The Amazing Race (2001) s26e04 Episode Script

The Great Amazing Nasty Race

1 Phil: Previously on "The Amazing Race".
Nine teams raced to Phuket, Thailand.
At the airport, boyfriends Harley and Jonathan fell way behind early.
- What time does it arrive? - Arrival is tomorrow.
In Phuket Aly and Steve crashed, Oh, gosh.
This is hard.
while Hayley and Blair clashed.
I told you.
You have to listen to me, 'cause now we're going to be back at the bottom again.
Phil: The men got in touch with their feminine side, I'm having so much fun.
and then got their groove on.
Team Truck Stop Love broke the blind date winning streak.
Phil: Mike and Rochelle, you are team number one.
In the end, Harley and Jonathan came in last but lived to race another day.
- Phil: This is a non-elimination leg.
- Yes! Nine teams remain.
Who will be eliminated next? Hi.
Matt and I got engaged at the last leg's Pit Stop.
[cheers and applause.]
Ashley Michelle Gordon, will you marry me? I had no idea whatsoever.
It was like the biggest surprise ever.
- We're going to be together forever.
- That's for sure.
Last night we had a little Amazing Race date night on the beach.
This is the best experience in my own entire life.
Oh, my God.
Cheers to an amazing night.
I love you to death.
To a lifetime of happiness to both of us.
I love you so much.
Phil: Mike and Rochelle will depart first at 3:26 AM.
Fly to Bangkok.
Phil: Couples will now fly from the Southern part of Thailand, north to the capital city of Bangkok.
When they land, they must make their way to this Buddhist Temple, Wat Yannawa for their next clue.
Let's go.
I think we surprised others by winning first place.
We're killing it as a team.
We had no fights, no blow outs.
Who's the fastest? From what I can see, the blind date couples are probably not dealing with the stress of this race as well as we are.
On to Bangkok we go.
Airport? Airport? when we were at the wrong place where we thought the Pit Stop is, you just wanted get out of the taxi and run around.
She says a lot of nipping nagging non-sense.
We probably gonna negotiate it a little bit better with the tuk-tuk driver yesterday.
I'm tired of being blamed for everything.
Today I'm going to try to give her control, make her be accountable for mistakes or success, I don't care.
I 100% agree with that.
Please, hurry.
We're in a race.
It's so important that we can get there as quickly as possible.
Jenny is like type-A personality, she reminds me of a lot of lawyers I know.
The moped is going faster than us.
Sometimes I can get a little laid back, a little lax.
Now I need to make sure I'm stepping it up.
Catch the moped, faster than the moped.
We're going to the airport.
We can't run out of cash.
We're going to be a little ladyboy on the street if that happens.
We're having a good time.
We're enjoying each other's company.
I think he's smart.
Obviously he's attractive, but romantically, I think it has to be organic.
Things like that take time.
Pedal to the metal.
- Thank you, sir.
- We are flying to Bangkok.
Hopefully there's a flight right when we get there.
Airport, airport.
This is going to be our first leg as an engaged couple, so we'll argue even more.
We're going to Bangkok.
We're going to get tickets today.
We are not going to spend another day like we had last leg.
Back to Bangkok, let's go.
Yeah, stay away from me.
We're getting along really well, we're laughing.
We have very similar personalities.
Jeff definitely fits everything I was look for.
Ok, that's exciting.
- Alright.
- Six? Yeah, Air Asia.
Do you have tickets available for the flight at 6:00? - Yeah.
- Thank you very much.
We got a 6:00 AM.
flight and it seems like most of the teams are going to get on.
We got our tickets.
We're going to Bangkok.
- First team on the plane.
- Right here.
Thank you.
We're all headed to Bangkok now.
We're going to have a lucky day, so let's do it.
Excuse me.
- Taxi? - Taxi? No, no, we're going to this one.
Taxi? Damn it.
- Taxi? - Sorry, got to take the taxi.
That's rough.
We're going here, Wat Yannawa.
- Let's go.
- Vroom, vroom.
Such a crap shoot with cabs.
We lost our taxi, but this guy is kind of slow.
Can you go fast? Go, go, go.
I'm not going to back down when I got there first, there's a reason why we're racing.
He was ready to put his bag in the trunk.
I got my bag in my pack, what am I going to do? I do not want to cause like a five-minute delay because we're arguing with him about getting a taxi when there are like 10 around us.
Frankly, I think they're way ahead of all the rest of the taxis because they got on that taxi.
Thank you.
So we're leaving today last place.
We also have a Speed Bump to do.
Today's going to be a challenge.
Thank you very much.
We're going to hustle extra harder.
As we go along if any teams fall behind then we can just catch up and pass them up.
I think you just keep going with that momentum.
We're going to push as hard as we can.
It's definitely different than Phuket.
- Huge city.
I mean - Yeah, more city life.
It is very busy here.
We're looking out the window.
It's a total mob scene.
Just hurry.
Please, fast.
There's a lot of traffic, there are multiple lanes and I wish he didn't have to stay in the slowest lane possible.
- Ok.
- Thank you.
Come on, come on.
Come here.
I had a feeling it was going to be upstairs, so we went upstairs, I found the clue immediately.
Oh, my God.
I love you.
Water or Wheel? Phil: Teams now face a critical decision to see what mode of transportation will be faster.
Those in the know, often choose a tuk-tuk like this so they can in an out of this congested traffic or a long-tail, a water taxi that utilizes the city's elaborated river system.
If couples can survive the mayhem of this race within a race which includes two stops, they'll receive their next clue.
- We're going to do the "Water".
- "Water".
Make your way on foot to Sathorn Pier.
This drives me crazy.
- You want to lead? - Yeah.
All right, go for it.
It's all you right now.
- What do you want to do? - I'd like to search.
Whatever I say, I feel like you're not going to listen to.
So you tell me what you want to do and I'll follow.
- You have full control.
- No, you can have control.
- You want me to make decisions? - Yeah, what do you want to do? Let's go this way though, because we kind of worn out this So do you want to You guide then? - Sure.
- Okay.
Is the clue in here? - Ready, babe? - Come on.
Let's go.
Where's the clue box? Oh, wait.
Honey, upstairs.
- Yes, yes, yes.
- Detour.
- Detour.
- Which one are you gonna do? - We're going to do the water taxi.
- We'll do "Water" too.
- We'll do it too.
- Let's go, come on.
Look for a clue box.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Come on.
- They ran that way.
Clue is up there? Let's run out.
This is the building.
It could be up here.
"Water" or "Wheel"? - Let's do "Water".
- Come on.
Good job, guys.
- "Water" or "Wheel"? - "Water" or "Wheel"? You guys want to do "Water" and we can find it together.
- Awesome.
Let's do it.
- All right.
- Wanna go this way? - If that's what you want, yes.
I don't see anyone.
It's kind of scary.
He's wearing a red and yellow head band.
- Water taxi? - Perfect.
- I got it.
- Okay.
- Go! We go! - Go! Whoo! Team number one! - You want to go up top? - Yeah.
It's the only place we really haven't been.
All right.
- Detour, "Water" or "Wheel"? - What do you want to do? - "Water".
- "Water", ok.
Let's go.
Crap, we wasted a lot of time.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Sathorn Pier? - Down there? Come on.
All the way down.
Let's go.
- Be careful, babel.
- Okay.
Hello, Thailand.
Whoo! Yeah, baby! Sathorn Pier.
- Here it is.
- Water taxi please? - Good job.
- Good job.
- Watch out, watch out, watch out.
- Let's find out where we're going.
There's just two ahead of you? Two teams? - I think so.
- We have no idea.
Go, go, go.
Fast, fast, fast.
There are only five taxis.
- One, two, three, four, five.
- Hopefully, we're the fifth.
Whoo! Whoo! Thank you, sir.
You're getting one for us too? - Number six.
- We're number six? - You number five.
- That is correct.
All right, we have to go, we have to go.
- Do you know where this is? - Blair, we're wasting time.
Let's go back on the main road and we'll figure it out.
Let's go.
There were only five boats at the boat dock.
So we got the last boat.
When they don't know right away, that means you have to go.
I have no idea who you're fighting with right now.
To be honest when someone has irritated me and I'm annoyed, it's hard for me to have a good attitude with them.
Is that where they going? There's a bunch of people up there.
- Where? - Up there.
All the way.
Go, go, go.
- That looks right then.
- Yeah.
There are some more people, here they come.
Where's the clue at the temple? - You have to go back to the temple.
- It's back at the temple.
- He like jogged.
- Tell me what you want me to do.
- We need to go to the tuk-tuk.
- Did you go to that boat? - It's first come, first serve.
- The water taxis are taken.
This is very frustrating.
We are behind everybody else.
Blair, do you know where we're going? Run past it.
I just want to get our own directions.
Blair? Hold on! - This is it.
- Yep.
I need to go to the corner Sathorn Road.
- Thank you.
- Drive fast.
You're so sweet.
Yeah! Oh, my God, oh, my God.
"Water" or "Wheel"? At this point, we've got to do tuk-tuk.
Yeah! Whoo.
This is awesome.
Look at that.
- Yeah, that's sweet.
- The boat ride was so nice.
Boat ride was awesome.
Super relaxing.
No traffic.
That's unheard of.
And we knew that our driver knew where he was going.
Whoo! We're in traffic now.
Oh, my God.
Go, go, go, go go, ! Whoo! We're in Bangkok, bitches! - We're engaged.
- Aw, we're engaged, babe.
This traffic is crazy.
Sometimes your fate really is up to the taxis or the tuk-tuk drivers.
It's so awesome.
Today is our day.
We've said that everyday.
I've worked so hard for everything that I've got and Kurt total opposite of the spectrum, he comes from a wealthy family and he doesn't need the money, but I hope he realizes that it's really important to me and keep going and not give up.
- This is awesome.
- Yeah, this is really cool.
Wat Klang Market.
Back here, maybe? Phil: Teams must now eat a 1,000-year-old egg, a traditional favorite.
- Oh, God.
- Okay.
So we walked into this market and it smelled like dead animals.
People were chopping up meat everywhere.
- Keep your eyes peeled.
- Yeah.
Century eggs? Thousand-years eggs? Yeah? Century eggs? - Ok.
- Thank you.
Do it.
They're black, all right.
What is this? It looks like a Jell-O shot, kind of.
Oh, man.
Is it good? Yeah, it's a delicacy.
Oh, my gosh.
- Bad? - Oh, God! They're not good.
The middle part is pretty rough.
Thank you.
You're awesome.
- Snooker Club.
- He said it's right up here.
All right, here's Jeff and Jacky.
I think it's going to be off to the right.
I hear you.
Right here, guys.
Yeah! Whoo.
Phil: Teams must sink a red bull in a game of snooker, played around the world and popular in Bangkok.
Hi, I'm Hayley.
Nice to meet you.
Ok, so he hit the first shot.
You wanna go first? You're going to hit a red ball in the pocket.
Any red ball.
I'm just going to try to blast them.
Oh, that didn't work.
It tastes like an egg, but it's just a little bit rotten Stop! Oh, my God.
You're going to be able to stomach this? I'm good.
Let me just mentally prep.
The yolk is just the bad part.
You have a clue for us? Thank God.
At Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen choose one of the apprentices to assist you in making a traditional offering.
Thank you.
Let's go this way.
Oh, my God, I thought it was going to puke like five times.
- Is it disgusting? - It's disgusting.
- Good luck.
- Come on, babe.
That was disgusting.
Where's the market? The market? This is it, babe.
Oh, eggs.
Is this the market? Two eggs.
100-year-old egg.
I bet it's not here.
Yeah, it's right here.
Do you think it's going the be the first one? - Come on.
- Two.
If they get it, then we know it's that one.
- Ready? - Thank you.
- It smells - 100-year-old egg? 100-year-old egg? That's the egg? We eat? How do we eat this? Relax, relax.
I don't want to look at you right now.
I'm going to barf.
I'm teaching you a technique.
Clue? Nothing? No, babe.
- I don't know if this is the market.
- Oh, keep going.
We just ate that for no reason.
- It's pink.
- It's black.
Ready? - It's just like Easter.
- Yep.
Tastes like an egg.
Tastes like an egg.
- Oh, my God, it stinks.
- Yo, guys.
- Eggs? - You found it? Oh, my God.
We just ate one for no reason.
- They taste like hard boiled eggs? - Yeah, just don't look at it.
- This is disgusting.
- It's big.
- It's supposed to be like that? - In the middle, just be prepared.
- I almost threw up, I'm not kidding.
- It's supposed to be like this? It's really gross.
You got it.
There you go.
So I'm holding my nose, covering my mouth, gagging into my mouth.
It's the most disgusting thing in the world.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Let's go.
Come on.
We're second to last because Jon and Harley are not here yet.
I don't want to be like in the bottom.
So yeah, this is definitely scary for us.
Come on.
The other teams probably arrived here about two hours ago.
So depending on what's coming up ahead, we could catch up to them.
That's what I keep saying in my head.
They're going to taste disgusting.
We're going to eat some 1,000-year-old eggs.
Is this the Wat Klang Market? Eggs? Eggs? Eggs? Look, there's one team there.
Let's go over there.
Relax, breathe, breathe.
Take a deep breath.
Eat the egg, that's what we just did.
- Did you eat it? - Yes.
Almost there.
Show her your mouth.
- Yeah! Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Thanks, buddy.
- You got it, I'll see you, guys.
Protein, baby.
1,000-year-old eggs? You want to go back inside? You got it.
Good girl.
Right here, babe.
Hold on.
- We're going in there.
- Thank you.
Great job, Aly.
- Oh, my God, that was so disgusting.
- Yeah, that was gnarly.
1,000-year-old egg tastes like crap.
It is the worst thing I've ever eaten in my life.
You have a clue? Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
Yep, yep, yep.
Whoo! Whoo! - I think we're done.
- Is that it? That's it.
Get our clue.
- Can we get our clue? - Here we go.
Thank you so much.
So we must have to go to this place.
Come on.
She actually made an incredible shot.
It looks like we're going to Caturday Café.
- There's the tuk-tuk here.
- Grab it.
We got a little milk bottle.
It's like hot Who is impressed with my pool skills? When I get angry I actually perform better.
- I was gagging.
- Yeah, that was tough.
All right, next stop of the Detour.
Phil: Teams must now take part in a traditional Thai prayer.
- Come with me.
- Careful.
It was beautiful.
It was really nice.
- I actually really enjoyed that part.
- It was nice.
Gold leaf here.
To walk in there and do a traditional prayer, it was very special.
I think that it's a nice way to really see the culture here.
And we got little fortunes.
Keep trying hard.
You will get reward soon.
Good luck approaching.
Show the monk.
Thank you.
Make your way by taxi to Patumwan Siang Cong and search for your next clue.
- Taxi? - Taxi.
We'll go here.
Thank you.
You think it's up there? Up there? Babe, it's here.
Oh, Speed Bump.
We look good.
Speed Bump.
Phil: This Speed Bump requires Harley and Jonathan to each make a traditional Thai grasshopper, made completely with river reeds.
I saw a sign right here that said waterside.
Whoo! Oh, we're here.
- Hi.
- Light a candle.
- Light candle.
- Yeah.
Light candle.
Light candle.
Fast, fast, fast.
Go, go, go, go! Yes, we're on a roll, baby.
Turn ahead? Ok, thank you.
- How gross is that? - Let's not talk about it.
Thank you.
Down first.
There's the guys.
- Yeah.
- Right here? Oh, like this.
Candle? What? Like that? - Yes, yes.
- Like this? Like this? - Only until one comes out? - Yeah.
How are you doing? We have to build one of these.
Wow, this looks really intricate.
The pieces are right here, we don't have to worry about those.
Everything's here, all we have to do is do those wings, those wigs and the nose.
So right now we each have to build a grasshopper made out of pandan leaf.
One, two, three.
You don't have these pieces yet.
Oh, my goodness.
21 and 10.
Not likely to find a good mate at this stage.
Discovering a mate who could become a satisfactory match, no luck, should be careful.
Dang, on point.
There's not going to be a romantic connection between me and Bergen.
We've made it very clear, we know where each other stand.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Make your way by taxi - Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Ok, let's go.
Thank you, sir.
Keep you eye out for the Snooker Club.
Don't run.
Don't run.
We're overexerting ourselves, we're running all the time.
- We have to take it slow.
- Jenny, come on.
Jelani, this is not right.
Can you just think? Process this? You are rushing ahead of me again.
If we were closer to me then we could've listened to each other.
We need to work on our communication.
It could be a fatal flaw.
- Got to stay close.
- It goes both ways.
If you want to stay closer, you have to stay closer to me! - Snooker club here.
- It's right here.
- Try to hit that one.
- That one? Damn it.
I suck at pool.
- That was horrible.
- Damn it.
It was probably one of the coolest things I think I've ever experienced, just being in Thailand and going to a temple like that.
Likely to find a nice mate who could become a good match.
Hopefully, that was a blessing for not only our relationship but for this race.
Whoo! You're awesome! I think he likes me.
I don't think he likes you touching him at all.
No, he loves it.
He has a big smile on his face.
Look it, hon.
If somebody was petting me like a dog, I'd be like, "Look here, crazy lady".
I'm smiling again even though all sweaty and yucky.
The Great Amazing Nasty Race.
- Is this it, Blair? - It's right here.
Phil: Teams must now feed the locals at the Caturday Café.
- What is this place? - This is the craziest thing ever.
Pour the milk in the bowl.
- Where's the milk? - Good thing I didn't drink that.
I had to feed the little kitties.
- Hey.
Is that yummy? - Get your friends.
- Invite your friends.
- Hi.
- Oh, awesome.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- There's the damn catter - There's the kitty.
What do I have to do? Take off my shoes? What the hell? This is crazy.
You hungry? You hungry, baby? Come on, kitties.
That makes it all better.
I love animals.
I want to cry right now.
- Thank you.
We're good.
- Okay.
It doesn't say we can't take this one apart.
Oh, I just took it out of the thing.
So where are these things? Just relax.
I'm the worst at arts and crafts, but Harley is really good at puzzles, so I'm hoping he's following this the right way.
- Finished? - Yeah, done.
Here we go.
Ok? Thank you.
Detour, "Water" or "Wheel"? We're going to choose "Wheel".
I don't think I can get anything.
- Nice.
- I can get this one.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
We've got to feed the kittens.
This looks like it's where we're supposed to be.
Right there.
- Clue box.
- Roadblock.
It says "who is feeling clutch?".
Phil: If you're looking for motor parts then look no further than this Bangkok neighborhood, which is dedicated to recycling old engines.
Our couples will now become grease monkeys by removing the transmission from a faulty engine block and searching for a screwdriver accidentally left behind by a rookie mechanic.
The screwdriver has their next clue in the handle.
Talk about a romantic Roadblock.
My whole family works on cars.
I can't disappoint them.
I don't even know where the transmission is.
Come on, guys.
We're in a race.
Fast, fast, fast.
We're in a race.
I've never worked on a car in my life but my whole family, that's what they do.
I have to take the transmission off.
I think it's this whole section.
There we go.
Power tool.
Trying to take these bolts off.
That's not happening.
He has really nice guns, so I'm hoping those guns come into effect right now.
The Speed Bump went pretty quickly.
We have to make up that time right now hopefully.
Yeah, buddy! Tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk.
I just come to the realization that we're going to a cat cafe.
By the way, I'm like deathly scared of cats.
- There it is.
- Caturday.
Oh, my God.
I'm like freaking out a little bit.
It's ok.
Don't worry about.
I'm just being very still.
I thought I'd be a little bit more scared but they were really pretty.
They kept their distance, I kept mine, so we got along.
Nice, kitty.
- Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Nice, kitties.
- Thanks.
Bye, everyone.
Come on.
What a mess.
This is not easy.
There's no clue.
This is it.
I've got to get in here.
My grandfather was an incredible car mechanic for 40 years.
He's looking down and giggling.
There we go.
This is my next clue? Oh, this might open up.
Yes, Metal Castle.
Phil: Our couples must figure out that the Metal Castle is a Buddhist temple, called Loha Prasat.
These 37 spires signify the 37 virtues of enlightenment in Buddhism, the last team to check in here may be eliminated.
Taxi, right here.
Metal Castle.
- Metal? - Made of metal.
- What's this? - I think we got the date.
Dinner cruise during the next Pit Stop.
- Whoo-hoo.
- That's so fancy.
- Right there.
- Perfect.
- I'll do the Roadblock.
- Who's feeling clutch? You are, babe.
- This is my baby right here.
- Let's do it.
I don't think he's really handy with engines and stuff.
Even if he's not, that boy is a fine piece of ass.
He is, isn't he? It's my first time working on a car.
I don't know where the transmission is, I'm trying to make this work.
My dad is a great mechanic.
He fixes everything.
Dad, help.
Matt knows a lot about cars.
His uncle is a mechanic, he worked in a shop like his whole life.
- I know nothing about cars.
- It will be like operating, though.
You just take it apart, right? Find the piece that doesn't belong.
- What the hell? - Trying to make this work.
- I hope it's in here.
- This fell off.
It might be something.
I don't really know though.
I've worked with my uncle a couple of times on cars, but I never done something like this, so - What's up, guys? - Why is this not coming off? Oh, you push the aside.
There we go.
Thank you.
There it is.
Ow, ow, ow, ow.
- I'm learning on the fly here.
- Come on, baby.
I got it.
- Oh, yes.
- Oh, yeah! Whoo! Metal Castle.
That's where we're going.
Do you know Metal Castle? No? Okay.
Thank you.
We should find someone who speaks English.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
Why is this not coming off like this right now? I got over.
There we go.
Got it.
Whoo! Find the piece that doesn't belong.
All right.
I'll do it.
At least, I know what a transmission is.
"It contains the clue to your next Pit Stop".
Oh, my God.
Metal Castle.
Boom, baby.
Let's go, baby! Yes! I love you! Metal Castle.
Metal Castle.
Do you know where? You stay on the road.
- Can we walk? - Yes.
- Five to ten minutes.
- Perfect.
- Do you know Metal Castle? - No? Maybe we just have to look for a metal castle.
We're hungry for number one.
We've been flirting with it.
- Please! - Is this it? - I don't know, Laura.
- I don't think this is it.
This is the Metro.
This lady might know.
We're trying to get to the Metal Castle.
- The Temple? - Metal Temple, yes.
Somewhere around here.
The race is never over until you're standing in front of Phil.
Oh, my God.
Why are not not opening? All right.
- Finally! - Yes! All right, come one.
Oh, yes! Go, Bergen, go! - The clue is in the screwdriver! - Metal Castle.
There it is.
Metal Castle.
I see Matt and Ashley coming back.
- This is the street over here.
- Metal Castle? They don't know.
Just write it in Thai.
How's is it called in Thai? - Loha Prasat.
- Loha Prasat.
- As fast as possible.
- Oh, my gosh.
It just feels so good to not be last.
- Metal Castle.
- Where's Phil? - Where's Phil? - This is all metal.
There's got be a castle of metal.
- Baby, be careful.
- Where did the Olympians go? I don't know.
- Maybe this? - No, a Metal Castle.
- I think we need to ask.
- Metal Castle? Oh, God, babe.
I think we messed this up.
I'll hail you a taxi.
Loha Prasat? Yeah.
Oh, damn it.
So close.
Damn it.
I'm not really a big pool player, but the rest of New Kids, we always have a pool table in our dressing room.
I always just watched how they played pool, you just have to be gentle.
It's not like a slam.
It's just like a tap.
Slow and steady.
Yeah! Yes! Yes! - That was so much fun.
- Awesome.
Damn, it's hard to figure out which one fits on these.
He's been there for a while.
I have faith in him.
It's too big.
- Ready to do this? - Yeah.
- This is all metal, babe.
- You think that's it? No! Go, go, go.
Right here.
Okay, I'm going to do it.
Here's good.
Who's feeling clutch? I guess I am.
I don't know anything about transmissions.
I've never worked on cars.
I don't even know how to change a tire.
- You take it off right there? - This is the transmission? Uh I don't know.
I'm just taking apart.
Michelle she can fix her own hot tub, she can remodel her own house.
She can do it, she's good with tools.
Aw! I have no worries whatsoever.
I'm trying to take this off, I'm trying to take this off.
- Dude, I don't work on engines.
- Me neither.
I'm going take this off and it might not be the right part.
Just wishing for the best.
- You're taking this off? - No, I'm trying to take that thing off.
- Awesome.
- No way.
- Dude, this is bull - whoo! Oh, man.
I got beat by a girl.
She didn't even know what a transmission was.
- You're amazing.
- Metal Castle.
- Quick, quick.
- Our boys need to step it up.
This is the piece that doesn't belong.
- Yay! Okay - Let's go.
Metal Castle? Metal Castle? - We're second to last right now.
- Damn, I'm at a loss.
The only people that are behind us are Jon and Harley.
It might be there.
Come on, Kurt.
Come on.
Whoo! - Oh, yes.
- Get it, into it, yes.
Boy, that's a mystery.
- Hi.
- Phil: Guess what? Are we team number one? Just kidding.
"Just kidding".
Phil: You are team number one! Oh, my God! What better shock to have than first place? Unbelievable.
I thought Kurt was just going to give up on me, but I'm really hoping this first place finish today will help put that pep in his step, put feelings aside and focus on the race.
Phil: As the winners of this leg of the race, you have won a trip to two from Travelocity and you are going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Yeah! You'll enjoy five nights at the Hotel Garza Blanca Preserve, including yoga on beach, hiking to stunning waterfalls and a kayak tour.
Second team, watch them come in.
- Yes! Yes! Yes! - Yes! Yes! Phil: Look, guys, here's another team right here.
Yay! We decided to run a couple of miles, before taking a cab.
Phil: How are you getting on today? We've been at each other's throats too much and we're going to look around and enjoy the race more.
Kitty kitty, meow! Meow! Meow! There you go, Caturday Café.
- Hi.
- Oh, it's cat.
And he's allergic to cats so bad.
This is insane.
My eyes are itching already.
Oh, my God, that cat is cool.
What is this place? Look at that one.
He looks like a tiger.
Oh, my God, here's Grumpy Cat.
- Do you want some? - Don't spook on them.
Oh, my goodness.
Don't pet the cats.
Bye, cats, meow.
- There's Phil right there.
- Please, please, please Phil: Laura and Tyler, we've had teams check in already.
- You are team number four.
- We had such a lead.
I just like being the winner.
If you're not first, you're last.
Oh, there it is.
Yo, let's get the hell out of this area.
Our Pit Stop is not going to be in the neighborhood.
We need to find someone that has information.
I'm lost.
Metal Castle? Metal Castle? Is it maybe an English version in Thai? - That's where we need to go.
- Yeah.
- Can we write the name of it? - That sounds like the temple.
- Oh, I know! - Yay! - Thank you.
- Loha Prasat.
- It was the castle that was metal.
- Yep.
We're going to a temple.
It's the clue.
Open this up.
We've been looking for this for an hour and a half.
Look at this.
This is what it says, Metal Castle.
- Nobody understands.
- Do you see something I don't see? Ok, let's go.
Hurry, come on.
Excuse me, we need to go to where the Metal Castle is.
- The temple.
- Oh, the temple.
Where's it? - Go there.
- Make a left.
She says 10 minutes.
- I think I'll do this one? - How do you feel? - I'm feeling clutchy.
- All right.
- I think this must be in here.
- I'm feeling good.
I know we're in last place.
We haven't even seen another team in a long time.
Who knows? Maybe they're stuck somewhere.
Jelani, please come over here.
We have to get in a cab first chance we get.
Babe, let's jog.
They're going to outrun us in a foot race.
I don't think we should be in a cab.
- No drivers know where it is.
- We know where it is.
We tell the cab driver.
- Come on.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- Taxi? - Why are you telling them? - What's wrong with you? - Go, go, keep walking.
Oh, God.
- Okay, let's go! - Are you kidding me right now? She's such a bitch.
Guys, where is it? You know where it is? We don't know where it is, we asked this guy.
We'll go straight.
Go, go, go, go.
- We don't know where to go.
- Oh, no, no.
No, no.
Oh, my God.
Babe, are you ok? - Keep walking.
- Oh, God.
- Okay, let's go! - Are you kidding me right now? She's such a bitch.
We don't know where to go.
No, no.
Oh, my God.
Babe, are you ok? Up there, up there.
Is there a Metal Castle here, a big temple? - Over there is a big temple.
- A big temple? Straight ahead? Thank you.
- You think it's this way? - You don't think so? I don't hear anything.
I don't see anything.
Do you know where the Metal Castle is? Can you write it down? Ok.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That was not a smart play.
Being five minutes ahead of them at the Pit Stop, it's not a big deal.
So there may be another time down the road where we may need them.
This is a race, so us getting into a tuk-tuk is no different than reaching the Metal Castle on foot and racing to the Pit Stop.
Every day it's a fight on "The Amazing Race".
- That was crazy.
- You got it.
Our next clue is Metal Castle.
Oh, baby, please find a picture of it.
It's a temple, Loha Prasat.
That's it, we got it.
Whoo! - Hi, Phil.
- Phil: There they are.
- Hi, guys.
- Sorry, sorry.
You're good, you're good.
Phil: Rochelle, I understand you absolutely crushed it over there.
- Yes.
- You did awesome.
That's my girl.
We have another team, so stay where you are.
Hey, guys.
Phil: I'm feeling like a wall of tension here.
Yeah, this is bound to happen.
We argued because we had the same goal.
We both wanted to win and do our best, it's not always going to be peaches and cream.
Today there was a little bit of a hiccup, but we just got to get back on the horse and keep galloping into the sunset.
The last two hours of my life have been absolute hell.
You never know.
Maybe an engine fell on somebody's foot and they're I just pray to God that we're not the last.
I don't wish harm on anybody but harm might come to somebody.
It's true.
Oh, my God, babe.
There it is.
Oh, my God.
We have to go on top of that? Here! Make a right.
Oh, my God.
Please, don't tell me we're last.
Phil: You're team number eight and you're still in the race.
Oh! [applause.]
Thank you, thank you.
Phil: Harley and Jonathan, sorry to tell you that you are the last team to arrive.
And you have been eliminated from the race.
Jonathan, what do you want to say to him? I am the most happiest person right now.
I got to fulfill my dream of being on the show and I got to do it with the one person that I love the most.
Phil: There's a lot of teams who were looking for love, they haven't found it, so for you you're blessed that you have somebody you care about.
"The Amazing Race" was a huge dream of mine.
It's one of the most amazing experiences I've had in the 46 years that I've been alive in this planet.
- It's that good? - Yeah, it's that good.
Phil: Stay tuned for a look at what's ahead this season on "The Amazing Race".
Phil: Still to come when "The Amazing Race" returns on April 3rd, All's fair in love and war.
You're so annoying.
I'm so angry right now.
You have to start listening! Phil: As the competition heats up, - Why did everybody stop? - Don't get mad, just reverse! Whoo! Phil: And the pressure intensifies, Ah.
Who will win the $1 million? This will go down as the craziest thing I've ever done.
And "The Amazing Race"? - Bueno? - What? Wait! No! Oh, my God.

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