The Amazing Race (2001) s25e04 Episode Script

Thinly Sliced Anchovies

Phil: Previously on "The Amazing Race".
Nine teams raced to the Shetland Islands.
Firefighter Scott started the leg on the wrong foot.
His ankle is huge.
Phil: At the Detour, married dentists Misti and Jim met their match, while dating wrestlers Brooke and Robbie got hammered.
This is horrible.
As Scott struggled to overcome his injury, My legs are failing me.
Phil: College sweethearts Tim and Te Jay couldn't get their sheep together.
Why do they do that? In the end, Misti and Jim won their second leg and the firefighters came up short.
We thought we were going to do a lot better here.
Eight teams remain.
Who will be eliminated next? We got a beast over here.
Phil: The Shetland Islands are completely isolated, where the North Sea connects with the Atlantic Ocean.
Off the coast of the mainland, St.
Ninian's Isle, joined by a Sand Bar known as a Tombolo.
From here, eight teams will start the next leg of the "The Amazing Race".
Good morning, world.
Good morning, St.
Ninian! Good morning, beautiful sheep.
Wake up, wake up, sleepyhead.
She's not quite ready to join the world yet.
Sand everywhere.
We're leaving in first place.
We're a little over an hour in front of the other teams.
We feel great about that lead.
Travel to Copenhagen, Denmark.
Phil: Teams must take a 13-hour ferry ride back to Aberdeen, Scotland, where they'll catch a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark.
Here, they'll find their next clue on Ford C-Max.
Off we go.
On the first leg we won the Save, which has given us comfort to know that no matter how bad things go, we're not going to get eliminated today.
But we haven't needed it.
We'll stay at the head of the pack and keep everybody in our dust.
What time does the next ferry to Aberdeen leave? Half past five.
Yeah, of course.
We need to get tickets for that.
Do you know where we can find a travel agent? We don't have a travel agent, the best thing is to go online.
You could go to the library.
We're going to go and do some research and see if we can get some airline tickets taken care of.
I enjoyed the camping! We got to camp on the beach.
That was awesome.
This is going to be fun.
I love that ferry, man.
This time I'm taking a shower since it's been a few days.
We found a flight that we're happy with, we're going to have to call.
I need help booking a flight.
Flying from Aberdeen to Copenhagen, arriving at 1600 hours.
I'd like to book that.
I'm confident there's nothing available earlier than what we have.
We need tickets on the ferry to Aberdeen.
- Did you book flights? - No.
- Are you going to book flights? - I don't know what the options are.
Do you know if there's a travel agency here? There isn't, no.
- We don't have time anyway.
- Thank you.
We just have to go to the travel agency in the morning.
Let's go.
Lock it up.
No flat tires.
This looks like a handyman.
- You mean, handicap? - Handyman.
Baby, it's not a handyman spot.
Keith, did you already book flights? We have to go to the travel agency.
You honestly don't have a flight? No, we have to go to the travel agent.
And we're gonna be with everybody else.
It seems like everybody else will be in the same situation we are, driving to the travel agent after we get off the ferry.
It'll be an interesting morning.
We did found out that the travel agency isn't open until 9 AM.
The ferry docks at 7:00.
We're hoping that everybody is just going to the travel agency and then we can get to the airport and get our tickets first.
Sitting pretty in first place, that's where we'd like to stay.
We are the first out of the gate.
The plan is to go to the airport.
Let's do it.
Travel agency.
We are currently on the way to the travel agency.
We need to get to the airport and get a flight.
- So we can breath.
- Relax.
Let's find KLM.
- Hello.
- Hi, there.
We're looking to buy ticket this morning.
To Copenhagen.
Let's do it.
- What's the arrival time? - At 2:00 PM.
- You just got here? - Yeah.
- We're good? - I think you guys will be fine.
We are waiting outside Ramsay World Travel.
There are four teams here.
We think some other team may have just gone to the airport first.
The cyclists got an early, early flight.
We got an average flight.
Thank you.
So did the wrestlers.
And we all ended up on three different flights.
- What's your name? - Steven.
Steven! - Are you ready for us? - I'm not sure.
Bye, Scotland! Thank you.
- See you guys.
- Bye! The best that you will get for today, arrive in Copenhagen, 5:10 PM.
That's the same flight we're on.
We got on a flight earlier than Shelley and Nici have booked.
However, Survivor and the surfers are in the same flight arriving at 5:10 PM.
We found out in the airport that the cyclists, they're going to be about two hours ahead of us.
Until Phil tells us we're second, we're racering for the win.
- There's the wrestlers.
- The wrestlers are here.
The candy scientists.
Keith and Whitney.
So we are finally boarding on our flight to Copenhagen.
We're over 20 minutes delayed.
Our flight was delayed by like an hour.
We're still calm though.
That's Phil.
Phil: After making their connection to Copenhagen, Kym and Alli have a substantial lead over the other teams.
Teams must now drive from Denmark to Sweden, using a Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid.
Those that drive efficiently will be able to cover the distance, using no more than a tenth of a gallon of gas and will be rewarded with their next clue.
However, teams that don't use efficient driving techniques must correctly answer a local geography student's question.
This car is so fancy.
Here we go.
This car is so smooth.
I enjoy driving a fuel efficient vehicle.
As cyclists, we try to be environmentally conscious.
The SmartGauge panel on the dashboard will track your energy use and help you monitor your efficiency.
I love that this is a challenge because it's environmental friendly.
- We're in Sweden.
- We're in Sweden.
A technician will check our fuel Gauge when we park.
- How are you? - Hi! Great job.
Do you realize you have driven over 20 miles using less than one-hundredth gallon of gas.
Yay! It's a Detour! Phil: Copenhagen has been named the world's most livable city.
This progressive capital is the leader in sustainability and is well known for being on the cutting edge of new ideas.
"Parking Space" requires teams to re-purpose this spot, known as a Parklet.
A place to relax, socialize and enjoy the weather in the middle of this bustling city.
Cheers! First, teams will choose between two different Parklet themes a garden setting or a living room setting.
Then they must set up their streetscape exactly as shown in the pictures before the 30 minute time limit expires.
- If their time runs out - Your times is out.
They'll have to set up their parklet in another parking space and try again.
50% of Copenhagen's citizens commute by bicycle.
"Wedding Cake" requires teams to complete a traditional Danish wedding cake and balance their precarious cargo on a bike called The Bullet.
Negotiating their way through the busy street, they must deliver it to a restaurant.
If their cake arrives in one piece, The maître d'hôtel will sign it in.
Then they must make their way back to the bakery, where Henrik, the Baker will hand them the next clue.
- We have to do the Bike challenge.
- We're doing "Wedding Cake".
We're going back to Copenhagen.
Back to Denmark.
We now have to drive to Sweden.
It's beautiful.
Yeah, look at that bridge! This is apparently an eight kilometer bridge to Sweden.
The faster we go, the more energy we burn per mile, so we're being less efficient.
And if we are efficient, we get to just get a clue.
Is this it? That's it.
Those are the bikes, Kym.
Look behind you.
Those will be challenging.
- Hello.
- Hi! You have to finish this one.
All right, let's do it.
Finalizing a cake.
Finalizing a cake.
In Copenhagen.
Doing great, Alli.
We had to built this cake, we had to stack it up, make sure there were exactly enough rolls on there, and make sure there were exactly enough flags on there.
It feels like Jenga with sweets.
Don't knock it over.
We've exceeded our one-tenth of a gallon.
If we have used more than one-tenth of a gallon, you must search on foot for the map in the center of the square.
I'm sorry, you haven't driven efficiently enough.
- Okay, let's go.
- Okay.
- There's the map.
- Right here.
And answer the student's question.
Name the capitals of the Scandinavian countries.
Let's find somebody with a phone.
Hon, this way.
- Amy.
- Right behind you.
There they are.
These are the cars.
We have to use very little gas.
What did it say can't go under one-tenth? Can't use more than 0.
1 gallon of gas.
"Engine on due to acceleration.
" Accelerating is always a fuel burner.
I think they're all going too fast.
I like this car.
This is smooth.
Bye, Copenhagen.
See you later.
Lucky red, here we go.
Welcome to Denmark, now drive to Sweden.
Do you have Internet on that? Can you search for the capitals of Norway, Sweden and Denmark? - Can you walk with me? - Yes.
Norway is Oslo, Sweden is Stockholm, - and Denmark is Copenhagen.
- Yes.
- Thank you, ladies.
- Thank you.
I think we do "Parking Space".
- Ok.
- You have to bring it here.
To this address.
- Do we bring the receipt back to you? - Yes.
Alli, this is wobbly.
Can we take one of these with us? - Just in case.
- Can't be too safe.
This is going to be a disaster.
Let's flag down a cyclist.
- No.
- Anybody? I have a question for directions.
Can anybody stop and help me? No? Let's ask this lady across the street.
Can you give us directions, please? Go up here.
- Great, so helpful.
- Thank you.
Do you want to ride the bike, I'll hold the cake? I'm fine with riding the bike, I'm nervous about the cake.
We're going to give it our best shot.
There's multiple kinds of cargo bikes.
I had got to ride one this past year at the Cycle Messenger World Championships in Switzerland and that cargo was so hard to ride.
I was swerving everywhere.
Please, let this cake live.
Alli, can we leave the top on the side and put it on after? Do we get to eat it when it's done? Here goes nothing.
I'm walking it right now.
I haven't even put my feet on the pedals.
Riding a Bullet is really hard.
It's got the long, extended front, it's just totally a balance thing.
- Sorry.
- Slow down.
So we're out of Denmark and we're in Sweden? - Sweden.
- Is that a different country? Oh, my God! Park here.
Let's check.
Am I good? You have not driven efficiently enough.
Can you check our car, sir? Don't we get our question first? I watched my meter.
- Yes! - Yes, yes.
Great job.
Excellent driving.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
Park here.
Here we go.
Wedding cake, duh.
We've got to choose that.
We're getting married, of course we've got to choose that.
Alright, student, what have you got? What's your question? I'm sorry, you have not driven efficiently enough.
So now we have to go look for the question.
Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo.
I'm sorry, you have not driven efficiently enough.
- So, Denmark is Copenhagen.
- Copenhagen.
- You are correct.
- Alright, thank you.
Wedding Cake Race.
- Let's do "Wedding Cake".
- Ok.
You're correct.
- Let's do the "Parking Space" - All right.
Where is the damn car? She's frustrated because it's supposed to be in p-8 outside of terminal three.
Find it then.
'Cause, apparently I'm wrong.
- It's not helping.
- Quickly find it.
Can we go out there, please? We have looked at every car there.
- Go.
- Thank you.
- What's down there? - I don't know.
I think I see Ford C-Maxes.
My daughter still owes me an apology.
- I said you were right.
- That's not an apology.
Allegade 10.
Right there.
Let's stop and fix the cake.
God, what a disaster.
Before we left the bakery I was like "Grab that icing", 'cause we're going to have to do some triage.
We can walk across the street.
So ridiculous.
System of silly.
We're delivering a cake for you.
Put the cakes right here.
- Great.
- Let me take a look.
Where's the receipt? It's in here somewhere, don't freak out.
I know I have it.
Do you have the delivery receipt? We did.
Do you have to have the receipt? I cannot accept it before you have it.
Where's the receipt? Do you have to have the receipt? I cannot accept it before you have it.
I shouldn't have taken it out from my pocket.
Otherwise, we just have to decorate another cake.
Check that piece of paper right there.
- That's it.
- That's it.
Oh, my God.
That was crazy.
We found the receipt.
- Thank you so much.
- Enjoy that cake.
Can I ride this time? We did it! Come on.
- Hello! - Hello! Thank you for helping me out.
Do you have any baked goods you want to give us? You can take that.
Let's open our clue.
Phil: Teams must drive themselves to the Ida Davidsen Restaurant, where they'll find their next clue.
Thank you.
Thank you.
These are good.
I think anything is possible.
Hopefully the girls get bogged down in the cake challenge and we can blow through the parking challenge quickly.
Look at this place.
That's awesome.
That is so cool.
Which one do you think will be easiest? - I think this one.
- Okay.
- Don't you think? - We're doing this one.
Let's roll out the grass.
Basically, we had to recreate a setting that was done in a picture.
Set the two pillows up properly, the left one is vertical, right one's horizontal.
The is next.
This is what we do for a living, attention to detail.
We're going to blow everybody away.
When you lay that back down, I'll put that up there.
- Right there.
- Hello and welcome.
Let's do this.
You will finish it up for me.
Let's pick this one.
There it is.
- Let's go.
- Someone's here.
It's the Nashville guys.
- Am I allowed to eat any of these? - Sorry? - Can I eat? - No.
I'm afraid to look at the bike we have to ride.
- I am so scared.
- With this thing? I don't remember if I still know how to ride a bike.
Do the other one.
We have 30 minutes to set it up.
After 30 minutes if we didn't get it right, we have to break it down and move it over.
- Where's the other one? - The one down below? No, I don't see it.
God, it's in my hand.
- The street.
- Yeah, this is it.
We just pick one of these that we want to work from.
You want to pick this one? - Sure.
- Who is here? - Candy girls.
- Oh, well.
Let's start moving stuff.
Luckily Amy and I are quite detail-oriented.
We used it already.
- The tank? - Yeah.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, but you have not driven efficiently enough.
The map in the center which I think is right there.
Name the capitals of the Scandinavian countries.
This is Norway which is Oslo.
This is Sweden which is Stockholm.
- And that? - And Denmark which is Copenhagen.
You are correct.
Create a parklet, a miniature urban oasis, in a Parking Space.
Should we do that? Ok, let's do that.
We're almost there.
- Guess what, sister girl? - What? We are getting our clue.
We are 0.
We are very happy to see you.
Great job.
Excellent driving.
- Thank you.
- Good job.
We choose "Parking Space".
I see it.
- Right there.
- Ida Davidsen.
Roadblock! Who has a good memory for faces? Phil: Beautiful sandwiches like these have been made here at Ida Davidsen for more than five generations.
This restaurant is considered a cultural institution in Denmark.
There are over 280 sandwiches on the menu.
This Roadblock requires teams to become waiters and take an order of sandwiches from two hungry customers.
Number 128.
Phil: They must memorize the ingredients of four sandwiches and then relay that information to the chef.
When their order is perfect, they'll receive their next clue.
I'll do it.
You got this, girl.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Thank you.
I'm about to be your worst waitress you've ever had.
One of the reasons I was never a good waitress, I got fired and then I got a job as a bike messenger, it was so much better for me.
- Can I take your order? - Number 128 and 35.
159 and 82.
- 138 - No, 128.
- 128 and 8.
- 35.
128 and 35.
- 128 and 35 and 85.
- No.
- 158.
- No.
This is the hard part.
This isn't even the hard part yet.
159, 128.
Oh, my God! This is like super shaky.
Oh, my God, look at that.
Oh, my God.
You're going to have to watch it.
This bike is hard to drive.
There's a car right there.
- I know.
- Got to get in the bike lane.
Get off the road! Does that mean we gotta go back? - Yep.
- It's just like a bike, right? Oh, boy.
I'm trying to pedal.
Yeah, babe, that's awesome.
I'm not pedaling it.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Hon, do you want to switch Detours? Cause I don't think I can hold your weight.
It's freaking wobbly.
Don't go yet.
No, no.
You good? Let's go.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- We're in a race.
- We can do this.
- We can do it.
Do you know how stupid I look right now? I'm in Denmark.
- I need four sandwiches.
- Yeah.
Number 35.
Don't blank now.
It's all melding together, I'm sorry.
I need another moment.
- It's not right.
- Ok, thank you.
This is nuts.
Ok, let's go.
The other one has to be easier.
You want to ask for a check? We got it set up relatively quickly.
There's no way another team should pass us.
- Sorry.
- No? It's something over here.
There are things you can't see in the photos.
The glasses are adjacent here.
Big line back there.
I just don't know.
I don't even know what to say.
It's either something obvious that we're overlooking or it's something minuscule that you can't see in the picture and it's completely ridiculous.
I'm sorry, time's up.
You have to move over here, start again.
Time starts now.
- Redo it over here? - All right.
Let's move everything off.
Let's drag it.
So much for this being the easier one, huh? On our way back to Denmark.
We thought we would stay in Sweden a little longer than five minutes.
I really would prefer to make the cake.
That's nice.
I chose it.
35 which is thinly sliced anchovies, beet root, raw egg yoke, capers, onions and horseradish.
Very good.
Thank you.
Looks delicious.
- Sorry.
- That's okay.
Thank you! Thank you.
Those look amazing, by the way.
Can we get to eat one too? We're eating everything we can today.
Phil: Copenhagen is a wonderful mix of ancient and impressive modern architecture like this, The VM Houses.
These sustainable residential buildings are the "Pit Stop" for this leg of the race.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
- Let's go.
- Thank you.
Thank you, Ida! What an amazing crowd.
Let's go, girl.
I think it's on this road.
Oh please, God.
Do you have to do that? My arms, my back.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
- Are these tables proper? - These are proper, yeah.
I think this needs to be folded, Amy.
So they're doing this one.
So we have 30 minutes to put it all back together.
Which one do you want to do, hon? They all look pretty rough.
There are other teams here now.
No surprise we've been at this for a bit.
It's all about the detail, honeybun.
- Hey, guys.
- You guys switched? - Back from the impossible challenge.
- Impossible.
I think this needs to be in a pot higher.
Holy crap.
Misti and Jim are here.
That's huge.
So excited to see them.
I will not lose today.
Where is it? Just keep driving straight.
Is that it right there? We have to find the maître d' something.
Park it right here.
Hi, is the maître d' here? We're here with the cake.
Please, put your cake here.
Oh, my God, my arms.
Let me check.
I just need to sign.
We got it? Yes! - Just take it to the bakery.
- Thank you.
Can I eat this? - No.
- No.
Come on, I'm hungry.
Not going good at all.
Can't even see it.
Does this need to tilt forward more? No, it was tilted back.
It was right the way it was.
This is the most frustrating thing in the world.
I know.
- The flowers are touching.
- Can we get a judge? Judge! Oh, the pillow.
Seems about right.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Oh, my God, they got it.
Yea, attention to frigging detail! We knew it would come in handy.
- Let's go check.
- Excuse me.
Yea, food scientists! You guys done? Can we get a check, please? Thank you.
There's the note pad.
Where did Rob and Brooke go? They still trying that one? I guess so, maybe they got it.
Brooke and Robbie on "The Amazing Race".
Hopefully it's all good, hon.
Sorry, guys.
- Try again.
- Wow, gnarly.
Team yellow, babe.
We got it.
You're right.
- Judge.
- Good job, babe.
Yes! Thank you! - Good.
- Judge, can you check again? I'd love to prove ourselves to be the most dominant team ever in "Amazing Race" history.
- Still not good.
- Still not good.
There's something that's got to be on this side.
Is it? I feel like we've tried everything.
I can feel the Save going right down the tubes.
Cry, scream.
I hate quitting but I don't know what else to do.
We're going to be the last ones.
We were fearful we weren't going to see it.
The worst case, we give up the Save.
We are not going home.
We're changing Detours.
This goes on this side.
We didn't get it.
We're going to the other challenge.
They're just giving up on this one.
See how I put the pot, do you think that's right? The flower shows wholly where before it didn't.
Yeah, that's right.
Welcome to Copenhagen, Denmark.
It's wonderful here, I love it.
Phil: You are team number one.
And I have some fantastic news for you.
You have each won a new Ford 2014 C-Max energi plug-in hybrid, which offers the choice to plug in or not.
This is THE car to own if you like sustainability.
- Right there.
- There's the clue.
They beat us.
One hundred and thirty Sorry, can you tell me your orders one more time? You have a better memory than me.
Good luck, babe.
- I'm Ida Davidsen, welcome.
- I'm Robbie, nice to meet you.
I'm a wrestler, this is going to be hard.
We're pro-wrestlers, we get hit in the head a lot.
- Chairs, there mat.
- Nothing there.
159 is scrambled egg, tomato.
Raw egg yoke, capers, onion, horseradish.
Macaroni, chicken.
- Sankt Jörgens Allé.
- Oh, my God.
I don't know what else it would be.
- T & T.
- What flight did you land on? - At 05:10.
- Focus, focus.
This is really hard, go do it.
We're so happy to see the surfers.
They obviously look a little frustrated.
- She keeps him in order.
- Oh, my gosh, why is it so hard? I need to mellow out.
We got this.
Right here.
Down this street.
See, we're here.
- There are teams.
- Oh God, yes! - Hey, guys.
- So glad we did this one.
Choose a set of Parklet supplies.
Bethany and Adam are here too.
This day keeps getting better and better.
Is that it? Nobody else here.
- You can choose a cake.
- Okay.
Put some cream on.
Put it on thick, so it holds the layers.
Wedding Cake wasn't that detailed.
If we would have done that first.
Ida Davidsen.
This is it, babe.
Try to do it one time.
My memory sucks.
I want Sandwich 128 a Bombay sandwich which is delicious.
It has macaroni, curried giblets in mayonnaise and smoked salmon.
Yeah, I know.
What am I saying wrong.
Two boned anchovies.
Maya kept talking out loud, she was really messing up my concentration.
And horseradish.
I'm sorry.
Not correct.
I'm hungry now.
I'm a specialist at that.
- All right.
- You got it.
I would like you to deliver this to this address.
And bring this signed for delivery back to me.
Back to you, for our next clue.
- You're nicer than the last judge.
- Restaurant Allegade 10.
Let's go.
We're going to have to travel by bike.
This was way frigging easier.
- Oh my goodness.
- Sorry.
This thing is not the easiest thing.
- Ok.
- Ok.
The flags are falling off.
Scrambled egg, two boned anchovies.
An oyster sauce and chopped chives on toast.
That's correct.
- She got it.
- Damn it.
This is number 128 with the egg yolk and salmon.
Okay, you sure? I'm not.
I got really excited.
I'm just kidding.
You ok? - Excuse us.
- Keep going, keep going.
Go, go.
Go around, go around.
This is embarrassing.
I would also like sandwich 128, the Bombay sandwich which has macaroni.
What is he doing? Capers, onions and mayonnaise.
Yeah, correct.
After this, she's a phenomenal Baker and I'm a phenomenal waitress.
- I'm actually a waiter.
- We could be successful.
I just called myself a waitress, I'm a waiter.
Come on, honey.
Chopped chives on toast.
Yes! Thank the Lord.
- Great job.
- I did it.
I'm so proud of you.
I was just staring at the picture and I finally saw on the flower pot, the sunflower had eight petals around it, and I counted our petals and there were seven.
Check, sir.
Sir, sir, sir.
Can't even see this.
What am I looking at? Te Jay, I figured it out.
One side of the pot has eight, the other side has seven.
- Yeah, that's it.
- Oh, my God.
- Good job, babe.
- Thank you.
You did so good.
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah! - Good luck, girls.
- Thanks.
You'll get it.
You'll get it.
We catch up to the surfers.
We're still in good spirits.
We know we're not far behind the other teams anyway.
Allegade 10, there it is.
Right in front of us.
You got it, go.
That thing, over there.
Let's deliver it and see.
Got to find that receipt.
It's in your pocket.
Put your cake right here.
Super! Thank you.
Let me check.
Sorry guys, I cannot accept it.
It's not what I ordered.
Is it missing something? Is it missing something? - Sorry, I cannot accept it.
- Ok.
You gotta take it back to the Bakery.
I could shoot myself in the face right now.
We dropped one flag along the way.
We have to go back to the bakery to get it.
Oh, my God.
They're beautiful.
You are team number two.
That was me shooting away the opponents.
This table is too far in.
- No.
- Stop.
Don't tell me no.
It wasn't that I didn't want to listen to mom.
It's was that this can't be right.
This may have to be angled more.
Yes, you have trouble listening to mom.
- Your eyesight is better.
- Yeah.
We got challenged pretty hard today.
It is way more intense than I ever expected.
Steady, steady.
- Did that come off of one? - Put it back.
We already accepted the fact that we were last.
We were last and we were going to have to use the Save.
Yes, but it wasn't that we felt better because we had the Save.
We were struggling with not wanting to give it up.
Ok, I will take it this time.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I don't know if you can read that.
- Ida Davidsen.
- Oh, my God.
It's right here.
Take a sandwich order and recite the ingredients from memory.
Te Jay is a server.
I'm a server.
I better not mess this up.
- Ok, hello! - Hello.
It's a Roadblock, hon.
There are the surfers.
- Here I go.
- You got it, babe.
- Hello, how are you? - Oh, God.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Oh, my gosh.
They're as big as I am.
Phil: Look at that eyebrow right there.
Love it.
Look for the sign.
There it is.
Another team.
Several more teams.
- Oh, thank God.
- Dentists are here.
35, thinly sliced anchovies.
- I'll do it.
- Do good.
- Got it, girl! - Thank you.
And beet root.
- Correct.
- Babe, I did it so fast! I let Misti do this one because she's got a good memory, she's a smart girl.
I think she'll do well.
It's nice to know that Shelley and Nici are behind us.
128, which is the Bombay Toast.
Adam will get it, he's super smart.
Meat jelly and beet root.
That's wrong.
You got it, baby.
Take you time, honeybun.
Hi, can I tell you? Tomato, scrambled eggs, two boned anchovies, oyster sauce, chopped chives on toast.
- Your order is incorrect.
- Ok.
Look at all the people there.
Life just got better.
Who has a good memory? This is so my thing.
- Rock it.
- I got this.
This is the worst feeling ever.
Tell me about it.
With red cabbage, meat jelly and beet root.
Thank you.
Have a great night.
- That was gnarly.
- That was gnarly.
Two anchovies and a fried egg.
Sorry, it's not correct.
What am I doing wrong? Misti, just relax.
Jim had stood at the door it was good to see that emotionally he was still standing behind me.
It just meant everything, it really did.
Last to fifth.
Can you believe that? He wants to give you a hug.
Oh, he loves you.
I think it's mating season.
Oh, my God.
159 is tomato.
Oh, let our luck hold out today.
Raw egg yolk, capers, onion.
Please, please, please.
And horseradish.
Let's try this one more time.
Bombay toast, macaroni.
Tomatoes, scrambled eggs.
One shot.
- I'm sorry, it's not correct.
- No.
Oh, my gosh.
I don't know.
It looks like the Save is going to burn tonight.
- We cannot afford to be lost, baby.
- I know.
Here's another canal.
- Do we go over both? - No.
I don't know if we're going the right way.
- Damn.
- What? We were supposed to go left onto this street, not right.
You are killing me.
You do know we can't afford this, right? Stop saying we can't afford this.
I get it.
I did the best I could today.
We were having communication issues and we thought of ways to move forward together as a team.
I'm tired of being barked at today.
I don't know.
Because I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
All right.
State the sandwich number.
Oh, dear lord.
The sandwich number is 128.
Bombay toast, macaroni.
I've been in here for an hour singing for these people without sandwich numbers.
It was a fatal mistake.
It was the numbers, darling.
We're on the right road, we just need to find the parking.
There's the mat! There was a man standing back there at the last corner.
Why didn't you say something? Because I'm not driving, you are.
Mom! You're freaking screwing us if you're not saying anything! Don't do that.
Every time something isn't going according to plan, there should not be a meltdown.
So when she goes there, I'm just going to stop until she decides to rein it in herself.
- Give me my bag.
- Hurry up.
Phil: You don't look happy at all.
I'm fine.
It's been a really long day, Phil.
It has been a long day and we were making progress and she shuts down at the moment I needed her most.
She wanted to be in charge, so I let her.
Phil: Is it that important to prove that point? Yes.
- I can't do this.
- Nici, don't walk away.
No, I can't do this.
What are you doing? - Phil: Nici, come back here.
- No.
This is where you have to be a grown-up now and come in here and talk this out.
I have to be the grown-up but she wasn't the grown-up when she let me drive past.
Phil: Do you want to win the race? I want to win the race but I can't win it with somebody who doesn't want to win with me.
Because she did that, I don't feel like she wants to be here.
As soon as you lose this, we'll be fine.
Phil: There's no need for tears, you're still in this race.
We made it.
Dog fell asleep waiting on us.
Got something for you Phil.
Phil: The Save.
Keeping us in the game tonight.
Phil: I can give you the Save back because this is a non-elimination leg.
Phil: Jim, you're almost like completely dazed out right now.
Every drop of confidence that I've had for the first three legs, it's all gone.
It's humbling to have Detours and Roadblocks that do match up with our skill set and then we just screw them up.
We got our teeth kicked in today.
Phil: Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
Phil: Next week on "The Amazing Race.
" In the exotic city of Marrakesh, I have no rhythm.
the Double U-Turn is in play.
Just pray we don't get U-Turned.
And Keith and Shelley turn up the heat.
- Back up.
- We were already here.
You push me on more time- And what?
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