The 100 (2014) s06e13 Episode Script

The Blood of Sanctum

1 Previously on "The 100" This is how it was meant to be, you and me fighting side by side.
Mommy, please, help.
Help! Jordan? According to our adjustment protocol, nonbelievers must be purified.
BELLAMY: Weapons down.
We don't want to kill them, OK? They want to kill us.
[CROWD SHOUTING] Welcome back Daniel Prime and Kaylee Prime.
Betraying your friends is not the answer.
You've only resurrected 5 Primes.
We have all the hosts we need.
I'm sorry it has to be this way, Abby.
- Don't do this! - No.
Leave her alone! - Noooo! - No! - Mom? - Oh, sweetheart.
We're gonna save our people.
I'm proud of you, Murphy.
Josephine called me John.
RUSSELL: Throw her to the wolves.
I saw her in Clarke's mind.
We need her to get on that ship.
NIYLAH: Clarke, Abby, what are you doing? That's not Clarke and Abby.
CLARKE: Very good.
Seems we got our Nightblood despite what I'm told you did with Kane.
Now you have 3 seconds to stand down.
Or what? If you kill them, we kill you.
You didn't think this through.
CLARKE: 1 2 Weapons down now.
Told you.
Clarke's memories may suck, but they do come in handy.
GUARD: Move.
Indra, what is this? INDRA: Just say calm.
Hey! SIMONE: How many more of you are awake? - None.
- Are you sure? We'll sweep the ship.
Anyone we find dies, and for each of them, so does one of you.
Care to amend your answer? No.
You're their leader, so here's the situation.
We're setting sail for planet Beta.
It's a 20-year journey.
[PEOPLE MURMURING] You can take it with us peacefully in cryo Save Madi.
I'll take care of the rest.
RUSSELL: Or you can die today.
We'll give you an hour to decide.
[PEOPLE GROANING] No one gives orders here but us.
Let them rot.
Come on.
We have things to discuss.
RUSSELL: Lock it up.
GUARD: Stay back.
There's a computer upstairs in med bay.
Follow me.
INDRA: Gaia explain.
RUSSELL: Devotion like that is dangerous.
They obeyed her even though they knew they would die.
Just wait.
Planet Beta Russell, we don't even know if it's survivable.
If it isn't, we go for Gamma, then Delta, then Epsilon.
We won't even have to land to find out if it's survivable.
Assuming there are no other signal-sucking anomalies, we can access the mind drives of the other teams wirelessly from up here.
Come on.
We were explorers once, weren't we? Russell, I love you, and I will go with you across the stars and back, but you're right.
That child is a problem.
Oh, for God's sake, she has the blood.
In fact, dibs on her as my next host.
Simone, if we kill their leader, they will never follow us, and we need those people to serve us unless you plan on cleaning latrines.
Then we kill her sleeping army because I promise you they are already talking about how to wake them.
We brought enough mind-wiping fluid to erase them all in their sleep, where they'll be perfectly preserved until one of us needs a new host.
MIRANDA: We'll never even have to know them.
Fine, but then it's on to Beta.
Agreed? Josie, what say you? Are you kidding? It's brilliant.
A little genocide, a long nap.
What the hell? Let's be explorers.
[SHOUTING] [BANG] BELLAMY: How much longer will this last? [BANG, BANG] It'll last longer than these walls will.
We move together, firing all directions.
Once we get to the stairs, we haul ass to the woods.
No way.
We're not leaving our people.
Here they come.
Knock them out, we tie them up.
Take out enough, eventually they'll stop.
[SHOUTING FADES] Is it over? [THUD] [ALARM BLARING] [GAGGING] WOMAN: Today, we purify Sanctum.
Adjusters, go forth and find the nonbelievers.
Bring them here.
If they resist, you may take their lives.
You're all awake.
Let's begin.
Do you or do you not believe in the divinity of the Primes? You don't need a potion to find out my truth, witch.
Primes are not gods.
They are liars and murderers.
You don't have to do this.
We're not your enemy.
You're a disease, and this is the cure.
Your blood or the blood of Sanctum.
[DOOR OPENS] VOICES: Blessed is Daniel.
Blessed is Kaylee.
[WHISPERING] What is the meaning of this? WOMAN: Blessed is Daniel.
Blessed is Kaylee.
Blessed are the Primes.
Rise and explain yourself.
WOMAN: We are purifying Sanctum, Holiness, as so ordered by Russell Prime, hallowed be his name.
OTHERS: Hallowed be his name.
Russell is not here.
He abandoned you! We did not.
EMORI: Adjustments are for our flock.
Why are the Earth people here? You know what? Never mind.
It's all right, but we shall decide what do with them.
Let's take them to the palace.
[SNAPS FINGERS] Help them to their feet.
- WOMAN: You heard her.
- MAN: Let's go.
WOMAN: Get them on their feet.
MAN: We'll escort your holinesses.
MURPHY: That won't be necessary.
You've got important work to do.
WOMAN: Not him.
The Child of Gabriel stays.
Let's go.
Thank the Primes.
I missed you.
That was interesting.
Another time perhaps.
He didn't remember me.
Well, who's the hero now? - MURPHY: Come on.
- BELLAMY: Where's everyone else? Space.
There's only Jordan here now.
He's our next stop.
MURPHY: Just keep your eyes down and move calmly.
These people are still whacked out of their minds.
ECHO: Why do they think you're Primes? - MILLER: Guys - BELLAMY: It's the toxin.
EMORI: We just have to get him to the palace.
Gabriel's waiting.
He'll know what to do.
WOMAN: The Earth people! It's their fault Russell left us! Kill them! [PEOPLE SHOUTING] OCTAVIA: Run! Run get to the palace! WOMAN: Kill them! Kill them! MURPHY: Gabriel, open the door! Go, go, go, go! My people? We got who we could.
Let's go.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but are we sure? I mean, it is the rest of the human race after all.
SIMONE: You sound like your father.
Well, it's bigger than the tank on Eligius III, but this is where it goes.
- Hand me the serum.
- Just wait.
Are you feeling OK? You look pale.
Have you had any nosebleeds or memory flashes that aren't familiar? No.
What are you talking about? Oh, it's something I saw in Clarke's mindspace.
Her mother had the same neuromesh as she did.
I thought they destroyed it with an EMP, but RUSSELL: They did.
I examined her before resurrection.
I wasn't about to make the same mistake twice.
Josephine give it to me.
Not Josie.
I can't let you kill these people.
Believe it or not, I am sorry for your loss.
Darling, listen to me.
I'll get the others and track Clarke's mind drive.
You get the child.
We are gonna use her as leverage.
[TYPING] JAMES: All right.
Second hard drive's jacked in.
Where'd you learn to code like that? City of Light community college.
Raven, focus, please.
INDRA: I saw him once Sheidheda.
I was only a girl when he took Trikru.
He went from village to village, butchering anyone who refused to kneel, their families, too.
We cannot let this creature command Wonkru.
I know, Mother.
If we fail, I'll take her life.
RAVEN: Then how about we don't fail? Thanks to Becca's book, we're past the A.
'S security.
If I'm right and it quarantined the minds of the other Commanders, it should be easy to isolate Sheidheda and dump it onto the second computer.
In there, we kill the son of a bitch.
GAIA: What is it? What's wrong? It looks like there's a kill code, but Becca doesn't mention that in her notes.
So can you kill it or not? I can, but it'll destroy the Flame.
He's making us choose.
Guys, she's waking up.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Release me! RAVEN: Gaia, what do you want me to do? [SHEIDHEDA GROANING] Kill the son of a bitch.
With pleasure.
[TYPING] I will kill you, Seda! [GROANING] I will kill you all! No more kneeling.
You will all burn! - MAN: Out of the way! - RUSSELL: Where's the child? Raven.
In there! Move, move.
We're almost there.
RUSSELL: If anyone moves, shoot them, too.
The child comes with me.
She stopped.
We're close.
[TRACKER BEEPING] MAN: Don't move! That's far enough.
I set the inner door to stay open when I pull this, so you can put the guns down, or you can float.
You heard her.
Weapons down now.
Mom? Yes.
It's me.
MIRANDA: Simone, what are you doing? JASMINE: OK, OK.
We're doing it.
Clarke, I've been pretending, too.
Now let's lock them up and go save Madi.
Don't move.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
What's my father's name? [SCREAMING] [SCREAMING] [CRYING SOFTLY] Take off her gag and bring her closer.
I want Clarke to hear this.
SHEIDHEDA: I take it that means the bitch is still alive.
You think she took everything from you, but you have your life, you have your kingdom.
I can save both of those for you.
What I want is revenge! She'll grieve for Madi if you kill her.
It's true, but since the child is already gone, what are you really accomplishing? The revenge I can offer will be so much sweeter.
Who the hell are you? TREY: You're there now.
Let the blood of Sanctum do its work.
Feel the red sun on your face.
Know that the Primes will protect you, that Priya will protect you but only if you believe.
Jordan do you believe in the divinity [THUD] EMORI: He's here! MURPHY: That's everyone.
Mission accomplished.
Jordan, we're here.
You're safe.
GABRIEL: Lay him down.
He'll be out for hours.
BELLAMY: Jordan? GABRIEL: He's in to deep to respond.
- Adjustment protocol? - Uh-huh.
The blood of Sanctum is real blood? GABRIEL: Only partially.
Simone predicted that the bloodletting would deepen the religious experience, but the psychoactive component is pure red sun toxin.
- BELLAMY: Useful stuff.
- GABRIEL: When used properly, it can be, yeah.
TREY: Help! GABRIEL: Looks like we found the adjuster.
I don't understand.
We told them the truth.
Why are they still doing this? OCTAVIA: If they accept the truth, their lives mean nothing.
It's why I burnt the farm.
Help me tie him up.
GABRIEL: We can use that to save the people in the tavern.
Cognitive dissonance.
They'll believe anything if it reinforces what they want to be true, even that you're still Daniel Lee.
[INHALES] Antitoxin again? Why? The blood of Sanctum is for more potent than what was in Russell's bomb.
You take me in as a prisoner.
Then once we're inside the tavern What? No, no, no, no.
Slow down.
No way am I drinking that stuff.
They're killing nonbelievers.
My friend who you left behind is one of them.
I am sorry, but we stayed to save our friends, and we did that.
We're all here.
If I could help our people in space, I would, but this isn't our fight.
Wait for me.
I can't let these people die, Bell.
Side by side.
Like it was meant to be.
I guess it's time to do better.
Kaylee Prime at your service.
- Emori.
- John, it's OK.
Someone needs to stay behind and look after Miller and Jordan.
GABRIEL: Excuse me.
Kaylee was against the adjustment protocol.
It's why they believed it when you took them all away.
It has to be Daniel.
Fine, but if I die, you're bringing me back.
No, I'm not.
At least lie to me.
[INHALES] Being a god should be more fun than this.
INDRA: We need that door open, Raven.
RAVEN: Working on it.
I'm actually annoyed at Eligius' competence right now.
[DOOR OPENS] It wasn't me.
Clarke, how how did you Shaw's failsafe code.
Where's Madi? Russell Russell took her.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
No, no.
We'll get her back.
You don't understand.
I killed his family, and now he's gonna kill mine.
I won't let that happen.
[DOOR OPENING] INDRA: The demon awoke Wonkru.
Lexa kom Trikru said you were strong, but you're as weak as her.
Your love has made you so.
MAN: Gun! RUSSELL: Hold.
Madi, I know you're in there.
Please come back to me.
I lost my mother today.
I can't lose you, too.
Oh, please.
I'm gonna pull the trigger In 3 2 [GASPS] MAN: Weapons down! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [GASPS] [GASPING] - Madi? - She's seizing.
RAVEN: Get her upstairs! - Madi? - Hurry! Hold her steady.
Madi, Madi, I'm here.
Listen to my voice.
You can do this.
You have to fight, Madi.
You have to fight! [GROWLING] Once more with feeling.
RAVEN: Got him! [COMPUTER CHIMING] NIYLAH: Why isn't she waking up? Her pulse is too weak.
No, no, no, no.
I know what this is.
We have to take it out like you did with me after the EMP.
I need a blade.
[GASPS] I'll close.
CLARKE: I'm here.
You're OK.
I'm not the Commander anymore.
Thank you.
I'm sorry about Abby.
INDRA: Raven.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] - - [CHIMING] Where does he go? MURPHY: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event of the evening, an adjustment for the demon Gabriel himself.
Got room for one more? Right this way, Holiness.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] ECHO: As soon as someone else knocks on that door, they'll know we took the tavern.
That's where we come in.
Gabriel and Murphy control the inside.
We make sure no one else gets inside.
If that happens, it'll be 30 on 3.
I like our chances.
[VOICES WHISPERING] ADJUSTER: The forest is awake.
- The vines pierce your skin.
- Move over there.
The swarm is devouring you.
Do you feel it? The Primes will save you if you let them.
WOMAN: Zev, we have a special guest.
Is something wrong, your grace? No.
Let's get this over with.
Dose us both.
I need adjusting, too.
Something went wrong with my resurrection.
My memory is shot.
For glory and grace of me.
I'm sorry this happened to you.
Your blood or the blood of Sanctum.
We purify Sanctum through fire! Get the fuel! Soak it down! Together, we send the demon and his false prophet to hell! BELLAMY: Leave the torch and back away.
Those are your people in there.
Help us save them.
That's what we're doing.
Their sacrifice will be a blessing to us all.
ECHO: Can't let you do that.
The toxin is quick in this host.
[SHOUTING OUTSIDE] [CLATTER] Look, I'm sorry about this.
You really do seem like a nice guy.
Good kisser, too.
OCTAVIA: I got these guys! Go for the torches! Keep them away from the tavern! Took your time.
My guy was tougher.
[SHOUTING] For the glory and the grace of the Primes! [SCREAMING] BELLAMY: Echo, check on the others.
You OK? Everything OK in there? MURPHY: Yeah.
Best party ever.
Counted at least a dozen runners.
Watch all sides of the tavern in case they come back.
[MAN GROANING] When did you get that? What? What is it? May I? Have you seen that before? GABRIEL: The tattoo? No.
No, but I've been studying it for 150 years.
We call it the Anomaly Stone.
You must have gotten it on the other side.
Still think you were gone for only a few seconds? It's beautiful, but what does it mean? GABRIEL: Good question.
It means I have to go back.
[WOMAN CRYING] Don't let this delay you.
We're still leaving.
The Anomaly awaits.
GAITS: For what could have been I'm right behind you.
The weight is heavy, tell the sender that Jordan you OK? Look like you had a rough night.
Not as rough as some.
Come on.
They're back from space.
I saw the ship.
You go.
I'm gonna help clean up our mess.
Hey they say you got Priya killed.
I know I'll see you on the other side Jordan, the truth got Priya killed.
The truth? According to who? I'm just saying Sanctum wasn't perfect, but these people had peace before we got here.
You sure you're OK? Fine.
Won't let go of me Reminding me that you're gone And I'm the one that can't breathe That can't breathe I know I'll see you Jackson! On the other side Good to see you.
The other side Wait for me In fields of gold It's not the end I heard about Abby.
I tried to do better.
I did, and then I lost my mom.
Tell me it was worth it.
Tell tell me it was worth it.
Hey, hey.
We did.
We did do better.
I have to believe that that matters.
I know I'll see you I know I'll see you on the other side The other side GABRIEL: I have to tell you I'm very excited about this.
I've been studying those symbols since we found the stone.
We built the camp here because of it.
The tattoo.
GABRIEL: It's thousands to years old.
We have no idea who made it or what generates the magnetic field that holds it up, but we're pretty sure it's what sucks in all the radio signals.
ECHO: Some of the symbols on her back are red.
It's a code.
Very good.
We're about to find out what it's for.
May I see the drawing, please? [EXHALES] Moment of truth.
[PULSES] What happens if you're right? I filled 100 notebooks with possible answers to that question.
The last symbol in the series is called an octonion.
Advanced mathematics way above my head, but I don't think it's a coincidence you share a name.
It should be you.
[PULSES] GABRIEL: No, no, no, no, no.
It can't be right.
Let me see the tattoo again.
- Must have got something wrong.
- Quiet.
[RUMBLING] Oh, my God.
I knew it.
What the hell is this? She's here.
Diyoza? Hope? I couldn't get out of it.
He has my mother.
I'm so sorry, Octavia.
[STAB] BELLAMY: Octavia, what's happening? Be brave.
Tell him it's done.
- ECHO: Knife! - BELLAMY: No! No! BELLAMY: Octavia! Octavia! Octavia! Octavia!