That's So Raven (2003) s03e09 Episode Script

The Big Buzz

All right, Eddie.
Are you sure you don't want to join the beekeepers club? No.
I'm allergic.
To bees? No, to nerds.
So, Chelsea, any luck signing up new members? No, seƱorita Rodriguez.
Surprisingly, people don't realize how fun beekeeping can be.
That's too bad.
All the girls will be so disappointed.
Girls? Yes.
Our club has only girls.
All those queens and no king.
Well, well, let me try on my crown.
Eddie, take that off and look at me.
That's a pretty hot fit, Rae.
Awards week is this week.
You got it, and if this outfit doesn't get me "best dressed," then the one tomorrow will.
Check it out.
Well, it could be that you'll win, Rae.
Raven, I am glad to see the bitter disappointment of coming in second place for "best dressed" year after year after year has not crushed your spirit.
Well, do you think that it bothers me that I, you know, come in second every year? It sure would bother me.
Ok, I said it didn't bother me! Really.
I mean, like, who cares that every year I come in second, right? I mean, who cares that ever since third grade, ok, I have designed my own outfits in hopes of winning best dressed, and every year someone comes from right out of the blue and snatches it away from me Who cares? Rae, maybe you should go talk to the school counselor or something.
Yep, that's me.
Ok, Raven I know it can be difficult for a student to speak to a counselor.
It might take months, even years before you could feel comfortable enough to let out your innermost I I I'm a loser! Every year, every year, I go out for best dressed, and every year someone comes from right out of the blue and snatches it from me! And you know what? I don't want to go through it anymore.
I'm sick of it! Well, first of all, take a breath.
Now About your disappointment, that's normal.
Let it out! I myself have had my share of disappointments in work, love, vegetables.
Vegetables? I like to grow zucchini squash.
Aren't they beautiful? Yeah.
They're adorable.
Every year I enter my best squash in the county fair, and every year the blue ribbon goes to somebody else.
I try and try, but my squash always gets squished.
So Even though you're a loser You still keep trying? I never give up.
I'm a darn good zucchini grower, and some day I'll have my day in the sun, and so will you.
You know Without your glasses you can really see how pretty your eyes are.
Really? Thank you.
You know, I bet if you add a little color to your wardrobe, it would really make 'em pop.
Actually, I like red.
Although I never thought that I could pull it off.
Of course you can! You just gotta own it! Ok, Raven! I'll tell you what.
What? I'll take your advice if you take mine.
You'll add a little color to your wardrobe? If you keep your dream to win best dressed.
Deal? Deal.
Not quite there.
Hey! Hey.
Where'd those flowers come from? Our garden is overflowing this year.
We have a garden? Nothing gets by you, honey.
I'm gonna go put these in the living room.
And don't forget about our big day on Saturday.
Who me? Forget about our big day? Please! You kidding? You don't even know what the big day is, do you, dad? I have no clue.
Do you know? Sorry, dad.
It's not our anniversary, it's not her birthday.
You got quite a little mystery on your hands.
You know, which I could solve by just asking mom what the big day is.
Thanks, Cory, that'd be a big help.
Well, help that big doesn't come cheap.
What's the deal? Well, you know I could use a raise in my allowance.
Ok, ok, I'm desperate.
You ask, you get the raise.
Go, go, go, go! Ok.
Mary Louise, I have so many flowers, you have to come over here and pick some of them.
Excuse me, mom, I was just wondering.
What is the big day Saturday? Cory, ask your father.
He knows all about it.
Ok! So did you ask her? Yep.
Well, come on! What's the big day? She said to ask you.
That's all you got? Hey, the deal was to ask.
I never guaranteed an answer.
Man, what a rip-off.
Sorry you feel that way.
Well, see you on allowance day! This is so exciting! The beekeepers club is finally getting some real bees.
Yeah, those plastic bees were kind of low energy.
Bam! You like it? Looks to me like somebody's feeling better.
Yep, that's me.
You know, I was really about to give up on this whole best-dressed situation, but, I had a really good talk with Ms.
Awesome, because you know the word around the school is you have no competition this year.
Yeah, and you were worried someone was gonna come from right out of the blue and snatch victory away from you yet again.
You'll never believe it.
A helicopter just landed.
It came from right out of the blue! Say what? Yes, and guess who was in it.
Jordache Hilltopper.
Sunny hilltopper's daughter? Yes, the world-famous clothing designer.
Who else would send their kid to school in a helicopter? There she is.
That girl can dress.
Well, good luck at the awards, Raven.
Not again.
Sorry I'm late.
Raven, I took your advice and went shopping.
What do you think? You look great, but I have a problem.
The girl at the makeup counter said she thought this lipstick would be really good on me.
Yeah, but listen, you know what? I know Jordache Hilltopper is gonna win the best dressed, so why even bother getting dressed at all? You know what's really amazing, Raven? Me.
Now that I've improved my appearance, I mean I just have more confidence about everything.
My job, my relationships, even my zucchini are thriving.
Yeah, that's great.
Now back to me! Rae, they love your dress.
They're gonna love my dress! Did you say something? I'm sorry.
Raven, what did you want to talk about? It is totally fine.
You did great, Ms.
You're welcome.
So You got mom a gift for the big day? Yep.
So did you figure out the little mystery? No, but I have a plan.
You see, when she gives me her gift, I'll read the card, and then I'll say, "happy whatever the card says," and then I'll give her my gift.
I see where I get my skills from.
Ok, now I just need to stash this someplace.
Your mom's on that low carb thing.
She will never think about looking at it there.
You know what I love? Toast.
Wait, wait.
What about your low carb thing? I found some low carb bread.
Well, what's this for? That is from dad.
He said it's for the big day Saturday.
He got me a present because we're polishing the floors? That's your big day? Yeah, we've been planning it for weeks.
But he wouldn't give me a gift for that.
I must be forgetting something.
Yeah, there's a lot of that going around.
You know I could help you.
I could ask dad what the big day is.
Would you do that for me? Mom I will do anything for you.
And a raise in my allowance.
Well, aren't you just one big old bucket of sugar.
So what do you have there? A little something-something for, you know.
I don't need to say it.
Yeah, but I love to hear you say it.
Say what? You know you got a card.
See? I love reading a card that tells you what you're celebrating.
"For you on our big day.
Love always, Tonya.
" Well, I guess that says it all.
I thought so.
Ok, well, you know what? I have something for you.
Close your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Happy You - happy Be Ok, ok! Look, I'll tell the truth.
I don't know what today is.
What?! I don't know what today is either.
You're the one who said Saturday was our big day.
I was talking about us polishing the floors.
The floors?! Then why'd you buy me a gift? Because I found your gift.
Man! I don't believe this! I was so desperate, I offered Cory a raise in his allowance to pump you for information.
You give him a raise to pump me? I gave him a raise to pump you, and the pump was dry.
Hey, guys.
Are you all having a happy Whatever? Cory Baxter, you scammed us.
Not only are you not getting a raise this week, I'm not giving you your allowance.
Wait a minute.
You give him an allowance? I give him an allowance.
What?! You mean we have both been giving him an allowance? O- ok.
How much is this gonna cost me to make this, you know, just disappear? Victor.
I'm just taking away the money that you should've never gotten in the first place.
Right? And you know what else? I just figured out why today is our special day.
You did? It's the first day of Cory punishment month.
A whole month?! You want it to be Cory punishment year? Upstairs.
I'll be in my room.
Welcome, everybody.
Before I announce the finalists for this year's bayside's best awards, I'd like to introduce our school counselor Ms.
Romano, who is here to help the losers cope with their unbearable, spirit-crushing pain.
Charlotte! What happened to you? You are muy caliente! I made some life changes.
You're telling me! Nobody used to look twice at you.
I get it.
I mean, they used to say, "Ms.
Romano who?" I said I get it.
Thank you, Ms.
Now for our first award.
The finalists for best hair on a male student's head: Kevin Bird and Daryl Basha.
Arthur, get in the box! Chels, would you please hurry up? We're gonna miss the award ceremony.
Rae said she made this really cool dress.
Eddie, you were supposed to shut the Door! Bad bees! Stay! Come! Stop? And let's hear it for Bayside's best buddies big Linda and little Linda.
And now the moment you have all been waiting for, the best dressed award.
And the finalists are Jordache Hilltopper.
Beautiful outfit, Jordache.
And let me just say the pooch works.
Muy bonita, Jordache.
And now our second finalist.
You know her, you love her, you vote her second every year Raven Baxter.
Thank you very much, everybody! This is a Raven Baxter original, decorated completely with fresh handpicked flowers from my mom's garden.
Man, the buzz must be pretty good.
My bees! Bees?! Flowers?! Oh, snap! Bees! Chelsea, do something about these bees! I can't! Rae, they love your dress.
Chelsea, I knew you were gonna say that! Know what? Gotta go! Get away from me! Get away, get away! I'm ok.
Well, at least all the bees are back safe in their hive.
Except for poor Arthur.
I can't find him anywhere.
He'll be fine, Chels.
I'm more worried about Rae.
Raven, are you gonna be ok if the vote doesn't come out the way you want it to? Well, yeah.
It can't be any worse than, you know, getting chased by a swarm of angry bees.
It took a lot of courage for you to come back in here.
You know, while they were fishing me out of the pool, I i was thinking about what you told me Never give up.
And, sure, I'll be disappointed, but I did my best, and everything else is out of my hands.
I'm so proud of you.
All right.
Now that everything has calmed down, let's get back to the best dressed award.
Raven, we are all glad you made a beeline back to us.
I'm sorry.
Is it too soon for jokes? I guess it is.
All in favor of Jordache for best dressed.
All in favor of Raven.
That's what I'm talking about! Show 'em! You've got it! Thank you! Raven, it looks like your many years of trying have finally been rewarded.
She got it! Nobody's gonna come from out of the blue this time.
I know! Pesky bee! That's Arthur! Shoo! Scat! Wha Well, this has never happened before, but it looks like a teacher is our new best-dressed.
Congratulations, Ms.
What? Me?! I'm shocked! Me, too! Thank you! Thank you so much! I feel like a zucchini that's finally blossomed into a beautiful squash.
But I never could've done any of this without the help and advice of Raven Baxter.
Raven, this trophy really belongs to you.
Ok! I'll take it But I'll be keeping it as a precious reminder of this wonderful day.
Maybe next year.
Turn on the veggie channel.
There's a veggie channel? Yes! Rae, they're covering the zucchini contest at the county fair.
Romano! Thank you so much for this honor! She won! now she has best dressed and best zucchini.
Man, she's on a roll.
I mean, she'll probably never lose again, year after year success Thanks, Chels, I get it.
It's ok.
My zucchinis and I have waited 19 long years for this, and I have so many people to thank.
No, not yet! I'm not finished.
I want to thank Joe my sprinkler guy and Vance down at the fertilizer shop and Don't cut me off! I've waited too long for this! And my sister for giving me my first package of seeds and all the little people