The Accident (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 So, he takes her on holiday.
And they hadn't slept together? Not even a kiss.
And? He comes to see her in her room, nicely dressed, admires the view, and then asks her to marry him.
Before anything! What did she say? Well, she turned him down, of course.
Must be something wrong, she thought.
And was there? Well, who's to know? Next day he scarpered, romantic tail between his legs.
She had a week to herself.
Best holiday she's ever had.
You're done.
Any problems with the colour, turn the oven to 60, pop your head inside, three minutes and you'll be fine.
Someday someone'll take you up on that.
Then you'll be sorry.
Out the window, don't you think? Mam! Honestly.
You want your dad to find him? Oh Good morning to you, too.
She's 15 by the way, so what you just did is illegal.
Now get up and get out the window.
I didn't know Thought she was 24, did you? And how old, are you? Because you look 45.
There's nothing to climb down.
It's only two storeys.
I'm not jumping! I'll happily push, love.
Ah! Shit! Shit! I liked him.
Clean this up and then get in the shower.
Jesus, Leona.
Jesus, woman.
You were talking in your sleep again last night, Cerian.
You were grinding your teeth in yours.
And farting.
You OK? Maybe .
you should take today off.
It's St David's Day.
He commands you to take a break.
I'm going to win today - for you.
Too much to do.
Concrete's due, I've got to be on site.
What are you doing now, woman? Taking your mind off things.
Shall I do eggs? This is the third time they've played Barry Manilow before 8 o'clock this week.
Think someone's having a laugh.
Or they're ill.
They could be ill.
Well, there you go then.
The sleeves are too long.
Do bananas have long sleeves? It definitely looks like a banana, then? What are you worried it looks like? Leader of the Council comes to the fun run dressed as a .
yellow appendage.
Well, now you say it.
Did I hear someone in? It's Angela.
She wanted to look her best for today.
She pays like the rest of them.
Not to have it done at 6 a.
How much does she pay? Three quid.
Shit, what's that? You look ridiculous.
Come on, love.
Bit of pride.
Sorry, it suits you, Dad, you look like a proper prick.
Ignore her.
Oh, don't worry, I've got good at that.
Your calls and texts to hear what you've been up to today in the Valleys.
Today should be fun.
Thank you for calling.
To leave a message, please continue to hold.
This is Alan Kethin, call me back.
Well, how's your ankle? I didn't lie about my age.
You met me in school uniform, you prick.
Ready? Oh, hi! Jesus, Debbie, you running already? It's not even started yet and it's a fun walk.
It's a fun walk! I'm running.
Silly cow.
Stop it.
Stop it! Heya, bud.
What the fuck is that? Egg and Haribo sandwich.
How's that working out for you? Haribo's a bit too chewy, to be honest.
Give us a bite.
Did you cook the Haribo with the egg? Course I did, I'm not a savage.
Where we meeting Seren? Up there.
Few others are coming, too.
What's the plan? We're going to have a lush time while our mam's are on that stupid run.
Good morning, everybody! Great to see so many of you here today.
I'm here .
as head banana round here .
to tell you three things.
One is .
that this is our town! It's a great town! A town with a proud tradition.
And, like many of you - I was born here.
I love it here and always have done, through bad times and good.
Really bad times.
Bad weather.
But now we're starting to take Glyngolau back to what it was.
What it should be.
Yes! Yeah.
And this is more than about money in our pockets.
It's about smiles on our faces.
And a thousand new jobs .
that's a thousand new smiles.
This'll really piss her dad off.
Yeah, banana dickhead.
Oh, are we actually going to do this? Go on, drop down.
Watch your head! Watch your head! Fuck's sake.
Ah, sorry.
You ready? Shut up.
We all want the same thing for this town - for it to be strong in the right way.
The third thing is - you all look amazing! Especially Rhys, who hasn't worn a tracksuit since 1979! Looking good in it, mind you.
Here we go, then.
Three .
two .
one! What are you doing? Come on! And that's the reason why I'm calling.
I know all this! Yeah, I know all this, OK? I know all of what you are saying, I can hear, yeah.
You have to see where I'm coming from as well, OK? Because I was promised the delivery last week.
I don't care what fucking day it is, boyo, I've got deadlines to meet all right Hurry up, come on.
Soaking already, man! Let's go! Gethin! Chris! Over there.
Mia, come on.
Trying to eat Haribo out of a frying pan! Ruined my frying pan.
Wouldn't even scour off.
Go on there, Debbie.
They're going for it, these, aren't they? Two laps, is it? That's right, two laps of the town route.
We'll only do the one.
Oh, what are those? Creepy.
Seren left her dildos here, look! Fuck you, Griff! Griff's drawing a big penis, look.
Ah, that's sweet, you copy that from a book? Who's got a fag? I'm writing "Fuck you".
Come on.
Don't use my name! You ready? You sure about this? Why wouldn't I be sure? I'm not being funny, but you're not enjoying it, if you hadn't realised.
Oh, come on, Rhys.
Come on, Rhys.
You can't be going as fast as that.
Serious, Rhys.
Rhys, serious.
Oh, Rhys, come on, you're a very big man.
Come on, I insist on it.
Yay! What's that? Please stay back.
Stay back.
I can't let you through.
I can't let you in, please step back.
All right, Guy? Has anyone been hurt? We don't know anything yet, do we? Well, what DO you know? I know the more of my guys I have to use controlling you, the less I have on the site.
Please step back! Please step back.
It's OK.
You're OK.
You're going to be OK.
She's not answering.
Well, she doesn't answer her phone at the best of times.
Leona, I need you to call me.
Do you understand? She'll be in someone's house, smoking terrible substances.
Or cwtching up to some 40-year-old bloke, you watch.
Oh, you're probably right.
Right, I'll see if I can find anything out.
Stop there! My husband is in there! Alan! Alan! I'm taking you back.
Mia! There's more kids down there.
How the hell did they get there? Leona? Leona! I hear you.
I hear you.
Fuck! Fuck! Excuse me, sorry.
Have you seen it? No-one's answering their phones.
Oh, shit.
I really need to go down there.
Harriet? Heath Thompson, Fire Service area manager.
Are you in command? Yes, sir.
Sergeant Guy Hughes, sir.
Do you have any sense of how many are trapped? No, sir, but there are some, sir.
We've heard screaming, sir, but we can't get to them.
Mia! It's Mia.
It's Mia.
She's answered.
Talk to me, love.
Mia? They're in there.
It was a gas explosion? Seems likely.
But we hadn't connected our gas supply.
All possibilities are being investigated.
But here's the thing - they believe there were people inside.
What? Kids, even.
Kids? And Frank says to come home until we know what's happening.
I keep trying her.
Get back! Get back! Blue team, are you receiving me? Over.
Are you receiving me? Get another team in there.
As yet, no-one has been brought from the site.
There is as yet no confirmation as to the number of people involved Jesus fuck.
but reports suggest as many as eight teenagers may be trapped inside .
Kallbridge have yet to make a statement.
What are you going to do about this? I'm here to offer support.
This is your site.
You did this! I'm going to make a statement saying what we as a company know.
And what do you know? That this was done cheap as chips - is that what you know? Polly, I hardly think that's fair or useful I know you.
I know you! Iwan? Where are you? Our little girl We're still waiting on details.
Where are you? Call me.
Greta Collinson? Can you come with me? Is it all right if? Yeah.
Rhys Griffiths? Yeah.
And Angela Griffiths.
Shall we talk over here? Excuse me, I'm looking for Alan Kethin.
Have you seen Alan Kethin? You need to ask at reception.
They don't know where he is.
Mrs Bevan? Yes, it's just me.
Polly Bevan.
He's not answering his phone.
He must be I don't know, there must be something.
I don't know.
Do you want to come with me, please? There's not many discreet places, I'm sorry.
No, I can't, I can't, I can't I can't.
No, I can't.
I've good news.
Please, I can't.
Look at me.
I've good news.
She had a serious head injury and a fractured skull.
She's still in theatre but she's She's doing well.
So, you can't see her for a few hours.
OK? Cos I saw body bags and I thought I thought you were going to tell me she's dead.
She's got some other injuries we're dealing with.
A serious abdominal injury, fractures to the pelvis and spine.
And we don't know the full extent of anything right now but we're optimistic.
The other kids? They've been less fortunate.
There was a man first on the scene.
He was able to go inside the building.
He got her closer to the entrance.
What man? I shouldn't Martin Harris.
I think he's alive.
He's been brought in too.
Is she the only one? We had them all together.
We had them all together.
They've all grown up together.
I have to get back to theatre.
She's dead.
I'd like to see a man called Martin.
Are you family or a friend? You can't just go in there.
Which one of you is Martin? Martin? I'm Martin.
Apparently, you saved my daughter's life.
She's alive? Yeah.
How were you even there? Just walking past.
I was on a trip.
I've been walking.
Well, thank God for your walk, then.
I don't know what to do here.
That's a good idea.
Well, if there's anything I can do A business card? Oh, don't get excited, it's hairdressing.
Free haircuts for life, though, if you want it.
I wouldn't force you into that.
This hair's got life of its own I can do something with it.
Well, erm .
whatever I can do.
Whatever I can ever do.
Look after this one.
Look after him.
We're going to make a statement saying what we as a company .
to make a statement saying what we as a company know.
What do you know? That this was done cheap as chips? Is that what you know? I hardly think that's fair or useful.
I know you! .
know you! I know you! Did she give you any indication of what she was planning to do today? I'm so sorry to do all this so early on.
I'm going to ask my questions as quickly as possible.
All I'm trying to do is get a sense of what happened.
Would she have reason to enter the property? It's her dad's pride and joy.
I don't understand.
Iwan's leader of the council.
He got the investment going.
No, he was, erm managing the site from the council's side.
So, you think this may have been some kind of .
rebellion gone wrong? An explosion has to be triggered by something - could be a mechanical fault, could be a deliberate act.
What, you think she might have done this on purpose? Right now, I don't think anything I need to go.
I just wish I was there with you.
Did you see it? Is it running on all the channels? It's all over Twitter.
Who is she? Polly Bevan, the councillor's wife.
I never liked her.
Her husband's afraid of her, you know.
But still, her child You said the right thing.
You did nothing wrong.
You think it's a mistake being here? I didn't want you to go, but you need to be careful.
I could get the first train down.
I'll need you where you are, across our other projects.
Harriet, you can't do this on your own.
I'll need more useful people.
I don't know who, but OK.
I can't work out if we're responsible for this.
I love you.
Put me through to the others.
I need to work out what statement I'm going to give.
I'm not stopping.
He's promised me time with her at 9.
30, so Says she'll be ready for visitors then, so I'm out of here in ten.
What's that doing out? I will come to the hospital.
I just wasn't sure what to, erm I wasn't sure what to Well, I wasn't sure if she'd have wanted me there.
Why wouldn't she have wanted you there? We raised good money with the buckets.
Jim, bless him, counted it.
I said, "Why did you count it, Jim?" and he said, "Carry on, that's what they say.
" War baby, you see.
Don't make me tea.
I'm going back to the hospital.
Will you come? She'll want to see just you first.
She won't want to see me.
Iwan I'm right and you know it.
She was there because it was yours.
Fucking boasting - "Look at this thing I've built," the big I am.
She was there because it was yours and so was everyone else.
I don't know what she was trying to do there but she was there because it was yours and you can't even come and see her?! Some father.
Some daughter.
Fucking buckets.
Your FUCKING BUCKETS! You're a coward.
Making a show of yourself.
Not the face.
Making a show of yourself on the television, hmm? Eh? Shh.
I was coming to find you.
There's talk of going to the site together .
as a town.
Those who've got something they want to say.
Say that again.
The town are going to go to the site together, tonight.
A vigil? If you like.
He tried to save your daughter.
I know.
Kallbridge Developments has never encountered a tragedy like this before.
What we were doing here was undertaking vital regenerative work for the area.
We need to get to the bottom of what happened here, and we need to find who or what was responsible for these terrible events.
We will be doing so with great speed.
Polly? .
and during that time - the reason why I'm here - we will be providing all the support we can to the victims of these terrible events.
It looks likely there's a paralysis of some sort.
We still don't know what state her brain is in, I'm afraid.
But she's opened her eyes, and that's a very good sign.
Sorry .
where's your bathroom? I can't see my daughter looking like this.
If there's anything you need No, there's nothing.
I understand your daughter's in recovery.
There will be things you need.
I understand everything you said and why you said it.
You were wrong, but I understand.
You say the word "understand" a lot, you know that? I'm here for you.
And for Iwan of course.
I'm here for every one.
Just this way, OK? Oh, God.
Thank you.
It's my fault.
My fault.
I suddenly had the thought that I should sing.
I've never been with you when you've been this quiet.
Don't worry, I won't sing.
Come in.
Come in.
She's pretty banged up but she's doing OK.
They say she won't be able to speak for a bit.
She can't take things in or she can't get things out or something.
Brain is disordered, I think they said, so I've been talking slowly and writing things down for her, but I just hope she's not asking for something and I can't help her.
Look at me.
Leona, look at me.
I'm going to read out the alphabet.
When we reach a letter you want to stop on, blink.
I'll then ask you to repeat it.
We need to get you talking, OK? A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I M, N, O Was that O you wanted? Blink again if it was O.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J R, S, T T.
Did you mean T? Yes, good girl.
What does ot mean? A, B, C, D G, H H.
Is it H? C, D, E Did you mean E? Other? Others? Are you trying to say others? What others? Oh.
You were very lucky.
You were lucky.
And we were, because I need you.
And the others were Well, they were less lucky.
I know.
Don't worry.
We'll find out who did this.
Abide with me Fast falls the eventide No singing.
No singing, please.
No problem, Ange.
Sorry, Ange.
No singing! This is your daughter.
Whatever you know, you say.
You understand? I didn't do anything wrong.
This company are setting to throw you to the wolves.
We need to change the narrative.
Shush! Debbie! Debbie, what do you make of these allegations? Did your husband do this? Debbie, did your husband Alan You and that husband of yours! He has blood on his hands! I just need help here, Leona.
What were you doing? She looks at me and there's hell in her eyes.
All I can do is wipe her dribble away from her chin.
I like you, but I can't give him penance.