That's So Raven (2003) s02e12 Episode Script

There Goes the Bride

Guess who? She's sweet, adorable, and she's gonna get real mad if you get it wrong.
Hey, Rae.
Hey! You win a kiss.
Mwa! Thank you very much.
So, you want to hang out tonight? Um tonight's not really good.
I'm not gonna pry, you know.
I'm not gonna be one of those girlfriends who's all up in your business.
Okay, cool.
Thanks, Rae.
Oh, okay.
Bye, Devon.
Bye, sweetie.
I'll talk to you later, okay? Something is definitely going on with that boy.
Are you and Devon okay? Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
It's just he's been acting weird all week.
Eddie, you're a guy-- what do you think's going on? Well, uh, normally, Rae, when a guy acts like that, I mean, he's got something big on his mind.
Or something small.
maybe he's just hungry.
Why do you answer when you really don't even know? I'm a guy, it's what we do.
Check this out.
Oh, my goodness! Devon, that is beautiful! Raven's gonna love it! Chels! What? I know why Devon has been acting weird.
He bought me jewelry! What? And, Chelsea! What? You're the one who saw it, and you said, "Oh, my goodness, Raven's gonna love it"! I love when I'm in your visions! It's like it's like I'm starring in my own little movie that only you can see.
That's adorable.
Now, listen up.
I want you to follow Devon, okay, 'cause you're the only one who's gonna know what he got me.
Okay, yeah.
And as the star of my vision, Uh-huh? I'm trusting you to make this one come true.
Well? Yeah? What are you waiting for? Well, Rae, you didn't say "action.
" Yep, that's me.
Well, hello, Devon.
Here we are, alone in the hallway, just you and me, and maybe, I don't know, something sparkly.
Why are you talking like that? Why, whatever do you mean, you funny, funny boy? Look, Chels, I'm going through kind of a weird time right now.
Well you should let it out.
You know, it's not good to keep things in your heart or your mind or your pocket.
Okay, look, there's something I have to tell Raven, and I've been putting it off and putting it off, and I feel like I need to talk to someone.
Ooh, ooh, you should talk to me.
Okay, look.
Check this out.
Oh, my goodness! Devon, that is beautiful! Raven's gonna love it! Okay, Rae, I'm in the vision now.
Hello, Rae.
That is a wedding ring.
Are you going to ask Raven to marry you? No.
It's not for her.
Whoa, whoa, Devon, this is so sudden.
I mean wow, I mean, sure, you know, you're an attractive guy, and I Come on, you're so young, you know, and Raven's my best friend.
Guess I picked a bad time to tie my shoe.
You think? Look, the ring's for my father.
He's getting remarried tonight, and I'm his best man.
Aw, how sweet.
Why didn't you tell Raven about this? There's more to the story.
Oh, man.
What? What is it? Look, Raven has to hear this from me, okay? So you have to promise me you won't tell her.
I promise.
Okay Mom, Dad, happy anniversary.
Cory, honey, that's so thoughtful! But, honey, our anniversary isn't till next month.
But we will take the presents now, thank you.
I was gonna wait, but I saw the perfect thing, and I just had to get it for you.
Honey, that's so sweet.
Look! It's it's Clucky, the Singing Chicken.
How great is this! Well, um, thank you very much, Cory.
We are certainly gonna enjoy this one.
Wait, wait.
Aren't you gonna hang Clucky up? Where? Right up there on the wall.
Um, you know, I would, but, um, I I misplaced the hammer.
Don't worry about it.
I got the hook up.
Cory, I don't need any help buying a hammer.
No, Dad I got the hook up on the wall.
On the wall.
Well, I guess, then, there's no reason not to hang up Clucky unless-- Tonya? I got nothin'.
Well, then The coolest part is his eyes have a motion detector, so every time you walk by, he clucks, we laugh! Hey, Chels, you need to stop reading and tell me what's happening with Devon.
Rae, I'm sorry, man-- I love these comics.
Bubble Gum Jim is so funny.
Chels? Yeah? What is going on? Oh, okay, I'm sorry.
Okay, so, the reason he threw the clock out the window is because he wanted to see time fly.
Get it? It's so funny.
Hey, Chels.
You're gonna see something fly if you don't stop changing the subject and tell me what Devon said.
I'm sorry, I can't.
I promised him I wouldn't say anything.
Are you Chels! When we were six, we made a promise that we would tell each other everything.
So which promise is more important? Well, you are my best friend, you know, and I'm probably not going to see Devon again, and, you know, he didn't want to marry me anyway.
What?! Is that Clucky the Singing Chicken?! Ah, endlessly hilarious.
It's so funny.
Okay, heh, Chels, I need you to rewind back to the marrying part.
You with me? Okay.
And tell me how that came up.
Well, I guess it all came up with the wedding ring.
What? There was a wedding ring.
Yeah, it was just like in your vision, Rae, but before you get all excited, it wasn't for you.
Or for me.
It was for Chandra.
Who the heck is Chandra? Look, all right, maybe I should just start from the beginning.
Yeah, uh, that would be nice.
Devon's dad's getting remarried to a woman named Chandra, and, um, Devon is the best man, so that's why he was carrying the ring.
So, um, Chels, let's get to the part about never seeing Devon again.
Rae, that's the hard part he doesn't really know how to tell you.
You tell me.
Okay, Rae, um Chandra lives in Seattle, and Devon and his whole family are going to move there.
Seattle? Yeah, Rae, it's not that far.
Chels, it might as well be on the other side of the world.
I'm sorry, Rae.
Hey, Rae, I got here as soon as I could.
I can't believe Devon's moving away.
What's the point of being psychic if I couldn't see this coming? This is messed up.
He really should've told you, Rae.
Well, he wanted to, he just just didn't really know how.
How about just stepping up and saying it? Well, come on, he didn't want to break her heart.
And this is better, Chels? A broken woman searching for happiness at the bottom of an empty cookie bag? You're right.
This is pathetic.
I'm gonna take some action.
Gonna get more cookies.
Okay, you're right.
I'm gonna call Devon, then I'm gonna get some more cookies.
Come on, no.
Give me the phone.
You are not calling Devon, okay? Then he's gonna know I broke my promise and that I told you.
Well, what am I gonna do, sit here and do nothing? It doesn't even matter if you talk to Devon, okay? His father is the one getting married.
Well, then maybe I need to talk to his father.
And say what, "I love your son, please don't move"? Yeah.
Why not? What do I have to lose? If he sees how much we care about each other, maybe he'll change his mind about moving.
Well, Rae, you better talk to him pretty soon.
Well, why? Because they're moving right after the wedding.
When's the wedding? Well uh, well, looks like right now.
Snap! Anybody know where the wedding is? Okay.
The ceremony's already started.
Ooh, Devon is looking fine in that tuxedo.
Okay, Rae, Rae, hey, hey, focus.
Right, right, right okay.
Hey, his dad isn't going down the aisle yet.
You still have a chance-- just don't let Devon see you.
Right, come on.
Carter! You probably don't know me, but you've probably heard of me.
I'm Raven.
I really don't want Devon to see me.
It's kind of complicated, but some promises were made It's really nice chatting with you, but I kind of made some promises of my own.
No, but I need to talk to you.
It's only going to take a second.
You'd better make it fast.
Hello, Raven.
We meet again.
Hey, it's Devon's adorable little sister.
How you been, Deeni? I'm glad you're here.
Now we can say good-bye forever.
Hey, you work things out with Mr.
Carter? No, I was this close.
I just needed another second.
Snap! Duck! I don't want Devon to see us.
Okay, Eddie, listen.
I want you to stay here and stall.
Chelsea, you come with me.
We're going to figure out our next move.
All right-- snap, duck, stall, move-- got it.
I'm from the Organ Players Union.
It's time for your break.
Okay, Chels, we have to figure out a way to get to Mr.
Carter-- Now think.
Don't hurt yourself.
Mama, is that you? It's the bride.
It's the bride.
Say something.
Say something.
You gotta say something.
Okay, um Uh, yes, baby, it's me.
I'm your mama.
How you doing, child? I'm going to be awhile.
It's, it's my stomach.
I shouldn't have had all those chili dogs at my bachelorette party.
Gross, nasty.
Um, uh, okay, baby, well, just take your time and your man is not going anywhere.
Not going anywhere.
He's just gonna stay right here.
You wouldn't.
Then I shouldn't.
But you must.
Then I will.
Are you sure? I don't know.
Don't let Clucky see us.
Why are we whispering? Clucky has a motion detector.
He might see our lips moving.
Stay low.
You forgot ice.
I can't go back.
It's too dangerous.
That's it.
I can't take it anymore.
We can't even walk around our own house without hearing that stupid clucking chicken.
Don't break Clucky.
Let me do it.
No, no.
We'll just take the batteries out.
You have run out of clucking.
Dad, what are you doing? Oh, you don't have to change the batteries.
They're just for backup.
He's got a built-in power system.
Wow, they think of everything.
Don't worry, guys.
Clucky's going to cluck forever.
You're not the organ player.
Of course I am, little girl.
This is an organ, and I'm playing it.
Well, it's time to play "Here Comes The Bride.
" And if I don't? Play faster.
Here's the deal: Raven kind of borrowed the bride's wedding gown, so if she doesn't get down that aisle in a hurry, things are going to get pretty ugly.
Oh, I hear you.
Let's do something.
Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today to join this man and this woman.
We have to talk.
Honey, we're about to be married.
She's just a little bit nervous.
Moving right along.
If anyone present has any objection Yeah, I do.
Honey, the "I do's" don't come until later.
Please continue with the ceremony.
No, you can't.
I love your son.
No, y'all don't understand.
I'm only 15.
Ooh, no, no, no.
I'm not the bride.
Raven?! Raven?! So where's my bride? Oh, there was a party and some chili dogs But Mr.
Carter, I wanted to talk to you before you moved.
Devon and I have something really special.
And if you move to Seattle, it'll be over, so I came here to ask you, please, please, don't go.
Wait, let me get this straight: All right, you crashed my wedding, you stole the gown, you impersonate my bride, and then you just? Okay, you know what? If you lump it together like that, it's going to sound bad.
But if you separated it, and get to the root of the situation Dad, can I have a second with Raven, please? Just don't mind me.
I'm just looking for my bride.
Chandra? Raven, I know all of this is happening so fast, but, I mean, look at my dad.
He's never been happier.
Well, my point is, we're moving and he's not going to change his mind.
Yeah, it's kind of crazy for me to come here, wasn't it? I just had to give it a shot.
Look, Ray, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about all of this.
I was going to come over and talk before we left.
We can talk now.
Okay, look I think you're really amazing and I'll never forget you.
Will I ever see you again? I hope so.
I love you, Rae.
I love you too, Devon.
Weddings always kind of make me cry.
Hold it.
No one's gotten married yet.
Seriously, has anyone seen Chandra? She stole my dress and my husband.
Yeah, I think I spotted her.
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Good-bye, Rae.
Bye, Devon.
Mom, Dad Mom, Dad! Mom.
I have tried to be strong these past couple of weeks, but I'm about to crack.
Oh, Rae, honey, I thought you were starting to be okay with Devon moving.
Oh, I am, Mom, it's it's that chicken.
Who are you telling? You know, Raven is right.
We should just explain to Corey that his very appreciated and thoughtful gift is driving us up the wall! Yes.
Whew! Yes! I don't know about you guys, but Clucky was plucking my last nerve.
Yeah, that act was getting kind of old.
Oh, we're going to miss him.
Clucky, bye, bye.
And hello, Sir Quackington.
Does Sir Quackington sing? No.
He makes wise quacks.
You're ugly.
Quack, quack.
Quack, quack.