The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo (1985) s01e13 Episode Script

Horror-Scope Scoob

Where will Scooby and his crew find their next bugaboo? In a tomb or up a tree? Not this time, they're on TV.
And here's your host of horror, Boris Kreepoff.
Good evening, fiends.
And welcome to Stuff So Scary and Horrifying You Won't Believe It Or Else.
We're really gonna be on the Boris Kreepoff show.
Gee, I'm nervous.
Cool out, Scrappy, my man.
TV's no biggie.
suave, debonair.
Ooh! Robert Redford, eat your heart out.
- Five minutes, everybody.
- Uh-oh! That's our cue.
Where's Scooby and Shaggy? We're on next, Uncle Scooby.
Like, no one in here but us chickens.
Come on, guys.
The show must go on.
Like, it can go on without us.
This place gives me the creeps.
Me too.
You seem a little nervous.
Is this your first time on TV? A mummy.
Yikes! Was it something I said? Relax, guys.
He's just one of the guests.
Besides, we have to go on.
We need Boris' help to capture that demon that's been eluding us.
Yeah, we're gonna use the vaccu-spook to nab them right on the show.
Like, no way.
You can't beg us, you can't convince us.
Would you do it for some Scooby Snacks? But, like, ha, ha, you can bribe us.
Yeah, yummy.
Uh-uh-uh! Not until after the show.
Like, I knew there was a catch.
And now it's time for our weekly visit with the amazing Tallulah.
Look, it's the lady who writes the horoscopes in the paper.
Tell us, Tallulah, what do the spirits say this week? The spirits predict grave danger for one with the initials of S.
- S.
D? - That's me.
And, like, that's our cue to skidoo, Scooby-Doo.
Zoinks! Hi, kids.
I'm Freddie Cadaver, the show's director.
How you doing? Fine, thanks.
You're on next.
Follow me.
Our public beckons.
Ha, ha, stardom, here I come.
Daphne, like, please don't make us go on this creepy show.
You're making a big deal out of nothing, guys.
I'll leave the Scooby Snacks right here.
They'll be your reward after the show.
Like, you drive a hard bargain.
Look, Weerd, there they go, just like the boss said.
This time we'll get them for sure.
This switch controls the trap door backstage.
When I give the signal, you flip it.
Heh, oh, boy, we're finally gonna get that chest.
Yeah, after we get rid of those kids.
This is a warning to all living mortals that whosoever opens this chest of demons will release 13 of the most terrifying ghosts upon the face of the earth.
Yikes! - Let's get them, Bogel.
- I'm with you, Weerd.
Only you can return the demons to the chest.
Why us? Because you let them out.
Phew! You know what to do? Yeah, when you signal, I switch this switch.
Not that, this switch.
- Which switch is which? - Switch this switch.
- Which watch? - I didn't say, "Switch a watch.
" - "Watch which switch is which.
" - A witch? Not a witch, a switch.
Unh, have you heard anything I said? Well, there's a witch that switched into a watch Oh, Weerd, I'm so confused.
Ten seconds, everybody.
Long time no see, Vincent.
Yes, Boris, we have much to talk about.
There'll be plenty of time for that later or else Boris, baby, you're on.
Welcome back.
Vincent VanGhoul and his ghost-catching friends have joined us.
Vincent, tell us why you're here or else We have prepared a little demonstration for you.
We hope to conjure an evil spirit from beyond and trap him here in the chest of demons.
Why, that's so terrifying and scary I don't believe it.
What's going on? Oh, the spirits are in such a tizzy.
You lummox.
You're switching the wrong switches.
It's this one.
Good heavens.
Is everyone all right? Tallulah, what is it? I chipped my nail polish.
And now for the coup de ville.
- What happened? - I can't see a thing.
Who turned out the lights? Where's the chest of demons? Uh-oh! Somebody nabbed it.
Who could have done such a heinous deed? If that chest falls into the wrong hands, the demons will be set loose.
Yikes! Like, we've gotta find it.
Here, chest.
Nice chestie, chestie.
Here, boy.
You won't find it that way.
I sense the powers of darkness at work here.
Like, then somebody call the power company.
Boris, I hope you had nothing to do with this.
Vincent, you cut me to the quick.
How could you, my oldest, dearest friend, accuse me of a trick so low? I won't stand for such an insult.
Unh! Gee, Mr.
VanGhoul, I didn't know Boris and you were old pals.
That's right, Scrappy.
We went to school together: Terror Tech.
We graduated in 36.
1936? No, just 36.
What should we do now, Mr.
VanGhoul? You check things out from this end.
I must return to my castle to see if I can get to the bottom of this debacle.
I'll contact you if I find anything.
Hey, guys, check this out.
My Scooby Snacks.
How did those get here? I left them backstage.
Maybe that ghostie who took the chest got the munchies.
Well, he left a few.
Why let them go to waste, eh, Scoob? Hey.
Oh, I feel powerful spirit vibrations surrounding this box.
You must let me hold a séance to get to the bottom of this.
Like, how about letting me hold that box to get to the bottom of it? Not so fast, guys.
This is evidence.
Like, evidently we go hungry, Scoob.
We tricked the foolish mortals We tricked the foolish mortals - We did our best - We stole the chest We tricked the foolish mortals You idiots.
Yikes! You bungled it.
But, Simbooloo, we thought you You thought? That's your trouble.
You think too much.
What he means is, um, didn't you nab the chest of demons when the lights went out? No.
Somebody got to it before I did.
And it's all your fault.
We're sorry, your awfulness.
Forgive us, your disgustingness.
I must have that chest.
Find it before those meddling kids do or else Yes, your repulsiveness.
It's all your fault, Bogel.
You switched the wrong switches.
You told me to switch the witch with the watch and watch which switch.
Now don't start that again.
Come on.
How you gonna find the chest, Tallulah? I'm gonna do what we in the business call a tarot-card reading.
They're used for soothsaying.
Is that anything like go fish? No.
You see, we lay them out like so, on top of the Scooby Snacks and - My goodness.
- What is it? This is incredible.
It's a lighthouse.
The chest is at a lighthouse.
It was taken there by an evil spirit.
The only lighthouse near here is that old one on Lookout Point.
Bingo, that's it.
That's where the chest is.
Then let's move out, guys.
Oh, but be careful.
This evil spirit is extra powerful.
Those meddling kids have been sent here.
You must keep them out of the way while I find the chest of demons.
Don't worry, Simbooloo.
We got it all figured out.
We do? Oh, yeah, ha, ha.
We do.
We do, do, do.
Just see that you don't bungle it this time.
There it is, Lookout Point lighthouse.
Flim Flam and I will look around down here.
You guys go up to the top.
Who, us? Way up there? Maybe that chest is hidden in the basement.
Come on, we've got a ghoulie to nab.
Anybody home? Who is it? May we be of assistance, perchance? Yeah.
We need to look around inside this place because we're on an important ghost-nabbing mission.
- Like, who are you guys? - We're the caretakers.
We been taking care of caretaking this place since we built it back in aught-three.
No, it was aught-two.
- We ought to what? - No, in aught-two we built it.
What do you mean we ought to built it? It's already built.
- It was build in aught-three.
- No, it was aught-two.
- We ought to what? - Get inside.
Uh, he's a bit confused, but do come in.
Here we are at the top of the lighthouse.
Now where's that chestie? - Look around all you want.
- Yeah.
You've got the place to yourselves.
So long, suckers.
Hey, come back here.
Zoinks, we've been duped.
It's no use.
They locked it.
We'll have to think our way out of this.
Yikes! Like, think fast.
Heave-ho, heave-ho, heave-ho.
Oh, boy.
Like, now I know why they call this Lookout Point.
Look out! - Help.
- Help.
Heave-ho, heave-ho.
Help us, somebody.
We've gotta save them.
- Quick, Daphne, drive off the cliff.
- What? Don't worry, we'll use the rubber ducky raft.
Jump! Like, do we have a choice? Geronimo! Did you find the chest of demons? No.
But, like, we almost found Davy Jones' locker.
I just wanna know how those ghosts knew we'd be there.
Yeah, Tallulah better have a pretty good explanation.
Boy, am I glad you're here.
Like, not half as glad as we are to still be here.
Tallulah, somebody knew we were going to that lighthouse.
You're telling me.
Right after you left, I discovered my room is bugged.
- Bugged? - Yeah, bugged.
Wired for sound.
Look what I found hidden in the drapes.
Imagine the nerve.
- This is serious.
- You ain't kidding, kid.
When I seen this thing, I says to myself I says: "This could be toodle-oo, Tallulah.
" So now I'm mad.
We're having us another séance.
Oh, I'm getting something.
Daphne, Scooby, can you hear me? It's Mr.
We read you, Vince.
What's up? We are all in grave danger.
One of my most important books has been stolen: The Grand Tome of the Chest of Demons.
Whoever stole that book will know all the secrets of the chest.
Yes, this confirms my darkest fears.
Whoever opens the chest of demons on the night of the winter solstice will have all the power in the universe.
And the winter solstice is tonight.
You must find the chest before it's too late.
VanGhoul, wait.
Can't you get him back? I'll try, hon.
Auntie Em.
Auntie Em.
Oh, it's that kid with the ruby slippers again.
What's this I'm getting? Hey, that's the Ghoulish Lawn Cemetery.
I'm getting an image.
I see a chest.
Yes, the chest of demons is at the cemetery.
We'd better get going, then.
Oh, no.
Cemeteries are definitely out.
We went on that creepy TV show, we climbed up the lighthouse.
But cemeteries are out.
O-W-T, out.
I'll let you have these Scooby Snacks.
Scooby Snacks, mm, yummy.
Call it a weakness.
This is your last chance.
I must find that chest by midnight then all the power in the universe will be mine.
Don't let those kids leave here tonight.
- Oh, they won't.
- We got a bunch of zombies to help us.
Yeah, yeah, we bribed them with tickets to Boris' show, you know.
It's a foolproof plan.
You've already proven that you're fools.
This time don't fail.
We have a lot of ground to cover, guys.
We'd better split up.
Scooby, Shaggy, you look in here.
Oh, boy, my uncle Scooby's gonna be a hero.
Like, I don't see anything in here.
- Do you, Scoob? - Uh-uh.
Just a bunch of old urns.
Like, look at this Grecian urn.
What's a Grecian urn? What's a Grecian urn? Oh, about 4 bucks an hour.
Get it, Scoob? Like, bring that lamp a little closer, Scoob, will you? - But, Shaggy - Huh! Zoinks! A zombie, a zombie! Yikes! Help, Daphne.
Save us.
Help, please.
What's wrong, guys? A zombie in the crypt.
That's ridiculous.
There's no such thing.
Hummina, hummina, hummina.
Hummina, hummina, hummina? Help.
Help! Quick, guys, over here.
Okay, everybody, stay with the group, no stragglers no time to lose, got a lot to see.
Now the next step on our tour is Dracula's castle.
Uh, well, of course, it looks a lot bigger in the movies.
Get your maps to the ghouls' homes.
Cotton candy, popcorn, peanuts.
Here you go.
Take one of these, have a map.
There you go.
That's great.
Hold the phone.
Try one on.
- All aboard.
- Step lively.
- Don't wanna miss your bus.
- Next stop, the wax museum.
- Goodbye.
- Have a nice trip.
Bon voyage! Don't forget to write.
SHAGGY, DAPHNE & SCRAPPY: Phew! Hey, one of those zombies dropped something.
Wow, these are tickets to Boris' TV show, ha, ha.
Then you know where that leads us.
Back to the TV studio.
But what are you gonna ask him, Daphne? I just want to find out if Boris knows anything.
Like, I guess he's not here.
Wait a minute.
That's the floor plan of the temple where we found the chest of demons.
And this is the book stolen from Vincent's castle.
And look at this.
An airline ticket to Tibet.
Like, now if we could only find a clue.
These are clues.
Now we know that Boris flew to Tibet and stole Vincent's book.
And he probably stole the chest of demons.
But why? - I know.
- Vincent.
I found the most important clue of all.
Where? - In the ancient scroll of Pyrex? - No.
In the mysterious runes of Thoth? No.
Like, where, then? "Saturday, 8 p.
Host Boris Kreepoff will open the fabled chest of demons on the air tonight.
" It's 8:00 now.
We gotta hurry.
Flim Flam, go get the vaccu-spook.
Roger, wilco.
Tonight, loyal viewers, I have something for you that's so frightening and amazing even I don't believe it.
I am about to open the fabled chest of demons on national television.
You don't know what you're doing.
That hasn't stopped him yet.
If you open that chest, you'll release unspeakable horrors into the world.
Hideous demons will be set loose and the entire planet will be reduced to smoldering ash.
Well, that's show biz.
All you say may be true but at least I'll finally get back at you, Vincent for humiliating me back at Terror Tech.
That's not true.
Don't deny it.
You were always more popular with the ghouls.
Can I help it if I'm just irresistible? Come on, guys.
Get on with the show.
And quite a show it will be.
For when I open this chest all the power in the universe will be mine or else Correction, the power will be mine.
Tallulah, what are you doing here? I have come to claim my prize, foolish mortals.
I may not have been able to dispose of you but in the end, you led me to the prize I always sought.
The chest of demons.
So it was you who sent those baddies after us at the lighthouse and the graveyard.
You thought I was a mere medium, but in reality I am Simbooloo, lion demon.
You're a lying demon, all right.
Seize him.
And now the power will be mine.
All is lost.
Stand back, I'm coming through.
What? Stop him.
- They're pulling a switch on us, Bogel.
- Which switch is which? Don't start that again.
Let's just get out of here.
You cowards.
You cowards! Flim Flam, you saved the day.
And not a moment too soon.
Ha, ha, glad to help out.
Those ghouls are locked up where they belong.
For all eternity, I hope, or else Hmm, I wonder what this does.
Whoa! Hey, everybody, I've solved the mystery of who stole the chest.
Huh! Oh.
Like, what evil demon did that? It was just me, guys.
This button makes the whole stage turn around.
There's another set just like it backstage.
That's how the chest of demons was stolen.
- Am I right, Boris? - You're right.
I pushed the button last night while the lights were out.
That's how the chest was made to disappear and how the Scooby Snacks ended up on stage when I left them backstage.
Oh, the shame of it all.
How could I betray a friend like you, Vincent? And how can I ever repay you for all the trouble I've caused? - I don't know.
- And why am I asking a dog? At least the whole thing was on the show.
Let's see what the camera picked up.
Hi, Mom.
Hi, Dad.
Hello, Mommy.
It's that kid and his dog.
They're blocking the camera.
They ruined the whole thing.
Looks like you guys were the stars of the show.
And so our heroes once again have foiled the schemes of ghosts and men led by one so brave and true no one else but Scooby-Dooby-Doo!