That's So Raven (2003) s03e11 Episode Script

Dog Day Aftergroom

1 Back to the wonderful world of exotic cheese.
Man 182 channels, and nothing's on.
Come on.
Let's get out and do something.
I have an idea.
We can go to make believe land with my imaginary money.
Yeah, but we're so broke, we'd have to sneak past the imaginary guards.
Guess who got a job at Camp Woof Woof? You did.
What gave it away? What exactly is Camp Woof Woof, Chels? It's a doggie daycare center.
So you play with dogs all day and get paid for it? Yeah, I know, but I love it so much I'd do it for free.
Hey, Rae.
We could do it for money.
You know what? You're right.
Hey, Chels, are they hiring down there? I don't know, but you guys aren't really dog people.
Girl, please.
Yes, we are.
We love little, stinky, little, nasty beasts.
Now, who do we have here? Ok.
Well well, this is Cocoa, that's Jasper, and that's Monster.
I get it.
They call him Monster 'cause he's so sweet and cute.
No, Rae.
They call him Monster 'cause he'll rip your arm off.
Yep, that's me.
Hey, you guys, my boss Clare's gonna be right with you, and let me warn you She's really sweet with dogs, not so sweet with people.
That's because she hasn't met us yet.
That's right.
You know what? This is gonna be so cool, you guys All of us working together.
Who's mommy's special, little baby? Snowflake is.
Snowflake is.
Who let you in here? Clare, these are my friends I was telling you about.
Chelsea, would you feed Snowflake her lunch? And make sure that she licks the plate clean, ok, 'cause we've got a really big show coming up.
Yes, we do.
Yes, we Yes, we do.
Yes, we do.
I wonder what else that dog has been licking today.
All right.
Come here, my sweet.
That's right, baby.
Good luck.
My name is Raven, and this is Eddie.
And we're here for the, counselor job.
I don't need any counselors.
I need dog groomers.
Did I say counselors? What I meant to say was dog groomer.
That's what I meant.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's right.
You know, 'cause we counsel people on grooming, you know.
Well, Chelsea is great with the Campers, and I guess if she's recommending you, I could throw you a bone.
So, we have the job? You can start tomorrow.
When's pay day? Down, boy.
You two better do a good job for me 'cause if you don't You're gonna smack us with a rolled-up newspaper? No.
I'm gonna fire you.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and paper train a pomeranian.
I hope that's a dog.
Rae, we got jobs.
We're gonna be dog groomers.
Hey, I wonder what the groomers do.
Me, too.
Wait a minute.
I cannot believe you told Clare you were groomers.
I can't believe she believed us.
Come on, Chels.
I mean, how hard could it be? Yeah.
Don't dogs lick themselves clean? That's cats.
Please don't mess this up for me, you guys.
Relax, Chels.
We got this, all right? This is stuff I use, like, everyday.
Look, shampoo Shampoo.
Conditioner Flea remover.
Well, you know, not everyday.
But, you know, you gotta be careful.
Dad, what are you doing? Relaxing.
Well, the way you're relaxing is making me pretty nervous.
Your dad was a little stressed out, so I suggested he take up knitting.
And I really took to it.
Is it ok if we just make this our little family secret? Yeah? Ok.
Knitting is a very popular hobby for both women and men.
But not a hobby for popular women and men.
Cory, come on.
It's really relaxing, and look at all the neat stuff I can make.
Hats, scarves, and Come on, come on.
Come on.
How cute are these little booties? Please don't make me answer that.
Cory, if you only knew how much people would pay for those in the store.
That was funny.
I thought you said pay.
People pay a lot for anything hand-knit.
Really? Hey, dad.
So how's the knitting going? Check it out.
I just made a toaster cozy.
So what do you think? It matches the trash can cozy.
What do you think? That's really cool.
You know, I didn't realize how much fun knitting was.
But you know what's more fun than knitting by yourself? Nothing.
Knitting with your good friends.
Cory, I don't have any good friends who knit.
You do now.
Come on, dad.
Come on.
Dad, I would like you to meet the bayview knitting circle.
Welcome aboard, Victor.
Cory, I don't know about this.
Who knit this scarf? Is this a 4 by 4 rib stitch? Why, yes, it is.
Thank you very much for noticing.
But you know what? I think I dropped a stitch right here? We can show you a neat trick Cory Baxter's knit line.
You need it, we knit it.
You saw my ad on the Internet? Let me check.
Ladies and dad, I have some friends with cold necks.
Those poor children.
Why don't you let us knit something for them? Really? You would do that for me? Say, 2 dozen scarves in assorted colors? Well, ladies, let's get busy.
You're so forceful.
I love having a man in the group.
Let's all get knitting, ladies.
Working at the dog wash cleaning dogs today Making sure they look good when they go out and play working at the dog wash making some extra cheese using that special shampoo getting out ticks and fleas Hey, hey.
That's what I'm talking about.
This was easy.
I don't know what we were thinking.
Now all we got to do is dry him off.
I guess you took care of that yourself.
Well, that was the last dog.
It is quitting time! Hey, that's a cool wristband, Rae.
Thank you.
My dad knitted it.
He is a knitting machine.
He can't stop.
It's crazy.
Jamie's here to pick up her dog.
I hope Phoebe's ready.
She's ready All puff, fluffed, and stuff.
Did you use the peach conditioner? Yeah.
Did you blow dry her tail? No.
That was a test.
Come on, Phoebe.
That's our toughest customer.
If she was impressed, you two must be good.
Well, you know how we shampoo.
Give it to me, my man.
And you're right.
And you're right.
And boom.
Well, whatever.
I need you to groom Snowflake for the big show tonight.
You two going to a movie together? The dog show.
That was just a little grooming humor.
Well, this is no laughing matter.
Snowflake is a champion.
She's been best in show for the last 3 years, and I am counting on a fourth.
Well, don't you worry about a thing because Snowflake is in good hands.
She'll need a shampoo, a deep conditioning, and a fluff out.
We can do that.
No worries, mon.
I'm gonna go over to the show and check out the competition.
You bring Snowflake over when she's all fluffed out and ready, ok? Great.
Good-bye, my cutie pie.
Mommy loves you.
Well, good-bye.
I will see you at the show.
I was talking to Snowflake.
So was I.
All right.
Let's get this puppy primped.
All right.
Let's do it.
Working at the dog wash making sure they look good when they go out and play Hey, guys, hey.
How's Snowflake? Remember, this is her big night.
She's gonna be so beautiful.
Yes, you are.
Yes, you are.
I done been here a little bit too long.
Actually, it's only been a day.
And you know what, Chels? Thank you so much for hooking us up.
This is great.
Aw, no problem, Rae.
You guys did really good.
I'm really proud of you.
Now let's see our little papa work this.
How could you guys turn a dog pink? Look at poor little Snowflake.
You turned a champion show dog pink.
Well, it's not our fault, Chels.
We don't know what we doing.
But you told Clare you did, and I vouched for you guys.
Let's just calm down.
Let's just calm down, you guys.
All right.
No need to panic.
Let's just figure out what happened.
Yeah, ok.
Now let's backtrack.
She went in white, and she came out pink.
I think I might have a clue of what happened.
All right.
All right.
So my wristband fell into the water.
The color ran, and it turned Snowflake pink.
That's what happened.
Yeah 'cause, you know, and a red sock got in with all my whites.
Yeah, and I am still wearing pink underwear.
I'm gonna need y'all to keep that to yourself.
What are we gonna do, you guys? Clare is waiting down at the show.
Come on! You know what? Thanks to you guys, I'm gonna lose the best job I ever had.
Show me yours, Victor.
Hey, what'd you see? My goodness.
I'm not exactly sure, but I think it might help us in this situation, so I gotta run home.
I'll meet you guys at the show.
Ok, ok, ok, ok.
It's certainly nice to know that the young crowd appreciates a well-knit goody.
Come on, Morty.
2 dozen baby sweaters by tomorrow? No can do.
Cash? Can do.
All finished.
Show me yours, Victor.
Perfect timing.
Just like my vision.
Hey! Those are so adorable.
I'll take this one, and the yep.
Thank you for that one.
I gotta run, Morty.
Give my best to the Mrs.
All right.
Let's go.
Let's go, people.
Let's go.
I wanna see sparks running off those knitting needles.
Cory, come on.
Will you stop pressuring us? I got into knitting so I could relax.
Well, could you relax a little bit faster? Ok.
That's it.
I'm gonna take a break.
Who wants snacks? Look what I got.
Cocktail wienies.
I will take me some of those as well.
Thank you.
Enjoy the sweaters, young lady.
You know I will, granny.
Hold up.
You, too.
Man, I got people paying good money for those sweaters.
Cory, are you charging for the stuff that we knit? Y'all know I was gonna cut y'all in If I got caught.
We knit for love, and you sell it for money? You have your hobbies, I have mine.
Cory, you manipulated us.
You exploited us.
You lied to us.
Like I said, you have your hobbies, I have mine.
Cory Baxter.
Ladies, I think you know what we have to do.
Back up.
What? What? Ladies, that is your best work yet.
Would you like some tea? Y'all y'all just kidding, right? Right? No.
Y'all can't leave me like this! No! Clare's coming.
What are we gonna do? Just act natural.
What's natural about a pink dog? It's almost show time.
Where's my Snowflake? You know what? I am glad you asked that, actually.
Well, good luck in the show.
Stay! Heel.
What's under the towel? What towel? My Snowflake She's p She's p Pink? She fainted.
Clare, are you ok? I thought I saw my Snowflake.
She was Was Pink? Hey, you guys, I got a plan! What up, Clare? Clare? Rae, look at her.
She fainted.
Why? I don't know.
Maybe because we turned her prize Don't say pink! Well, Chels, I know she's upset, but Snowflake can still win there.
Rae, come on.
We cannot put Snowflake looking like this.
Trust me, Chels, she's not gonna be looking like that.
Our next finalist, from the working group Champion sir Murray art furry.
From the sporting category, champion barron vondgren slugger third.
There you are.
Hey, hey.
Look who's up.
Good morning, sunshine.
Don't you sunshine me.
You two are in so much trouble.
I can't believe I ever hired you.
You are gonna be so sorry that you ever Hey, Chels, what color are my drawers? Pink.
I had to do it.
From the non-sporting category, Mommy's perfect Snowflake.
My Snowflake.
She's white again.
How did she do that? It's a simple explanation, really.
It's called magic.
Get 'em, Snowflake.
Show 'em how you pose it, baby.
Show 'em how to pose it.
Get 'em, Snowflake.
He's a bad dog.
Y'all, check him out.
Look at him.
You wish you were Snowflake, don't you? I know you do.
Come here.
Get down, Snowflake.
It's your birthday.
Get busy.
Dad's cocktail wienies.
Oh, snap.
I forgot about those.
Run, Raven, run! Get her! That ought to hold you, you nasties! Good boy.
get away from me, you hairy, little nasty! Can we please restore some order here? Handlers, control your dogs.
I will now check the dogs for imperfections.
Snowflake's perfect.
Maybe we still have a chance.
Looks like judgy's getting a little handsy.
Your dog seems to have a zipper.
About that, judge.
Had a little operation so they inserted a zipper just in case, you know, they wanted to get in there and rewire some things.
Snowflake is disqualified for wearing an illegal dog suit.
What? This is a disaster! On the plus side, it's not supposed to rain tomorrow.
There you go.
I believe this is yours.
You know what? Yes, I confess.
I sewed 2 sweaters together to make a dog suit because I accidentally turned Snowflake pink.
But would it matter if he were blue? Or yellow with pink polka dots, really? Are we all not great citizens of the planet? Whether you're a dog or a people She should not be judged by the wetness of our nose or the floppiness of our ears But who we are.
Very stirring.
Thank you.
Security! Ok, ok, ok.
I got it.
I got it.
Here's Snowflake, and, I just want you to know that Chelsea had nothing to do with this.
Yeah, so please don't fire her.
I mean, she told us she loved this job so much that she'd do it for free.
Well, Chelsea was the best counselor we've ever had.
So I'm not fired? No But you two are.
Do we still get paid? Hush.
Chelsea, would you mind holding Snowflake? I'd like to speak with Raven for a moment.
Now, wait a second.
You can hold a dog and speak to someone.
I've seen you do it before.
You don't wanna talk, do you? No.
Please tell me you're gonna paper train a pomeranian with that.
Not this time.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Sick her! Sick her! Working at the dog wash cleaning dogs today making sure they look good when they go out and play working at the dog wash making some extra cheese using that special shampoo getting out ticks and fleas