The Adventures of Superboy (1988) s02e18 Episode Script

Abandon Earth

You saw that? Tell me you saw that.
Oh, yeah.
Hold it right there! Don't take another step! Put down your weapons.
We come in peace.
We are here on a matter of great urgency.
Freeze! I said not another step! You don't know who are you dealing with.
We've come for our son.
We want Kal-El.
You cannot stop us.
You cannot harm us.
We wish you no harm.
It's not our way.
Who are you? We come from the planet Krypton.
We are here to claim our son.
You earth people have come to know him by another name.
Right, Mom.
What kind of surprise have you got for Clark? Aha, oh, it's chocolate.
He doesn't like chocolate cake.
Oh, no? Oh, no.
Happy Birthday, darling! Yeah, make a wish now.
Okay, I got it.
Do you remember your first birthday cake? You had one candle.
You were no bigger than knee high to a grasshopper, but that didn't stop you blowing it from across the room.
Ha ha! Remember? I remember I didn't do too well.
Oh yes, you did.
You blew it out alright.
Along with the whole fudge cake.
It ended up on my chiffon drapes.
And then you tried to clean them up.
With your heat vision.
Well, I was just a lousy aim.
Well, fortunately your father was able to put out the fire before it spread.
[ phone rings .]
I want a big piece.
Oh, hi honey! It's Lana.
She's calling from Shuster.
Yeah, she wants you to turn on the news, Clark and then contact Superboy.
Going by the names Jor-El & Lara, the two aliens landed sometime last night in Smallville, Kansas.
According to eye witness reports from Smallville Police Officers the aliens landed in what appeared to be glass capsules.
The alien man and woman claiming to be Superboy's parents, interupted the town council in session.
- This must be some kind of joke.
- Jonathan.
They said they had searched the galaxy for their son for many years.
They said they had against the human race but he was born to a higher destiny.
The alien couple at last report was seen flying towards Penhall Park.
We will bring you further details as they develop.
Whoever they are, I can't let them do anymore damage.
I've got to get to the bottom of this.
Be careful, Clark.
I always am, Mom.
Oh, Jonathan.
Is it here.
Is this the day we always dreaded would come? Today is Thursday, Martha.
So far that's all we know.
You have stolen our son from us, yet you have the audacity to worship our family crest.
Our patience is running thin, and you have not yet produced the boy.
You don't understand.
We can't just dial him on the phone and call Superboy.
We don't know where he lives exactly.
He just shows up when we need him.
I am Superboy.
What did you call me? The name you were given when you were born.
I never thought I'd see you again.
You look well, my son.
Son? Look at us, Kal-El.
Look at us very closely.
There's something about your faces.
You were taken from us when you were a baby.
I'm your father Jor-El and this is your mother Lara.
We've travelled through the depths of time and space to find you.
Somehow you do look familiar.
An infant never forgets.
An instinct from the deepest recesses of his mind tells him, that we are from the same blood, my son.
It is only natural that you and your wife are experiencing feelings of jealousy and sadness at this time.
I know you've loved and nurtured him for many years and for that we'll be eternally grateful.
Kal-El has been very fortunate.
His name is Clark.
We named him Clark.
I was hoping the four of you would meet and become friends.
Ma, Pa, I didn't mean to hurt you.
I love you both.
Please try to understand that I have to spend some time with them.
We will, Clark.
We'll try to understand.
We'll wait for you, son.
Well, you've got to do what you've got to do.
Martha, have we lost our son? Last report is they've got five or six hostages.
We can't confirm yet if the nuclear device is active or just a bluff.
I repeat.
We will use our atomic device to blow up half this city if our demands are not me.
We want the Governor brought to this location.
We will only talk to the Governor.
Special Agent Jones, FBI.
What's happening here? We're not making any headway with these nuts.
We've got to take their nuclear threat for real though.
At least till our special military unit arrives on the scene.
We've got an ETA of about one half hour.
That could be too late.
What's the problem, Officers? Terrorist's, Superboy.
They're threatening to blow up the whole city.
Can we be of help? We? These are my parents.
We're going to help our son deal with this crisis.
We've heard the police calls.
Is anyone hurt.
They're threatening to detonate an atomic device.
Keep the police back, we can handle this.
The FBI is not familiar with these two.
Is it safe? They're family.
I'll kill him, I'll kill him! The bomb is set to explode in thirty seconds and not even your heat vision can melt titanium.
Yeah, but maybe a triple dose will.
It should be safe now.
Get out of here.
The core's been breeched.
It will leak radiation.
I'll dispose of this and meet you two outside.
We are live at Town Hall having just witnessed the incredible feat by three superpowered people.
Superboy, can we just ask you a couple of questions about the people that are with you.
Yes, I'd like to intoduce two people who are very special ot me, my parents.
Well, you frightened a lot of people.
I'd like to apologise to the people of planet Earth for my behaviour, and express our sincere thanks for giving our son a place to grow up on, and we wish a welcome to the people of earth and I can't think of a more fitting moment to share this wonderful news with you.
We're going to take our son home with us, back to the planet of his birth.
A planet call Krypton.
When will you be leaving, Superboy? Soon.
I have a very few special people that I need to say goodbye to first.
When he comes to say goodbye that will be the last time we will see him.
You're right, Martha, this is the day.
We've always dreaded.
I carved this out of the granite deposit myself.
This is where I come when I want to get away from everything.
When I fused the walls with my heat vision it turned out like this.
This is my hideaway and not even the Kents know that.
This is where I come when I want to be alone with my thoughts.
Lara, where does this remind you of? Krypton.
Do you think this is why I built this place? And why I feel so at home here? That's possible, son.
When are we leaving? Today.
Today? Then I will have to say my goodbyes to the Kents straight away.
Well, that won't be necessary because we've already contacted them.
They're going to meet us at our ship.
They insisted on seeing you off in person.
That sounds just like Ma and Pa Kent.
There are still so many things I have to ask you two.
About why we were separated.
And where you were all those years we were apart.
We want you to know everything, Kal-El, but now is not the time.
There will be lots of time for questions on the way home.
I like the sound of that.
Jonathan, stop fretting! You heard what Clark said on TV.
He wouldn't leave without saying goodbye to us.
He'll be by.
Sure, but he's taking his own sweat time of it, isn't he.
Hi, Mom.
I would have come by sooner but so much is going on.
I can't stay too long.
It's your new parents, I imagine they're taking much of your time.
We saw them on the news.
They say you're taking off from Ebers Field today.
I know, that's why I came over as quick as I could.
I figured it would be easier on us if we said our goodbyes here.
I don't suppose there's any chance of talking you out of this is there? I must go to Krypton, Pa.
Jor-El and Lara are correct.
I owe to myself to know who I am and see where I am from.
Well, you're our boy and never forget that.
I won't forget, Pa.
You will come back? Krypton is where I was born, the Earth is my home.
I'll be back.
It seems so odd.
What? He's distant.
It's hard for him too.
Andy, have you seen Clark? I got a message to meet him here.
What am I like Western Union? No, I haven't seen Clark.
That's funny, he said it was urgent.
You're Superboy's Mom.
I saw you on TV.
How very observant.
What did you do to him? That.
Jonathan, what's this going to accomplish? You're just being hard on yourself and every one else.
Martha, I'm trying to tell you that Clark wasn't himself.
Now my gut tells me there is something wrong about that take off.
Something doesn't seem right.
You just don't want him to go.
Neither do I.
But it's out of our hands.
Look, I have see him again and talk to him.
It's the only way I can set my mind at ease.
Now, you lock up and I'll warm up the truck.
WGGNTV is live on location to bring you the history making flights when Superboy returns to the planet of his origin.
Anticipation is high for the flight and concern for what we will do when Superboy leaves us.
Of course, we're going to miss you something fierce, Clark, but if seeing this Krypton of yours you feel is important then we want you to go.
With our blessing.
Just promise us that you will be back someday.
You know, I'll be back, Ma.
I love you and Pa too much to stay away forever.
Don't forget that.
We won't forget.
We love you too.
Stop them! Stop them please! Stop them! Stop them! - No, stop! - No, stop! Oh, Jonathan, it's too late.
Martha, I've got that awful feeling that we'll never see our boy again.
Captioned by Grant Brown
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