Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series (2009) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[MAN PANTING] [GUNFIRE] [GUNFIRE] [MAN PANTING] [MAN PANTING] [GASPS] Ah! BLAIR: Survival is our most primal instinct no matter who we are or what we do.
The need to keep breathing to keep living to fight another day, consumes us.
Sometimes it overtakes us.
Makes us forget what it is we're fighting for in the first place.
PILOT [ON RADIO]: We're eight minutes out.
Report to ops at touchdown.
BLAIR: Even I needed a reminder.
And now, I'd lost him.
Ah! COMMANDER: You made contact with The Ghost? BLAIR: Correct.
He is a human, a hacker.
The complications with our comms were unintentional.
COMMANDER: But still lethal.
Sir, he's able to do something extraordinary disrupt machine communications somehow.
Did you ever consider he may be a tool of Skynet? I did, but not this guy.
He's on his own.
We need to go back and find him.
He's an asset.
Can't risk losing any more men.
He found his way underground once.
Let's hope, for his sake, he can do it again.
BLAIR: This could be the beginning of what we need to fight these things.
COMMANDER: Report to your captain for reassignment.
You're a pilot, we need you in the air.
BLAIR: Negative, sir.
I will give you precisely one more opportunity to revise your response.
You even talk like a machine.
[SIREN WAILING] WOMAN [ON PA]: Incoming attack here COMMANDER: Aerostats on your ta WOMAN: Multiple targets.
Report to Expedition.
All pilots Come on, you stupid piece of junk.
[GUNFIRE] COMMANDER: He gave up our position.
BLAIR: No, it's me.
- I did this.
- You? BLAIR: Skynet's hunting him just like we were.
They obviously targeted me too.
COMMANDER: We have to retreat.
SOLDIER 1: Reloading.
SOLDIERS: Ugh! Ah! SOLDIERS: Ah! [WOMAN CRYING] LAZ: Do you need help? What's the matter? The most wonderful thing in the world happened.
What? [BABY CRYING] BLAIR: Come on.
Take it to them! We've almost got it.
BLAIR: Reloading.
SOLDIER 2: Cover me! SOLDIER 2: We're with you! [BABY CRYING] WOMAN: You look like you've been running.
LAZ: I still am.
You need help? Shame to be on your own.
I wasn't.
I was with someone.
A fighter.
COMMANDER: They're advancing.
SOLDIER 1: Ugh! SOLDIER 2: Medic! LAZ: She almost died trying to protect me.
They're probably after her because of me.
Well, if they're after her why aren't they after you? SOLDIER 1: You're a pilot? BLAIR: Yeah, A-10.
- Think we can get to it? - We can't stay here.
BLAIR: Let's go! [SQUEAKING] [PEOPLE SCREAMING & GUNFIRE] Come on, we gotta get out of here.
Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! COMMANDER: Williams, you leave this base and you are no longer under the protection of this command.
Do you understand? Affirmative.
BLAIR: We need to make a stop.
I lost something.
- You have comm gear? - What? You have a weapon, use it.
LAZ: Listen to me, do you have any comm gear? MAN: Yeah, over there.
[DISTORTION NOISE BUZZING] MAN: Come on, this is our shot.
LAZ: Ugh! [HELICOPTER WHIRRING] PILOT [ON RADIO]: Can 't believe you survived down there on foot.
PILOT: Any sign of him? BLAIR: He's gone.