The 100 (2014) s04e12 Episode Script

The Chosen

1 Clarke: Something's coming, a wave of radiation that will kill everything in its path.
Jaha: What if I told you there might be a fallout shelter built to sustain thousands? Roan: A final Conclave one champion per clan, one death instead of thousands.
Then whoever wins gets the bunker.
Octavia: I was fighting for us all.
Skaikru will not take the bunker alone.
We'll share it.
We are one clan.
How could they do this? Skaikru have betrayed us all.
Clarke: Bellamy, stop.
Bellamy: The radiation is getting worse, and people are dying up there.
[Gunshot] You're gonna have to make it a kill shot.
It's the only way you're gonna stop me.
We have a hundred spots.
The other clans have all chosen their survivors.
We have to do the same.
The death wave comes in 24 hours.
You've got 12 to decide.
[Shouting in different languages] Go! Get on to your bunks! Hey! What the hell's going on? Move! To the rotunda.
Hardy: Ethan! Where's my son? Ethan! Have you seen my boy? Stop pushing.
Stop pushing.
Skaikru, you move! - Dad! - Ethan, where are you? Dad? Hey, hey, hey, where's Emori? I haven't seen her.
- Dad? - Ethan! Ethan! Oh, thank God.
It's ok.
- Emori! - John? Hey, did they hurt you? I heard the warriors talking.
There's only room for a hundred Arkadians in this bunker.
- Get off.
- Go! Move! Jaha! What's happening? Man: That's everyone.
Close the door.
[All shouting] Three out of four of these people are going to die tonight.
You still think you made the right choice? Abby on radio: Just hang in there.
We're sending a team to get you today.
You're sure about this? Yes.
We need you and not just for the hundreds of things we know you can fix, but for the thousands that we haven't even thought of yet.
Thank you, Abby.
I'm just glad you're all right.
Raven: You'll be, too.
My brain is healing.
The seizures have stopped.
When I get there, we use the same procedure on you.
You'll be cured.
Cured? What's she talking about? We can talk about that when you get here.
[Door opens] Our people are scared, Marcus.
We need to tell them something.
Kane: We just spoke with Raven.
When she gets here, we'll have all our essential personnel.
How many spots does that leave us with? Including the essential personnel and the places that we're holding for the children under 16, that leaves us with 80.
Jaha: I can't believe we're talking about sending 364 of our own people to their deaths.
We're lucky they're giving us any space in this bunker at all.
Kane: Look.
I don't like it any more than you do.
Then let's fight this.
Any sort of resistance will cost us all our lives.
Our best course of action is to hold a lottery for the remaining spots.
It's not going to work, Marcus.
It was your idea.
That was for the chance to survive.
And how is this any different? Until 20 minutes ago, our people believed they were safe.
They let down their guard.
They picked their bunks.
They unpacked their bags.
They imagined their futures.
You try to rip that from them now, and, believe me, they will fight.
No one's saying it's gonna be easy, but we need to make the people listen to reason.
Bellamy: Someone still needs to get Raven.
I'd like to volunteer.
And I'll join you.
Abby: No.
Someone else can go with him.
Mom, look, Raven needs our help.
I know the way to the island.
I need to do this.
Well, you be safe.
There'll be a place for both of you when you get back.
- I'll meet you in the airlock.
- Ok.
[Door opens and closes] Abby: At these radiation levels, any amount of exposure is harmful.
Keep the suit sealed at all times.
You have 23 hours until the death wave hits.
On a good day, it takes 10 hours to get to the island and 10 hours to get back.
That doesn't leave you much room for error.
Mom, I know, ok? We'll be careful.
I love you, Clarke.
Don't ever forget that.
This isn't good-bye.
Mom, I know what you saw in that vision, but I'm a Nightblood now, I mean, right? Maybe it worked.
Clarke, listen to me.
I told you there we no good guys, but that's not true.
There are.
You are.
Even though I didn't want to open the door? Yes.
There was no good choice.
There never is.
Take care of each other.
Yes, ma'am.
[Door opens] You got room for two more? Murphy, what are you doing here? We heard you were going after Raven.
We just want to help.
Emori: I've been to that island dozens of times.
No one knows the water better than me.
Maybe it'll help our chances if we bring home the chosen ones.
There's a lottery.
I'll make sure that your name is in it.
And Emori? I'll do the best I can.
[Door opens] [Door closes] [Creaking] Clarke: This way.
Bellamy: What are you really up to, Murphy? You killed us when you opened that door.
You know that, right? Oh, what, did you think our people are gonna waste a spot on Emori, on me? We were safe, and you screwed us.
You want to know what we're up to? It's called surviving.
There's a bunker on that island.
You're our ride.
That's it.
That bunker's not stocked, Murphy.
You won't last 5 months, let alone 5 years.
We probably won't.
At least we'll survive the death wave.
We can't all be essential personnel or have a sister who's queen of the Grounders.
Kane: We have faced extinction before, and we have persevered, but we have always been familiar with sacrifice, and today we will be tested once again.
The ground won't be survivable for 5 years.
We've confirmed that this bunker can only generate oxygen and food for 1,200 people for that length of time.
By mandate of the Conclave, our clan has been given 100 spaces, an equal number of spots as all the rest.
To fill them, we will hold a fair lottery.
We will hold a fair lottery, an equal chance for everybody.
[All talking at once] How long do you think the Grounders would last in here without us? Our people know how to operate oxygen scrubbers and hydro farms.
- Yeah! - Yeah! We're gonna be running this place.
We deserve more spots.
I don't like this any more than you do, but we must call upon the better angels of our nature to guide us.
Like the culling on the Ark, some must die today so that our people may survive.
[People murmuring] What about her? Is her name in the lottery, too? We're just gonna let some Grounder take a bed from one of our own? Man: Right! No! I say we let her own people save her.
Everybody calm down.
We've come too far to turn on each other now.
You're just saying that because you know you're safe.
Miller: Let it go, Hardy.
Let's throw her out.
Jackson: Leave her alone! Let her go! Guard, stop them.
Stop them.
Get off me.
Niylah: Let go of me.
Niylah, you're with me.
[Panting] She's safe.
Octavia: You now have one less spot to fill.
Jaha: Octavia, please.
You got to stop this.
You're Skaikru.
You're one of us.
I'm one of you? You made me hide under the floor.
You floated my mother.
I'm not hiding now.
[People murmuring] Don't do this.
Every other clan has chosen their survivors, every other clan.
Skaikru is no different.
You have until midnight.
Choose, or you all die.
[People murmuring] Are you ok? They're scared.
We all are.
It's human nature to fight.
I'll never forget that you did for me.
Indra: A word, Octavia? I fear this will only get worse if Skaikru can't decide.
You know how this has to end.
What if I can't do it? You gave your terms.
There is no going back.
I know this is hard, but you're the champion, Octavia.
Wonkru looks to you now.
They will do what needs to be done.
You just need to give the command.
I'm no champion, Indra.
I hid.
Ilian helped me.
Roan helped me.
I didn't do this on my own.
No leader ever does.
It felt good to be safe.
I never felt that way before like I had a home.
Hey, your home is with me, ok? Why did you come on this mission, Clarke? Raven's my friend.
Yesterday, you were fine leaving your friend out to die, my sister, too, Kane I wasn't fine with it, and you know that.
Bellamy, I never meant to hurt you.
Aiming a gun at me is a strange way of showing it.
I didn't pull the trigger.
Is that supposed to make it ok? Nothing is ok.
Whatever choice I make, somebody always dies.
Well, not shooting me, that was the right choice.
- Look out! - Oh! [Crash] Hold on.
[Engine stops] [Bellamy pants] Are you ok? - Yeah.
You? - Yeah.
I'm fine.
He just jumped right out in front of us.
It's like he wanted to die.
Stay here.
I'm gonna check the damage.
[Man shouts in Trigedasleng] Murphy: Bellamy, Clarke, incoming! Get behind me.
[Grunting] John! Emori! Emori! Emori: John! They want our suits! [Rip] [Gagging] [Gasping] [Panting] There might me more of them.
We should get going.
Echo, what are you doing here? I know about your bunker on the island.
I just saved your lives.
I'm hoping you will return the favor.
Unless we can get another ride, no one's making it to that island.
[Door opens] Here goes nothing.
- David - I know.
Nate's already put his name in, but I'd like to give him my slot, too, if that's ok.
I want to give him the best chance.
Of course.
One minute.
It's not your fault.
It is.
I opened that door.
You did what you thought was right.
Was it right, Marcus? Yes.
We do what's right, and 364 people die.
You saved so many others.
You saved me, and I don't mean just by opening the door.
I don't know who I am anymore.
The things that I let myself do in that lab I told you, we will find our humanity again.
I need you to pull 81 names from the bowl.
Abby When that door closes today, I need to be on the other side.
I just got you back.
Don't say that.
I love you, Marcus, but I made my decision.
My life isn't worth more than theirs.
I need you to pull 81 names.
[Door opens] [Door closes] Sir, can I talk to you? Of course, Geoff.
What is it? If my name isn't called, would you [Clears throat] take care of my boy? It's not fair of me to ask.
None of this is fair.
Your son shouldn't have to grow up without a father.
We shouldn't be lining up to die.
We should be fighting for our right to live.
How? We're unarmed, surrounded by hundreds of Grounders.
If we don't do this lottery, all of us will be killed.
- Not if we have leverage.
- Leverage? If you can get the Grounders to open those doors again, I'll do the rest.
We save our people today, all of our people.
Bellamy: Monty, do you read me? Over.
Bellamy: Monty, do you copy? This suit will prevent you from getting worse.
It's the best we can do right now.
You'll get used to it.
Bellamy: Monty, do you read me? Over.
Roan banished me.
I heard.
Bellamy: Monty I was only trying to save my people.
Bellamy: Monty, do you copy? Is that so wrong? Monty, on radio: Bellamy, come in.
Do you read me? Yes, Monty.
I read you.
Where are you? Two clicks outside Polis.
Almost there.
- Everything ok? - Not exactly.
Look, Monty.
I hate to ask you this, but we broke down on the way to the island to get Raven.
We need you to come reel us in.
We save our friends.
I love you.
You know that? We're on our way.
Tell us exactly where you are.
[Coughing] No.
No, no! Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, Clarke [Coughing] Uh, you've been exposed.
How's that possible? She's wearing a suit.
I I, uh The seal of her helmet's torn.
Can you fix it? Murphy: We just need tape.
That's all.
It's gonna be fine.
We don't have any tools or weapons.
So we give her the extra suit, then.
- We don't have another suit.
- Yes, we do! Take it off now.
I saved your life.
What were you gonna do if we didn't get attacked, huh? I mean, you guys seriously think she was following us out of the kindness of her own heart? No.
She was gonna attack us the second that we stopped.
- Give me the suit.
- Hey, Murphy! Murphy, no! - What? - Look.
You cut that suit, and it saves no one.
I'm not letting her die.
Neither am I.
[Click] Bellamy: Clarke, what are you doing? I have Nightblood.
Untested Nightblood.
We're testing it now.
Take off her helmet.
[Emori gasping and coughing] [Helmet releases] There.
There you go.
Monty, on radio: Bellamy, you there? Come in.
We're here.
Head northeast from Polis, and, Monty, drive fast.
We have to talk about it.
Missed the window.
Continue on to the island, we won't make it back.
What about them? Do we just save ourselves? Clarke, if Nightblood works, we need to get you to Polis, them, too.
We pull in as many people as we can before the death wave hits.
If your mom can make us all Nightbloods, we only need to stay down there until it passes.
We can still save everyone.
Just not Raven.
[Rover approaching] We got here as fast as we could.
Clarke, you're exposed.
Come on.
- Let's get you into the Rover.
- No, Monty.
I'm fine.
I'll grab the extra helmet.
Murphy: Guys, come on.
Planet ain't getting any less irradiated.
Come on.
I got you.
The helmets don't match.
I brought the whole suit.
I got this.
- Help the others into the Rover.
- Ok.
Come on.
[Clarke coughing] [Coughing continues] Monty: Clarke, you need to put on the suit.
It was for Jasper.
At least now it'll do some good.
You should put it on.
Jasper would want you to.
If we're still gonna make it to the island, we better We're not going to the island.
Yes, we are.
Clarke Nightblood doesn't work.
We don't know that yet.
Luna got sick before she got better, so Even if you're right, they won't let us all into the bunker if I'm still sick.
It took days for Luna's resistance to kick in, and by that time, the death wave will already be here, and all our friends will be dead.
Are you ok with that? You know I'm not.
Clarke, unless I am missing something, there is no other way for all of us to survive.
What if there is? [Paper crinkles] Pei Chao.
Sonya Hassler.
Nate Miller.
Kimberly Ginsberg.
I'm not leaving.
If your name's not picked, I'm not going, Dad.
Hey, hey It's gonna be wonderful, Nate.
You're gonna rebuild the world.
Paula Sevaga.
Jackson, will you take over from here, please? Doug McCrae.
We don't have to do this.
No one wants this, but this has to be done.
You're wrong.
Jaha has a plan to save us, but we have to stick together.
When those doors open, follow my lead.
It's our best chance.
Abby: That's enough.
We can't do this.
Hardy: I don't know about you, but I am not about to be led to the slaughter.
I intend to fight.
- Yeah! - Yeah! Who's with me? [Cheering] Fight! Fight! Fight! All: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! [Chanting continues] Marcus.
[Chanting continues] What the hell do you think you're doing? I am not losing 364 people today.
I did not find this bunker just so we can kill ourselves in it.
So you're gonna what? You're gonna you're gonna gas the Grounders, knock them out? Is that it? Yes And then we threaten to destroy the crops unless they make room for our people.
You can't be serious.
Once we have the food, we have the power.
We call the shots.
We found the Skaikru armory.
They are our guns now.
We can't wait any longer.
Your orders? I'll be right beside you.
Pass out the guns.
There's a thousand Grounders in this bunker.
You'll never make it to the food, even with the gas.
Jaha: We'll see.
Thelonious, just stop.
It'll be a bloodbath, and you know it.
How many would have to die, all of them, all of us? As many as it takes.
If we fight, then we die.
Just [Grunting] The time for diplomacy is over, Marcus.
Now either you lead us into battle or get the hell out of my way.
[Guns armed] Thelonious just just stop.
Just listen to me, I'm begging you.
You found this place when nobody else believed you.
You you saved 1,100 Grounders.
You saved humanity, but if you don't stop now, you're taking every bit of that salvation back.
This is your moment.
Skaikru: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight [Chanting continues] Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! [Chanting continues] Your people need you.
[Chanting continues] Listen to them.
They wanna fight.
How do we stop them now? [Chanting continues] I'll do this for you.
My people, my responsibility.
[Respiratory equipment hissing] This is how we save our people.
Jaha: Marcus, how do we choose? We already have.
Clarke's list.
It was always our best chance for survival.
And I know where it is.
This is how we save our people.
Aurora: World is covered He stays.
By our trails Scars we cover up with paint No.
The children, they stay, all of them.
Watch them preach in sour lies I would rather see this world Through the eyes of a child Through the eyes of a child He goes.
Darker times will come and go The son stays.
Times you need No.
She stays.
She stays.
She stays.
And mother's hands are warm and mild I would rather feel this world through the skin of a child Forgive me.
Hey Oh, hey Oh, hey Oh, hey Oh, hey Oh, hey Oh, hey [Door opens] What are you doing here? We're not leaving you behind.
But there's no time to get back.
We're not going back.
We're going up.
Murphy: Oh, don't look so surprised.
It was all your crazy idea to begin with.
Space? Uh, we don't have enough fuel to get down.
Harper: Sounds like a 5-year problem to me.
You're talking about the ring.
Bellamy: Seems like a shame to let a good rocket go to waste.
Raven: Uh, how do we live? They left a water reclamator there, and we know that Go-Sci has an algae farm.
We just get those two things up and running, and we have food and water.
Algae salads and recycled urine.
- Sign me up.
- Better than dying.
- Yeah.
You say that now.
- All right.
Slow down.
Breathing's important, too.
What's the plan for oxygen? Monty: Based on what Murphy says about the lighthouse bunker, I'm guessing make that praying There's an oxygenator there.
We take it with us.
You hook it up.
Bob's your uncle.
You're an engineer, Monty.
You do know there's about a thousand things wrong with that plan, right? Yes, and every one of them kills us.
Of course, staying here will kill us, too, so Bellamy: Raven, we need you to get us off the ground before the death wave hits.
What do you say? Can you do it? What do I say? I say that death wave can kiss my ass.
It's settled, then.
We're going back to the Ark.