Terrahawks (1983) s02e01 Episode Script

Operation S.A.S.

1 Terrahawks, stay on this channel.
This is an emergency.
The crowd, estimated at over one hundred thousand waits as we enter the last few seconds of the countdown for this historic flight.
We have ignition.
We have lift-off.
The start of a scheduled 34-hour tour of the planet Earth.
And so John S.
Franklin, the sixth World President becomes the first to venture into space.
This is election year.
The Administration needs some good publicity.
That may be so, but while the President and his PR circus joyride round the Earth, Terrahawks' hands are tied.
We had to make the orbital path a restricted area.
You must understand that.
All I understand is we have a million-mile wide gap in our defences.
An open door for Zelda to walk right though.
Well, Yung-Star? I have listened to the Earthling's special waves.
At this very moment their President circles the Earth.
I hope his ship is hit by a space bolt.
Mother, it is our chance.
What do you mean? Even the accursed Terrahawks cannot go near the President's ship.
We can fly to Earth in perfect safety.
It is my chance! Your chance? To carry out a most devious scheme I have planned and cherished for so long.
I Will think about it.
Oh, goody! Oh, ho, ho, hoo! Lost again, Tiger? Yeah.
Beating this thing is like trying to make holes in water.
Well, I'm off to meet the man from Anderburr Records.
- Have a good fright.
- Thanks! Tell me something, Kate.
Do those guys ever suspect you're part of Terrahawks? No even in their wildest dreams.
We can't go on like this.
What shall we do? I think it's better we go our separate ways.
All right.
Stay bright! - The Coffee's on.
- Great.
Let's get to the song.
Smouldering ash heaps, Mother! I can't take HER with me! ENOUGH! I decide who goes to Earth and who does not.
Why are you letting Yung-Star go alone? He is not going alone.
He needs a commander.
Someone steeled by experience and with extraordinary powers over metallic objects.
No, Mother, not him! Anyone but him.
He's so incredibly ugly.
That's as may be.
But he is a proven heroic leader.
Come forward, my furry Napoleon.
Look at him.
Have you ever seen anything so grotesque! Arh, ow, wow, wow-wow-wow.
Keep away from me, you monstrosity! Ah, ow, wow-wow, how.
No, leave that alone! Mother, stop him! He's bending my Ferret.
Mother! Look what he's done! It'll take weeks to repair.
Let that be a lesson to you.
And a demonstration of the hairy one's prowess.
Rurr, rowr-how.
The ZEAF is prepared.
You leave for Earth immediately! Lieutenant.
We have a contact.
It's alien.
Lock onto target.
Locking on.
Lieutenant, we won't be able to open fire.
It's using the presidential shuttle as a shield.
It's a ZEAF.
But we had to let it through.
Ten ten, Hiro.
Like I always say expect the expected.
Place guards and unload the ZEAF.
The ideal place to bring my plan to fruition.
It's turning rather chilly.
I hope they won't keep me standing here too long.
Hey, yah! This is amaa-zing! Huh, huh, huh! Hey, this is really a great house you have here, Miss Kestrel.
- You've been here before.
- Have I? Oh, Yah! I mean, I have, yah! Okay, right - yah, well, amazing.
Errn uh, but I just don't seem able to remember, you know? Did you remember the backing track? The backing track? Oh, yah, sure! Yah, er, I got it right here.
Okay? Why don't we give the lyrics a try? Why, erm.
Yah, sure, ma'am.
Okay er, well, here we go, Miss Kestrel.
Here we go! "Now that you're gone" can remember.
" "Bright city lights, And days on our own.
" "Once we stood in the end" "We would flee for time again.
" "When I asked you for more, You just turned and closed the door.
" "I need you tonight.
Can I keep trying, wrong or right?" "Just to reach you tonight" Hey, er, was that like a, erm, y'know, a backfire - or something? - I mean, er--- - HUDSON, get off the road.
Yes, madam.
Hey, erm, Miss Kestrel, look, now--- That actually WAS an explosion back there.
Erm--- HUDSON, head cross-country, for those woods.
Er, hey, look, I I don't wanna be uncool about this or anything, man, you know? Erm, but we don't seem to have a driver.
You know what I mean, Miss Kestrel, yah? What's wrong, HUDSON? I'm so--- terribly sorry, madam.
Whoever said that, uh-huh, he sounds, like, in pain, y'know? I mean, er--- Now look, what is happening? Okay, yah, er, fine, right.
Okay, well, maybe, I should go and try and, you know, get some help.
Stay where you are.
Tuh--- Huh?! Don't move a muscle.
Ho, ho, ho, hah, hah, ho! Ho, ha, ha, ha, hoo! Whooo-hoo-hoo, ho, ho, ho! Blurrrh! This Earth food - ugh! It's disgusting.
How can you eat it? Bread, filled with dead animal flesh? What do you want from us? A location.
Huh! Oh, yeah, right, okay.
Don't tell me.
Erm you're in the film industry, yah? Huh, I know: er--- a producer, yeah? the location of the Terrahawks' stinking lair.
It's been ten hours, Tiger! All right, Kate's in serious trouble.
But we're doing all we can.
This chamber is capable of inducing unbelievable pain.
Tell me what I wish to know, or one of you will experience this pain.
We don't know what you're talking about.
You! Where is the base of the accursed Terrahawks? The base? Erm--- Oh, right, yeah - they've got a bass player, have they? Oh, yah, right, okay.
Let's see, now, um, Terrahawks, Terrahawks, Terrahawks.
Erm--- I know, are they one of those really, y'know, amazing new heavy Asian groups, man, yah? How's HUDSON? He'll be fine, but he wasn't able to tell us much.
Kate could be anywhere.
We've been monitoring and recording all news reports.
We may have had a break.
Play it back, Zero.
Here's one for the scrapbook.
A guy with a bear on a lead walked into a sandwich bar.
"Real old, real ugly and real weird.
" The guy asked for a sand-wish.
And get this he wanted real sand.
Where's that station? Just outside North Town.
Let's go.
Flying at maximum speed.
- Ten twenty.
- Seventeen minutes.
Ten ten, Zero.
Check out the area, Hiro.
Search over a fifty-mile radius.
Ten ten, Doctor.
Start scan, One Oh One.
Maximum magnification.
This powder from the walls is quite palatable.
Ah, I see we are ready to begin.
You'll get nothing from me.
Start the chamber.
Oh, really? You don't say! What is it, One Oh One? One of my men can see it.
It's a ZEAF.
The pain will soon begin, and you will talk.
Don't lay odds on it.
Hey, Miss-Miss Kestrel, you know, I really think, heh, y'know, maybe you should talk.
We've located the ZEAF.
Have relayed grid reference to Battlehawk computer.
Good work, Hiro.
Take her down, Mary.
We go in low and hit them hard.
The spikes are inching closer! Whoo! We're under attack! Bring the woman to the window.
Let the despicable Terrahawks see we have a hostage.
Showing me won't stop the attack.
Surrender while you're still in one piece.
Hey, now look, Miss Kestrel, you know I really think you, you should show yourself, you know? Please!? Drop the Battletank.
Come on, Zero.
Let's get out there.
ALL RIGHT, LADS! OPEN FIRE! Hold your fire, Ninestein.
It's Miss Kestrel, sir.
- You all right, Kate? - Yeah.
Give 'em space fire, Tiger! Brave girl.
Give up now, android.
Or we flatten the house.
Then you will kill the woman hostage.
Keep firing, but keep clear of Kate.
Great molten boulders! We will all be destroyed! The Battletank's seized up, sir.
Look at that.
It's telekinesis.
We're in trouble.
Erp--- tele who, sah? The ability to bend metal objects with the mind.
Whoever's doing it must be taken out.
My congratulations! The attack seems to have ceased.
Hey, now, listen to yourself, Stuart.
Listen, Stuart Dapples all this is not happening, right, man? Okay? But it's a sewer! Huh, ja--- ha--- Sah! I mean, it's so--- so undignified, sir.
Hah, I just cannot do it, sir.
Ever heard of the SAS, Zero? The SAS? Ooh, the finest body of men in the world, sah.
They are magnificent sir.
Well, let's call this assignment "Operation SAS".
Oooh! Operation SAS.
I'm with you all the way, sah! It'll need two of you.
I’ll take--- Dicks Huet.
Sacre bleu.
Where is all ziss leading? Just follow your nose.
Zuf! Zat is not 'ard to do.
Huh! Keep rolling, lad.
They have given up.
They're beaten.
We've won! This is it.
Increase mass.
And STROLL ON!! Goof! Ooah.
Um Uh-uh--- OH! Whoof.
An unorthodox entrance but - great work, Zero! - Ho, well, hum.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Your furry friend's out cold.
It's all over, android.
She's right.
Terms, Ninestein.
I plead for terms of surrender.
No terms.
Mother, HELP US! Zelda reclaims her own.
There goes your furry friend.
Maybe she doesn't want you, sonny boy.
MOTHER! Don't leave me behind.
MOTHER!! Oh, no, it was just amaazing, right? I mean, really incredible, fantastic“! I mean, a whole secret base, right - okay? But who's gonna believe me, you know? Huh, don't worry bout it, Stu.
Stu? Stu Dapples.
Stewed Apples? Wipe his memory for the last twenty-four hours.
Ten ten! And the ugly old weirdo with the bear, man? You know, I mean craazy, you know?! Just relax.
And the car! Uh, that Roller man, with, y'know, like - no driver! I mean, FAR OUT! Y'know, nobody at the wheel! Erm, amazing, going along, and it was really cool and then suddenly this weird thing at the window and, man, I dunno it was all so weird and m-multi-coloured and far out.
What's happening, Stu? Well, what's happening, right, okay.
Well, er, it's Monday morning and we're fully booked, man - you know? What kind of a weekend did you have? Weekend? Oh, yeah, right.
Erm well, I don't remember too much about it actually, y'know, I mean--- Er, I think it was probably one of those amazing, mind-blowing non-events.
Mine, too.
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