The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius (2002) s01e10 Episode Script

Krunch Time/Substitute Creature

Got to blast!
From here to the stars
for my candy bars ♪
Rides a kid with a knack
for invention ♪
( gasps )
With super-powered mind,
a mechanical canine ♪
( barks )
He rescues the day
from sure destruction ♪
This is the theme song ♪
( screams )
For Jimmy Neutron. ♪
( mechanical whirring )
( barking )
( yells )
( electrical sparking )
Okay, uh
No, I just, uh
Or, uh-huh.
Come on, Carl.
You've done this 76 times.
Now, which door has the cheese
behind it?
Well, I
( sighs )
Can I have a hint?
No, Carl.
This is a memory experiment.
Now, remember,
you want the cheese.
I want the cheese.
Eenie, meenie, miney
( screaming and zapping )
My-my turn!
My turn!
I want to touch the shocky door
No. Let's just
take a break, guys.
Hey, how about a trip
to the Candy Bar?
Okay, but I'm not
touching any doors.
Come on. My treat.
( electrical zapping )
( instrumental music
plays softly )
Do I want something gummy
or crunchy?
Uh, I want sour.
I don't know
which one to choose.
Oh, the suspense is killing me.
Pick a candy and let me get
on with my life. Yeah.
I wish there was a candy
that had all the best tastes.
Yeah. It'd be sweet and sour
and nutty and gummy and creamy
and Donner and Blitzen.
A mega candy, huh?
I can invent that.
Come on, guys.
Yeah, go ahead.
Make your fancy candy.
You'll be back.
They all come back.
Oh, I hope they come back.
( sniffles )
No one's ever managed
to create a candy
that maximizes the use
of every one
of the tongue's
pleasure receptors
until today.
Don't, Sheen.
That's concentrated essence
of sour!
Don't worry, Jimmy.
They haven't invented the sour
that's too sour for the Sheen.
( gulping )
I stand corrected.
( notes playing )
( bell dings )
Mm, Mm-hmm.
( bell dings )
( explosion )
Oh, Jimmy, um, look
I don't want
to say that was
the worst thing
I ever tasted
in my life
but that was the
worst thing I ever
tasted in my life.
Okay, I said it.
Well, don't you worry.
I'm not quitting.
I'm going to keep at it
if it takes all night.
Uh, gee, look
at the time.
I-I got to go to the
big, exciting thing.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
And Ultra Lord's
on in two hours
which gives me just enough time
to get into my costume.
See you, Jimmy. Bye.
( door closing )
Ah, just one more try.
( beeping )
Jimmy, wake up!
Time for school.
Better activate bedroom android.
Morning, Mom.
Be down in a minute.
I love you.
You're the best mom
in the world.
( electrical sizzling )
( bell dinging )
Hope this batch is a good one.
And now, I will demonstrate
the Baroque period's influence
on today's music
by comparing
Bach's Air On a G-String
to Jammy-J's
Stank Dis Bad Thang Up!
( funky music playing )
Guys, guys, I made
one last batch.
We can try
them at lunch.
Who is making that noise?
It sounds like candy
inside a paper bag.
I hope you brought
enough treats
for the entire class.
Well, not exactly. I
( all talking at once )
Hey, hey.
( all sighing happily )
My taste buds just went
to heaven
with a side trip to paradise.
I guess they're okay
if you like sugary,
tangy, crunchy
( ecstatic sigh )
Oh, who am I'm kidding?
They're delicious!
You know,
these are as cool as
Oh, don't
mind if I do.
( gulping )
Jimmy, you were
born to make candy!
( clucking )
Batch number two is on its way.
James Neutron
go to bed right now,
and I mean you
not the Jimmy android
that says nice things.
Boy, moms are smart.
Good night, Goddard.
( door opening )
( screaming )
( Jimmy whimpering )
Carl, what are you doing?
It's 2:00 in the morning.
We just happened
to be in the
Yeah. Uh
Yeah, you got any c-c-candy?
I'm making some now,
but I told you
it takes a while.
You have to neutralize
the sugar and pectin
during the gestation period
How long?!
Oh, about three hours.
( shouting ):
Three hours!
( crowd sighing )
Who are you talking to?
( chattering )
I'll give you every CD
in my collection
if you give me more candy.
I'll sign an exclusive,
binding contract
to never bully you again.
I'll proclaim your intellectual
in the public form
of your choosing.
( panting )
Want me to roll over?
The candy's so perfect
it seems to have created
a physiological need
in people.
( laughs )
Let the exploitation begin.
( slurping )
( clucks )
Last piece for today.
Who wants it?
( barking )
( yelping )
( low groaning )
( laughs )
That was, uh
all I brought.
No more till, uh
( laughs )
( panting )
Mom, Dad, I think
we have a situation.
It's mine.
I saw it first.
Don't make
me hurt you.
Oh, hi, Jimbo.
we're not doing
anything unusual.
Just normal
Mommy and Daddy stuff.
Stop beating
around the bush.
We want candy now!
Oh, no! Not you, too.
( water dripping )
That's the
last of it.
and good riddance.
Attention, Retroville
there is no more candy
and I will not be
making any more.
Thank you.
( tires squeaking )
No more candy,
no more problems.
What are they
going to do? Riot?
CROWD ( chanting ):
Down with Jimmy!
Down with Jimmy!
Down with Jimmy!
Down with Jimmy
I can't believe I'm saying that
about my own son
but, hey, that candy is just
too darn good.
Don't talk. Chant.
Down with Jimmy!
Down with Jimmy!
People, listen to me.
It's just candy.
I say we hold him down
and force him
to make us more candy.
Good idea.
Go for his tiny legs.
( crowd all talking at once )
Goddard, chopper mode.
Oh, no you
don't, Mister.
Grab him!
Grab him right now.
Pull him down!
Goddard, plot a course
for the most deserted place
in town.
Well, look who's here.
Mr. I'm Going
to Invent
The Best Candy in the World
and Put the Candy Bar
Out of Business.
Ow, Sam, I-I
didn't mean to.
I didn't know
my candy would
be that popular.
That's what the guy
who invented underpants said.
Anyway, you better skedaddle.
That angry mob's going
to be here any minute.
How do you know that?
I called them.
What did you expect?
I'm going broke here.
( chanting ):
Candy, candy, candy
Uh-oh. Rhythmic chanting.
That's a bad sign, yeah.
What am I going to do?
Think. Think. Think.
( clucking )
( screaming )
Brain blast!
Laboratory mice can be
trained to avoid actions
which cause them pain.
Sam, keep everybody here.
Our problems are solved.
Yeah, yeah, settle down.
Jimmy'll be right back.
In the meantime,
let's have a little chat
with my good friend
Professor Handy.
( high-pitched voice ):
Hello, Imblicks.
Settle down.
( laughs )
I have heard your pleas.
I give you
an endless supply
of the greatest candy
in the world!
( cheering and applause )
( contented mumbling )
Oh, man.
( all talking at once )
I love it.
I hate it.
I knew some day I'd find a use
for the edible shock ray.
It shouldn't be much longer
before they're all sick
of this stuff.
( barks )
Hey, Jim.
You know all the garbage cans
in town are filled
with your candy.
I know. Isn't
it great?
Looks like everyone
in Retroville is
back to normal.
Hey, Jimmy.
That last batch
was delicious.
( zapping )
Also incredibly
Hey, do you guys smell smoke?
I can't feel my face.
How come everything looks blue?
Aah, it's nothing really.
Anyone with talent
and determination
could've germinated
this magnificent specimen.
( beeping )
Show-off ration 18%!
Ah, this thing must be busted.
But it can't be-- I designed it.
( beeping )
I told you, Goddard,
I'm trying to lower
my perceived arrogance level
so Cindy will stop calling me
a know-it-all.
But it's hard not to seem
like a know-it-all
when you do actually
know it all.
( beeping )
Oh how asked you anyway?
After all, how many kids
could've successfully cloned
a 64-million-year-old
piece of spinach
stuck between
a museum dinosaur's teeth?
Jimmy. Breakfast.
I'll eat on the way.
Wish me luck
on my botany project. Bye.
Good luck, dear.
Oh, here's your breakfast, Hugh.
Thank you, sugar
Wait a
This is bread.
Soft, floppidy, untoasty,
noncrunchy, blah, bread.
I know.
Dear, I may have mentioned
to Jimmy
about how hard it is to wash
the outside windows.
( muttering )
Another toaster gone.
Every time we
get a new one
he converts it
into something else.
I'm getting
( bell dings )
What's that
supposed to be?
The rare Punching Plant
of Malborn Nine
as seen in Ultra Lord,
episode 64
of the Salad Vixens."
Looks like a boxing glove
glued to a fern if you ask me.
Well nobody asked you!
Anyway, what did you
come up with
that's so wonderful?
I researched plants'
responses to musical
This one got two hours
of classic R&B a day.
( R&B music playing )
While this one got two hours
of yodeling to the oldies.
( man yodeling )
That one looks dead.
It never had a chance.
Oh, oh, oh, honey, honey, look.
Today's the big toaster show
at the convention center.
Oh, they're going to have
all of next year's models
before they come on the market.
Toast, toast, toast.
Can we go? Please?
Please? Please?
I'll be really good.
Okay, okay, okay.
( clapping )
First, let me do my face.
( bell dings )
Cindy's plant
is awesome.
( clearing throat )
Hey, if you want awesome,
check out
my 64-million-
year-old plant.
( flies buzzing )
Cindy's plant is great!
Check out
the colors.
That's pretty.
That's cool.
Where'd you get
that from?
Ah, hey, guys, guys, come on.
What about my plant?
No offense, Jimmy,
but does your plant
smell like a
( clears throat ):
dead rat?
It's 64-million-
year-old spinach.
What's it supposed
to smell like, perfume?
Wow. Jimmy
look at Cindy's plant.
It's huge and colorful.
( sniffing )
Well, so what?
She overwatered it.
Carl, you're not seriously
more interested
in Cindy's plant
than in my 64-million-
year-old spinach.
( gasps ):
Of course not, Jim.
Uh, huh, uh
Oh, look,
my shoelace is untied
over there!
Oh, electromagnetic
radiation multiplier.
Hieroglyphic translator.
Extra homework.
Ha, ha, here it is.
My DNA accelerator.
Cindy, your flower
is as beautiful as, well
Jimmy's is smelly
and unexciting.
Thank you, Miss Fowl.
Since it's so beautiful
and fragrant
I thought I'd call it
the "Miss Fowl Flower."
( groans ):
I'll give you a flower.
Advance DNA
by 350 million years.
And so, class, that concludes
my modest presentation.
( whistling weakly )
Top that, P.T. Boredom.
64 million BC,
a huge sauropod
gruesomely chews
his evening meal.
Stuck unnoticed between
his massive bicuspids
is a piece
of spinach!
( gasping )
( thudding )
( gulps ):
( tires screeching )
( sighs ):
I remember
my first toaster.
A Sondergaard Browner Deluxe
with gleaming chrome tail fins
and that extra-large slot
to accommodate the bagels
and such.
Oh, boys and
their toasters.
( giggles )
And so you see my plant
is no mere pigmentary oddity--
like Cindy's.
It required a
thorough knowledge
of morphology,
psychology and
To say nothing of
Oh, feeling funny.
Room spinning.
( clucks )
( all gasping )
So, uh, uh, that's my project.
Any questions? No?
Okay, good, bye.
( kids screaming )
Okay, where is he?
Well, uh, define "who"
and "where" and "is" and "he."
You know darn well "who"
and "where" and "is" and "he."
Jimmy Neutron,
Uh, do you have a
photograph to aid in
our search for him?
( sighs heavily )
When you see him,
tell him I've got proof
that he's responsible
for whatever's happening
to Miss Fowl.
( sighs ):
Thanks, guys.
Hey, look, Jimmy
was in the stall
the whole time.
Yeah, I think you're
in trouble.
W-Well, it's not my fault
my plant mutated
a seedpod launcher
for transpecies propagation.
Nobody could've predicted that.
Or pronounced it.
Well, it's lunchtime.
I've got to go.
Carl, you have to help me keep
Miss Fowl in class
until I figure out
how to reverse my DNA ray.
( loud crashing )
Plan "B."
Goddard, emergency.
( barking )
Meet me downtown with my
and my special CD
of town-saving music.
No truck driving in the hallway!
General Abercrombie.
We've got a report
of a 50-foot green woman
marauding through Retroville,
Thank you, Captain, but I'm
looking for a shorter woman.
One who enjoys long strolls
in the park
and yodeling to the oldies.
She's not looking for a date,
She's terrorizing the town.
Is there a difference?
Ha, ha, ha!
Little levity.
Call in the military.
We are the military, sir.
Boy, we got here fast.
We better do something, right?
Should I scramble
the jets, General?
No, thanks. I'll
just have a muffin
and some coffee.
( loud thudding )
Must confiscate!
( clucking )
( grunts )
( people yelling )
I'll take this roof, young man.
You can have it back
after class.
Drop the toaster and
run for your life!
Aah, but I want to see
the big lady.
And it's not just
a toaster.
It does waffles, too.
Attention, giant woman.
If you do not stop being
50-feet tall immediately
we're going to fire our
boom-boom pointy things at you
missing you initially,
but then we're going to
( beeping )
Holy cow!
It's Winifred Fowl!
( beeping )
Is that you Ernest Abercrombie?
Where's your homework?
It's 28 years overdue.
( clucks )
( screaming )
( growling menacingly )
Listen to her roar
of terror!
No, that's
my stomach.
I never ate
lunch, remember?
Oh, yeah.
( barking )
There you are,
This is Jimmy Neutron.
If you hold your fire
I might be able to shrink her
back to size.
Roger, bigheaded kid.
( screaming )
I've reversed the ray,
but the battery's weakening.
I'll have to use my jet pack
to get close.
Goddard, town-saving music.
( dramatic music playing )
No passing notes in class!
( clucking )
Sorry, Miss Fowl.
This is for your own good.
( electrical zapping )
Puking Pluto, the ray's still
not strong enough.
The new XK-41.
Throw me your toaster!
But toast
My toaster! Mine!
Give! Don't!
Give it!
( barking )
Thanks, boy.
I need a clear shot
at her mouth.
Miss Fowl, look!
I'm chewing gum!
( clucking )
( electrical zapping )
( clucking )
All right, Jim.
You did it, buddy.
If you think you're going to be
the hero here, Neutron
you are sadly mistaken.
These seedpods from your plant
prove that you are responsible
for this whole thing.
Ah, finally,
Mmm, oh,
these are, mmm
( electrical zapping )
Whoa Carl's huge.
Hey, this is kind of cool.
( laughs ):
I can see my house from here.
I can fix him.
I just need to get
another toaster.
And you guys need to, uh
get that DNA ray out
of Miss Fowl's stomach.
Good luck. See ya. Bye.
We have to what?
You heard him.
We have to make our teacher toss
the lunch monkey.
We need a bucket, an umbrella
and whatever they were serving
for lunch in the cafeteria
on Thursday.
Goddard, hit it.
( dramatic music playing )
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