The Adventures Of Puss In Boots (2015) s04e13 Episode Script

The Bloodwolf

[cat purrs, meows.]
[fast, lively flamenco music playing.]
[Puss yowling.]
El Gato! [yowls.]
4x13 - The Bloodwolf [gasping.]
[people clamoring.]
[exclaims in pain.]
Hah! These Bloodwolves may be strong, but they can be beaten! [Uli.]
Poor, foolish Puss.
These are only das Blutwolf's avatars.
Das Blutwolf himself cannot be stopped.
[people shouting.]
Except by the One from the Great Prophecy.
And she is gone, thanks to you.
She was kind to you.
And you led her to her doom.
I did not know she would be harmed.
Und I do not care.
I have done what I had to do! When this is over, you will pay for what you have done.
Hmph! [rumbling.]
Huh? Behold! Das Blutwolf comes now! [people screaming.]
Huh? [gasping.]
[grunting in pain.]
[growling and straining.]
Huh! [stammers nervously.]
You! You are the One from the Great Prophecy? I I [chuckles.]
You fear me, little cat.
I know you do.
I am the source of all fear.
I have existed since before time began, and after I am done with this world, fear will be the only thing left.
I I fear nothing! You fear me! [growls.]
[grunting in pain.]
[Bloodwolf roaring.]
[all gasping.]
You fear me! You all fear me! And your fear feeds me.
Your fear will give me the power I need to destroy your world! I do not fear.
There is only one who does not fear me.
One whose heart is so pure, it does not know fear.
And you, little cat, are not that one.
Oh, great Blutwolf.
I am your faithful servant, Ulschalk Sündenbock.
It is I who summoned you back from the Netherworld, und I who arranged the opening of the portal.
Yes, I can see in your mind all you have done.
And I should be grateful? Oh, well, you know, I don't expect much.
Maybe after you decimate the Earth, I could rule over the wasteland as a mighty warlord? [chuckles.]
Nothing big.
Whoa! [Bloodwolf.]
You will be destroyed.
You will all be destroyed! This Earth will be no more! [laughs.]
[people screaming.]
Oh! [panting.]
[exclaiming in fear.]
Who are you? I have slumbered here 1,000 years, awaiting the arrival of the One from the Great Prophecy.
And I must tell you I really need a cup of coffee.
Huh? [slurping.]
Oh, much better.
Now, I imagine you have many questions.
Oh, yes, I, uh Am I dead? And are my ears really that big? Of course you're not dead! You haven't passed through the Seven Rings or the Veil of Resounding.
The what? You are in the Realm of Shades.
It was created by the Great Mage Sino in preparation for the day the Bloodwolf would escape the Netherworld.
So, Sino knew this would happen.
Oh, you bet he did! He is so smart! You have no idea.
- Who are you? - I am a Tulpa.
A-A Tulpa? [Tulpa.]
A Tulpa.
A kind of thought-form conjured by a sorcerer.
I am one of three magical spirits Sino created.
You may call me Orange? Oh, that's not a name, it's a fruit.
I thought it was a color.
It's both.
Anyway We can't stand around talking all day.
If I'm the One from the Great Prophecy, I have to do something.
I need to get back to San Lorenzo.
You will, Dulcinea.
And I have something that just might help you defeat the Bloodwolf.
But I warn you, the chance is small.
And if you do succeed, you will be doomed to eternal torment! Oh.
Do you have any honey? I like a little honey in my coffee.
It's cozy.
I hunger after my long imprisonment.
You! What drives your nightmares? What turns your guts to ice? What is your greatest fear? [grunting in pain.]
I must have more.
[screams in pain.]
[Sphinx screams.]
Rust! [Pajuna.]
Spiders! [screams.]
I'm not even doing anything.
This is too easy.
But you! You are the bravest of them all.
And thus, your fear will be the sweetest.
It will give me the power I need to end your world.
What is it, little cat? What is it that you fear the most? [screams.]
No! What? Where is the scream? You have made a mistake, dog.
The thing you have shown me has already happened.
So now, I have nothing left to fear.
No! This is impossible! A wise lady once said to me, "Being brave does not mean that fears have you none, it means you face up to your fears and do what must be done.
" And now, I see the fear in you! Hah! [Puss grunting.]
Puss is fighting back! Well, if he can fight, so can we! [screaming.]
- A necklace? - An amulet.
It looks like a necklace.
Okay, but if you call it an amulet, it sounds more impressive.
You want me to fight the Bloodwolf with a necklace? That's crazy! The amulet has the power to return you to the real world.
And to send the Bloodwolf back here.
Only you can activate the amulet, by touching it to your forehead.
Once it's activated, you'll only have a few seconds to use it.
- I mean, that sounds pretty - But! Whoever uses the amulet to send the Bloodwolf here will come as well.
And remain trapped here with him for all eternity.
Ooh And he's super gross, so it'll just be so nasty.
It's It's just I know.
Dulcinea, you don't have to do this.
You can stay here and be safe.
I'll do it.
Sino knew that you would.
That's why you are the One.
Thank you, Orange.
It was nice to meet you.
I've never met a Tulpa before.
You never You never met a Tulpa! [continues laughing.]
Why is that funny? Someday, you'll find out.
Now go, save the world! You can do it! Oh, man! I forgot to tell you! You gotta get close enough to touch the Bloodwolf, with the amulet for it to work.
That was kind of important.
What do you want, I've been asleep for 1,000 years.
Bye, now! Good luck! Love you! [grunting.]
Hah! Artephius, is it time? For what? Kid, look out! [yowls.]
Fellow cowards of San Lorenzo, today is our day! But you go first.
[Bloodwolf shouting.]
Your courage is impressive, little cat.
It's almost a shame that you have no chance.
Keep talking, dog.
I will find a way past your defenses.
Like this! I have no more time for this.
Soon, the blood moon will rise, and it will be time.
Beneath the moon of Walpurgisnacht, I will taste the screams of the dying, as I end your world.
And now, let this battle end! [grunting in pain.]
You see? You have no chance, little cat.
You are not the One.
I know.
The One is dead.
Because of you! [gasps.]
Before long, the blood moon will rise.
And with the One gone, there is no one to stop me! [laughing.]
Huh? No! Dulcinea! She is alive! And she has Sino's vile amulet! You must die! Watch out! [exclaiming in fear.]
[Dulcinea screaming.]
No! Dulcinea! [breathing heavily.]
I thought I had lost you! Uh.
Not quite.
This amulet can stop the Bloodwolf, but I have to get close enough to touch him.
- I will do it! - No! Only I can activate it.
Please, Puss.
You have to keep him busy.
I will do this! Senior Puss Squad, let us teach a very old dog some very new tricks! [screaming.]
[Bloodwolf chuckling.]
Huh? [grunting in effort.]
Come on! Come on! [grunting in pain.]
The blood moon! Mortals! Your world ends now! I think not! [straining.]
[Mayor screams.]
Fools! All your efforts are as nothing to me! [Bloodwolf.]
Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds! [roars.]
[grunts in pain.]
No! Oh! No! And still, you try to please me, Uli.
Have you learned nothing? I have learned to do good.
[Bloodwolf growling.]
I'm sorry.
- What is happening? - Oh, no! What's happening? [everyone clamoring.]
You guys! The big dog statue thingy is, like, sinking or some junk! [Bloodwolf screaming.]
[grunts in pain.]
Where? What is this place? The Realm of Shades.
Your new home, now and for all eternity.
You cannot keep me here! I will destroy you! I'm sorry, I'm not in right now.
Leave a message at the tone.
Huh? My work is done.
But two Tulpas still remain.
[screaming in frustration.]
It is all right, mein friend.
I will be here to entertain you.
[playing accordion.]
Forever, und ever, und ever, und ever.
No! No! [screaming.]
No! [rumbling.]
[sighs in relief.]
Exactly! My friends, we have stopped an unspeakable beast, from destroying our world.
And now that his statue is gone, perhaps you can erect a new statue.
To Dulcinea.
The greatest hero the world has ever known! [people cheering.]
To Dulcinea! At last, we can enjoy a safe and secure San Lorenzo, free of danger! [people cheering.]
To Dulcinea! [low rumbling.]