The Act (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Two Wolverines

1 Gypsy, her teeth are like Swiss cheese.
I've been sneaking out at night to go and eat sweet stuff.
I do a lot worse than that when I sneak out, right? Yeah.
I'm Allison Granger with the Children's Division of Missouri Social Services.
A report has been filed by a member of your community concerning the safety of your daughter.
Does your mom ever make you do something you don't want to do? My mom is my best friend.
All she wants to do is keep me safe.
They don't see it.
All that we do for them.
It's our cross to bear.
2009 "Child of the Year" award: Gypsy Rose Blanchard.
I will bet you a can of Coke that you're not allergic to sugar.
Mom, I was waiting for you! Dear Gypsy Rose, your story warms my heart and gives me hope.
This letter is just a little something to help your mama, too.
Sending you this money helps me keep my mind at ease.
Please do not feel obligated to respond to this letter.
It truly is my honor to be able to help.
You are my angel.
And you protect me and I protect you.
Good night.
Good night.
Kissing is a quiet activity.
You don't want to hear too much smacking there.
The that kind of thing That's not correct kissing technique.
And just a little bit of pink lipstick to balance out some dark circles.
You look beautiful.
Look! Ooh! Oh, how'd you get so good at that? Um, oh, I just practiced on a doll.
But you're so pretty.
Now it's your turn.
I'm so excited to meet new people at FanOptiCon.
Do you think maybe we could call Lacey and see if she can do my makeup? Oh, no.
Honeybee, look at your dress.
You gotta go change.
I'm so sorry, I must have shrunk it.
Oh, well but, Mom, you look so great.
And we match together.
Don't argue.
Go on, go get Cinderella.
You make the sweetest Cinderella.
And you'll look nice and beautiful.
One princess and one princess's mother.
- How old are you? - She's 15.
Born in 1995.
The cutoff for child's admission is 12.
But she looks 12, so we'll just keep this our little secret.
Oh! Oh, thank you.
- So you can keep that.
- Oh, thank you.
One for you, one for you.
Thank you.
- You made my day.
- Aww.
Mom, um I thought you said I was born in 1993.
Oh, if I said that, I do apologize.
Since that car accident, my head is no good with numbers.
When we had that little trip to your neurologist, I looked at your card.
It said 1995.
- Gypsy! - Hi, Shelley! - Ooh! - Can you believe this? You made it! Yes.
Everyone's so nice to each other here.
Oh, we're all weirdoes in our own way.
It's just nice to be around your own, specific fellow weirdoes.
Oh, this is Dougie, my boyfriend.
- Oh, hello.
- But don't tell anybody that.
He is pure Dark Force today.
- Can't talk.
- Oh, hi.
- And what are you, Shelley? - Oh.
I'm a Rebel Commando on the Endor Strike Force.
Oh, okay.
Plus, I'm a friendly face, so kids feel like they can come up to Dougie and take a picture.
Ooh! Oh, aren't they gorgeous? Oh, if there's anything your heart desires, tell me now.
- I like your dress.
- She's so lovely.
Oh, yes.
Oh my God, they're so pretty! Oh, that brings me right back.
You know, your mama used to be a pageant queen.
Really? What was your talent? Oh, oh, it was nothing.
Come on, now.
- I was a pageant girl, too.
- Oh.
Oh, well, I did a little bit of yodeling.
- "Yodeling"? - Yes.
- Well, now we have to see it.
- Yeah, Mom! - I wanna see! - Oh You called? Uh, Logan but you can call me Russ.
Oh, well, Claudinea Blanchard.
But you can call me Dee Dee.
This is my daughter, Gypsy Rose.
And this is Dougie, and this is Shelley.
- How you doing? - Hey, look at this.
I just had this done.
What do you think? - Oh! - Look like me? Yes.
Yes, very handsome.
Okay, good.
Let me see if we can spot Prince Charming.
Oh, Shelley look! So, Dee Dee What's a what's a real beauty queen doing here with all these ones who are playing dress-up? Oh, you a real charmer.
Well, I'm here with Gypsy.
Oh, she loves dressing up and looking at all the toys.
What do you like? What do you mean? There's, uh, art books, and, uh, and a contest.
- Oh - They got speed dating.
Gypsy likes all of it.
She likes to meet all the nice and interesting people and What about you? I don't understand.
Well, I I just want to say I truly appreciate your devotion to your daughter.
Oh, she's my everything.
Yeah, well, that's just the thing.
And, you know, maybe this is none of my beeswax, but, uh, you just seem like someone who's got layers to you.
And, uh well, I'm kinda curious to know more about what what those might be.
Oh I mean, it's not it's not every day you meet a woman who Yodel-eh-hee-hoo Oh, it's true.
Well Well, would you just excuse me for one moment, Russ? Okay, all right.
Gypsy Rose, I gotta go to the little girls' room.
- Let's go.
- Oh, well, I can stay, Mom.
Shelley's here.
- Well - She's fine.
- She's fine, Dee Dee.
- Okay.
- Be back in a flash.
- Okay.
Whoop, excuse me.
All right, you wanna go Really? Dougie made a kid cry again.
I gotta go fix it.
Won't be but two minutes, okay? - Okay, I'll wait here.
- All right, sweetie.
I think it would look very good on you.
I think so, but I like angel unicorn.
Oh, yes, I think that would be great, too.
Maybe that purple's good, too.
- Totally your color.
- Hi.
I'm Gypsy.
I love Wolverine.
Some call me Logan.
But you can call me Scott.
And everybody loves Cinderella.
Would you like to try those on? Oh, um, yeah.
Do you have a size four? No, but we do have the same print on a Mary Jane in the kid's section.
In fact, have you ever thought about Ariel? You'd be great.
You wouldn't have to worry about moving around in the tail.
You'd be amazing.
Oh, I don't have enough for that.
Okay, um how about a nice red wig? A girl can do a lot with a red wig.
Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl Red Sonja, Mystique, and, of course, there's only one redhead for Wolverine: Jean Grey.
I don't know them.
What? Would you like to try it on? Um I don't have enough for that, either.
One moment, okay? You really don't know who Jean Grey is? I don't know! How about you start with Flounder? On the house.
Can I help you? That fish is not a flounder.
It looks more like an angelfish.
Just because they call him Flounder doesn't mean he is a flounder.
Do you even want to be Ariel? Well, they threatened to nail her fin to the floor.
How old are you? Well, it just has to make it through today.
We're gonna start trying next month.
Wash your hands before you slap my ass! Ready? I wanna meet someone while I'm still cute.
Oh, I am so sorry, ma'am.
Oh So tell me about your lady love.
Me? Oh, no, I don't I don't have a girlfriend.
No, silly, I'm talking about Wolverine's girlfriend.
Oh, um I was a loner.
I liked it that way.
Doing what needed to be done.
That's when I met her.
Jean Grey.
I love her, and I know she loves me.
She's just obligated to someone else who loves her, too.
So I walk alone.
Scott? You're just about the most honorable man I've ever met.
You are the sweetest Cinderella I've ever met.
Oh, wow! Look at that! We have to go look at that! Come on, let's go! Have you ever seen one of these before? Yes, of course.
It's the DeLorean.
- Of course I've seen - Guys, uh, excuse me? You wanna come up front? - Oh, no, that's okay.
- They're okay with it.
- Come on.
- Are you sure? Come up to the front, yeah.
- Yeah, sweetie, go ahead.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Okay, guys.
If you're ready, say "great Scott!" Great Scott! Dee Dee was about the nicest, most giving person I ever met.
What kind of monster would do that to her and take poor Gypsy on top of it? What'd she always say? "It's like a pair of shoes: One never good without the other.
" They really only had each other.
There were never any men there.
You know, this one time Dee Dee called me the middle of the night asking about some guy.
She was all worked up.
It was a long time ago, though, but she was pretty freaked.
I mean, what would possess Dee Dee to call you in the middle of the night about some guy? I didn't ask.
It didn't seem right.
I don't know what was going on.
It was just really important to Dee Dee to get his name.
Well, how'd you not have a million questions? Mel, I'm not you.
You're closer to her.
I didn't think much of it at the time.
- Well, who was he? - I don't remember.
Some guy.
That was four years ago.
Maybe she had a few.
A drunk dial or something.
You ever see that woman drink beer? You know what, Mel? Maybe at times like these, every little thing just comes to your mind, okay? Well, who is this guy? Where is he now? Mel, I don't know.
Okay, sweetie, come on.
Big smile.
Big smile.
All righty.
Where's where's Gypsy? You said you'd watch her for me! Uh, she's just in the next aisle with Wolverine.
"Wolverine"? I knew it.
Don't worry, Scott's a nice guy.
- Do they hurt? - Every time.
Oh, oh! Oh, Gypsy, I found you.
Oh, um, hi, Mom.
This is my friend, Wolverine.
But you can call him Scott.
Yeah, pleased to meet you.
Um, pardon the claws.
Well, we have to get going.
Can we please stay, Mom? There's a party later on with a costume contest.
Oh, we just have to get going, Gypsybug.
That's just not possible.
Great minds.
Hi, Miss Dee Dee.
Can I can I bend your ear? Oh, say good-bye to your friend.
I guess I gotta go.
Unless you want to use those on my mom for me.
What? I I'm a good guy.
We can still be friends.
Are you on Facebook? My mom and I have an account.
You're 18 and you don't have your own Facebook account? I guess I don't.
What's yours? Ms.
Dee Dee, I didn't I didn't mean to scare you off earlier.
- Oh, no.
- Yeah.
I know I can be a little forward, I apologize.
Oh, not at all.
Just, um, you know, I I been where you been.
I I lost my my boy when he was 13.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
That's my worst nightmare.
It was Batten disease.
He he was in a chair at the end.
Oh, my Lord.
So I understand how your your kid can be your everything.
Mm-hmm, she is my everything.
Oh, I I see that.
That's the truth.
- I see the way you take care of her.
- Yeah.
You're the only true superhero here.
Oh, you are embarrassing me.
Just, uh, from one to another, a little piece of advice: You gotta cut out a little piece of the world for yourself.
That that's what I meant when I was asking about you.
You can lose yourself in all the giving.
Well, that is a beautiful thought.
But having been where I am, you know how hard that is.
Well, I understand how you can think that way, sure.
Um, sure do.
Um, it's just that, you know I just want to get to know you.
If you stay for a while, buy you a pizza.
- Oh - Got my cutters.
Oh, oh, I have to get back to my daughter, but she needs her medication.
Oh, I understand that.
Sure I do.
Did you see him following me around? That used to happen when I was a girl.
Oh, I'm not used to that.
I was just trying to spend the day with my daughter, and he comes up.
Did you think he was cute? He was polite.
Some people just don't know how to mind their own beeswax, that's for sure.
I suppose he was just trying to be nice, but you never can tell.
Mom? How did you meet my dad? Oh, we were just two young, dumb kids on the bayou.
Dumb enough to fall in love.
Well, what's dumb about love? Love is not dumb.
It makes you dumb, that kind of love.
Not the way that I love you.
I know that you love me, but you must have loved my dad.
Like crazy.
I might still do.
That's probably why I never had anyone else.
Then why did you split up? Oh, it wasn't my decision.
Then why I don't understand.
What you need to understand is that you can't rely on any man.
Or anyone, for that matter, other than your own mama.
Um, so he just left? Well come to think of it, it was my decision.
There were two choices, but there was only one choice.
And I chose you.
And I will always choose you.
A man can leave.
A mother, not so much.
Well, we have enough love between the two of us, don't we? I love you, Mama.
Oh, I love you, Gypsybug.
She's 15.
Born in 1995.
Oh, Gypsy, girl! Grab your mama a little sweet tea.
I'll even let you have a little sip if you're a good girl.
- You got a deal, lady! - Okay.
- Hello.
- Hi.
That's Pump #7? And this too, please.
That'll be $35.
- I got your quarter.
- Thank you.
And one of those, too.
Thank you.
Hello? Who is this? Russ.
Oh, Wolverine.
Well, of course.
How could I forget? How'd you get my number? Hey, it's Gypsy from the convention.
Hi, Gypsy-from-the-convention.
So weird, I was just thinking about you.
What a crazy coincidence.
It must be fate.
Let's be friends, okay? So, 18 years old and you just got your own Facebook.
Better late than never, I guess.
How's life? I wanna know more about you.
I've been keeping busy.
Hanging out with my friends.
Sometimes I feel like it's my job just to make people happy.
I'm sure you don't have to work hard at that.
After all, you charmed me, right? Hello? Oh, hi.
My work as a surgeon is really demanding, but it's all worth it to see the look on someone's face after they get that second chance at life.
That's so neat.
I'm so glad I met you.
You're a really cool girl, you know that? Scott, do you ever want to get married one day? Sure, I do.
I just haven't met the right girl yet.
, any girl would be lucky to have you.
I want to have a winter wedding.
I think it would be so romantic to get married in the snow.
Sounds like you're a "White Wedding" kind of girl.
You're so funny.
I just realized: It's been a month since we met! It's our anniversary.
Happy anniversary, cool girl.
I'll give you my address if you ever want to send me a present.
The castle takes deliveries? L.
Or in case you want to come take me away.
Are you Princess Fiona? I am.
Awaiting a knight so bold as to rescue me.
Aw, that's nice.
Now, let's go! Wait, Sir Knight, this be-eth our first meeting.
Should it not be a wonderful, romantic moment? Yeah, sorry, lady.
Hi! Hi! Shh, my mom is sleeping and she works really hard.
Oh, okay.
- Uh, are you Gypsy? - Mm-hmm.
Well, then this is for you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Like Jean Grey.
You know, Dee Dee, I was thinking: We been talking a lot, you know, and, um I was wondering if you'd be open to a visit? What do you mean? Well, I'd like to, uh I'd like to do some man work.
It's best when you do it for a good woman who appreciates it and and it makes you feel like a superhero.
I just haven't had a chance to do any since the divorce.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You haven't told me much about her.
We just, uh, married really young and she wasn't really built for the long haul.
And she just she wanted more out of life than than me, you know? And then when my son well, you know I'm a simple guy.
And simple things make me happy.
And I just thought to myself "Well, Dee Dee doesn't have a man.
Maybe she could use one.
" I could change the oil, just do some yard work.
You know, some handyman stuff around the house.
Just, um, you know, take out the garbage.
I wouldn't put you out.
We get along just fine.
You don't mind me saying, I I think you could use some enjoyment for yourself.
You know? I mean, geez, you do everything for everyone.
Uh, so says everyone.
You know, I could I could help you with your daughter.
Thank you, Russ.
What are you Giggling about? - Hi, Lacey.
- Hi.
Man, I need something to laugh at.
I called my mom a "B-I-T-C-H" 'cause she says I have to go to community college now instead of real college.
I didn't get enough of a scholarship.
So that's why I called her a bitch, and and now she's making me wash the windows to learn something about something.
I don't know.
Anyway, what's so funny? Um Okay, I'm gonna tell you, but really need to keep your voice down, okay? 'Cause it's a secret.
I met my Prince Charming.
- You did? - Mm-hmm.
How? I guess you could say he swept me off my feet.
Well I guess that's what princes do, huh? - Mm-hmm.
- They just sweep you off your feet.
How'd you meet this mystery man? Well uh, it was pretty magical, actually.
I saw him and I just I knew.
He's he's manly, and he's heroic, but he's also really, really nice.
And we're gonna have two kids once we're married, of course.
But he's gonna take me far away from here to someplace really special, you know? Like like Arkansas, maybe.
Oh, my gosh, and we're gonna have a winter wedding so that we can be in the snow and I'll be like a snow gypsy.
- Wow, that sounds amazing.
- Lacey, you have to come.
You have to come to the wedding.
Will you will you be my maid of honor? You can wear red.
'Cause there's gonna be red roses everywhere, so you can match them.
I wish my Grandma Emma was still alive so that she could come, too.
Oh, by the way, that's my private Facebook name, okay? Emma Rose.
- Okay.
- So happy.
Okay, yeah.
You know what? If he has a brother, you tell him to come sweep me away.
He can find me at the community college.
Okay, I'll tell him.
You it's a secret, right? So you can't tell anyone.
You promise? No, no, I promise.
I won't tell a soul.
We have a secret.
Oh, no, what happened? Are you okay? Oh It's me, Gypsy.
Gypsy? Yeah.
Yeah, it's me.
But you're walking.
Shh, I can actually walk, okay? Don't tell anyone.
I just I didn't know you were coming.
Of course I came.
I knew that you needed me.
You look completely different.
You look I'm just I'm a little surprised is all.
My poor baby.
Have they given you anything for your pain? Anything? Just a local.
They reset my nose.
You need Vicodin or or maybe a Xanax.
Or what about a Percocet or an Ativan? I can ask for you.
They they said they wouldn't because I've been drinking.
Oh, silly, you don't need to tell them the whole truth when you're in pain.
Um well, it's too late now.
I can't get over this.
I don't understand.
You poor thing.
No one should suffer.
No one.
But don't you worry about anything now, okay? I'm gonna take care of you.
I'm gonna take real good care of you.
You look good with red hair.
You like it? Gypsy? Gypsy? Gypsy? Oh Dear Mom, I'm in love and running away to get married and have kids, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.
Love, Gypsy, your 19-year-old daughter.
Oh, hello? Shelley? Shelley, you remember that man we met at the convention? He was dressed as Wolverine? No, not that Wolverine, the other Wolverine.
Do you know his name? Think Shelley, I need it.
What a beautiful place you have.
Really? I was just saying it made me feel um, grown up.
You're so tiny.
Not much taller than when you're in the chair.
I'm never sitting in that again.
Now that my Prince Charming has saved me.
What the fuck, man? It's just me, man.
Dance with me.
Hey, no We just woke him up and Oh, we don't need music.
Come on.
I had a rough night.
I kinda just want to sit here.
Oh, of course.
Um, let me help you.
Is the kitchen this way? Yeah, but I I'm all right.
That's I can't wait to hear all about it.
Um Here, put this on your nose.
Anything you need.
So tell me what happened.
It was just this drunk guy at the bar.
He wouldn't leave the bartender alone.
She's a friend of mine.
So I tried to talk to him, get him to lay off But, like, nicely, 'cause I don't Mm-hmm.
I don't believe in violence.
But apparently he has no problem with it, 'cause he got in a couple good ones before the bouncer could get to me.
Oh, my poor baby.
You are so brave.
Just what was right.
My hero.
Wouldn't it be romantic if if after all this time Wolverine and Jean Grey could be together? And she could finally be free from that evil Cyclops? You know she kills him in "Last Stand"? Is Gypsy here? Mom? Oh, Honey Bee.
Oh, I found your note.
- Listen to me, baby - Um, no.
- I'm not a baby.
- No, I know.
I know.
I just always will see you as my little girl.
But you're all grown up.
Oh, I can see that.
I am, I am.
I know you're punishing me, and maybe I deserve it.
And I'm so sorry, baby.
I would do anything for you.
I would love you more than anything in the whole world.
I would give up anything for you.
I have given up everything for you.
I know.
Well, then come on.
Come on, let's go home.
Listen, Mom I wanna stay with Scott.
Oh, I know you do, I know.
Oh, believe me, I know.
That's why come on, hon.
That's why I need you to go home with me.
I I'm not gonna make you stop seeing your friend.
I promise you.
But this is not how you do it.
Sneaking off.
I had a anxiety attack.
I was terrified.
Let's just Let's just do this the right way.
He can come over to the house.
We can both get to know him.
Come on.
Let's just go, Gypsy Rose.
Uh, just slow it down and enjoy it.
Okay? Come on, please.
Gypsy Rose Do you want me to cause a scene here? Do you? No.
Will you excuse me? I'll talk to you soon.
I don't know what she told you, but she's 14 years old.