The 100 (2014) s06e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The 100" Once we kill their Primes, we take over Sanctum.
I that your idea or Sheidheda's? Who cares if it works? - Jordan? - Lock the child up with the others.
JOSEPHINE: Clarke's alive, but the brain we now share is dying.
Find Gabriel.
He was one of them.
- BELLAMY: Stay safe.
- ECHO: Save Clarke.
JADE: They're not talking.
Put them with the others.
It's Josephine.
Clarke, she gave you control? You got to run.
I'm not leaving you.
Go find Gabriel now! Why can I see you? Because it's getting worse.
Give me back control.
I'll just get it anyway when you fall asleep.
What are you doing now? Gabriel, my name is Clarke Griffin.
Josephine Lightbourne is in my head.
If you can hear this, we're coming to you.
JOSEPHINE: Be careful.
We're close to the camp now.
When Gabriel hears the engines, he'll CLARKE: Quiet.
I'm concentrating.
JOSEPHINE: Told you I should drive.
Now will you give me back control, or do I have to wait until you fall asleep? Shut up.
I have to call Gabriel.
You broke that, too.
- OK.
Here's the deal.
If we go back to Sanctum, I'll give you your body back.
Fine! We can just wait for my guards to find us.
It shouldn't be long now.
We don't know that they're your people.
What if the Children of Gabriel took out your guards? I mean, they do kind of suck.
You want to risk losing our head? [ENGINES RACING] I swear to God, if you're lying, I'll take out the mind drive myself and destroy it before I die.
Tense much? Relax.
Just keep your eyes moving all around so I can see.
We're looking for this.
Clear the leaves.
You'll find a hatch.
WOMAN: Keep your helmets on and your guns ready.
These are the enemy's woods.
I guess my guards don't suck after all, huh? Stop doing that.
MAN: The engine's still warm.
She can't be far.
There should be a light or some matches in the supply kit.
We lay low here until they pass.
Then we go on foot.
[GUARDS SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] MAN: Spread out a little bit.
What is this place? Observation blind.
We built them all over.
I use them to study species in their natural habitat.
Studying, huh? Research can get boring.
Gabriel helped with that.
You guys seem to have a lot of history.
Why does he want to kill you now? - He doesn't.
- Really? Death to Primes? Could have fooled me.
It's not literal.
The Children of Gabriel consider themselves enlightened, freeing minds one at a time.
In the 70 years since he left, they've killed exactly no Primes.
Why did he leave? He wanted to be able to die.
I didn't.
Simple as that.
Why? What are you thinking? I'm thinking it's not as simple as that.
I'm thinking that he lost his taste for body snatching, and I'm hoping for all our sakes that he doesn't destroy your mind drive as soon as he takes it out.
Bellamy's plan save you, trade my drive for your people.
It would mean letting you resurrect again.
Would he do it? Does he still love you? [BREATHING HEAVILY] Clarke? Are you all right? Clarke? No, no.
No, no, no.
Not now.
We'll be stuck here.
The vines will come.
This is not what I meant by falling asleep.
Fight through it, Clarke, or I'll be locked inside a drive, inside your head, inside this box forever.
We're so screwed.
RAVEN: Simone's gonna want payback for Kane.
Let's just get our people and go back to the This can't be good.
Where's our new Prime? SIMONE: The fool killed himself, wasting a good mind drive.
What happened here? Can we make the blood or not? - Put them with the others! - Yes, sir.
What what is this? Hey.
Get off me! - Let's go.
- Get to it.
There's something I've been meaning to tell you.
He doesn't want you to know this, but your daughter is dead, too.
What? I said take them.
Hey! What are you talking about? No! Wait! No! That was unkind, Simone, and not exactly true.
Clarke's mind survived the procedure.
Her friends found out and got her past the shield.
I have teams searching the woods, and I'm holding her people as insurance.
Insurance? Our daughter is gone, our home is an armed encampment.
We should have never let them stay.
You're right.
This is my fault, and I'm dealing with it.
What else aren't you telling me? Why is Sanctum on lockdown? Miranda's dead, killed by the child host, Clarke's daughter.
We have her in custody with most of the others, but two of them are still at large.
We believe they're in Sanctum, which is why we're on lockdown.
Lockdown isn't enough if someone is hiding them.
Russell, these people know the truth about us.
How long till it spreads to our people and they come after us? An example must be made.
If you think I'm executing a child Not the child.
She has the blood.
We burn the rest, we find out who was helping to hide the other two, and they burn with them.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Listen to yourself.
I know how you feel.
I feel it, too, but if we do that, we leave nothing left to bargain for Josephine, and we will have become just like them.
Look around you, my love.
The dream of Sanctum is already dead, but because I trust you, we'll only kill one.
You're a liar.
Believe me, I wish I was, but your daughter's not one with the Primes.
No one is.
[CLATTER] I sacrificed my baby boy for nothing.
My wife couldn't live with that.
She laid down in the Offering Grove a year later, and I still believed.
I believed.
[CRYING] BLYTHE ANN: It's not a lie.
Jordan tried to tell us the truth.
The ship is back, the fuse is lit.
Now how do we get our people out? Relax.
Revolutions take time.
I don't care about their revolution.
We need to get our Commander out of here.
She banished you.
Still, she's all you are about.
Let's hope the null guards are more easily swayed.
- Meaning what? - Meaning if they don't rise up and overthrow their false gods once they learn the truth, we're gonna need a plan B.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] RYKER: Everybody get in position.
What is it? [MAN WHISPERING] All right.
Go directly back to your quarters.
If you get stopped, you show them my work orders.
What do we do with what you told us? Nothing yet.
Once enough people know the truth, we can change things peacefully.
[DOOR SHUTS] ECHO: Peacefully, huh? Keep telling yourself that, Ryker.
GAIA: What is it? What's wrong? They're executing one of your people tonight for killing Miranda.
- Madi? - No.
Won't be her.
She's a host.
If I know Simone, she'll let them choose who dies themselves.
How do we stop it? We don't.
I'll need you to add a scope to my bow and get me to a window with a view of the execution.
- Plan B.
- Whoa.
Slow down.
You're not assassinating anyone.
I agreed to hide you, I agreed to tell people the truth.
You did that because I threatened to expose you as the traitor who let the demon Gabriel go free, which is exactly why you'll do this.
Ryker, admit it.
It feels good to be on the right side.
If you miss, one of our people dies.
I won't miss.
So who will they choose? Well, that's easy.
It's gonna be me, isn't it? It should be you, traitor! Told you.
Same look she had in her eyes when she stabbed Jordan.
MURPHY: Can we please get back to the fact that one of us is gonna die tonight? That's not gonna happen.
Echo will think of something.
Why did she call you a traitor? MADI: Tell her, traitor.
Tell her how you helped the girl who stole her daughter's body.
I thought she was already dead.
EMORI: Abby, he made a deal to save all of us.
When he found out she was still alive, he did the right thing.
You better hope your friend Echo gets us out of here because if she doesn't, we choose you.
JOSEPHINE: Beer on the wall, 23 bottles of beer Take one down, pass it around 22 bottles of beer on the wall [GRUNTING] [VOICES WHISPERING] [DISTANT SCREAM] Josephine? [ALARM BUZZING] You don't want to see me? See this.
Hey! Door.
Why are your memories on my side of the wall? You know why.
I told you to give me control.
Now it's too late.
How much time do we have? [RUMBLING] Not much.
Follow me.
Where are you going? I'm taking you back to your side.
Where do you think I'm JOSEPHINE: There are no more sides.
No, no! Get away from me! Get away from me! Just get away! Get a get away from me! My second body.
The barrier between our minds is breaking down.
You don't say.
If we don't think of something fast, you die, and my mind drive is lost forever, so how about we cut the sarcasm and Or I could just kill you again.
Without the door to my side, I don't know where I'd go or if I'd come back.
It could be permanent.
And that's a bad thing why? Fine.
Pull the trigger.
What is it you say? Go float yourself.
That's it.
Follow me.
What are you doing? If you're right, then in order to regain consciousness, we need to separate our minds.
Clarke, those are my memories.
Clarke! It's this or a bullet.
COMPUTER: Warning.
Catastrophic systems failure in 15 - Do it.
- 14 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 It worked.
Come on.
Help me.
We have to do more.
They'll keep bleeding through.
I don't I don't remember what you took.
I just I know that it's gone.
COMPUTER: Warning.
Systems critical.
We have to do this, or our brain dies.
Fine, but I choose the memories.
You really messed up.
I'm aware.
RAVEN: Look.
I know you're scared to die.
Everyone is, but if you want to avoid hell, the answer's not immortality.
It's morality.
MAN: Open up.
Wait here.
- WOMAN: Let's go.
- GAIA: Let go of me.
Gaia! Are you all right? Thought you were banished.
She was! We should have killed you when we had the chance.
Don't worry, Heda.
You'll get your chance soon because we're all getting out of here tonight.
- Echo? - During the execution.
Rest easy, Murphy.
The only person dying tonight is Russell.
[CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] RUSSELL: Ryker something on your mind? Yeah.
Um, I was just wondering when we started executing people again.
SIMONE: Oh, spare us your equivocation, Ryker.
What is that supposed to mean? You know exactly what that means.
The lives that were taken so that you could be here enjoying this meal.
They didn't deserve to die, and yet now you have a problem executing a criminal? Can we just eat lunch in peace? Please.
PRIYA: We are all upset with what's happened, Simone.
Hopefully next time, the two of you will involve us in your decisions before they spiral out of control.
[DOOR SLIDING OPEN] Apologies, but I have news.
The one they call Gaia has been captured.
We put her in with the others.
RUSSELL: Well done.
And what have we here? Sir, his name is Tai, a null who claims to know where the last of them Echo is hiding.
So why bring him here? He's afraid to talk, sir.
I thought he might be more inclined to do so with your eminence.
A good thought.
Bring him in.
Hello, Tai.
Tell us what you know.
Are you hungry? No, thank you.
I should make this quick.
Perhaps you'd like to talk to one of us alone.
What I know what I thought I knew when I sacrificed my child in the Offering Grove by your child's command was that you were all gods But you're not.
It's all a lie, and if there's any justice left in this world, your child will die in those same woods.
What did you just say? - [GAGGING] - RUSSELL: No, no, no, no, no.
I said, "death to Primes!" RUSSELL: Simone! Get a doctor! Death to Primes! RUSSELL: Get a doctor now! TAI: Death to Primes! Death to Primes! Death to Primes! [GAGGING] I'll bring you back.
Whatever I have to do, I'll bring you back.
I'll bring you back.
Last one's ready.
You leapt from crumbling bridges First few days are weird.
I didn't ask for this.
I know, but I couldn't lose you, Gabriel.
JOSEPHINE: His first body was already dying from cancer when they brought me back.
We're about to dance.
CIGARETTES AFTER SEX: Tell me why Got the music in you, baby, tell me why CLARKE: Josephine.
Just let me watch a little more.
You just can't say good-bye Hey.
This new body's got some rhythm.
Foreheads of the lovers wrapped in your arms You've been hiding them in Can't do this forever.
Why not? It's how long I'll love you for.
Got the music in you, baby, tell me why Got the music in you, baby, tell me why OK.
You can keep this one, but if you ever want to see him again, we have to move now.
[RUMBLING] He'll find a way to save both of us.
I wasn't always like this.
Trust me, I know the feeling.
I mean, look around you.
We can let the bad things that happened to us define who we are, or we can define who we are.
We have to float more.
[VOICES WHISPERING] [DISTORTED] Sanctum is mine! [VOICES CONTINUE] It just keeps getting worse.
JOSEPHINE II: No, no! Get away from me! JOSEPHINE VII: His spirit shall live eternal.
Catastrophic systems failure.
Brain death.
We have to vent it all.
Come on! COMPUTER: Warning.
Inner door is open.
CLARKE: If I leave the inner door open, everything in here will get sucked out at once, including us.
We have to get back to my cell.
Come on! This is how we can save us both! COMPUTER: 5, 4, 3 [AIR RUSHING] Josephine? [GAGGING] [CHOKING] MAN: Hey! Over here.
I found another hatch.
DIFFERENT MAN: Hey! Over here! Clear it off.
[WHEEZING] I knew she'd pick this one.
They'll hear us.
She can't breathe.
[GASPS] You didn't show up at the camp, we assumed the worst.
Clarke, hey.
Can you walk? Gabriel, come on.
Help me.
Gabriel? Josephine? Hey.
You still want to live happily ever after? Hold on.
What happened to Clarke? Blodreina.
How do you two you know what? There's no time.
Just help me up.
Get down! Don't move.
They'll see us.
Help! - What are you doing? - I'm here.
OCTAVIA: Seriously? Don't worry, my love.
I won't let them hurt you.
On your knees! Octavia, drop your weapon! - Now! - OK, OK.
Listen to me.
She needs medical attention.
If I don't operate soon, she'll die.
Take your hands off her, cog.
Enough talk.
Kill the girl, take Gabriel prisoner, and get me home.
- GUARD: Gabriel? - GABRIEL: No, no, no, no, no.
Face the ground.
I'm taking you to your father.
For the glory and grace Bellamy.
Because of course it is.
Take her.
Come on.
Hey, hey.
Let's go.
I can't feel my legs.
We have to hurry.
Come on.
BELLAMY: Right behind you.
Go back to Sanctum.
You tell Russell if he hurts any of my people he'll never see his daughter again.
Go! Bell I won't let you take this child.
Get the hell out of my sight before I wrap this chain around your throat for disobeying me! ABBY: Oh, for God sakes, just take the damn Flame out of her head.
I can't.
She changed the passphrase.
What happens when we get back to the mothership and she wakes her sleeping army? We can't let her lead them.
H-how was Sheidheda stopped in his time? EMORI: Killed by his Flamekeeper, or so the story goes.
GAIA: His fourth Flamekeeper actually.
He murdered the first 3.
Hold on.
If you think for one second I am gonna let you kill that child What would you have me do? If we let that thing command one Wonkru, he'll make us long for the days of Blodreina.
What happened to the other Commanders in the Flame? Tell that one nothing.
They're still in there, aren't they? He isolated them somehow, manipulating the A.
to do it.
If the code from the minds of the Commanders can be isolated, it can be deleted.
Where's Becca's notebook? Back in the machine shop, but [MUFFLED VOICE OUTSIDE] MAN: Open it up.
Morality not immortality, huh? [DOOR OPENS] MAN: Time's up.
Let's move.
MURPHY: Well, looks like I'm the lucky winner.
Change of plans.
Russell Lightbourne VII, savior of Sanctum, has issued a new order.
The child is spared, but the rest of you will burn at the stake for your crimes.
What? Let's go.
- Wait, wait, wait.
This wasn't the plan.
- Come on.
Get your hands off me.
- Get your hands off me.
- Let go.
Stop! Good-bye, Seda.
RUSSELL: I came to this world with a dream.
From that dream, we created Sanctum and gave life to every single one of you.
Simone and I have loved you as we loved your parents and their parents before them.
You are our children, and for 200 years, we taught you not to fight, we taught you to forgive, but there are some things for which there can be no forgiveness.
Why didn't you tell me it would be all of them? I didn't know.
RUSSELL: Josephine is missing, taken by them beyond the shield, and must now be presumed to be dead.
I pray to all that is holy that she will someday return.
Damn it.
Stop moving.
He's lying! [CROWD MURMURING] - EMORI: They're not gods! - GUARD: Shut up! Hey! RUSSELL: Now the disease that these blasphemers brought with them from Earth has spread.
Today, my beloved Simone has been murdered, too, by one of our own.
Our Sanctum family has been violated.
We must defend it.
You must defend it.
ECHO: Got him.
I'm sorry.
For my family.
RUSSELL: What we do now we do for the dream that was and will again be Sanctum.
Russell, you don't need to do this, please.
Russell! RUSSELL: To think your bones might have wound up in the reliquary.
Wait, wait.
Listen, listen.
We can still make Nightblood.
Russell, listen to me, OK? You can still save your wife! Bone marrow.
RAVEN: He's telling the truth.
Abby can do it just like she did it for Clarke.
We tried bone marrow transplantation 100 years ago.
It failed.
[SIGHS] That's because you don't know the formula, and if you kill us, you never will.
Take them down.
GUARD: Yes, sir.
Take them down.
I need a Nightblood donor.
You'll do just fine.
RUSSELL: Move the child host to my lab.
RAVEN: Abby, it's OK.
We'll get you a list of materials, but we need access to the computer.
You have 24 hours, or we're right back here.
You want to save Madi, get me Becca's notebook.
Through fire, we purify Sanctum.
You mind telling me how Clarke's consciousness survived? There's a neural mesh in her head.
Her mind latched onto it during the procedure.
It's pretty cool, huh? What can we do? Once I remove her drive, I'll need you to quickly bandage the wound before I restart her heart.
You're stopping her heart? GABRIEL: Death causes her mind to back up onto the drive.
I take it out, start her heart.
We get Clarke back? She was right to depend on you.
Believe it or not, we're actually friends.
We'll see about that if you ever meet in the real world.
Real world? BELLAMY: Yeah.
After I use her mind drive to bargain for peace.
What's wrong? He knows that means I'll be resurrected again, and he's not sure if he can let them take another innocent life.
Aye, there's the rub.
For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come? But I guess what was OK for you, huh, old man? No.
It wasn't.
You know that there's another way.
If you let me keep this body, nobody else has to die.
No more talking.
Do it.
I know that I've done bad things.
I don't remember them all, but I do know that you hate me for it.
I could never hate you.
I know it.
We can still be together, my love.
We can take out he drives just like you wanted.
We can grow old together.
I I've loved you for centuries.
We had our time.
I have to let you go now.
Cover the wound.
We need to restart her heart.
[HISS] Why isn't she waking up? Wait.
Why am I still here? JOSEPHINE: Because I'm still here.
[GASPING] Sanctum is mine.
I used the surgical mesh.
I'm sorry about the whole working together thing, but I know you, Clarke.
If you came back, you'd kill everyone inside Sanctum.
It's what you do.
I'm sorry, but her brain can no longer support two minds.
What are you talking about? Do something.
They're both still in there.
Latent neural activity continues for a short time after death, but once the head stops telling the heart to beat, it's over, OK? The heart and the head.
The heart and the head.
- Bell.
- No.
I'm not losing her again.
Come on, Clarke.
Come on! Clarke, Clarke, I need you.
Madi needs you.
Now wake up! Bellamy she's gone.
No, she's not! Wake up, Clarke! Come on! Gah! I'm not letting you go.
You're a fighter.
Now get up and fight! BELLAMY: Get up and fight! [CLARKE WHEEZES] BELLAMY: You're OK.
Just breathe.
Just breathe.
Just breathe.
[HEART MONITOR BEEPING] Clarke? The head and the heart.