools Ours, Sheriff's, CHP.
See what matches.
You gonna tell me what this is about? Eh, it's just a hunch.
But if it pans out, I'll fill you in.
In the meantime, keep this between us, all right? John.
You know Quinn O'Farrell? Old-school narco guy? Why? He was found dead last night in his apartment.
Hanged himself, looks like.
I've got Bezic working on it.
You knew him? Not well.
He left the force a few years back.
Burnt out, hit the bottle, so matter of time, I suppose.
I pulled his jacket, John.
The Sadler source? Gus Tremblay? Quinn was his old partner.
You, uh think it's connected? I don't know.
You tell me.
I mean, I'd ask Tremblay himself, but he took an emergency leave and no one can reach him.
- You want me to find him? - No.
John, what I need is for this feeling to go away This feeling like there's something more going on here than you're telling me.
You know everything I do.
Where's Jane Sadler right now? Home, I expect.
Any further developments, I don't care how thin, you keep me in the loop.
- Of course.
- Good.
TOM: Why do they even bother with these anymore, huh? Totally untouched.
Ornamental literature.
Kimye forever, Brangelina no more.
We're just here for progesterone, right? Why do we Why do we need to wait? You slept with my sister.
Don't deny it.
She told me, Tom.
I-I'm not, okay? I, um This this was nine years ago, Ali.
So what? So, were you waiting for the right decade to tell me? [MAN CLEARS THROAT.]
You You really want to do this right now? We're waiting to see the doctor about trying to have a family.
I think we should do this right now.
It was just a meaningless thing A couple of dates.
Just Just stupid, empty fun.
How fun? Tom?! Come on.
Come on.
What I mean is, it was three years before I met you, and you changed everything.
All right? I-I was afraid that telling you would mean losing you, so I didn't and I'm I'm sorry.
All this time, you and Jane had this secret.
You had this secret together! - Honey, I - You, like like you were laughing at me! Honey, by the time I met you, it was a distant memory.
Jane had had Pete, and and they had Lake.
Was it Jane's idea not to tell? I-I can't remember.
We We agreed to it.
Tom, in this moment, absolute 100% honesty is your only choice.
She didn't want to hurt you.
So she decided for you and for me and for everyone, like she always does! Mr.
and Mrs.
Petrovich, the doctor will see you now.
I can't.
I can't do this today.
Hey, hey, Ali Ali, come here.
- You leave me alone! - Okay.
Um, can we please reschedule? [RINGING.]
Hey, hey, it's Gus.
Leave me a message.
Hey, Gus, it's me.
I've got some bad news about Quinn.
Listen, I-I really need your help.
I need you to call me, okay? Hey, Barry.
Aw, come on.
The studio was very specific.
I am not to let you in.
I'm sorry.
- Oh, please! - You have to turn your car around.
Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.
Zombie Detective, right? You read my son's script? I did.
I thought it was really great.
You know, that's actually one of the reasons why I wanted to get into the office, you know? I wanted to, um, grab some files, some future projects that I'm working on.
And, you know, I'm happy to meet with him if he wants to talk about what he's doing with it.
You're not just saying that? No, absolutely not.
You can ask any of my writers.
I don't do flattery.
Won't be long, right? - You are the best.
It's a marathon, Matt.
Got to pace yourself.
Jane, you know you can't be here.
And yet, here I am.
" What's that about? It's motivation for Red.
His ex, the one person he's ever truly loved, and she's moved on, so it's killing him.
It's a great idea.
- You think so? - Yeah.
What about the casita raid? Uh, I haven't touched it.
It's just as you left it.
Yeah, well, it's not working.
It needs something A twist, a surprise.
Did you really come in here to talk story, Jane? The guy, um, the who shot up the casita, the guy we're calling Red He took Lake to shut me up.
Jane, that's insane.
Yeah, I know.
It is, but it's true.
It doesn't make sense.
The script has gone out wide.
Even if it were true, his secret's already out.
Yeah, unless we're missing something.
These guys have done dozens of raids.
Why did this one go south? Would you help me? You know this material better than anyone.
All right.
But you're going to need more than newspaper clippings.
Oh, wow.
Just like you wanted it An exact replica, down to the linoleum.
All right, boss.
Let's break a story.
Let's just start with what we know, okay? Three victims, two cops.
- I'll be Red.
- Right.
If you want me to stay I'll be around today To be available for you to see Everyone's drinking, hanging out.
When suddenly [SCREAMING.]
All right, everybody, suck the floor! Really? Or words to that effect.
Uh, we fan out, start taking cash.
Everyone stays calm, and we all go home okay.
Someone resists, and I react.
Don't! Toss a flash bang, boom.
Everyone goes blind.
I open fire.
And I hit a prostitute, Victim One.
All right.
Then we move to the back room, where we come across two heavies, - Victim Two and Three, boom, boom.
- Okay.
Start taking cash from the high-roller table and head out the back.
All right.
Just like that.
Easy enough, except for the triple homicide.
Except why come through the front when the serious money's in the back? They could've come in here, element of surprise, and not shot anyone.
Yeah, well, these are dirty cops armed to the teeth.
People get killed in this world.
- I met one of them yesterday.
- What? One of the cops that did this.
Well, where the hell is he? Let's talk to him.
He's dead, killed himself.
His name was Quinn.
He was torn up about all this.
Said he didn't come here to shoot anyone.
All right.
We'll spitball it again.
But we're dealing with fragments here Second-hand opinions, old articles.
The crew's gonna be here soon, Jane.
What do you want to do? We need a consultant.
What are you doing here? Uh, tangent to the Sadler case.
What you got? Still waiting on the autopsy, but it looks like a straight-up suicide.
I could never go out like that.
Eat my gun, maybe.
Leave one last mess for the missus, right? No sign of foul play? Bit of weirdness over here.
Door was forced open, and it was a phone tip that got us here anonymous call.
Neighbors hear anything? Nope.
My guess, someone from the bar got worried, found him hanging there, doesn't like cops, doesn't like to get involved.
Sounds about right.
Wouldn't be the first retired cop to check out like that.
That's the truth.
Listen, uh, as soon as you get that autopsy report, let me know, okay, buddy? I still owe you that drink.
You got it.
Jane? - Jane, are you here? - Jane's gone.
And I need to speak with her, but she's not answering my calls.
So I'm waiting.
And you're drinking.
Did you know that your sister didn't even think to tell me that Lake had called? I had to learn from Tom.
Not even as much as a simple text.
"Hey, our daughter's alive! Thumbs up, smiley face.
" I'm really sorry about Casey.
Thank you, Ali.
That's valiant of you.
You should stop that.
Oh, probably, but it slows down the merry-go-round.
You know, what if I'd seen through Casey? What if I'd told Jane a little earlier? - What if - I'm gonna get you some water.
Ali, don't get me any water.
- You could use some.
- No one ever needs water.
If you don't want to talk with me, then we won't talk, but don't make it about hydrating me, Ali.
You know, what Casey did, she did out of love.
I'm not defending her.
I'm just saying.
All this going on now, this is because of Jane.
What do you mean? Police corruption.
The cops are in on it.
The whole thing's madness.
If it was anybody else, I-I'd never believe it.
But it's Jane, and she asked for it.
She didn't ask for it.
She lies and she lies.
But when the truth can make her famous, oh, how noble she can be.
This is the part where you defend your sister, Ali.
I'll make you a deal.
You stay.
The booze goes.
She owes me answers.
I deserve to know what the hell is going on.
Yeah, me, too.
Sir, there is reporter here to see you, unscheduled.
Send him away.
I think you're gonna want to take this one.
Commander Gomez.
Thanks for taking the time.
How could I say no to Jane Sadler's brother-in-law? Is there somewhere we can talk? Mr.
Petrovich, I hope you understand - please.
- Mm-hmm.
I can't comment on a case that's ongoing.
Okay, let me just put my cards on the table, then.
This case viewed from the outside is not flattering to your department.
There's two people killed, Lake Sadler-Greene taken twice.
I-I'm sure you're doing everything you can, but you can see how How this story, in the wrong hands, could easily be twisted, sensationalized.
And you won't do that.
No, I won't, because I'm personally invested.
- In a scoop.
- In my niece, and all I'm asking is you clarify some details on the record.
There's a reason why we've been fighting the press off with a stick, Mr.
Printing any story at this time could endanger Lake.
How so? Whoever is behind this could get spooked by the attention, cut their losses, and God willing, that hasn't happened already.
You mean since yesterday? What about yesterday? Lake's call to Jane.
Her call? From the gas station.
That's obviously a huge development.
Again, I can't comment.
You got nothing to say? Amira will see you out.
Lake Sadler-Greene called her mother yesterday? - According to who? - GOMEZ: According to who? According to the reporter who was just sitting in my office, Jane Sadler's brother-in-law! Where's Bird? - So he's cut you out, too? - It's not like that.
He's trying to build trust with the mom.
He's keeping her close.
Amira, get Detective Bird on the line! You know anything about this? [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
Maybe he had a history with somebody.
He was like he was on the take or something like that.
Thanks for coming.
Is that the police file? What's he doing here? He's helping me.
Yeah? I'm trying.
Crew's gonna be here in 10 minutes.
We'll walk it through for you.
- Everybody down! Down on the ground! - We enter here - BIRD: Stop.
It's a dynamic entry.
You're trained cops.
Spread apart and snake down the side.
JANE: Okay.
We start collecting money.
Everyone stays calm, and we all go home okay.
One person collects, the other person covers.
All right.
Quinn, start collecting money.
I'm Red.
I cover.
But someone in the corner pulls a gun, - and I throw a flash bang.
- Stop.
- Seriously? - Flash bang's not a defensive weapon.
If someone gets brave, you shoot.
I did.
I shot a prostitute, Victim One.
But I threw a flash bang first.
- It wouldn't happen like that.
- Quinn said it did.
MATT: Well, look, this is just the prologue.
The treasure is in the back.
Should we continue? Burn marks from the flash bang was here, middle of the room.
- And? - Well, you throw it this close, it's gonna knock you on your ass.
Don't make sense.
We're talking dirty cops.
It's just not rational.
No, man.
That's just bad writing.
Would you listen to this? He's right.
It's a bump.
Jane, you got to go.
Oh, come on.
Buy me 15 minutes.
- You know I can't do that.
- You're the boss now.
Make it happen.
Please? All right.
You got 10 minutes.
What are you thinking? What do we know about Victim One? [SIGHS.]
You having flashbacks to the bad old days? I'm sure Jane didn't spare you any of the gory details.
I heard a story or two.
You know what no one ever gets? How exhausting it is being sober.
How so? Well, you carry this secret around with you, this demon.
You try to pretend to everyone that it's not there, act like it's not real.
But, um, when you drink, you just get to say, "Here it is.
Here I am.
" The upside of drinking? You're not gonna get far with me on that.
Fair enough.
You hide it from Jane when you first met? The booze? [LAUGHING.]
No way! No, she loved it.
Jane loved it.
I was the life of the party.
The heroin not so much.
How did you meet, again? Some producer's party.
We started chatting.
I wanted to dance, she wanted to talk.
- It was a Christmas party, right? - [CHUCKLES.]
She kept putting these tests out in front of me, these hurdles, you know.
And I just kept leaping.
And then Lake came along.
Made my head spin.
You know, I was halfway into this crazy fling with this amazing woman, and suddenly, I'm gonna be a dad.
Lake's birthday's in August.
The doctors were worried that she'd be underweight, but she was fine.
She was perfect.
Yeah, she's perfect.
Excuse me.
- Man.
Al, where are you? [VOICE BREAKING.]
I know why you lied about Tom.
You know, all I do is look at the calendar, right? You know that.
All I do is count the days, chart my cycle.
The math is not complicated, Jane.
I Al.
You and Tom plus nine months! [CRIES.]
I didn't know.
I swear to you.
I swear to God I didn't know.
I didn't know for years.
Are you serious?! This never crossed your mind? I didn't want to know.
It wasn't until after the car accident, I I saw some blood work Jane, that right then, that's when you should've told me! Why is that concept so mysterious to you?! D-Did you tell Tom? No, but I'm going to! - And Pete! - Oh, no.
P-Please don't do that.
Okay, Al, listen.
Let's talk about it first, okay? It's not fair to Lake, a-a-and it's not fair to Pete, okay? Oh, my God! Jane, Jane, you don't understand this.
You don't understand that your lies are not gifts, Jane! They're just lies! [BREATHING SHAKILY.]
Oh, God.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
BIRD: Sadler? - Sadler.
- Yeah.
You all right? Yeah, I'm good.
You good? Yeah, yeah.
I'm okay.
So, what do we know about her? Well, nothing.
Hispanic female in her 20s, two shots to the body, one to the head.
That's sad, isn't it, that we don't know anything? Well, there are coroner reports on the other two victims in the back, but there's nothing on her.
There should be papers.
What are you saying? I'm saying she's interesting.
Serious money's in the back, we come through the front.
Why? 'Cause there's something in here that you want.
That's why you throw the flash bang, stun everyone in the room.
What about my partner? Oh, especially your partner.
You don't want him to know.
Red didn't come for the cash.
He came for her.
Two to the body, one to the head.
Nothing to chance.
So it wasn't a robbery.
It was an assassination.
You can't just throw this at me at the last minute! Isabel won't be ready for half an hour.
Dominic's not even here yet! We'll shoot around them, okay? Come on.
We can make this work! I'm sure there's a way, Henry.
All right, you know what, Henry? Fine! Forget it! You win! We'll stick to the damn schedule.
You're a mystery to me, Matt.
I'm not gonna lie.
All right, everybody.
Inside, let's go! Let's make some damn art! Come on! [JANE SIGHS.]
Great way to hide a crime, huh? Bury it smack in the middle of another one? Let's not get excited.
We still got to prove it.
Oh, don't tell me I forgot my keys in the studio.
Ugh, stupid, stupid, stupid! I'd lose my head if wasn't on.
You can come in my car, all right? Worry about your keys later.
You must be real tired, huh, woman? It's all right.
It's all right.
What are we gonna do now? We're gonna go try and figure out who this dead woman is and why they targeted her.
And that's gonna help us find Lake? I hope so.
Where are we going? We're going to go talk to the last person who saw our Jane Doe.
Who's that? The coroner.
You just can't give that up, huh? Them damn keys are gonna drive you crazy.
- You wanna go back in and look for them? - No, found them.
I'll follow you, okay? Hey.
Can we talk? I hate this stupid bear.
I took Lake down to that fancy toy store on Wiltshire and told her she could have anything she wanted.
They had life-sized tortoises and camels made out of organic whatever.
She chose this cheap, synthetic panda.
I couldn't talk her out of it.
Listen, Jane lied to all of us.
About, um her show, about a lot of things.
About Lake.
And, uh we deserve better.
We deserve honesty.
You want honesty? Lake's the only thing in my entire life I haven't bailed on.
There it is.
She's the only thing that I haven't completely messed up.
And when I look at my little girl, I see that there must be some good in me, you know, in me.
We're gonna find her.
Hey, I'll give you a minute.
Hey, hey, this is Gus.
Leave me a message.
Gus, I need you to call me, okay? Where are you? Got to go.
Won't be long.
Here A mint for the smell.
Formalin and dead bodies It stays with you.
You give good story for a cop.
I could use you in the room.
This job, too much imagination gets your ass in trouble.
Oh, if y didn't think we were on to something, we wouldn't be here.
I have a question for you.
- What's that? - Maybe when this is over, you can make your Memphis ribs for me and Lake? [CHUCKLES.]
Jacob told you that, huh? Yeah.
I'd like that.
I'm sorry, no civilians.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
You know you owe me one.
Oh, something I did or something I didn't? I took your advice.
Called your boy Buddy.
We went out.
He's freaky.
I like him.
Sounds like you owe me, then.
Then he brushed me off.
Said he's studying for his lieutenant's exam.
He is.
Make him call me.
I want to break his heart a little.
Who's your subject? You are.
You worked a shoot-out last year, but your report was incomplete.
Victim One Ghost.
No paper.
Someone on your side probably lost it.
Oh, maybe.
I'd like you to take a look at the original file for me.
V-One We got ethnicity, height, weight, eyes, but no ID.
Looks like a Jane Doe.
Shot dead, and nobody claimed her.
No friends, no family? [KEYBOARD CLACKING.]
What do you want me to say? Maybe she's an illegal and there's a family mourning in Mexico.
Actually, hold that.
Her topsheet is coded as ID'd, but her form's blank.
So you do know who she is? We did, but it's been erased.
What are you on to here? Just get me a copy of everything you've got, and don't tell anyone I was here.
Oh, my God, Gus.
Where have you been? GUS: Got your message.
We have to meet.
Yeah, good.
I'm with Bird.
Come alone.
No, he's been helping me with Red and the casita.
Sadler, listen to me.
You can't trust any of them, even Bird.
Now, ditch him.
Okay, name the place.
BUDDY: Bird had me looking for this car.
Someone found it abandoned and called it in.
I told the Chippies not to touch it 'til we had a look.
If this turns out to be teens on a joyride, I swear to God The plate matches with one I caught on the traffic cam near the gas station.
The timeline works.
And we have no idea what this has to do with the kid.
He wouldn't tell me.
Said it was a long shot.
He also said it might be one of ours.
What? Rolled it down the hill in neutral.
No one inside.
Call the depot.
Sure you weren't followed? No.
What are you doing? Why are you running? What's going on? [SIGHS.]
What happened to Quinn? He committed suicide.
I'm so sorry.
I knew he was your friend.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Lake's alive, okay? She called me from a police car.
Casita raid It wasn't a robbery.
The female victim She was the target.
Red shot her point blank.
- Quinn told you that? - No.
W-We figured it out, m-me and Bird.
I need to know who she was, okay? I need to know why he wanted to kill her.
You're picking the wrong friends.
No, I'm not.
Bird is solid.
He's a good guy.
- Is he? - I promise you, yes.
He's already lost Lake once.
What makes you think he'll find her this time? - Then help me! - I'm trying! You're not listening! There's only one way to end this.
Stop talking.
Stop your show.
They took it away from me! Look, I'm sorry, okay? I need to find my kid.
BIRD: I just want to talk, Tremblay.
Talking's what got me into this! Then let me help you get out of it.
You want to go to the Feds? I'll back you up.
You want to run to Mexico? That's fine, too.
I'm not gonna stop you.
All I care about is Lake.
I just want to know what you know.
Did you drive him here? Yeah.
BIRD: Gus! Easy! Gus - I'm not coming in.
- Okay.
Look, we're just trying to find Jane's daughter, all right? She's a kid, scared.
She's 8 years old.
You want her back? You better stop digging.
GUS: Red's not gonna let the truth out.
He's gone too far already.
I tried to warn you.
- Gus? Think.
Oh, my God.
Boss, I think we found your SUV.
Bilson? What the hell you doing? Buddy told me, all right? I said I'd help him out.
All right, step away.
I need forensics on it.
I'm gonna make a call.
Forensics? Looking for what? All due respect, you want us keeping secrets, you got to tell us what this is about.
Lake Sadler-Green was in that vehicle.
Okay, but it's one of ours.
It was taken from the UC pool last week.
Who signed it out? You ready for this? Gus Tremblay.
What is it? What's going on? The man that was driving the SUV with Lake yesterday it was Gus.
Yeah, I'll take it.
It's Gus.
Gus took her.
Why? All the stories he told me about dirty police, it was him all along His lies, his crimes.
Well, s What happens now? They'll search for him.
He won't hurt her.
I have to believe he won't hurt her.
Pete is here in Lake's room.
He's been drinking.
I didn't tell him.
I didn't do it for you.
Al, please don't do this.
Not right now, please.
I need you.
I can't do this without you.
What? Ask him.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know what to do.
Come on.
You know, you're the kind of cop that every commander wants, John.
You're efficient.
You're smart.
You turn red to black, and you don't ask for the moon.
I made a judgement call.
You hid vital information from your colleagues.
From me.
I was being cautious.
- Is that what you call it? - It looked like the police were involved.
I didn't know how far it went.
I'll tell you how far it went, John.
According to IA, Gus Tremblay's a thug.
He ran a two-bit lick crew of dirty cops, and he shot his mouth off to get laid.
And now it's blowing up on him.
We know he ran the crew? We do.
We were preparing the case against him, following protocol, and we would've had him, too, no missing kid.
Now, John is there anything else? I ran a BOLO on Tremblay.
- We'll find him.
- All right.
I'll let Jane know.
You'll go home.
- I'm taking you off of this.
- What you talking about? I can't have one rogue cop looking for another.
You're done.
Then you're gonna have to suspend me.
What the hell is wrong with you? I'm this close to finding that kid.
I'm not giving up now.
Go home and clear your head.
Then come back tomorrow and take your reassignment.
Those are your orders.
Think carefully, Detective.
Hey, it's me.
Let's get you up, okay? [GROANS.]
Hey, do you remember our San Miguel trip? All three of us in that tiny, little camper? Yeah.
You surfed, I wrote.
You taught Lake how to swim.
Come on.
I'm sorry I lost you, Jane.
I'm afraid of tomorrow.
I know.
Me, too.

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