The 100 (2014) s05e04 Episode Script

Pandora's Box

Previously on "The 100" Meet Eligius IV.
"No inmates past this point.
" The prisoners are still here.
This is an army.
Can you rig it so we can kill them remotely? - Possible.
Why? - Leverage.
Put down your weapons, or we pull the plug.
Pulling the plug from the ground is not an option.
Someone has to stay.
I'm staying, too.
Colonel, we have 5 more hostiles.
What did I tell you would happen if you lied to me? Bellamy? Clarke knew you would come.
You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru.
Each of you has committed crimes against Wonkru.
Win the fight, save your life.
Bring in the next combatants.
Each of these 4 combatants have committed crimes against Wonkru.
They are our enemies traitors to our people, traitors to our code of strength, unity, and honor but today one of you will be given a chance to once again be called brother or sister.
However, first, you must survive.
The only rule in this arena is, be the last.
As always, as we invite death into this hall, we honor it.
- - Omon gon oson.
Omon gon oson.
Be the last.
Where the hell is Abby? Please! He doesn't deserve to die! Tell Octavia.
Tell Octavia it was me! It was me.
Yeah! Finish him! Finish the job! Finish him! Yeah! He's losing them.
Marcus Kane, in stealing life-giving medicine from Wonkru, you have committed a crime against our people, but you are the last.
Has he earned his freedom, Blodreina? No.
He fights again tomorrow.
Colonel, it's me.
He's telling the truth.
Somehow they blocked the remote access to the cryo-room and the pods.
We can't wake anyone up.
Do I have your attention now? I don't know how you got on my ship, but if anything happens to any of my people Nothing will happen to them as long as we can make a deal.
I say we kill him now.
What do you want? We need your help opening a bunker.
You're miners, so that shouldn't be a problem for you.
If you do that, I'll let your people go.
And then what, happily ever after? Then we'll split this valley down the middle.
Whether or not you're happy is on you, but I'd like to think that we can find a way to coexist.
Threatening to kill 283 of my people is one hell of a way to start a friendship.
Do we have a deal, or not? Oh, you're really here.
- Madi? - She's safe.
She's in the woods with the others.
Diyoza won't look for them as long as we're in control.
You're all still alive Murphy, Monty, Raven? Echo and Emori.
Clarke, you saved us all.
And now you're home.
Why'd she release me? We made a deal.
She agreed to open the bunker.
They're all still asleep.
I told you, you don't have to go all the way down there.
See for yourself.
The sleeping prisoners are green.
As Monty would say, green is good.
The empty pods where the crew slept are red.
- Red is - Dead.
That includes our friend Kodiak.
Anyways, it's handled.
The only one waking them up now is me.
If it's handled, why do you still have that Raven work face on? Because while you were wandering aimlessly, I was trying to figure out who we're dealing with down there.
She look familiar? It's the woman from the captain's log.
Colonel Charmaine Diyoza.
She was something they called a Navy SEAL, was decorated for valor 3 times.
I don't understand.
How does a war hero end up leading a mutiny on board a prison ship? Good question.
She became a terrorist bombing campaigns, assassinations.
At the time of her arrest, she was the most wanted criminal in the world.
Oh, and we're threatening to kill her people.
What could go wrong? Raven, can you hear me? Come in.
Tell me everyone's OK.
Everyone's OK.
We reached a deal with the people from that ship, and, by the way, the lasercom's an open line, so they can hear every word we say.
Nice to meet you.
We're not bad people.
We Raven, keep him away from the radio.
Copy that.
Anyway, they know the rules, but just to be safe, Colonel Diyoza, here they are again.
If anyone tries to get around your security, you pull the plug.
If anyone does anything that wasn't agreed upon, you pull the plug, and if you don't hear from me every hour on the hour, you pull the plug.
Is that all? No.
That's not all.
Someone wants to say hello.
Raven, Murphy, it's really good to hear your voices.
Clarke? I don't believe it.
Jeez, and they call me the cockroach.
Hey, you guys just be careful up there, OK? We'll talk more once this is all over.
I want to hear everything.
OK, but first, thank you for saving our lives.
I miss you both.
We got to go.
Raven, stay safe.
We'll talk soon.
Yeah, every hour on the hour.
Tell me what you're doing because it sure as hell feels like we're negotiating with terrorists.
Shoe's on the other foot? I want to be airborne in 90 seconds.
T-minus 90 seconds and counting.
I hate to admit it, but the girl scout is not wrong.
You, of all people, should know better.
I say we take them out and fly back to Eligius and gather our people.
How long would it take this Raven to kill everyone in cryo? Assuming she's removed the failsafes, 3 minutes.
Everyone strap in.
Do you trust me, or not? I don't trust anyone.
There's a doctor in that bunker Clarke's mother, it turns out.
We grab the doctor, kill the hostage taker and his girlfriend.
We go home and find a cure.
Will you trust me now? Ready for liftoff.
3, 2, 1.
You could have walked away with your freedom yesterday.
You had the crowd on your side, but you lost them when you showed weakness.
I know you didn't steal the medicine, Kane.
Admit it.
Tell me who took it, and I'll let you go.
Only the guilty should fight in the arena.
We're all guilty.
I'm not here for a philosophy lesson, Kane.
I'm here to give you a second chance.
And I'm offering you the same.
You kept us together, Octavia.
It's true.
Wonkru's strong.
We could have torn ourselves apart during the dark year.
One more word about the dark year, and I will put you in the arena, even if you tell the truth.
- You know the law.
- I won't fight.
Then you die.
You lost your way.
We all have.
I've been quiet too long.
You think the arena delivers justice? I know it does.
Your mother your mother was floated for having a second child, for having you.
I was party to that and so much more.
We have a chance to do something better here.
We're throwing it away.
Octavia, please.
Strength without mercy is nothing.
It's nothing, but you can end it.
You can save us.
It's not too late.
Tell me who stole the medicine, Kane.
So be it.
Don't try to talk me out of it.
I won't.
He won yesterday.
I made sure to match him up with a weaker opponent today, but he's refusing to fight.
Maybe you can talk some sense into him.
It was me.
I took the drugs.
I-I can't function without them, and I Please don't let him die because of something that I did.
You were right to have me lock her up.
He knew you'd confess to try to save him.
The only way to save you both is for him to win.
You have one minute.
Talk to him.
Abby, what have we done? What we had to do to survive.
How many times can we tell ourselves that? - It's the truth.
- No.
It's what we say to justify the horror we inflict on each other.
I can't do it anymore.
But you have to fight.
You have to fight.
I'll do anything.
I'll give up the pills.
I'll do anything.
I can't lose you.
Shh shh shh I lost myself.
- It's time.
- No, not yet.
You have to let me go.
You have to let me go.
Promise me you won't confess, even after I'm gone, because if you die, my sacrifice is for nothing.
- Promise me.
- I promise.
I promise.
And promise me you'll stop taking the pills.
I will.
I promise.
I love you.
Kane Yo, look what I found.
Come on.
We can at least have a little fun before our possible genocide.
Kidding, obviously.
What psychopath are we studying up on today? No one.
These are the files for the Eligius missions.
Check it out.
The company funded 3 other long-haul interstellar missions.
We're in Eligius IV.
Eligius I was an explorer ship, unmanned.
They found hythylodium gold mine on this asteroid named Proxima Six.
Eligius II was the first mission to mine it, but it failed because it didn't have enough manpower, which is why they switched to prison labor for Eligius IV.
So what happened to III? Exactly.
That's the weird part.
I can access the database for I, II, and IV, but III has an AES 256-bit encryption algorithm.
- English.
- Even I can't get in.
Got it.
I just I've been working on it for hours.
Whoa, what's happening? They're trying to hack in from the ground.
What are you doing? Stopping them.
What do you think? What I think is, we need to pull the damn plug.
I can do this.
Raven, if you can't and they get in OK.
Just shut up, Murphy.
I'm almost there.
We're good.
No, we're not.
We need to tell Bellamy.
Murphy, no.
Please don't.
You knew the rules, OK? This is exactly what we signed up for.
What if they get through next time? They won't.
I got this.
Do you? Look, Raven.
I can understand not wanting to kill 300 people in their sleep, but if we can't go through with this I said, I can do this, OK, so why don't you just go play with your ball and I'll do the rest like always? Aye, aye, captain.
As we invite death into this hall, we honor it.
Omon gon oson.
- - Omon gon oson.
And, as always, be the last.
What is this? Choose your weapon.
Fight me, damn you, or neither of us will get out of here alive.
I will not fight you.
I will not kill this man.
Somehow we allowed justice to become vengeance and vengeance to become sport, and I allowed that, that darkness to rise But my complicity ends today.
You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru.
I already have.
Get up.
Come on, Kane.
Where is your survival instinct? Saving my people is about more than keeping them alive.
It's not too late.
For you, it is.
Clear the arena! Get the prisoners to their cells.
Octavia, it's not safe here.
No! I knew you'd come.
I knew you'd come.
Who are they? We're here to rescue you.
- Why are you armed? - O.
, O.
, it's OK.
We have an understanding.
Before we get to that, where's my mom? I'll take her to her mother.
So I take it you're his sister.
Octavia, this is Colonel Diyoza.
- Colonel? - Used to be.
Love the war paint, by the way.
OK, so how do we do this? Two at a time.
Why don't you people get your things, and we'll get started as soon as we're ready topside? Exactly how many people should we be prepping for extraction? - 1,200.
- 814.
Copy that.
The number of people we're saving today is 814.
You got that, Shaw? How's it coming up there? I'm still locked out.
Whoever this girl is, she's good.
I'll let you know when I get back in.
Real cute.
Murphy? You thought this was a good place to take a nap? Yeah.
Why not? These guys have been doing it for 100 years.
What, you thought one of them was waking up? You said that was impossible.
It's not.
What, exactly, are you doing here, Raven, coming to hang out with all the people you might have to kill? Wait.
Raven, wait.
I didn't mean that, all right? I know how hard this is.
I'm sorry if I was a bitch before.
I just I'm just afraid I won't be able to pull the plug.
I know.
That's why I'm gonna do it.
- Murphy - Just wait.
Everybody was so surprised when I stayed behind, I mean, most of all me.
Thought maybe I was doing it to impress Emori, but the more I think about it I mean, why do you always have to be the one to sacrifice? Anyway, if it comes down to it, I got this.
- Is it over? - He's alive for now.
Hi, Mom.
Clarke? How? How? When? When did We should move, now.
Everything's gonna be OK, but first, we have to get you out of here.
Come on.
What happens to Marcus? I'll get him to the ground.
After that, it's up to you.
Kom falau oso na gyon op.
Kom falau oso na gyon op.
Kom falau oso na gyon op.
Kom falau oso na gyon op.
Kom falau oso na gyon op.
Kom falau oso na gyon op.
Kom falau oso na gyon op.
Kom falau oso na gyon op.
Kom falau oso na gyon op.
Come on.
Thank you.
It's good to see you.
The deal was no weapons.
Not my deal.
I need to talk to you in private.
Give me a second, then follow me.
Bring him up.
Blodreina, the red queen.
Tell me about the fighting pit.
How did that happen? Because it looks to me like someone read Ovid a few too many 6 years is a long time.
Things have changed.
I've changed.
We have a lot to talk about, O.
We do, just not right now.
I don't trust these people, Bell.
Who are they? Where'd they come from? Why are they helping us? I don't trust them, either, OK? But I need you to trust me.
We have leverage.
What kind of leverage? All right.
Bring him in.
Hey Wait for night.
If you get caught, I won't be able to help you.
There's our doctor.
Shaw, what the hell is taking so long? I told you, this girl is some kind of genius.
Everything I thought of, she thought of first.
She even had time to flip me the bird.
Does that mean she knows you've been trying to get back in? - Maybe, but - I told you to be careful.
Those are our men up there, Shaw.
They're OK.
See? Snug as criminally insane bugs in hermetically sealed rugs.
Hermetically sealed.
What? We still got access to the docking bay doors? Uh Yeah.
Open them all.
- That'd kill them.
- Not our people.
We found our doctor.
It's time to end this.
Opening docking bay doors.
John Murphy takes the pass from himself, mind you dribbling down the pitch.
Meanwhile, Go-Sci's monstrously hideous, - one-legged goalie attempts to defend.
- OK.
Can she? No.
She can't.
He's got too much speed.
Can he do it? Goal! Yes! Yes! Oh, it's so sweet.
What's happening? East docking bay door opening.
They're trying to kill us by venting the oxygen.
- That's not good.
- It's time to pull the plug.
- How long do we have? - Not long.
Long enough to put us into cryo? Good idea.
Tell me how.
You're you, all right? Figure it out.
Murphy, it's time.
Pull the lever.
I'll do it myself.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
What? I'm not ready to die.
Are you? - It's done.
- Good job.
Get her ready to fly.
What is it, Shaw? Talk to me.
They're waking up.
They opened the pods.
Colonel, if we don't close the outer bay doors right now, your people are gonna die, too.
You mean our people, don't you, Lieutenant? What are your orders? Close the doors.
Either way, we're back in control.
Your friend may be smart, but she's a coward.
Live coward.
Survival instinct sucks.
This is a mistake, brother.
She's starting with her fighters.
You know I'm right.
That's an army right there.
More of us are loyal to you than to her.
Just say the word.
Not yet.
The time will come.
Just don't do anything stupid.
Let's go.
Where's my doctor? OK.
We're safe here.
Let's get those cuffs off.
If you're right and that valley's the only survivable place, where will your mother and I go? I'll talk to Octavia, see if I can reason with her.
You won't be able to.
Regardless, that's tomorrow's problem.
Today we have to keep you out of sight until everyone is safely What the hell was that? I know what that was.
Stay here.
Sorry about your pretty fountain, but that was only half power.
I know most of you are armed.
If anyone moves for a weapon, you'll see what full power does to human flesh.
- It's not pretty.
- Hey! Hey, what the hell are you doing? - One call from me - Make your call.
Raven, come in.
You read me? The deal's off, but nobody has to get hurt.
Someone's coming.
Hold your fire.
Where's your mother? She's our doctor.
You can't have her.
She asked you a question.
Where is the doctor? That's right.
You're not so tough now, are you? No! Hold.
I'm right here.
Don't shoot.
We'll come without a fight.
I bet you will, traitor.
- "We"? - The two of us.
Those are my terms.
I see where your daughter gets it from.
Take them both.
Mom, what are you doing? I love you, Clarke.
- Let's go.
- OK, then.
Here are my terms.
The valley is ours.
Any attempt to get there will be met by overwhelming force.
As long as you stay here, we won't have a problem.
Is that a problem? What about Raven and Murphy? For now, insurance.
Let's go.
On me.
Szybunka, that's an order.
Szybunka, you idiot! Get to the ship.
Move! Now! Prep for emergency evac.
Octavia, can you hear me? I've got you.
Auto pilot engaged.
What the hell happened? What happened is, we're at war.
Go missiles hot one into the crowd, one into the bunker.
What are you talking about? - Get them out of here.
- No.
- Do it now.
- Hold on.
- Please! - My daughter is down there.
Slow down.
This is a mining ship.
Those missiles are designed to break up asteroids, not crowds.
Because of this idiot, we have no choice.
They will retaliate.
We have to end this now.
Colonel, just think.
By my count, there are less than 1,500 people left in the human race.
- She gave you an order.
- I'm flying this ship.
Shoot me, we all die.
I'm not gonna ask you again, Lieutenant.
This is a mistake.
What's taking so long? - What is it? - I don't know.
It's jammed.
- Your friend Raven? - Has to be.
Let's go get her.
Copy that.
Everybody strap in.
Main rocket burn in 3, 2 Only have 283 more.
I trusted you.
This is your fault.
Blodreina what do we do now? Now we go to war.