The Adventures of Kid Danger (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Popcorn Monster

1 [exciting music] # Oh here we go up the tubes # Fighting crime is what we do A superhero and his sidekick with a plan Who's the one behind the mask Who can move super fast? - # It's Kid Danger # - And look! It's Captain Man - # So come along - All: Come along # It's "The Adventures of Kid Danger" - # This is the song - All: This is the song # For "The Adventures of Kid Danger" - # I'm okay # - Feels good.
[upbeat music] [snoring] [soft music] First episode.
[watch beeping] Henry, wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! - Wake up! Wake up! Wake up - I'm up.
I'm up.
All right, I'm up.
I'm up.
I'm up! I'm up! - What's wrong? - Just get to the Man Cave.
Oh, and bring bagels.
[groans] [exciting music] [grunts] Wait.
Something's wrong.
Uh ooh, clothing.
[sniffs] Smells good.
[clatter] [dinosaur roars] [buzzer sounds] [elevator bell dings] Hey, Ray, I brought your bagels.
Hang on, Henry.
So is it for sure, Schwoz? Are you 100% sure, Schwoz? - Yeah, yeah, it's an exact match.
- Uh, you guys? [whimpering] Some dude just jacked - a school bus.
- A school bus? Ugh, Charlotte, could you say less words? Ray, you triple beeped me.
What's the emergency? Look at 'em, Henry! Look at these two fluffy babies.
- I see two pieces of popcorn.
- Identical.
You see two identical pieces of popcorn.
[chuckles] Yes, they are exactly alike.
The third law of thermo-popcornial dynamics clearly states: It is impossible for any two pieces of popcorn - to be exactly identical.
- Then explain these.
I'll put 'em in the micro-particle scanner.
[dramatic music] - Come on, analyzer.
- Come on, no whammies, - no whammies, no whammies! - Match them up, match them up.
[computer beeps] See? They're only 99.
4% identical, which is not an exact match.
- Frickin' frackin'! - Dipthong! - Ah! - So angry! I hate everything! [sighs] See, I really, really, really wanted - to find two identical pieces of popcorn.
- It was my dream too.
I thought your dream was to grow hair? That dream came true.
Just not on my head.
[soft music] [bird chirping] Hey, I got an idea.
Why don't we go to the Swellview Movie Theater and check all the popcorn there? - Ah, this kid.
- Yeah, yeah.
He's full of good ideas! Come here, you little rascal.
See, that's why I hired - you to be my sidekick.
- Your bicep is crushing my neck.
To the movie theater.
[exhales] Come on, Henry, let's go.
But what about the school bus? The kids? Oh, yeah.
You should go save them.
- Save 'em good.
- Up the tube! [breathing heavily] My Spooder-sense.
[exciting music playing] [yelps] Sorry to interrupt your movie, but - [people booing] Uh, look at us, please.
- We're with the FPI.
- Federal Popcorn Inspectors.
- Dudes, - your blocking Spooderman.
- Too bad.
We have to inspect your popcorn.
[dramatic music] [computers beeping] - Both: All right, here we come.
- Hey! That's my popcorn! - Let's see your corn.
- Make with the corn, lady.
Let's see.
Just relax.
[all grumbling] - Hey, did you wash your hands? - Show me your buckets.
We can do this here or we can do it downtown, pal.
[tires squeal] Okay, kids, now I'm gonna go steal some snacks.
Um, anybody want anything? [overlapping chatter] - I need my insulin - Fine! Be right back.
[dramatic music] Hmm.
[grunts] Okay, my name is Charlotte, I don't know how to drive, so fasten your seat belts.
[kids murmur] [beeping, creaks] [engine revs, tires squeal] [kids shout] [explosion] It's okay! We're all safe! [indistinct chatter] [dramatic music playing] Stupid popcorn.
- Not one exact match.
- Dang it.
I guess we should go tell Charlotte that she was right - and we were wrong.
- Pfft.
Or We can use this special device to make an exact duplicate of anything.
- Have you had that the whole time? - Yeah, I should've mentioned it.
- Well, how's it work? - Like this.
[gun warbles] [soft dramatic music] - Whoa.
Look at 'em.
- Mm-hmm.
[beep] Ha! Two identical pieces of popcorn.
- Thanks to cheating.
- Cool.
Now we just gotta go back to the Man Cave and [growls] Oh, my gosh! [blows, chuckles] [chomps] Ah, my nose! It's biting my nose! Help me! Hey! Hey! Stop biting his nose.
W-w-wait! [grunts] [grumbles] Bye.
[groans] What what just happened? [sighs] Well, see, when you use this thing to duplicate something, sometimes, the duplicate thing comes to life and is extremely evil.
- Sometimes? - Ugh, okay, like, 95% of the time.
Come on.
And quick, ditch the costumes.
Kay, kay! [both grunt] [breathing heavily] There! At the snacks! [grumbling] Cannonball! [sighs] - It jumped in the butter.
- What's it doing? It's drinking all the butter.
[belches] Whoa.
Now what's happening? Uh, I think I think expansion! Expansion? What does that mean? [all screaming] [dramatic music] Hug me.
[creepy music] [snarls] [both scream] [growls] - Now what? - Uh - Go get him.
- What? Me? You're the one who's indestructible.
[growling] [whimpering] [grunts] [gasps] - [laughs] You're wet now.
- I already was.
- Already? - Was? [growls] And today's my birthday.
- That does it.
- Mmm.
[exciting music] Let's go.
- Ow.
- Uh, happy birthday.
- Ow.
- # And many more # Not to be confused with Mandy Moore [monster growling] [tires squealing] [roars] Ah, my Oldsmobile! [car horn honks] [grunts] How rude.
Great Scott.
[tires squeal] Run, Doc-tor Smith! [music] [humming] - [yelps] My bagels! - [growls] Squeeze you.
No, don't squeeze me! - Oh, man, look what we've done.
- I know.
[growls] [screams] Here he comes.
[snarling] - Oh, mygah! [shouts] - Captain Man! Ah! I'm okay.
[grunts] Ah! I'm okay.
[squeals] I'm okay.
- I'm okay! - Hey, Popcorn Boy.
- Huh? - Take this.
[blaster fires] [grunts] Oh.
Uh [blaster firing] I don't understand why you're not falling down.
[growls, snarls] [screaming] I can't believe this is still going on.
[still screaming] [grunts] Ah! [grunts] [cow moos] You never loved me.
[cow moos] - Oh! Get out of the way! - He's got a sword! [growling] Oh.
Uh, okay It's a giant sword.
Okay, I get it.
Uh Whoa there.
- Whoosh! Whoosh! - Hey, now.
Kid Danger, use your super fast reflexes.
Well, duh.
[growling] [both grunting] [panting] [cell phone ringing] Oh, my phone.
[growls] Would you quit it? [grunts] Hey! Hey! [whistle blows] Time out! [grunts] All right.
- Hello? - I got the bus! The the bus? What bus? - The one that got bus-jacked.
- Really? Wait, where are you? [horn honking] Oh, you're there.
[screams] - [whistle blows] Time in.
- Huh? [bus horn honks] Ah, geez.
[grunts] [screaming] [grunts] [grunts, groans] [tires squeal] [all grunt] [cow moos] Hey.
Where's the popcorn monster? Oh.
Over there.
[growling] Nope.
I'm done.
[laughs] [music] Well, looks like we've done it again, Kid Danger.
- And guess how that feels? - How's it feel? Good.
Uh, excuse me? I'm the one who drove that bus into that monster.
Well, yeah, but we created the monster.
So without us, there never would have even - been a monster - For you to drive a bus into.
I I don't even know how to respond to that.
Just try a simple thank you.
- Thank you?! - You're welcome.
- Kid Danger? - Yeah? - What? What do you want? - Is the popcorn man gonna be okay? Both: Um - no.
- No, he's not.
Then can we eat him? [both laugh] You sure can.
- I think he'd want it that way.
- Yay! [laughs] [all cheer and laugh] - Ah, ain't life crazy? - Yeah.
A few minutes ago, we were fighting that monster.
- [laughs] And now.
- Those kids are eating his carcass.
- Aww, yeah.
- So sweet.
[dramatic music] [growls] [grunts] [pigeon coos] Yah! [evil laughter] I'll be back on Christmas Day! [exciting music] [both squealing oddly]