The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius (2002) s01e03 Episode Script

Brobot/The Big Pinch

Gotta Blast!
here to the stars
fueled by candy bars♪
Rides a kid with a knack for invention ♪
( gasps )
With super-powered mind,
a mechanical canine♪
( barks )
He rescues the day
from sure destruction♪
This is the theme song♪
( screams )
For Jimmy Neutron♪
( mechanical whirr)
( barking )
( yells )
You are watching
The Llama Channel
Hey, Carl, would you like
to assist me in a test
of my modified
nuclear-powered pogo stick?
I call it the mega-hop.
Huh? No, no thanks, Jimmy.
I'm kind of busy.
I'm watching
The Llama Channel.
They're showing
When Good Llamas Go Bad.
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Who's a pretty llama?
Who's a pretty
South American, cud-chewing
( loud crunch )
( screams )
( electronic beeping )
Sheen, do you want
to play some baseball?
We can use Goddard
as a pitching machine.
Can't. Must play Ultralord
Versus Robo-Fiend.
I'm on the 82nd level.
If I make it to level 93
there's a radioactive
contamination field
that will give Ultralord
Aw, what am I thinking?
Goddard, we have a problem.
( laughing )
Hey, did you see that,
big brother?
I caught it,
and you taught me how.
Maybe someday I'll be
as good as you.
Yeah, right.
And maybe mutant tree frogs
will rule the world.
Tree frogs rule the world
You got me that time.
That's exactly
what we need--
a little brother.
Someone who will always
be there for us.
He'd look up to me.
He could play with you
when I'm working in the lab.
I could even use him
for all the experiments
that are too dangerous
for Carl.
Come on, Goddard.
Mom, Dad
I have an announcement.
Ooh, tell me now
if this involves
any principals, policemen
or government people.
No. Not this time.
Oh, good.
As you know, research tells us
the nuclear family
of two or more progeny
produces a higher
happiness quotient
than does the solo child family.
Who wants to see
the salt and pepper dance?
Oh, maybe I'll just
cut to the chase.
Mom, Dad, I want
a little brother.
Baby making is very
complicated, believe me
Dad, Dad, it's not complicated,
It's basically conception,
then a nine-month
gestation period
La-la-la-la ♪
and then you have
Hugh, Hugh.
Sweetie, a new baby just isn't
in the cards right now.
But, Mom, if the glandular
timeline closes
That's enough.
I want pie.
Anyone else
want pie?
I want pie.
( thunder rumbling )
Well, if the parental units
won't provide me with a sibling
I'll just have to take matters
into my own hands.
( electronic whirring )
That's enough.
Lower it, Goddard.
Yes, master.
I, Jimmy Neutron
have created
the ideal little brother.
Programmed to be mathematically
twice as fun and energetic
as any little brother
before him.
Half brother half robot.
I shall call him
Hey, big brother,
what do you want to do?
You're the boss.
Now, Jimmy, he's sweet,
but I don't think
we can really call
him your brother.
Oh, come on.
He looks more like
me than Jimmy does.
Come here.
I got your nosie
Oh, uh I really do.
Here's five bucks.
Wow, you are
incredible, Jimmy.
Nobody can jump
higher than you.
Well, you go ahead,
You try it now.
You mean it?
I'm so glad
you're my big brother.
Whee! Ha, ha!
I jumped over the big
white round thing
in the sky.
That would be the Moon?
You know everything.
I want to go there.
Can you take me
there, Jimmy?
Anything's possible,
I suppose, Brobot.
Now, remember
I've been playing
baseball for a few years.
So don't be intimidated
by my skill with
the horsehide.
Wow! That was
amazing, Jimmy!
I was supposed
to hit it.
( laughing )
Hey, Jimmy.
Where'd you get
the shiny kid?
Is it going
to bite me?
Of course not.
He's my new
little brother-- Brobot.
Let me take a whack
at it, Jimmy.
I don't think
you're ready yet.
Of course I am.
You programmed me.
Wow! Brobot's awesome.
Yeah. Hey, what
other sports do
you play, Brobot?
Lots of them.
Come play with me.
( cheering )
Jimmy, you have the most
amazing brother ever.
Yeah. I like him
more than you.
I-I mean, I like
him and you
Well, him almost
as much as you
I know what
you mean, Carl.
You know, it's
getting kind of late.
I think I'll just head
back home now.
Okay, bye.
But Brobot
can stay, right?
Gee, it wouldn't be
any fun without my brother.
Sure it would.
Why wouldn't it?
Well, I had to see it
to believe it.
There is another Neutron
dorking up Retroville.
( laughing ):
That's good.
That's Jimmy's
little brother--
He's like Jimmy
if Jimmy could do tricks
and had athletic
( sniffing )
You smell
like apples.
Brobot, don't.
That is so
I like you.
Yeah. He's nothing
like Pew-tron.
My brother Jimmy
is the best.
I think
he likes you.
What?! Uh-uh.
No, he's lying
just to bug me
I'm programmed
for honesty.
( with singsong voice )
Jimmy's got a girlfriend
Jimmy's in love,
Jimmy's in love.
Come on, Brobot.
You're coming with us.
( excited shouting )
Go, Brobot
Go, Brobot
( Hugh chuckling )
And here's our
vacation in Vorhees
North Dakota, home
of the world's biggest
parking structure.
You, uh, can't
see it
because it's underground.
But there's us
above ground.
That's me, your mother,
of course, and, uh
the little one, um
Yes. Thank you,
That's what we
call that one--
( humming tune )
There's my two
handsome Misters.
You boys look like
you could use
some quick energy.
Butter pats for Dad,
and lug nuts for Brobot.
Mm, pat, pat,
pat, pat, pat.
Thank you, kumquat.
Thanks, Mom.
Oh, look, Brobot,
it's your brother.
Hey, Jimmy,
you're naked
in the tub.
I came in here to be alone.
What in the world?
Oh, Hugh,
get the camera.
Brobot's got
all over
his face.
Oh, this could be
our Christmas card.
Jimmy, scooch down.
Brobot, get in
front of Jimmy.
Oh, perfect.
Hold it.
Let's play baseball.
Let's play cards.
Let's build something.
Oh, let's make
a tree house.
Let's go to sleep.
Lookit! There's the Moon again.
Let's go to the Moon.
I want to live
on the Moon, Jimmy.
Can I? Can I? Can I, please?
No. No, I have to go to sleep.
That's okay, Jimmy.
I'll wait.
( gasps )
So what are we going
to do now, Jimmy?
What's this?
What's this?
Oh, can play with this?
Oh, is this breakable?
Ooh, yep.
How about a game, Jimmy?
Can we play a game, huh?
Can we? Can we?
Can we, please?
Sure, Brobot.
We're going to play
a new kind of game.
A new game! A new game!
A new game! A new game!
Neat. I love new games.
What's it called?
It's called "One Way."
You just take this ticket
and hand it to the bus driver
and then you go
I love this game.
Me, too.
One way!
One way! One way!
One way! One way!
Mom, Dad, your one
and only son is home.
( giggling )
I'm here. I win.
Oh, let's do it again, Jimmy.
Let's go for a walk or a swim,
ride, skate, drive, anything!
Is this a new game, Jimmy?
I love games.
This is really fun.
What are you doing?
I'm deactivating you.
De-whating me?
I'm turning you off.
but then we can't play
And you're my big brother.
( electrical crackling )
Oh, no!
Brobot, wha
what have I done?!
Wow! That was amazing!
Talk about tickling.
Glad you made me
100% indestructible.
Step, step, step,
step, step, step
Now what are we going to do,
huh? Huh?
Oh, come on, think.
There has to be some solution.
Solution, babution, tatution,
cacution, fafuction
( distant voices murmuring )
I'm the happy, snappy man.
Snap, snap, snap, snap.
Something else with an ution.
That's it.
Brobot, I'd like
to introduce you
to your Mombot
and your Popbot.
I'm sure you'll be
very happy together.
Oh, cool.
Thanks, Jimmy.
You're the best.
We'll miss you.
Don't forget to write.
Well, Brobot, it looks like
you finally made it to the Moon.
My brother Jimmy is the best.
I think he likes you.
Jimmy's got a girlfriend
Goddard, you stop that.
I am not.
Darn it, turn it off
before I unplug you.
And in conclusion
much of today's modern-day
is thanks to Marconi,
who invented the radio in 1870.
Marconi? Didn't he invent
those little cherries
on top of ice cream
sundaes, too?
Oh, baby,
I love those.
Those are maraschino cherries,
You're pronouncing
his name wrong, Cindy.
It's Macaraschino.
Okay, you just zip it!
And that is why Mr. Marconi
should be considered
the father of modern-day
communication. Thank you.
Thank you, Cindy.
That was very informative.
There's only one problem.
How could Marconi
have invented the
radio in 1870
when Thomas Edison
didn't harness electricity
until 12 years later?
It's Americaschino, Jerry.
How should I know?
Maybe Marconi's radio
didn't run on electricity.
Oh, right.
I forgot about
the ever popular
mud-powered radio.
Oh, and I forgot
about your mud-powered brain.
Hey, don't get mad at me, Cindy.
All I said was that
Thomas Edison is the one
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Thomas Edison, Thomas Edison.
Just because you say his name
all the time
doesn't prove you're right.
Hey, where you going, Jim?
She wants proof
( chuckles )
I'll give her proof.
( whining )
I know it's risky, boy.
I'll just prove my point
and send him right back.
I promise.
Menlo Park, 1899
and initiate time pinch.
( whirring )
( sizzling )
That Henry Ford is such
a knucklehead.
Where am I?
Who took my iced tea?
Wow, Thomas Alva Edison.
Now would you mind
telling me
what the patootie's
going on?
( gasps )
And where in blazes
did you get that?
Where I come from
that's copyright infringement.
Copyright infringement!
No, no.
Come on. Come on.
I'll explain everything
in the hovercar
on the way over.
What the rooty-toot's
a hovercar?
I'm in a hovercar! Whoo!
Woo! That hovercar's
a piece of work.
Oh, thanks, Mr. Edison.
You know I achieved
the upward thrust
using strontium-90-encrusted
fuel rods and titanium valves.
Are you through?
It's not that
great, okay?
And that's why you should
never feed a hamok pancakes.
Thank you.
Hold everything!
Wha Jimmy, what's going on?!
Ladies and gentlemen
I give you the world's greatest
inventor, Thomas Edison.
Cool! I never met
a dead guy before.
Hey, Cindy, I
just came back
from the lost
and found.
Oh, really?
Did you happen to see
Jimmy's point?
( both laughing )
I'll handle this, Jimbo.
( clears throat )
So, you're Cindy, eh?
Well, listen up,
The radio wasn't
invented until 1893.
Couldn't have happened
without my electricity,
but did anybody ever send
me a thank you note?
No, they did not!
Wait a second.
Then who invented
those cherries?
Well, thanks, Mr. Edison.
Now you probably have
a million questions for me
about the 21st century
and the amazing
scientific advances
that we've made
Hey, where'd he go?
Come on, darling.
Give old Tommy a peek
at them gams.
Mr. Edison, we should
probably think
about getting
you back home.
Jimmy, maybe your friend Tom
would like to see the town.
I happen to have some time
in my schedule.
Come on, boyo,
let me step out
with that teacher of yours.
Bad idea, sir.
No offense, but see, if
I don't send you back
there's just a chance
we might not ever be able
I accept.
Come on, baby.
Let's get stepping,
let's cut a rug.
Let's paint the town red!
Let's get jiggy with it!
( slurping )
So, tell me, honey,
did it hurt?
Did what hurt?
Why, when you fell down
from heaven.
Come on, Jimmy,
come with us to Retroland.
Hey, they've added three new
on the Bat Outta Heck
Yeah, it's guaranteed
to make you throw up
or your money back.
I can't. I have to wait
for Edison and Miss Fowl
to finish their "date."
Oh, right.
( rock and roll playing )
( music stops )
Hey, what happened
to the music?
I got it covered, dudes.
The jukebox disappeared.
Oh, no,
this is terrible.
I've let Edison stay
in the present too long.
Everything that runs
on electricity
is starting to disappear
because I've erased the father
of electricity from history.
( gasps )
This is horrible!
You're kidding me.
How'd you do that?
Well, off to Retroland.
Bat Outta Heck,
here we come.
Mr. Edison, I
if you're looking
for Captain Bad Hair Day
he just left
with our teacher.
( car horns blaring )
Mr. Edison!
Hey, Jimmy, check out
my new wheelie shoes.
I didn't invent 'em,
but I could have
if I felt like it.
They're very nice, Mr. Edison
but I've got to get you
back to the lab.
Oh, no. I ain't going back.
I like this
newfangled world of yours
and I got the hots
for Winnifred, too.
No, but you don't understand.
If I don't Winnifred?
If I don't send you back soon
everything electric
will disappear.
Well, gee, Jimmy
since you put
it that way, I
Get over it!
( laughs )
Hey, don't scratch at it, boy.
Without that solar battery,
you could vanish into thin air.
Now make with the options.
That's it.
If I can break them up
Edison won't have any reason
to stay here.
This is going to be like
the wildest ride ever.
Tell me about it.
I've haven't been
this excited since
Wait a minute.
I've never been
this excited.
Here we go.
( both scream )
( screaming stops )
Why have we
stopped moving?
They probably just want
to build up the suspense.
Okay, all the blood's
going to my head.
Mine, too.
This is awesome!
Woo-hoo, hoo. Hoo.
( mimicking Edison ):
Hey, you mangy canine,
get away from there.
( barking )
Fooled you.
It's just me, Goddard.
See, I installed
a voice transformer
inside this walkie-talkie.
I talk right here
Thomas Edison's voice
comes out there.
Whip-diddly-doo, everybody.
Pretty good, huh?
How open wide, boy.
( whines )
Aw, Goddard, this is
going to help me
break up Edison
and Miss Fowl.
Now, come on
pretend it's
a nice, crunchy lug nut.
( belches )
Good boy.
Good boy.
Now here's the plan.
She's a hotsie,
she's a scamp ♪
Digs my incandescent lamp ♪
Miss Fowl, she is the gal
for me. ♪
Ready, boy?
She's the gal,
hey, what a gal ♪
Miss Fowl's the gal for me. ♪
Oh, Tom, you're such a romantic.
Oh, you got that right, toots.
Wait'll you hear
this poem I wrote you.
Roses are red,
violets are blue
Miss Fowl's armpits stink
like an old skunky.
Wait a minute.
I didn't say that.
You said my armpits stink
like a skunky.
Winny, no, I didn't.
I think you smell much more
like an old cabbage.
Well, how dare you!
Well, knock a hundred points
off my I.Q. and call me Tesla.
What in blazes
is going on
around here?
I thought you were a gentleman.
That's funny.
I thought you were a gentleman
the first time I saw you.
Can I call you man-lady?
That's it. I'm leaving!
Winnifred, wait!
Yeah, man-lady.
Stop that!
Hey, man-lady, can I get some
fries with that shake?
( chattering )
( yelling )
What's he doing here?
And what's this?
( chuckles nervously )
It's a funny story, actually.
( echoing ):
Hello. Hello.
Who's in there?
So, it was you
saying all those things, eh?
All right, yes.
I needed to stop
Miss Fowl from liking you
so you'd be willing
to go back to 1899.
You mean you don't think
my pits stink?
No, no, no, no, no.
They're entirely tolerable.
And as for you,
I ain't a-going.
Well, of course,
you're going, Tom.
But Winnifred,
don't you want to get hitched?
Oh, Tom, today was wonderful,
but I'm not the marrying kind.
I'm a free spirit,
a butterfly in the breeze
going wherever fate wings me.
I understand, Winnifred.
I knew you
would, Tommy.
Jimmy, time for me to go home.
So, how'd you build
that fancy voice
do-hickey anyway?
Well, it was nothing.
I just diffused
the frequency of
the sound waves
with a border device
and a carbon transmitter.
All right, relax.
It's still not
that big a deal.
Yeah, take it
to the limit, baby!
Aw, yeah!
Oh, thank goodness.
Oh, man, bummer.
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