That's So Raven (2003) s02e01 Episode Script

Out of Control

Baby, this restaurant is everything we ever dreamed of.
And the best part is, this is my place.
I mean, finally, I'm the boss and nobody can tell me what to do.
Yeah, that's sweet, Dad.
Hey, yeah, get back to work.
Uh Rae, I know you're excited about the opening and all, but let me explain to you how it works at The Chill Grill.
I grill.
You chill.
One, two.
Mom? Mom, what are you doing? I'm scatting.
That's cute.
But what if someone actually heard you? I mean, you know, there's going to be a lot of kids from our school hanging around The Chill Grill.
Excuse you.
Just doing a sound check.
You know, we're going to have live entertainment opening night.
We are?! Mom, when was this decided? Oh, excuse me.
People, people, people, listen up, people, okay This place has to be cool, because, as we all know, it is a reflection upon me.
So, the following things are uncool: Mom scatting-- yeah, that's got to go.
Two: Dad's face on these flyers.
Gotta go.
Just say the word, Dad.
Three: Corey-- gotta go.
You know what, actually, make Corey number one.
So, starting from the top Man, Rae is really tripping on this whole restaurant thing.
I know, she has to control everything.
Which is exactly why we can't tell her what we're doing.
It slipped? My foot is going to slip.
Get back here! If you kids break anything Victor, you stop it.
You're going to sprain something.
You always do.
Uh anyway, y'all have fun.
Yeah, you know what? We're just going to see ourselves out, thanks.
Stop, stop running, both of you, stop it! Yep, that's me.
Come to the grand opening of The Chill Grill.
Cool food, cool people, cool bathrooms.
Well, actually, they're not really that cool.
They're just super clean.
But I guess you can say that's cool.
Hey, Devon! Hey, how you doing? Hey, what's up, Raven? Um, did I give you one of these? Only a hundred.
But, uh, I can always use another one.
That's a cute picture.
It was my dad's idea.
Um, yeah, so do you think you can make it? Are you guys going to have egg rolls? It's not a Chinese restaurant.
That's too bad.
It's like all I eat.
Wait, wait! Devon! Devon, get back here.
I don't think I heard you.
Did you say, "egg rolls"? Boy, of course we got egg rolls.
We are rolling with the egg rolls.
You better stop me, I'm on the egg roll! Cool.
I'll try to make it.
Bye, Devon-derfuliciousness.
You guys, major news! Devon Carter said he's going to try to make it to the grand opening.
Do you know what this means? Yeah.
More work for us.
Chelsea, I'm going to need a wardrobe conference.
And, Eddie, I'm going to need egg roll recipes.
Okay, but what if we have other plans? Plans that I don't know about? That is pretty hilarious.
But seriously, Rae, we do have other plans.
What y'all doing? We're bowling.
Actually, we were bowling and surfing.
Yeah, yeah, right.
We are blurfing.
Blurfing? Yeah, see, uh see, you, uh you bowl on a surfboard.
And it's cool, except for, you know, the, uh, the board scratches the lanes.
'Cause they're still working out the kinks and stuff like that.
So, um y'all can't help out 'cause you got to blurf? Yeah, Rae, well, you know, it's not us.
We're in a league.
And we better go.
What's that? This is Monty.
Isn't he cute and not creepy at all? Corey's working on his "ventriloquist act" for opening night.
What? Hey, Toots, Halloween's over.
You can take off that mask now.
What's up with that? Okay, Dummy and Dumber gotta go.
Okay, Corey, time for school.
Monty, too? Fine, but he rides in the trunk.
What's up with that? Hey, Dad, I just have a question.
Rae, I told you I'm not putting egg rolls on the menu.
Oh, come on, Dad.
Egg rolls are sweeping the nation.
Four out of five kids surveyed said that when it comes to rolls, egg is their favorite.
Followed by cinnamon and, uh, the Tootsie.
Rae, forget about egg rolls.
Look, if you really want to help, why don't you and Eddie and Chelsea come down to The Chill Grill after school and help set the tables? They can't.
Why not? Because they got to blurf.
Say what? Well, now I know what blurfing is.
What did you see? Disaster.
Eddie and Chelsea, they they looked like they were about to-to kiss.
So why is that so bad? Because, Dad, we have always been a threesome.
If they become a twosome, then I become a onesome.
Then if they break up, we become three onesomes, which is definitely not as good as one threesome.
Well, sometimes your visions aren't exactly what you think they are.
Look, Rae, why don't you just ask Eddie and Chelsea straight up what's going on? Yeah.
I guess you're right.
Hey, so what's going on with you two? Nothing.
Oh, 'cause, um lately it's kind of seemed like something.
Well, uh, sometimes nothing can seem like something.
And yet sometimes something can actually be something.
Unless it's nothing.
Nothing yet or nothing at all? 'Cause if it's nothing at all, we can do it together.
Why not? Because if three people do nothing, then it actually becomes something.
Hey, Mr.
Brizowski, are we ever going to get our reports back? About your reports for some reason, I'm having a little trouble locating them.
All right, all right, all right, that's enough already.
Look, just read the next chapter in At Least You Have Your Health.
I'll sort through my desk.
What have we here? A little love note perhaps? Come to Mama.
It's mine now.
Mm! Okay, minor setback.
If you don't clean out your desk, you'll never find those reports.
I just want to, you know, sharpen my pencil.
I'm kidding, go ahead, go ahead.
And get that note.
How old is this? A guacamole sandwich? Oh, I remember.
That was chicken salad.
I used to love these old sweat socks.
Hey, there's still some sweat in them.
This is fun.
What else have I got? Expires April 15, 1993.
Come on, come on Oh, nuts.
I found the reports.
Now I've got to grade them.
Does anybody have a pencil? "Eddie, must meet at my house after school.
Sink broken.
Have to wait for plumber.
" "I'll be there.
" "Can't wait.
" I knew it! They do have something going on.
Got to put a stop to this.
Ooh, right after I take a three-hour shower.
Oh, no, I'm sorry.
I can't stop thinking about how we're sneaking behind Raven's back.
Chelse, you know Rae.
I mean, if she knew that we were practicing a dance for her dad's opening night she'd just wind up trying to control the whole thing.
She'd probably want us to do everything her way.
Just leave her clueless.
Well, you know, it's always worked for me.
Okay, let's go.
Ready? I'm sorry.
That must be our plumber.
All right.
Hey there, little lady.
I'm your plumber.
Y'all just keep on doing what you're doing.
I'm called the Invisible Plumber, so I'm just going to be invisible.
Oh, actually, sir, it's our upstairs bathroom Hey, little lady who is your plumber? You are.
So what's my name? Mr.
Plumber, sir.
Okay, so where were we? Oh, hang on a second.
I'm going to go put on our song.
They have a song.
Actually, I'm sorry, sir.
Could we use a little bit of privacy? Thank you.
Now we can get our groove on.
They have a groove! Right.
Let's do it.
No more interruptions.
Okay, ready? One, two, three, one two three Just like my vision.
You know what? We need more room.
It's getting a little hot in here.
Let me take this off real quick.
All right, okay.
Ready? Okay, Chelse relax in my arms.
Uh, Eddie, I think your jacket's alive.
Wha what? Excuse me.
Hello? Is everything all right? Hi.
I was just wondering if everything's all right in here.
Yes, no worries now.
I'm a plumber, so I'm plumbing, 'cause that's what plumbers do.
Now get out! Okay then.
Oh, it's my bracelet.
Oh, okay.
Okay, um Okay, I wonder what this does? Come on.
And now I know.
Come on! That's my favorite bracelet! Come on, get out of there.
Give me I got it.
Who is it? Plumber.
What? Hi.
Come in.
I didn't realize this was a two plumber job.
Hey there.
Make sure you got one of these in your kit.
Plumber salute.
Welcome to The Chill Grill.
How's everybody doing? Thank you.
Well, our first act is two very funny guys.
Please put your hands together for the comedy stylings of Corey Baxter and his pal Monty.
Thank you, thank you.
Hey, Monty, what did you think of my dad's oatmeal he cooked this morning? I'll let you know when I get done chewing it.
What's up with that?! My oatmeal is not chewy.
That dummy's going to be firewood.
Now, Victor, chill.
He's just poking a little fun at you.
And what about my mom, tiger? Isn't she pretty? Yeah, pretty loud.
That one can snore.
What's up with that?! I do not snore.
Do I snore? No, no, baby, no.
It's more like a grunting sound like But the most embarrassing sounds my parents make Oh! Oh! is when they just ate beans All right, the show is over.
Please give it up for the farewell performance of Corey Baxter and his buddy Monty.
I'll be back.
Hey, welcome to The Chill Grill.
Welcome to The Chill Grill.
Well, well, well, look who's here.
Rae, this is so tight.
I know.
Are you excited? Excited? Mm-hmm.
Don't you mean hurt disappointed betrayed? Oh, no, no, silly.
The other excited-- like happy.
Rae, why are you being like this? Because I know what you guys were doing behind my back.
Oh, you do? Yeah.
Why didn't you tell me? I don't know-- we knew if we told you, you know, you'd want to control our every move.
I don't even want to think about y'all's moves.
Well, Rae, you're going to have to, 'cause we're going to do them onstage.
Oh! Onstage in front of everyone?! Now listen up you two-- my daddy runs a respectable place.
You nasty! You just can't get up onstage Give it up for the sensational salsa dance stylings of Chelsea and Eddie.
Hey, Mom Uh, uh, dance? Sal-salsa dancing? Honey, what did you think they were doing? Uh I thought they were doing something, but a whole different little something-something.
You guys aren't going to believe this.
I thought you guys were in love with each other.
What?! I had a vision that you guys were going to kiss.
What?! I was obviously wrong.
You know what? Not that I would want to interfere or anything Girl, then good, then get off the stage, Rae.
Six, seven, eight.
You guys, that was so cool.
Thanks, Rae.
And sorry we didn't tell you.
It's just that we wanted to do this one thing by ourselves.
Oh, look, I'm sorry, okay? For being so bossy and being in your business and thinking you two were together.
Especially for that hole in the wall.
What wall? Huh? the wall, Chelsea, that, um that wall that's been blocking our friendship, girl.
Oh, that is so weird.
I thought you were talking about the hole in the wall in our bathroom.
Whoo, we are suing the plumber.
Uh look I just want to apologize for being so controlling this week.
You know, I've been so wound up for this opening-- trying to make it as cool as it can be, and you know, Devon didn't even show up.
Actually, Rae, Devon is over there talking to your dad.
Come on.
Hey, Dad, where'd Devon go? That guy? I sent him down to Wong's.
You know, you were right-- kids do love egg rolls.
You missed him, huh? Yeah.
But it's okay, you know.
I'd rather spend tonight with you guys.
Three Musketeers.
Three amigos.
Oh, yeah the three blind mice.
Well, that's not really fair because you guys took all the good ones.
Ladies, shall we? We shall.
We shall.
Feels like a dream come true.
My own restaurant full of family and friends and happy customers.
Thanks, babe.
Couldn't have done it without you.
You're always there for me.
That's so sweet.
That's funny, Corey.
Corey? You called me, Dad? Corey, the dummy just Gotcha! What's up with that?!