Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series (2009) s01e07 Episode Script

Character Profile Blair Williams

MAN: In Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series we've created an entire new story for this series.
And it's all focused on the character of Blair, played by Moon Bloodgood.
BLAIR: It wasn 't always like this.
I had a life.
We all did.
But then, Judgment Day.
The machines rose, exterminated mankind.
We were the last hope for survival against the machines.
My name is Blair Williams.
I fight for the Resistance.
Our story tracks Blair as she moves through the different components of humanity during the war.
I find the themes of Terminator, created by Jim Cameron to be incredibly resonant.
One of the things that I think is so important is the idea that a common person you know, after the events of Judgment Day can become extraordinary and transform.
And this is one of the things you see with the character of Blair in Terminator Salvation, the movie and in "Terminator Salvation," the game and in Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series.
You see this amazing woman in transformation.
BLAIR: Fear.
I stopped being afraid a long time ago.
MIDDLETON: As strong as she is, as great a fighter as she is she never loses her humanity.
I'm Blair.
You're gonna be okay now.
I'm right here with you.
My character became more than in the movie.
Her humanity is obviously her strength.
But I think that, to some degree, becomes her flaw as well.
This is a city of ghosts and I had been sent to find one.
It takes years to create a human soldier and just moments for these things.
Time was running out.
In this Machinima Series, we are many years after Judgment Day.
Judgment Day is a time when an artificial intelligence named Skynet created a nuclear conflagration.
And in doing so, killed 6 billion people and destroyed the world.
The movie, Terminator Salvation, takes place in 2018.
The machines have risen and mankind is really at war against them and not doing well.
The Machinima Series takes place two and a half years prior to that.
So you could call it 2016.
The core story line is That's written by Andy Shapiro, is fantastic.
And it really brings another dimension to both Blair Williams and the overall franchise itself.
One of the great components of all the Terminator movies is this presence of a strong female.
That's what Blair Williams gives us in Terminator Salvation.
MIDDLETON: As played by Moon Bloodgood she is truly embodying the Terminator iconic hero image.
And, most importantly, she will do things that are based on her own moral code and sometimes they are very surprising.
SHAPIRO: We begin the story with her out of place.
The story is about her finding her true place in the Resistance.
BLAIR: I used to fight alone, though I didn 't know I was alone.
SHAPIRO: Moon Bloodgood is absolutely the perfect person to play Blair.
I got to see a different side of Blair, and I'm also very much in command.
She brings both a lot of energy to the character, and believability in the fact that this character has the skill set as a fighter.
Moon is also extremely optimistic but she also has an edge to her.
Violence never has bothered me.
I love horror films, I love sci-fi.
MIDDLETON: Moon is somebody that I think probably would survive Judgment Day.
There's gonna be a lot more said and told about the character of Blair Williams.
Because I think we have found gold in this character as played, especially, by Moon Bloodgood.
It's you.
Blair is very much a tough girl but I think Well, I hope, likable and real and truthful.