That's So Raven (2003) s01e20 Episode Script

Separation Anxiety

1 Oh, look.
It's the perfect Sunday morning.
Dad's making waffles.
Mom's squeezing fresh orange juice, and well, Corey's still living here.
Almost perfect.
I know, Lionel.
She's mean.
What? He thinks you're ugly, too.
Corey, in the cage.
You, not the rat.
What's up, folks? Your houseguest has arrived.
Hey, Eddie.
So, Eddie what kind of waffles do you want? We got blueberry, boysenberry raspberry and strawberry.
Well, uh, how about Halle Berry? Don't hurt nobody.
Shake it up, shake it up.
So, uh, you're just going to have the plain waffle? Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, my mom told me to tell you guys thanks again for letting me stay here while she's at her dental conference.
It's the least we can do.
She takes care of our teeth.
We take care of her son.
You're family.
Did you bring the free toothpaste? Yeah.
Got it.
Why don't you take your stuff upstairs and when you come back down, you can have breakfast.
You're going to be staying in Corey's room.
What? No way! Corey Fine.
But if you cut the cheese one time you're sleeping on the couch.
Well, aren't you glad you're staying with my loving family? That's it, Tonya.
I can't take this anymore.
We're going to have to split up.
Yep, that's me.
Oh, no, no.
Now let me explain the rules of the my room.
No gels, no smells.
No sprays.
No mouth mouthwash.
You should keep that.
Look, is he going to be staying in here? That's the same thing Lionel just said about you.
Corey, I need to speak to Eddie alone.
Excuse me? This is my room.
Oh, that's right.
Boy, and there is something so cool about your room.
Come here.
Let me show you.
You're going to love it.
Look, stand out there.
Ready? Ready, ready? Ready? Look, ready? It locks.
Eddie, I am freaking out.
I just had a vision my parents are going to split up.
Your parents? They're the last people I thought would ever get a divorce.
I know.
And I mean, they hardly every argue that much.
Hey, my parents never argued either so, I never saw it coming.
But you did.
So, you still have time to do something.
And I'll help you.
I'm listening.
Well, there's always little signs when people are thinking about getting a divorce.
Like, you know, how your parents are all happy and stuff? Yeah.
That's got to stop.
They're just holding in all that anger.
Well, you think? Eddie, I don't know.
I think I might need a second opinion.
Well, Raven, you have come to the right person because both my parents are therapists and I can tell you, like anything you want to know about relationships.
Okay, so what does it mean? Time's up.
See you next week.
I totally Here's what I've been thinking.
Maybe Rae's parents are going to break up because they haven't been spending enough time together.
I mean, that's what happened to my parents.
That's a good point, Eddie.
A successful marriage is one that coexists with equality and mutual respect.
A couple should unselfishly put aside the "I" and make for time for the "we.
" 'Cause you can't spell "we" with an "i.
" You spell "insane" with an "i.
" So, maybe I just need to get my parents to spend more time together.
Yes, yes, yes.
They call that "creating a safe place for the we to grow.
" And to blossom.
We call that the "us" shutting up the "you.
" Hey, Mom, what are you doing down here all alone in the quiet? Being all alone in the quiet.
But that's all over now, isn't it? You know what else is good reading, Mom? A cookbook which is in the kitchen with Dad and I'm sure he'd love for you to spend some more time with him.
Really? Yup.
He never told me that.
Did-did he tell you that? Well, um, kind of sort of.
Not really.
Okay, buh-bye.
Hey, hon.
Need some help cutting those veggies? Sure.
Love some.
There you go.
Thank you.
Look at us.
Cutting together.
Reminds me of when I was little and I used to help Great Grandma Izzetta in the kitchen.
She'd always say "I don't believe in all that "fancy weighing and measuring.
"Just throw it all in.
It'll chew.
" How would she know? She didn't have no teeth.
"I came in this world with no teeth and I'm going out the same way.
" What's going on? Take a look.
They are spending time together.
No way are they going to get a divorce.
Oh, okay.
And I say, "Grandma Izzetta you don't wear your teeth, you don't wear your bra.
" And she said "Child, I'm 92.
Trust me, nobody lookin'.
" Where's your wedding ring? Oh, um, you know I don't like to wear it when I cook 'cause it always gets junked up with food and stuff.
Victor, it's not just when you cook.
You don't wear it when you shower when you take out the garbage.
Baby, I'm sure it'll show up someplace.
How do you know you didn't just bake it into that cake or something? Tonya, I'm a professional chef.
I don't make mistakes like that.
Just forget it.
The ring is a symbol of our marriage and you treat it like it's nothing.
Man, it's too bad your parents had that fight last night.
That cake was looking good.
How can they get divorced over a missing ring? It hasn't happened yet.
You still have time to change the future.
You just got to stay positive, Rae.
Positive? I don't know if I can, you know.
I just can't fake something like that.
Morning, sunshines.
Who's going to have a good day today? We are.
I said positive, Rae-- not psycho.
Hey, has anybody seen Lionel? He got out again.
Ask your father.
He knows all about things getting lost.
Is this coffee bitter? No.
Must be you.
Hey, now.
Now, why don't I make us all a loving family breakfast? I'm not hungry.
Neither am I.
I am.
Two eggs over easy.
Dig in.
Kids, I'm going to take you to school.
I'll be waiting in my car.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm taking the kids to school.
I'll be waiting in my car.
Eddie, what do I do? Well there's only one thing you can do.
Little thing.
How fast can you break your leg? Okay, this is never going to work.
I'm telling you, Rae, when I broke my leg my parents forgot all about their problems and focused their attention on me.
It really brought them together.
Okay, well, Chelsea, you really have to make it look like it's in a cast.
Hey, Rae? Why doesn't your leg just audition for the school play? 'Cause then it'll be in a cast.
Get it? A cast, like a cast.
Isn't that funny? No.
You know what? My parents are really angry.
Maybe I just need to break one more thing.
Okay, there's the wall.
This should keep them together for years.
Sorry, Mr.
Hey, girl.
Oh, girl.
Oh, I'm so sorry Oh, I'm so sorry.
Oh, can't help you.
Eddie, there's a banner.
Eddie, there's a ban Eddie, there's a banner! I'm telling you, Rae when your parents see you like this they're going to freak.
Yeah, Rae, I mean they're going to be up all night worrying about you.
They won't be able to, like, sleep or eat.
I mean, their lives are going to be this bottomless pit of misery until you get better.
Promise? Absolutely.
They're going to come back together.
We'll be upstairs.
Hi, Dad.
Hi Hey, Lionel.
What are you doing here? Lionel, you need to get back in your cage, sweetie.
What are you doing, Lionel? LiLi Lionel? Lionel, get out of there.
Lionel, no.
Lionel, stop it! Get out! No! Lionel! Lionel, stop it.
No, no.
No! Get out of Oh, man.
No, I said I was going to pick him up.
Hi, Mom.
Hi, Dad.
Bye, Mom.
Bye, Dad.
I'm fine.
What happened to you? Oh, well at least somebody cares.
I was trying to help people out and see, and then Did the bad lady hurt you? I love this picture of me and my folks.
Don't we look happy? Where's Corey? Oh, he wasn't born yet.
That's why we were so happy.
You guys I'm never going to stop this vision from happening.
Oh, look, Rae.
If it makes you feel better, divorce isn't so bad.
Check this out.
I got two homes, two bedrooms and two TVs.
Of course, a brother's got to make two beds but that's cool.
Eddie, you're okay with your parents not being together? No, but I deal with it.
And I still think I could have stopped it.
Oh, you guys, look at this one.
Mom and Dad at country-western bar.
It was their first date.
Oh, gosh, they were so happy.
And still are.
Yes, and will be, uh-huh.
And, and, and please stop me.
Oh, no, Chelsea, that's a great idea.
All we have to do is remind these two people how much they still love each other.
What are you doing home so early? I got a message from Rae.
She said to get home right away.
She left me the same message on my cell.
Do you have your key? Why? Did you lose yours? Huh? That's okay.
Happens to all of us.
Uh, what's going on in here? Howdy do, folks.
Come on in.
Eddie, what is No, no, no time for chitchat, missy.
You come and take a seat right here.
Just like you did on the night of June 23, 1983.
When you were young and in love.
Whee, doggy! June 23rd that was our first date.
It was? It was.
Hey, how 'bout a little something to wet your whistle, huh? Hey, Jimmy Ray, get on out here.
Howdy, partner.
Evening, ma'am.
Fine night for falling in love, ain't it? Okay, where's your sister? Chelsea Mae, hit the lights.
And now, without further ado introducing the little lady with the big voice and even bigger hair.
Put your hands together for the queen of country music Mrs.
Rodeo Raven, whoo! Hello, folks, and welcome to Rusty's Bar and Grill located on I-94, right next to Leanna's Hair Emporium where the bigger the hair, the more we care.
Are the memories of love just flooding back? Flooding back.
Anyway, here's a song for all you first-daters out there.
Remember when love was new and you loved him and he loved you? Stay together Stay together You two were meant to be Like white leather Like white leather On Elvis Presley 'Cause love is rare Time will prove it And like my hair You can't move it No, you can't Stay together Stay together Like chili and corn bread Love's forever Love's forever Absorb what I've said Remember this night Try not to fight And we'll be all right Stay together Stay together For the sake of the kids Stay together, please.
Thank you.
You know what they're trying to do, don't you? They want us to stop fighting.
And they want you to apologize to me.
Excuse me? One more time.
Stay together Rae, please.
Now, look, baby we appreciate what you're trying to do but you got to let your mother and I work this out amongst ourselves.
There'd be nothing to work out if you hadn't lost the ring in the first place.
That's it, Tonya.
I can't take this anymore.
We're going to have to split up.
Eddie, that was my vision.
You look upstairs, I'll look downstairs.
One of us has got to find it.
What? Um, uh, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Um, you're not getting a divorce? A divorce? A divorce? See, I had a vision of Dad saying "split up.
" So that's what I thought and I've been trying to keep it from happening.
Oh, honey, come here.
Honey, your dad and I are not getting a divorce.
Not even close.
Just because we have an argument doesn't mean we're not going to work things out.
Yeah, baby, you got to understand just because we disagree, it's not your job to fix it.
And that goes for you, too.
Okay? Okay.
I'm glad that's over.
This hat's messing up a brother's 'fro.
Oh, bizzle.
Funny, I never really thought you guys would be into country western.
Actually, we're not.
I thought I was taking Rae's mom to Motown Night and it turned out to be Hoe-down Night.
That was the worst first date ever.
And I loved every minute of it.
Really? Whee, doggy.
Come on, partner.
I'll go rustle up some vittles in the saloon.
You, too, Johnny Ray.
It's Jimmy Ray.
Don't you recognize me, Daddy? Well, I'm glad everything worked out for you, Rae.
Oh, and Eddie you know you couldn't have done anything.
About what, Rae? About your parents splitting up.
I mean, didn't you hear what they said? It's your mom and dad's problem, not yours.
I guess so.
I just never really thought of it that way.
Thanks, Rae.
Hey, guys.
I'm going to wear my outfit to school tomorrow because then if I forget my homework I could just say "My wee doggy ate it.
" Get it? My wee doggy, my doggy Isn't that funny? No.
Hey, look what I found.
My ring.
Where did you find it? I didn't.
Lionel did.
It was in his cage, sitting in a big pile of rat poop.
Honey, do you mind walking Corey to school today? Yes, but I need the leash.
And can you please make him promise not to lift his leg up every time he sees a bush? Hello.
I'm the one walking with a dog.
You know, your dad and I thought you might feel this way but we still think that you should Walk together Walk together You two were meant to be, like brother and sister Brother and sister Why, you're a family Don't fight It ain't right You ought to be tight Walk together Okay! Okay! All right! Let's go.
Hurry up.
Don't let her touch you.
Come on.