The Adventures of Superboy (1988) s02e07 Episode Script

The Battle with Bizarro

Bizarro? Superboy, are you okay? The green rock, take it.
Get it away from me.
Lead shield.
This must be kryptonite.
Right, lead, alright.
That is Lana's car.
Where is she? He took her.
Bizarro took Lana.
What's a bizzaro? My twin as powerful as me in every way, except Bizarro's defective, illogical, and he loves Lana.
Where do you think he took her? Anywhere.
By now he could be anywhere.
This nice house, many rooms to live in.
Please take me back, I've got to get back, I've got to help Superboy! Why? Why, Lana not happy to be with me? This our place.
There's no place like home.
How many times do I have to tell you? Superboy's in trouble.
You do understand english, yes? English, me understand.
It Lana, Bizzaro can't figure out.
Don't be sad.
Music, it cheer you up.
You like.
Door is shut tight, we not be disturbed.
Disturbed, right.
We wouldn't want that, would we.
[ radio .]
Police still have no leads on the whereabouts of the creature that abducted a college student earlier this afternoon.
Police have confirmed that Superboy suffered no permanent damage from his exposure to the kryptonite rock.
You am sad? What you call this? Haven't you ever seen a tear before? Where it go? Who are you? Me are Bizzaro.
I mean, where did you come from? Me just am.
I hope we're not wasting our time.
Ah, I'm afraid using real kryptonite on Bizzaro was a waste of time.
We've got to remember he's a defective version of you, so it makes sense that only a defective kryptonite can harm him.
Now the logic is simple, what's not so simple is re-calibrating the duplication ray.
Well, how long will that take? Days.
We don't have days.
These duplicates are unstable.
They're like walking timebombs waiting to explode.
I'm working as fast as I can.
Well, tell me what needs to do done, I'll do it faster.
You no eat? You not hungry? This isn't food, it's plastic.
This one fine.
Um good.
Bizzaro, how much longer are you going to keep me here? I told you.
This our house, we live here forever.
We love each other for worse or better.
You like dance with me? No, I don't want to dance with you, I just want you to let me go! Why you not want to dance with me? 'Cause me not look like Superboy? 'Cause me look ugly? I don't think you're ugly.
Why you not dance with me? Me know why, because me not now how to cry, me not human.
Our men are set.
I say we go in.
I want to hold back.
We're still trying to get word to Superboy.
I say we go in now.
That girl's life could be in danger.
I'm the commanding officer here.
I think every second counts.
Alright, it's your move.
This is the Police Department, you are to surrender.
Come out with your hands over your head.
Who are they? Those are the police.
They have to hurt you? No, no, they've come to help! If you do as they say! You have 20 seconds to come out and surrender, or we'll come inside.
This our home, they not welcome.
You be safe, here.
No, Bizarro, you don't understand! Come out and surrender.
Bizzaro make bad people go away.
No! Bizarro, let me out of here! Freeze! Where you are or we'll fire! People not welcome, you leave now.
Get out of there! Hold your fire, men! We need reinforcements immediately.
Nothing has stopped him.
We've got to get hold of Superboy.
We need Superboy.
[ phone rings .]
Professor Peterson here.
Yes, he is.
I'll tell him.
They've located Bizzaro and Lana.
The police have them surrounded, but he has done some damage.
Where? The furniture store on Jefferson.
I've got to get there.
Remember, he is as powerful as you.
He's also a part of me.
And I feel he senses the connection too.
If I can get to that flawed mind of his I think I can reason with him.
You can't hurt my friend Lana.
Look, it's Superboy, he's here.
Is the hostage alright? As far as we know, that thing won't let us near the store.
Why you come here, Superboy? You must let Lana go.
Lana love me.
She not love Superboy.
In a strange kind of way, Bizzaro, you are me, and I am you.
I not understand.
It's not easy to explain.
You're on alter duplicate of me.
That's why we're twins.
We no look the same.
We no sound the same.
We have the same powers, we share the same memories.
That am true.
Still there am something different between me and you something you not telling.
You were created from artifical matter.
When a bolt of lightening hit the duplicating machine that was aimed at me.
What all that mean? Where you come from is not important I'm you're friend.
What all that mean? You're not alive, Bizarro.
You're not living.
No, me not believe you, you try to trick Bizarro.
Okay, men, take up your positions, ready weapons.
What are you doing? Me protect you.
Hold your fire or you'll hit the girl! Me protect you, not let anyone hurt Lana.
Bizarro, do not run from me.
We not brothers, you are my enemy.
This nice place for Bizarro.
Look them just like me.
This must be home.
Yeah, how you doing? This has to stop Bizarro.
You no learn, no learn to stay away.
No, you don't learn, Bizarro.
Me don't want to hurt you.
Just want be to left alone.
Lana, are you alright? Yeah.
Now, Bizarro really mad.
You come with me.
Superboy, I've got the Bizarro kryptonite.
And not a second too soon.
He's starting to self-destruct, we've got to hurry.
Bizarro, What's wrong? Me not feel right.
He's becoming very unstable.
He could explode any minute.
Bizarro, you must let Lana go.
You're going to hurt her.
No, me love Lana, not let go.
The kryptonite isn't working, somethings wrong.
Me feel better now.
The Bizarro kryptonite's making you feel better? Of course, how could I not see.
It has an opposite effect on him.
Instead of hurting him, it's curing him.
Lana not love me.
Lana love Superboy.
Me feel something strange.
You have a tear.
Now me know what love feels like it hurts.
Sometimes it does.
Me am human.
Me will never hurt anyone ever.
I believe you.
Lana and Superboy belong together.
Bizarro know that now.
Me go.
Me wish me never knew what tear is.
Where will you go? Me will go where me never cry again.
Everyone remain calm.
Superboy has everything under control.
Goodbye, Bizarro.
Goodbye, brother.
Me have one? Pretty like you.
Thank you, Superboy.
Thank you for giving Bizarro life.
Captioned by Grant Brown
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