Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007) s01e23 Episode Script

Let's Go, This is the Final Battle

BSS and Anon Presents - Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann - This is the story of a man who rips a hole in the destiny of a Universe fated for battle.
With each passing moment, the Earth's destruction drew nearer, Gurren-Lagann returned to unite with Arc-Gurren.
Finally, having the Moon-Ganman under control, Simon had saved Earth.
However, Nia, the Anti-Spirals' messenger, was summoned to the enemy government.
Episode 23: Let's Go! This is the Final Battle! One Week After Preventing the Moon's Collision This is the new main pilot for Gurren, Viral.
Arc-Gurren Conference Room From now on, he will be attending our strategy meetings.
I'm not letting go of my past, however I want you to understand that humans aren't the only ones who wish to protect the Earth.
Hey now.
That's a pretty modest choice of words there.
No need to be humble.
You were chosen by Simon himself.
You're the same as the rest of us.
We're about to raid the enemy headquarters.
This is no place to be bothered by such trivial matters.
Looks like there's someone whose attitude hasn't changed at all in six years.
My, my I wonder who you're talking about.
"Can't be bothered by trivial matters", right? Yeah! When it comes to mankind's leader, we're invincible! You guys Speaking of which, what happened to Rossiu? Oh? Where ya going, Rossiu-san? Attenborough, don't be too brash now.
Rossiu has his hands full with the surface reconstruction plans.
He told me to handle the strategies from now on.
Well then, let's have a look at the situation so far.
This is the result of analyzing our current data.
Circling the lunar orbit is Earth's Spiral Tribe flagship, the Cathedral Terra.
Looks like it was stolen by the Anti-Spirals and disguised as the Moon.
Gurren-Lagann, Arc-Gurren, and the Cathedral Terra.
The force that brings out their potential is the Spiral power.
Which refers to the power of evolution, written in the double-helix DNA of our genes.
Simply put, it's fighting spirit I'm talking about.
Oh, I get it now! It seems the Anti-Spirals were originally Spiral beings like us, too.
However, they believed that the use of Spiral power would eventually lead to this universe's destruction.
The Spiral Nemesis hold the key to our universe's downfall.
We, the Anti-Spirals, exist to prevent that.
Spiral Nemesis refers to this universe's annihilation, it seems.
The Spirals were unable to defeat the Anti-Spirals and so they were defeated.
And why is that? Their base is hidden somewhere beyond space.
The victors of the war, the Anti-Spirals, created a Spiral life-form annihilation system to govern the Spiral race.
In order to survive, the Spirals had no choice but to live underground.
Then, what about the beastmen? Or the animals on the surface? We're all beings created by the Helix King.
Reproduction is entirely carried out through cloning.
What do you mean? Since they lack Spiral power, they can't have children.
Eh? Genetic diversity via sexual reproduction is the key to evolution.
That's what you call our power, which spirals upwards.
In other words, love changes the universe! Meanwhile Moon battleship As we speak, Cathedral Terra is currently raising its efforts to construct a probing system.
Cathedral Terra Great Spiral Computer Room We'll find out where the Anti-Spiral are, no matter what! Because that's where Nia is, right? Well I guess It's fine, don't be shy about it.
Love changes the universe, right? So let's change it, with our power.
Yeah! Love and spirit! Let's go for it! Sounds pretty lame coming from you.
Shut up.
I think I understand the basis of your strength by now.
This is only the beginning.
We'll become even stronger.
In order to win? That's right.
However not quite.
Who is it? My lord! Rossiu, is that you? What's wrong, Kinon? Simon-san Rossiu sent me mail with the surface reconstruction plans That's Rossiu for you.
He finished it already? But on the last page, he had left a message for me Eh? Why are you in a place like this? I should ask you the same.
It's strange.
This place isn't filled with happy memories, but I suppose one's soul desires to return to its place of birth after all.
A lot has been going on, I presume.
No This.
What's this? The scriptures? You still had it with you? I'm returning it.
It doesn't suit me that well.
Have you read it? No I can't read it.
Eh? I compared it with all ancient alphabets I could find.
However, none of them matched.
Then, this is? I'm sure it's just a practical joke by someone.
They're complete nonsense? These scriptures? Yes So I took someone's prank as teachings from God How unseemly! Even things you value as treasure can turn out to be trash.
I wonder if that's part of evolution too.
You're right It's a wonder indeed.
But you know, Rossiu That is why humans are fascinating.
Don't you agree? For me, that's That's not something I can agree with.
Attenborough saw Rossiu back there.
Apparently, he flew somewhere on a Gan-Spinner.
Don't think of doing things by yourself.
I want you to work with people around you.
I'm sure you can do it.
That's all I can say.
Thank you for everything, Kinon.
I'm grateful of our friendship.
He's been acting strange for a while now.
Ever since he came back to the surface.
Like he was brooding about something Calm down, Kinon.
Can we locate the Gun-Spinner's signal? Oh Yes.
It's faint, but there is a response in the Northeastern direction.
Hey, where are you going? The influence of the Moon's approach has made the soil unstable.
I don't want my birthplace destroyed, so I'll go check things out.
Then I'll come too- It's dangerous, so please wait here.
Rossiu! I think you've done well.
Yes You did well.
It's not something just anyone could've done.
The response is close! Is that it? Answer my question, pilot.
What are you doing? Are you the Commander-in-chief? We're on our way to bring these animals back to nature.
Sorry for the trouble.
Please proceed with your work.
We were chasing after the wrong heat source Patience, Kinon.
Rossiu He wasn't trying to use you for selfish means.
Even after the trial, he was I know, Kinon.
That's right Simon-san! His birthplace I remember him telling me once, that half of his soul belongs in that village Adai village? You're right.
I'm sure he's there! Let's go, Kinon! Yes! This village used to be so poor, it could only have fifty residents.
Back then, living had a meaning of sacrifice to us.
The surface was a world where everyone could live.
I fought believing in that.
However I was wrong.
After all, I ended up trying to sacrifice even more lives than before.
That sin, must be put to an end.
BSS and Anon # BSS @ Rizon What? What's going on? All Spiral systems are starting up! The main engine is operating too! Why? We haven't even finished construction High speed Spiral capacity response confirmed.
Rossiu! A sin must be judged.
My sin, by my hands.
Rossiu! Running the Spiral capacity recognition system.
Wait for me Rossiu! Please don't die Rossiu! Gurren-Lagann! Stay away! You mustn't!! ROSSIUUU!!! CLENCH THOSE TEETH!! Did that open your eyes, Rossiu? A long time ago, I got punched like this too.
Everyone makes mistakes.
That's obvious.
But you know what When they make mistakes, it's okay for someone to punch them.
There's no reason to punish oneself.
At the time, one might think it's a mistake they can't fix.
However If you just keep kicking and struggling, you can advance a little.
Punching me with all his strength, saying "Believe in yourself, who believes in himself" That's what I was told, and that's probably what it all comes down to.
That's what I believe.
You tried to do something that I couldn't.
What's wrong with that? Simon san Come, Rossiu.
I need you.
No Looks like there's someone who needs you more than I do.
I'm sorry, Kinon.
How is it, Rossiu? Sitting in the cockpit, for a change? It's very nostalgic.
Glad to hear.
Um Am I too heavy? Yes, heavy.
Very heavy.
I I should get off after all.
It's fine like this.
I want to feel it now.
I want to know what a person's weight is like.
Aren't humans fascinating after all? Rossiu I was mistaken.
They created a dimensional space between the membranes of the 10th and 11th dimension, in order to escape from the Super Spiral's search for them.
Too bad.
Even I don't know what's going on here.
There is no doubt this is the Anti-Spiral's home planet.
How can you tell? This is The ring? But why? What we call the universe is ambiguous.
It only becomes certain when it is first recognized.
That is a law of this universe.
Even if it were to go into space, once an object has been identified, it will respond to a Spiral search.
Is that an argument on evil space customs? Rossiu, are you a monster? This is not like you guys.
Theories don't matter.
All we need to do is get going.
Correct! We can go as long as we know that.
Once we identify the dimensional coordinates, it's possible to transport there in an instant.
That's the Spiral Planet Recognition-Transportation System.
If you recognize someone, in that instant you can go to them.
Would you die if I wished hard enough? A warp? I've already tried that.
In short, you can fly if you have the will.
But In that case, we should consider that our enemies can warp too.
You're right.
I wonder if it will be safe on Earth when Gurren-Lagann's not around? Please go, Simon-san.
Rossiu While you're gone, I'll figure out something.
So, please go.
That's right, Simon.
If we don't go, the men will get bored.
All we need to do is find their headquarters and kick their asses.
We've always fought like that.
Am I right? Everyone We're not doing this for you.
We just want to put an end to this.
The trembling of the surface, that is.
Hear me, Anne? Your uncle's going to the edge of the galaxy.
Look forward to my stories about it! Kiyoh, I have something to talk about- You can go.
Eh? It's about that, right? You're fine with it? It's the Great Gurren Brigade's final battle, isn't it? If Dayakka of Ritona village didn't participate, what would happen? I'm glad I have you! I'm really glad I married you! You big fool.
Do your best protecting Earth.
And make sure you come back.
Yeah, I promise! Hey, don't cry! Men are all really stupid, aren't they? The dimensional anchor has broken into the alternate universe.
It is now fixed onto the real Moon.
Dayakka, orders.
Set engine power to 50%! Accelerate and increase speed! Engine power set to 50%! Accelerating and increasing speed! It really came out.
So that's the real Moon, eh? With this the lunar effects on Earth shouldn't be disrupted when we leave.
I think I'll believe anything that happens at this point.
M-me too.
I'm sorry.
It's a tremendous amount of work, but Please leave it to us.
Even if you don't return, I will make sure that humanity prospers here.
By kicking and struggling, if it comes to that.
Old Coco! Why are you here? What in the world? That's! Thank you, Old Coco.
I'll definitely bring Nia back.
It's the Great Gurren Brigade's flag! Yes.
This same flag is none other than the one used at Teppelin's capture.
This is? Gimbley.
Yes? I'm looking forward to working together again.
Yes sir.
I'll be leaving now.
Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone.
Hyper Galaxy Dai-Gurren, prepare for takeoff! Hyper Galaxy Dai-Gurren? Yeah.
It's the Hyper Galaxy Dai-Gurren.
I see.
Rather than Cathedral Terra, it suits you guys much better.
That's right.
Kittan, Leeron, Dayakka, Zoushi, Kidd, Ailac, Jougan, Barinbou, Makken, Tetsukan, Gabal, Attenborough, Gimmy, Darry, Cybela, Reite, Yoko, Viral, Lord Genome, and Boota.
As long as we have the unity of the Dai-Gurren Brigade, there's nothing to be afraid of! Start all engines! Run the Spiral Capacity Recognition System! Lets go! This is the final battle! Invisible and immeasurably massive in number! The infinite enemies are a not a problem! They are unjust, outlaws! This path alone I won't hand over! Next time on Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Episode 24: Never Shall We Forget, This Minute and Second