The Amazing Race (2001) s25e07 Episode Script

Pretty Fly For a Food Scientist

1 Phil: Previously on "The Amazing Race".
Seven teams continued racing through Marrakesh.
Shelly and Nici and the scientists fell behind early.
We just can't find it.
We can't afford to be lost again.
While the cyclists and surfers had some fun on the farm.
You have a good pitch, Adam.
Phil: And in a high wire Roadblock, Brooke got hung up.
I don't like it.
Oh, my God.
This is crazy.
I just have to keep telling myself I'm a super hero.
Phil: Misti enjoyed the ride and put the married dentists back on top.
You are team number one.
In the end, Shelly and Nici couldn't recover and their race came to an end.
- We had a good run.
We had fun.
- We did have fun.
Phil: Six teams remain.
Who will be eliminated next? Phil: Morocco has been a favorite movie making location since the beginning of cinema.
Its spectacular landscapes and exotic cities have been featured in a number of classic films.
Today, Casbah d'If is where six teams will start the next leg of "The Amazing Race".
Misti and Jim won the last leg and will now depart first at 9:44 PM.
- Fly to Sicily.
Oh, my God.
- Awesome.
Phil: Teams must fly to the Island of Sicily in in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.
When they land, they need to make their way to Teatro Di Verdura, where they'll find their next clue.
- Awesome, let's go.
- Awesome.
We are stoked about going to Sicily.
One thing we didn't want was to stay in Marrakesh another day.
This is probably the most fun we have had in at least our married nine years together and maybe the entire 16 years.
And it forced us to work together and communicate.
You can go on vacation together and get in an argument and not talk for two days.
Not an option here.
If we have crosswords, we gotta get past it really quickly.
- Hello.
- Hi.
We need to fly to Palermo, Sicily.
First available flight.
As soon as possible.
- Sicily.
Hey! - You ready for this? - Yeah.
- Alright, let's go.
Bethany and I are newlyweds.
I think it's been good for us to do this stuff together.
Doing these challenges and experiencing all these cultures, It's been boot camp for a couple.
At the same time a lot of awesome bonding.
Sicily, huh? I hope we get some pizza.
Going to Italy.
I'm excited.
I've never been to Sicily.
Finally we're going someplace I haven't been.
And we're driving in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, there's nothing.
Nothing for miles.
It's really creepy.
Tell me what the earliest you can get me into Palermo is.
Okay, this one is very nice.
8:00 PM.
We'll get in 8:00 tomorrow night.
It's going to be a day of living in the airport.
Fun, fun.
- Let's go.
- Sicily.
I've never been to Italy before.
I'm half Italian.
This is going to be fun.
Things are going great between us.
Even at home when we're doing nothing, we bicker more.
At least, on the race we're only bickering about stupid stuff.
So pretty much drive all the way back to town.
Sometimes he's right, sometimes I'm right.
Most of the time I'm right and I just need him to admit he was wrong.
Totally agree with everything he just said.
Good boy.
- We are going to a theater, it says.
- Maybe we perform.
The cyclists just showed up.
Just got here.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- We are traveling to Palermo, Sicily.
- Hello.
How is it going? The earliest one is arriving to Palermo at 8:00 PM.
- There's nothing else? - No.
You just waste time and flights goes.
Let's book it.
All right, babe, we're going to Sicily.
Let's go.
- Where is that at? - Italy? I miss home but I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world.
This is the most amazing experience.
And when we're going through the race, our mind's on the race.
We're not thinking about Twitter and Facebook and Instagram, - or eyebrow threading, tanning or gym.
- I do miss having a tan.
I haven't thought about tweeting today.
Haven't thought about working out either.
- I wish we could work out.
- Me too.
I've lost half an ab, so I'm down to seven and a half now and it just looks weird.
Hopefully I'll get that back.
- Hello, boys.
- Hi.
- Your passports.
- Thank you, we're good to go? Bye.
We just got our tickets, we're landing in Palermo at 8:00.
We will be getting in with the dentists.
Yay! - There's our favorite team.
- The dentists are our favorite team.
They have definitely not been our favorite at all.
Because I think they're our biggest competition and they had the Save pass in the beginning and then they got the non-elimination round.
It's like they've got nine lives.
And Jim is a little nasty.
You will be arriving 8:40 PM.
And then the team right here, - they are on the same flight? - Same flight.
And the other two, the girls and the ones that came here before? No, the other two will be earlier than you.
Arrive at 8:00.
- That's kind of a lead.
- That's a big lead.
As always.
There's Jim and Misti's car there, the white one.
- We love them so much.
- So much.
- Let's think.
What can I write? - Team nasty.
Team no fun.
Every time I'm like, "party, let's go, party on the bus", - Jim is always like - He's like this.
No, it's like this.
I imagine we are not the dentists' favorite people as they are not necessarily our favorite people.
But I don't really care what they think of us.
Oh, man.
Team no fun.
It's true.
- Hi, good people.
- Morning, everybody.
We're on the second.
We arrive at 8:40.
They arrive at 8:00.
It's a 40-minute difference which in race time sometimes that can mean a lot and sometimes it can mean nothing at all.
But we left in last place and now we're caught up with three other teams.
We're happy about that.
We're looking forward to going to Italy.
- Bye, bye.
- Where did we park? Phil: All teams are now making their way to Palermo, Sicily, via Rome.
- We're with the cyclists.
- With Alli and Kim.
- This is gorgeous.
- Yes.
We'll stick together until we get there, and then - Do you guys see this? - Oh, my God.
That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.
I've never seen a view like this from an airport.
No, it's pretty amazing.
- We got to cab it.
- They've got vans out here.
- We can split it.
- They got the big one there.
Despite whatever differences we may have, definitely pays to work together with people when you need to.
- It's eighty.
- Can you do it any better? To share a cab is worthwhile for us.
Okay, good.
- You guys give in too easy.
- I know, we do.
The welcome was a beautiful red sunset Gorgeous.
A rainbow sky.
It was absolutely beautiful.
And a crowd of men trying to help us out as we exit the airport.
So far, so good.
On the first few leg, we didn't quite know how to feel about the Cyclists.
They were a little bit standoffish.
Not our favorite team.
Look at the moon.
- Oh, my God.
- Incredible.
We don't feel the same way as we did before, but We don't love them like we love the other teams.
Guys, I'm so excited to be here.
Hustle, hustle.
- We're on the run.
- Taxi, taxi.
Yeah! - They're crazy here.
- I love it.
Here we go again.
We're all pretty to much next to each other.
- The four cars are racing each other.
- That's the wrestlers.
Don't let them pass us.
Faster, faster.
We're in a race, can we go faster? Cool, so we're like behind somebody now.
There, Nelly, he's on our butts.
Do not let him pass you.
Oh, he's tailgating.
- I'm hungry.
- You're hungry again? - I want pizza.
- You just had pizza.
But we're in Italy.
- Oh, goodness.
- Fuggedaboutit.
This is it here? Thanks, thanks.
- Oh, guys.
- Oh, no.
6:30, 6:40, 6:50.
But dance the night away.
I'm up for it.
Let's dance.
- This is the best.
- Join hands, Jim.
Let's go.
Are you feeling masculine right now? Not at all.
Not a bit.
- People are here.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Make your way to Villa Costanza and search for your next clue.
Got to find a taxi, not an easy thing to do at 6:30 in the morning.
I think it definitely helps, at least in the beginning, to take off with another team.
That won't happen in leg 12, - but collaboration can be helpful.
- Can be a good thing.
- Where do you find a taxi this early? - Who the hell knows? - Thank you.
- Off we go.
- Where can I find a taxi? - Taxis are that way.
Phone? Phone? Two.
We need two taxis.
We danced with the dentists, wined and dined with the dentist, and we started with the dentists in the morning.
Now we're besties.
I think it's over at this point.
We're in separate taxis now, we're not working together anymore.
- There should be a main road up here.
- Oh, my God.
I can't keep running.
- Is there any taxis around? - We're trying to find a taxi.
I'm going to throw up.
There are no taxis anywhere.
Oh, my God.
The other team left three minutes ago.
They're going to catch up and be in the same boat looking for one.
Oh, my God.
It's the worst.
This is crazy.
- Let's stop and make up a plan.
- We just need to get a taxi.
How are we going to do that? Run around looking for a taxi? Yeah.
We haven't even seen a taxi yet, this whole morning.
There's the clue box straight ahead.
- Stop, stop.
And wait.
- Stay.
- Roadblock.
- Who wants put their foot to the Florio? Phil: The Targa Florio is a famous Italian car race that dates back more than 100 years.
Today, it's a showcase for lovers of classic and vintage cars.
This Roadblock gives teams the opportunity to follow the original route up Mount Pellegrino in a go-kart.
If they cross the finish line in under 4:07, the Italian racing legend Nino Vaccarella will give them their next clue.
They can then ride back down the mountain with a professional race car driver in one of these vintage racing cars.
This is so cool.
- Oh, God.
- Wow.
Oh, my God.
It's massive.
They allotted room for the carbs we have been eating.
- Oh, my God.
Yeah! - You look hot.
Go, guys.
Go, before the other teams come.
There's a taxi.
- Did they find one? - Damn it.
- You know? - Yes, yes.
Are they in it? Taxi.
- They got it.
- Damn it.
Are they looking for one? That was Brooke and Robbie still looking for a taxi.
- This is insane.
- Damn it.
- I don't think we're going - We're wasting time.
I don't know where to go.
This is like the good street up here.
Pretty busy.
- There's a taxi.
Let's go.
- Oh, geez.
Up there.
- Are those taxis? - Yeah! - We finally caught one.
- That was amazing.
So far we're probably last but we also don't know how long other people took to take taxis, 'cause it seems that was the only area where there was a little taxi stop.
Oh, my goodness.
I don't want to be last, honey.
It's always a taxi that kills us.
- Always, always.
- Damn it.
Oh, God.
35 minutes, not one taxi.
- At least we got that mile run in.
- For nothing.
But they did good cardio in the morning.
Yay! Let's race, I'm ready.
Misti and I are not doing the Roadblock, so we have to take a taxi to Antico Stabilimento.
We are going to meet our partners back there and they're going to go on a race course.
That's really awesome for them.
Oh, God.
This is insane.
This is crazy.
Three, two, one.
Go! This is nuts.
- Whoo! - Yeah! Yeah! Oh, yeah.
I needed to complete the course in 4:07 so I had my foot to the floor the entire time.
I got to ride a go-kart around this windy course.
Oh, my God.
It was so much fun.
Yeah! Looks really good on you.
- Love it.
- Pretty fly for a food scientist.
- The crotch is at your ankles.
- I know, right? - Alright.
- See you in a few.
There's a taxi back there.
Taxi! - Alright, Villa Costanza.
- As fast as you can.
Oh, my God.
We're 40 minutes behind.
It took us 40 minutes to get a taxi.
- I can't even believe it.
- The girls left 25 minutes ago.
Let's just hope the surfers and T& have trouble finding a taxi like us.
- We're alright.
We're good.
- Taxis can kill you in this race.
Kill you.
Yeah! Gonna getcha! Jim was playing competitively, trying to get me from passing him.
Even though I was racing the clock, I definitely did not want to lose to Kym.
I wanted to make sure if I didn't make it in time that Kym didn't make it in time.
I'm gonna getcha! I'm gonna getcha! I managed to get around him a couple of times mostly because his cart wouldn't accelerate as fast as mine because he's heavier.
So any time there was a straightaway or uphill, I zoomed past him.
Oh, no.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
That was so much fun.
Can't open it yet.
We have to pick a car.
- Oh, cool.
- Oh, yeah.
- Hello, sir, you want to be my driver? - Oh, yeah.
- Bye-bye.
- Yay! That was so much fun.
Look at this view.
Oh, my goodness.
Beautiful! Look at that.
- That's amazing.
- Yeah.
One of the most beautiful places I've ever been.
I think I will retire here.
Find myself a nice Italian husband, settle down.
Eat pasta, get fat.
- You're in the right city.
- I'm in the right city.
Let's get this party started.
- You'll get it, hon.
- Come on, quickly.
Here comes someone.
Three, two, one.
Go! Let's go, Te Jay.
Here we go, man.
Oh! You got four minutes and thirty-two seconds.
Oh, I have to do it again.
You gotta wait for the pace car, okay? Oh, man.
Gratzi, Eugene.
- How was it, good? - Awesome.
So much fun.
Painters or Posers.
Phil: Italians pride themselves on their rich cultural history.
And for good reason.
This is the country that created the Opera.
And was the birth place of Michelangelo, possibly the world's most influential artist.
"Painters" requires teams to restore a fresco while lying on their backs on top of this high scaffold.
Once their artwork meets the standards of the restoration artist, a priest will give them the next clue.
Posers requires teams to make their way to this iconic theater, Teatro Politeama Garibaldi, where they'll listen to 10 opera singers perform a short selection of the world's most famous operas.
Then, they must identify the costumes worn by the characters they just saw on stage and write the name of each character and their opera in the correct order.
When they have a perfect match, the costumista will hand them their next clue.
Let's do the "Painters".
Let's go.
- Let's paint.
- I paint pretty well.
The nice thing is the heats for the go-kart racing only run about every 20 minutes so worst case scenario if everybody gets it on the first run, we have a 20-minute lead, so that's a nice cushion.
It's a bummer we had to wait so long.
I hope you're ready, Te Jay, I'm going to blow past you.
- What did you do, Maya? - I have to do it again.
You have to restart? - Oh, my gosh.
- Yeah! - It's a full on race.
- Sorry, I'm tickled inside.
Oh, man.
This is going to be crazy.
Oh, yeah.
This is going to be awesome.
Three, two.
Go! - Whoo! - Yeah! Whoo! Yeah! I knew that I could blow past all of them, sure enough, I cut through, went around Maya.
I smoked it.
I don't know how she did it, but Brooke just weaseled her way to the front.
Running through the middle.
Yeah, Brooke! It was disappoint my car is like but Te Jay was cruising with me, I was try to keep him behind me, cutting him off here and there.
Taking those corners was sick.
The car was lifting off the ground on the bumps.
It was fun.
- Did we make it? - We made it.
Good job.
Good job.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Now we get in? - Hello.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Fast, fast, please.
- Go, go, fast! - We've got to go.
Thank you.
- Nice car.
Is this yours? - Yeah.
Very nice.
This car very fast in G's.
If you can pass him, good.
Yes, good.
Fast, fast.
Race, race.
He loves his brake, man.
- Tonnara Florio.
- This place.
This place.
Right here, right? It's open.
He's pointing through here.
- Oh, yes.
- Here we go.
- Oh my God, it's hot.
- Oh, it's warm.
- Is there an example? - We just have to paint over.
It was a cherub that was on the ceiling that had been painted and painted over so you could vaguely see what it was supposed to be.
It's hot.
Oh, God.
This is going to give me a crick in my neck.
What? I feel like a Dali painting because I'm melting.
I'm actually doing well.
Not sweating at all.
I'm sweating to death.
He's sweating enough for the two of us.
So we're good.
- She doesn't sweat much.
- She just glistens.
- Thank you.
- I don't sparkle, I sweat.
Here we are.
Maya! Maya! Detour.
- Maybe we should paint? - Yeah.
We'll do painters.
Only four teams may attempt this Detour.
First come first served.
We have our Express Pass, which is good for us, if we're in trouble, we can pop that baby out.
- I'd rather do paint.
- Ok, let's go.
Only four teams may attempt this Detour.
Damn it.
- What are you going to do? - I don't know.
I want to do paint but it's only four.
- Only four? - I feel like everyone went there.
- You want to try the opera? - Yeah, let's do it.
We're going to do "Painters", just hope we get there before - Someone.
- Yeah.
Jim and I are used to using our hands on things that require fine detail.
We're both dentists, we live in a world where half a millimeter is the difference between success and failure.
I'm actually enjoying this a lot.
You and I are on the wrong sides of each other, because I'm left-handed.
You wouldn't think your arm would get tired holding a paint brush.
But it was.
So your arm is shaking and you're trying to draw a straight line And she's right handed, I'm left-handed, so we're like this the whole time.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
Can you stay higher than me, please? That would be really helpful.
Right now, we're following the Surfers but only four teams at once can do this but if the other two teams went as well, we'll be number four there.
We're all neck to neck.
What will happen if we're team number five here? Is this it? Can you wait? - Can you wait? - Thank you.
- They beat us there.
- There's a bunch.
- Is it that? - Up the hill.
Go, go, go.
- Te Jay.
- I'm coming.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Go, go, go.
Come on, Amy.
- Here? - This way.
It's up there.
This stampede just came through.
Yes! We got it, we got it.
- There's already four teams.
- We have to go.
We have to go.
Yes, yes! We should go to the other Detour.
Scientists got booted.
Ok, I'll do red, you do the more detailed.
It's going to be tough.
I'll start up oops.
- That really stinkers for the scientists.
- Yeah.
Let's hope the other one is not super easy.
You must write down all the opera's characters names and their opera in the correct order, from left to right.
We need their outfits and names, but when we watch them, how do we know what their names are? They say it, I'm sure.
It's going to be all memory.
Robbie is really good at memory, I'm not.
I'm paying attention to women with big hair and lot of makeup running around singing.
I don't know if I'm going to be able to know what's going on.
Is this the theater, sir? Thank you very much.
Here we go.
Oh, lord.
We have our own show, babe.
It sounded like this No way.
That's not it.
- No way.
There's no way.
- Where are you guys going? I could not understand a word they were saying.
We're going to head to the other Detour.
We're going to have to come back.
There's got to be four teams.
Did you understand one word they said? - Not at all.
- Let's go look at the program.
If the program is whatever, then we just have to go.
- Oh.
- Wait.
So just their outfits.
We can do this.
Hold on.
Once we got to the room, we realized we had to remember what outfits they were wearing in what order.
Didn't have to know their names or what they sung because it was listed underneath their outfits.
Flower, that's the right.
That's on the right.
All the way on the right.
This is next.
This is next.
- You're sure? - Yep.
We watch one more time and then we'll nail it.
Hold on.
Pink, pink, pink.
Hold on.
Pink, pink.
Oh, shoot.
Is it this one or that one? Let's go watch again, 'cause I have to anyway.
I'm shaking like crazy.
I'm working a muscle in my arm I didn't know existed.
Screw this.
All day, Kym and Alli were right there with us.
They're a strong team, they won two legs, but put us on level ground, we're going to pull ahead.
I think it's beautiful.
I think we just get judged.
- Judge? - Judge? It's not done well.
Redo some parts that are missing.
It needs two nipples and an arm Pitt.
And then, do fingers.
- Judge? - Judge? Ally and I definitely have our differences with the dentists, and I know we can beat them.
I don't think it turned out well.
We need a brown right there.
That's what I had.
You painted over it.
Your hair is totally red.
You dipped your hair in the red paint.
Holy crap, it's hot.
- No, no.
You just covered something.
- I didn't.
Ok, be careful.
- You're like right in front of me.
- I've got to get the brown.
- Why can't you move it over there? - You're so annoying.
Is this the entrance? Here's Brooke and Robbie's stuff.
- Yeah! - Sorry.
Let's go.
Bravo! Where is that dark brown? Here's my first one.
- Do you know yours? - Yeah.
I'm just double checking to make sure that there aren't a bunch of dresses that look similar.
That's definitely third.
I don't know why you said it wasn't.
It is.
- Alright.
- Is this the fifth? It doesn't look like it to me.
Do you want to compare with them or no? No.
Put a nipple over there.
Put a dot there.
Judge, will you come over? Jim and Misti finished, they're out of here.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Make your way to Villa Niscemi.
Phil: Palermo was once known as the garden city and nestled in this beautiful park, Villa Niscemi.
This 18th century home is now the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.
The last team to check in here may be eliminated.
We're winning, dude! - Yes? - Well done.
- Yes.
- Yeah! Oh my gosh.
- Te Jay, concentrate, please.
- I am.
Villa Niscemi.
How do we say "let's beat the other team"? If only we could have painted faster than them.
So thick.
I've never been so sweaty in my life.
- Oh, my God.
What I just did? - No.
I don't know what to do about the brown, it's impossible to get it thin.
The butterfly is the hardest part.
This butterfly is killing me.
You have to pay attention to every little detail and line which is very exhausting.
- This is hard.
- Very difficult.
It's like the position they put us in.
- No one pains like that.
- It's the heat.
Michelangelo did it.
Or Leonardo.
I don't know who did it.
Is it this one or that one? These are two pink dresses.
I think it's this one.
- Is it this one? - I think so, yeah.
Black, black.
I guess that's it.
- Want to try it? - Yep.
- This is not complete.
- Great.
- What is not complete? - I don't know.
We have to start all over.
I don't understand.
Come here.
The guy had a cape on the right arm.
There's another cape guy.
- I think Maya.
- Yes.
I think this is one of mine.
Do you want to check this? If they got it right you got to ask them.
I know, will you do with me? I know.
Sorry for the chicken scratch.
Bad hand-write, I mean.
No, it's not complete.
Let's just do this together.
And get out of here and beat the painters.
Why don't we look at it one more time? Just to be sure.
- Let's agree to knock this out together.
- Right, yeah.
So it was that one, Amy.
Presto, presto.
We're on our way to the Pit Stop.
Cyclists are just minutes behind us.
It may turn into a foot race.
The race is a game, the race is war.
I don't want to lose to anyone.
One thing I appreciate about Jim is that he is competitive.
And I am extremely competitive.
As long as we beat him, it's fine.
We just have to beat them.
Let's say the dentists get a flat tire, or get caught up or get stopped by a garbage truck.
If we're lucky.
We're here! Welcome to Palermo, Sicily.
- Thank you.
- It's beautiful.
- Enjoy, enjoy.
- Thank you.
Misti and Jim, this is the 300th leg the of " The Amazing Race" and we are celebrating with you being team number one.
Phil: And I have some great news for you.
As the winners of this leg of the race, you have run a trip for two from Travelocity to Ocho Rios.
You'll spend five nights at the Jamaica Inn Hotel, with daily in-room breakfast.
You're going to climb the Dunn's River Falls, go paddle boarding and have a cooking session with the inn's chef, Maurice.
That is awesome.
And welcome the second team in.
You guys have been going neck and neck for a couple of legs.
I'm fighting just to stay in.
Jim, this is where you wanted to be? It's our fourth win, Phil.
But watch out for the thumb.
It's coming soon.
The dentists won this leg fair and square but when it comes down to it, only one team will win the $1 million.
Let it be the best team.
Now we have to figure out a way to break their kneecaps.
Arm, gosh.
Our little boy looks good.
He looks handsome.
The nipples.
- You draw the nipples on? - Nipples are on.
Yeah, he's a real boy.
Your hair is in the paint.
- What do you think? - Let's have her check.
Judge? This cleaner.
- Thinner.
They must be thinner.
- Ok.
Judge, can you check ours? This line is missing.
And then, the lines too.
See? These.
The line as thin as possible.
This is harder than I thought.
I hope the opera thing is going just as long.
Where is that yellow guy? - Which one is this? - That's not it.
The yellow went down really far.
Far, right? It went to the squares.
And this doesn't go all the way down.
- Maya, was this the second? - Yes.
- Definitely this, right? Not that? - Not that.
That's the cape.
Brooke, who do you have as number five? - Lescaut Manon.
- Let's try it, guys.
We've got to get this right now.
Give your, give yours.
- We've got a Pit Stop.
- It's Pit Stop.
We shouldn't have let them go first.
We were here first.
- We could get first right now.
- I know.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, thank you very much.
Damn it.
Why did we let them go first? - I'm just having a struggle session.
- Just focus, hon, it's okay.
You're literally blocking my eyes.
Tedious work right here.
So hard.
Oh, my gosh.
We shoulda done the opera.
Have her come check.
Judge, please.
They did a great job.
- Thank you.
- Good job, guys.
You'll get it, boys.
Ok, let's go.
Ours is beautiful.
It's freaking thin.
- Judge.
- Judge.
A sweaty snuggle big time.
Now we're headed to the Pit Stop.
- Beautiful.
So cute.
- That's excellent.
- Yes! - Thank you.
- Oh, my gosh.
- We're the last ones.
Better hurry.
Thank you.
Oh my gosh.
Pit Stop already, let's go.
Oh, my God.
- That took forever.
- It did take a long time.
- Hey, Phil.
- They beat us.
Damn it.
Good job.
Good job.
Working together.
Phil: Give us a little something.
Oh man, traffic here is not good.
We just left right after the surfers.
They could be on our heels, they could be 10 cars behind us in this traffic.
- There is traffic.
- It's moving.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Yeah.
- Here we go.
- Let's go.
We're just hoping we're not the last team.
- Is that it? - Is it right here? Ok.
Phil: Adam and Bethany, you're team number five.
- Yes! - Good job.
Phil: You are the last team to arrive.
However, today you will not be eliminated.
Phil: This is a non-elimination leg.
You are still in the race.
Sometime during the next leg of the race, you will encounter a Speed Bump and you'll have to complete that before you can continue racing with the other teams.
If the dentists can do it, we can do it.
To travel the world and stay in the race is all we really want.
We don't give up.
We put our heart and soul into it.
And we just fight through it.
T and T, our dynamite may have had a short fuse, but we're ready to explode and rock on.
Phil: Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
Phil: In two weeks on "The Amazing Race".
This ain't gonna be pretty.
Phil: In Malta, teams get some tough breaks, plunge into the Blue Grotto, Oh, my gosh.
Yeah, girl.
Phil: and take on the Gostra.
Pretend the flag has a million dollars on it.

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