The Amazing Race (2001) s27e01 Episode Script

A Little Too Much Beefcake

This is Venice pier on California's coastline, and today, Venice Beach will serve as the starting line for an all new season of The Amazing Race.
Here we go! We are on The Amazing Race.
-Let's go! We're such a big fans of The Amazing Race.
I created a fake online edition of the race.
I hired a camera guy, I created fictional Roadblocks, Detours.
Through 6 states, over 8000km, 2 countries, and we ended up under aurora borealis.
Justin proposed to me under aurora borealis lights, and I said yes.
After putting the proposal on the internet, it became a viral sensation.
It caught the attention of BuzzFeed, it was on AOL, MSN, Yahoo.
For that to work out and then lead to where it's led, it's truly like a dream come true.
There's definitely some attractive females here for sure, on the race.
We are certainly planning on using flirtation as a strategy.
It's one of our actually part of a bigger strategies.
We're good talking to girls and think they're going to go for the southern Texas charm.
Throughout the four years of college, we had some runs on the same girls.
Even though I'm 1.
90, and he's like 1.
80 with hair.
-His game is terrible.
Alex and I, we have a form of dwarfism, called pseudoachondroplasia.
I don't ever really look myself having a disandvantage.
I mean, I wrestled all throughout a high school, and made the state few times.
In a high school, I was the theather kid.
Choir, show choir, jazz choir.
We could be the sleeper team.
Sneak right pass everybody, and then have that million dollars in our pocket.
I'm Cindy Chac, and I'm general dentist.
-I'm Rick Chac, and I'm obstetrician gynecologist.
As doctors, being calm, cool, collected under pressure is very very important.
We're smart, we're athletic, and we work well as a team.
So, for the other teams, watch out, team Chacattack is gonna come.
We have been best friends forever.
I was the single mom.
We were close most of my childhood, but her reaction on my coming out was not ideal.
Your mom is the one who is supposed to love you unconditionally.
So, it was awful.
We didn't talk for quite a long time after that.
She has grown so much as I first came out, I still think there's a little bit room to go.
I used to be his hero, and I feel like I'm not his hero anymore.
But maybe, after this race, or during the race, I will be your hero again.
We both ran track at the U.
I broke a school record at hepthatlon.
And then she did it.
-I'm cheerleader, I broke the school record at hepthatlon.
Dream team, baby.
-Dream team! I'm Logan, this is my boyfriend Chris, we got pretty crazy job, we're paparazzi.
We're not celebrity obsessed by nature, we're actually photographers.
We never pictured ourselves doing this.
Whatever we were doing wasn't paying the rent, untill we shot a couple of celebs on the beach and we started to realize that this might be way to go.
We were chasing Justin Bieber around just a couple days ago, and now we're chasing Phil around the world.
We're gonna find him first, just like we do it at home in Miami.
I'm from Staten Island.
-I'm from Jersey! Krista and I are former NFL cheerleaders.
-There's a big stereotype, when you're from Jersey, and you're from New York, and I'm a cheerleader, but I have a masters degree in speech pathologist.
I'm currently a consultant for physician in healthcare.
So let's the hair, make up -Don't let it fool you.
Welcome to a very early morning start on what might be the hippest beach in America.
As you can see, we have a number of Amazing Race fans here.
We have some ex amazing racers.
Rob and Brennan.
The first winners of The Amazing Race, the first team to win 1 million dollars is here.
How about I tell you all, the name of your first destination? What's the name of the place? -Rio! -That's right, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! What do you think about that? When i say go, you're gonna catch a cab to Mothers Beach, and then you're going to go head to head in a bike race.
The team that wins that bike race, will win the one and only ticket on the first flight to Rio.
Yes you heard me right, there is only one ticket on the first flight to Rio.
The 2nd flight leaves 30 minutes later.
Don't forget to pick up your backpacks, and your Fitbit Charges, because we gonna be monitoring your activity throughout the race.
Now, if you're not motivated enough, the team that wins this first leg of the race, will win the Express Pass.
Are you wait it long enough? The world is waiting for you! Good luck! Travel safe! Go! Mother's Beach? -As quick as you can, please.
-Don't be a gentleman, just jump in the car.
Oh my God.
-God! Don't let them pass you, please! Good job.
-Look! I can't control the adrenaline, just makes me shake.
We started The Amazing Race.
-We're going to Rio, Brazil! Can't wait to see those men.
Hi everybody, thanks so much for joining us here on The Amazing Race, I'm Joey Buttitta.
I'm Kelsey Gerckens, and we're headed to Rio de Janeiro.
-Oh, it's gonna be awesome.
We are news anchors from southern part of California.
I anchor the morning news casts.
-I am a major reporter from Ventura County.
We are also dating.
-It has been a year and a half.
So, The Amazing Race, I can consider it like a master test to see if this is something we should tie up and love each other forever.
I think I'm just nervous.
-Don't be nervous, we got this, we're smart.
It's just We just sitting in chair and talking smack on people.
We work at TMZ, which is a gossip TV show and website that covers celebrity news.
So anything you're thinking about whatever's happening, Caitlin Jenner, the Kardashians, the Royal Family, we just keep to say out loud to everyone.
We're truth tellers.
-Sometimes it's little mean-spirited, sometimes, that's okay.
Now we're running ang talking smack on people.
-We have to run, and do attack.
Then talking smack on people.
One ticket on the first flight to Rio that is 30 minutes earlier.
So only one team will have a 30-minute advantage over all the other teams.
We need the Express Pass, it's really important.
The life is on the line right now.
Quite people here, are going to get eliminated, they get to go back home.
We get eliminated, there's no home to get back to, so Right now, I'm sleeping at my car.
-Rolling up, it wasn't so good, that's when we started dancing.
Doing street performances, and that's kind of how we made money.
to put food in our stomach, to put clothes on your back.
We came here to win, to win our lives.
They say 'Go hard or go home', and we don't have a home.
A bike ride, what's that? Those are boats, not a bike.
Oh my God, these are bikes.
-Water bikes? -Yes.
-Oh, we got this.
Yep, those are water bikes.
Go, Tiff, go! -Push! Push! Get on, Logan.
Go, go, go.
Justin, you're not ain't far enough.
-Go! -You're not ain't far enough.
Oh, my God! This is crazy already! We have beaten by cheerleaders.
-Who says cheerleaders aren't athletic, right? It's like training on the bike at the gym.
-We're on The Amazing Race! Yep,we are.
This is crazy! Push, push.
Come on, don't stop, don't stop.
Come on.
My legs hurt so bad! -I see the (?) there.
You see any race flags? No.
-It just broke! -Dude, I would tow you but you guys are beefcakes.
It broke.
-See you at the finish line.
The Amazing Race, Seasone 27 Episode 1: "A Little Too Much Beefcake" Across the harbor.
You see the yellow flag? I think that's it.
-Pump it, pump it, we've got this.
Come on, you can do it.
We're gonna get on the first flight, baby.
We're gonna do it.
What steers it? -Go, I steer it, go.
-You guys okay? -It broke.
Pedaling too fast? -We're coming, Phil! Go, go! Come on, come on.
-Come on, baby.
Come on! Let's go.
-Come on, Justin! I see Phil! -Yes, yes! Congratulations to you, guys! You are the one and only team that will be on the first flight to Rio! There you go.
-Oh my God! -Come on, guys, bring it in.
Nice work, nice work.
-2nd place (?) though.
Don't fall! Go, just go.
Congratulations guys, you're on your way to Rio.
-Thank you, Phil! Good job.
Congratulations, you're on your way to Rio.
All right, good job, guys.
Would you guys like to go to Rio? -Uh, yeah.
We gotta go to Rio! Being in the first flight is great, 30 minutes ahead, it's huge.
We just gotta get to the Pitstop, we need that Express Pass, it's everything.
Two beefcakes next to us are a little too much beefcake, and not enough finesse.
What did you do, did you just like, did your muscles break the boat? What did you do? I guess we didn't know -How to ride.
We know we're gonna have half hour lead.
I want the Express Pass.
We're going for the Express Pass.
Let them strategize all they want for the 2nd place.
We're getting in the first place in this leg.
Hey, friends, can we join you? -Yes.
Kelly and I are very judgmental.
I can judge anyone for anything.
The pink team is like a little bit Norman Bates and his mother.
I'm Kelly.
-I'm Tanner.
-The two guys definitely bro's a fist bumping a lot.
A lot fist bumping.
-Lot fist bumping! -We look good.
-Keep your hair down.
The cheerleaders are very primpy.
-I have lot of questions about Her primping process.
-Rio! I think people are here to look good, versus to do good, in the competition.
We go to Rio -De Janeiro! We're on the 2nd flight, but, we're actually kind of happy about it, because, there are 10 teams on this flight, and the other flight is only a half hour ahead of us.
And they are all by themselves.
So if anything goes wrong, they're the one to get in trouble.
We feel we're a little bit behind even though we're on the same flight, but It's time to get our game, faces on.
Okay? -We'll get it.
-Let's go.
Teams are now flying 9000km from North America to South America, and the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
When they land, they must make their way to the Lagoa helipad, and sign up for a helicopter ride over Rio.
The other teams.
-Where you see that? -Right there! -Taxi, taxi.
Taxi! The other teams lended already, so we have to get out of this airport and get to the helipad as fast as posible, to maintain some sort of lead.
It's a little nerve wracking to see some other teams.
Especially when you thought you had a 30 minutes lead.
I don't care if we get to the mat one second before other teams, as long as we get that Express Pass.
We're in Brazil right now.
And it's about to go down.
-We're next.
-Thank you, thank you.
-Can we go to Lagoa helipad, please? Oh my gosh, its gorgeous.
-I know.
-Wow, look at this skyline! You're rockstar, Fred.
-Rockstar, you know what that is, Fred? Woop woop.
-You like that woop woop today.
-I do like that woop woop.
-You like that, Fred? -What? Oh my God, look at this, dude! -Whoa, have you ever seen this? Wow, this is insane.
-What? -Yeah, this is like, the hood of Brazil.
This looks like a projects, (?).
-Yeah, this is defenitely the ghetto.
Favela (?).
-Favela? Oh, wow.
That's crazy.
All right.
This looks like the place.
Oh, there are helicopters.
Oh, Fast Forward.
-Make your way to "Clube Sao Conrado de Voo", in San Cornado Beach, for the chance to soar above Rio, on the hand glider, and earn Fast Forward.
Warning: the Fast Forward is weather depended.
We will take the Fast Forward, we'll take a chance.
Hey, we're 2nd here! We caught up with the dream team.
-You never know when to take a Fast Forward, but when you're in the lead, and you have team right behind you, just do it, just get the lead.
-Wanna do the Fast Forward or not? -Oh.
Weather depended.
The weather looks fine, could be different on top, but I hope this works out.
-Fast Forward is too risky.
It is risky, let's not do that, we just gonna do the Road info.
Teams will now take a helicopter trip, featuring a view of Brazil's iconic landmark Christ the Redeemer, also known as "Cristo Redentor".
When they land, they must correctly answer the heliport's manager question, about what they've seen to receive their next clue.
Route Info, Fast Forward.
I don't think we should do the Fast Forward.
Team four (?) that's big time.
Oh my gosh! We're in helicopter! We're gonna fly over the Rio De Janeiro we have to pay atention! Because they're gonna ask us a question at the end.
Fast Forward! -They already got it, I'm pretty sure.
-(No) Fast Forward.
Skip the Fast Forward, we're too late for it.
I'm not good at highs, I don't want to do a hang gliding competition.
What's the Fast Forward? -They already took it(?).
Let's go.
They're gonna ask us a question, I don't know what question they're gong to ask us.
It's so gorgeous.
-This is so amazing, oh my God.
So many things to look at.
Let's pay attention to the obvious.
Oh, I'm so excited! -I know! -Oh my God! Many things to look at.
Let's pay attention to the obvious.
Oh, I'm so excited! -I know! -Oh my God! This is so cool.
It's beautiful.
-Yes, it's beautiful.
-Look at that.
Oh, it's so beautiful.
-Are you looking? -Baby, I am looking.
I'm nervous.
-I'm excited.
and what better place to have our first helicopter ride over Rio de Janeiro.
We got a lot behind us.
-How did we get behind everybody? -Bad taxi driver, I guess.
We're not last.
-Second from last.
We're last one.
-What the hell happened? You just have to think positive, you know that everything can happen.
So we're gonna go hand gliding.
-Oh my God! -This will take us right to the Pitstop, so, if we get this done, we get the Express Pass.
It's unbelievable feeling to finally be on the race, (So being in) fake race is nothing compared to this.
-Oh my gosh, no.
We're here, Sao Conrado.
How are you? Hi, I'm gonna be your pilot.
Welcome to the club.
Thank you, the weather? -But only one problem -What? The wind is not so good.
How long, do you -Just God knows.
-Could be 10 minutes, could be hour? Maybe more.
We're the professional, what do you think? -We cannot fly.
-Today? -Yes.
Red flag is very dangerous, we cannot fly.
We just killed ourselves.
-Let's go back.
Oh my gosh! It was my decision to take the Fast Forward, I wanted that Express Pass.
I wanted It's all right.
-I wanted to make a smart decision.
But that could be We could ruin our race.
It's all right.
We still have so much to do.
Come on.
Keep your head up.
It's not over.
Just when you want something so bad, we waited so long! We have the possibility of being first team eliminated.
It really, just Rips your heart right out of your chest.
This is so amazing, oh my God.
Best helicopter ride ever.
Oh, there's a Christ? -Yeah, yeah.
Cristo el Redentor.
There it is.
He's overlooking the entire city.
- Oh my goodness.
These mountains are just specatacular.
(?), did you ever think, when you were a little kid, back in (?) in Alabama.
There it is, that could be Christ the Redeemer.
Wow, look at this.
-This is incredible.
We saw Christ the Redeemer.
It's hard to put in the words how amazing that is, how much it means to us, seeing that really reminds us that we're awes to even be in Rio, Be able to travel the world.
-The most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.
We just spent all of our money.
So we're definitely not getting the Exprass Pass.
Now I'm just faith to stay alive.
Looks like we're coming in for our landing.
Hope he asks us a question we know answer to.
Good morning.
What's the name of the monument you passed during the flight? Cristo el Redentor.
-That's correct.
-Yes! -Your prize.
-Thank you! Detour: Sand or Sidewalk.
Soccer is Brazil's number one sport, and it's so popular here they play it on volleyball courts.
Sand requires teams to play footvolley, against the local pros, who have agreed to give them a fighting chance, by allowing them to use their hands.
If teams can score 6 points, before the pros score 18, they will receive their next clue.
This Portuguese stone mosaic stretches for more than 3km along the Copacabana beach.
Sidewalk requires teams to put a giant geometric slide puzzle together.
If they can piece together the pattern of the pavement, they'll receive their next clue.
Which one, honey? -Sidewalk.
Okay, let's go.
The mother and son.
-You're good.
-Yes, please(?), thanks so much.
Sidewalk? -Sidewalk? -We're doing sidewalk.
I've never been in helicopter before.
-I hanen't either, I'm excited! Oh my God, this is not happening right now.
-This is so Bye! (?) look, try to look at some flihts, and mark (?) some flights or something.
Right now we're trying to write down all these places where the helicopter is going to go.
Because we don't know what kind of question they're gonna ask us, so, we're just trying to anticipate it basically.
Can't wait to see that, we might see that.
I see the statue of Christ the Redeemer.
-Wow! This is awesome.
That is so cool.
-Oh my gosh! Wow! I can almost give him a high five, yo.
Oh yeah.
This is the way to see Rio.
Wow, amazing.
I can give you a flight kiss.
Everybody wears short shorts here.
-Oh my goodness.
(Now we're gonna use these bags for) change, honey.
I don't mind it, you know, I like short shorts.
-He like short shorts.
I have to -She hates me in short clothes.
-I don't like him in short shorts.
Those shorts are just way too short and shows too much leg.
-But that's the style here.
There it is.
Come on honey, let's go.
So let's take a deep breath real quick, and take a look at the floor.
(?) make the floor.
(?), back at school, at medical school training we did not have to work any puzzles.
Right there, mom.
-I see it, baby.
Oh my gosh, there's another team here.
That's okay, that's okay, I'm not worried about that.
Looks like this one is not good, this one is not good.
-This one goes right here.
Okay, let's do one at a time.
I got it, I got it.
I got it, you gotta give me a second to work it out, okay? This is your first time in helicopter.
-Yeah, but not for you.
We have to do aerial shots often of celebrity homes.
A camera would be nice right now.
I kind of like not having my camera, and just really feeling everything.
Oh, my gosh.
We're moving.
-Whoo! -Oh, my gosh! I don't like this.
Oh my Oh, my gosh! Oh, my Oh We're over water.
It's really high up, when he's keep droping the helicopter and he's turning like this.
Let's not do that.
We only had to get 6 points, by the time they had 18, and we were competing with our hands, but they had to hit it or with their feet or their heads.
So we felt confident going in.
-That was incredible.
He's killing us.
We use our hands, they don't use their hands.
-Oh, we got this.
You got it, you got it, you got it.
Oh no! The beach volleyball people were amazing.
No way! Yay! -This is so crazy.
These pieces go back here.
When I was little, I done a lot of puzzles.
-That's what we did, we did puzzles at night.
That was our (?) at night.
Most kids (?) not the puzzles.
-So that one is here.
It's here.
This is not here? -No! That's not how you switch, we have to move to switch.
-We got to move this one, too.
Okay, don't (?).
-Let me do it, let me do it.
In our relationship, comunication, the way he says things to me, it affects me.
That's not how you switch.
He's used to that back in the O.
R, when he's talking to his nurses, and when he uses a certain tone.
Let me do it, let me do it.
Let's go! Playing that beach volleyball really brought out or competative side because, we're athletes.
We got experience in playing volleyball together, so we kind of know each other.
We were just in game time mode.
One more, it's over.
One more, come on.
Go! Woo! Go, let's go! Thank you so much.
Make your way to Arpador lookout, your next Pitstop.
Teams must now make their way to Arpador lookout, which offers spectacular views of Rio's famous beaches.
The last team to check in there at the mat, may be eliminated.
Let ask anyone how to get there.
-You know Arpador? Where it is? We can walk? -Walk.
-Thank you.
Let's go! Let's go.
You got it, you got it, you got it.
No way! Yes! If they get a cab, they'll beat us.
-Huh? -They get a cab, they'll beat us.
(?) walking, (anybody?).
Headed to the Pitstop! This one goes here.
-All right, you're (?) too much.
This one goes down here.
-One at a time, honey.
We got to move it like a snake, so you don't lose track.
This (?) to switch.
This pieces go back here.
That's right.
This is right.
These two are not.
This one should be down here, and this one should be up here.
Honey, (?) one by one.
Keep it up (?).
We got it! We gotta switch.
-No, no, no.
We will get it, we will get it.
Do you know where this is? -2km.
-2km, we can run that.
Oh, my God! Are you kidding me? We're here, just want to see these numbers on these boards.
And there's no numbers.
We're screwed.
My God, this is amazing.
I can't even look how beautiful this is.
We're officially in last place.
And we're broke.
-Something is better than nothing, i guess.
I can't fathom being the first team eliminated.
Chris the Redeemer.
(?) would be (?) things here.
How long would you say that Texas ended before us? They changed super fast, and they're also, they finished fast too.
It's around that white thing.
-I just don't know how far along -I don't know either.
We're screwed, (?) take a cab, we messed up.
-Let's run.
We should have got cab.
-Let's make sure we get to, we (?).
Man, we should have taken a cab! -It's killing us.
(?) close, it might be the lookout area.
-This is lookout area? -Yeah.
Pit Stop's here.
Should be up here.
-This is all about.
Let's go! Welcome to Rio! -Beautiful.
What's beautiful? -Uh -You are! Everything! -Ev Everything! Josh and Tanner, I'm pleased to tell you.
You're team number one! And i have some great news for you.
You guys have won the Express Pass.
You can use this Express Pass, to skip any task that you don't wanna do, before the end of the 5th leg.
Once you use the Express Pass, you then have to hand it over to another team.
And that team will have to use it on the next leg.
-It feels so good.
As the first competition we are in, our confidence is pushed up, so, to be here feels amazing.
It's unbelievable.
Lesson learnt from the 1st leg which really help, quickly things can change.
From the boat to sitting here in the 1st place.
-No looking back.
-Watch what we do.
Phil! -Get on that mat.
Jazmine and Danielle, you're the team number two! Yes.
It hurts! -Damn it! We were radicilous.
Get it! We're not good at volleyball.
-Oh, I'm terrible in volleyball! Holly Molly.
Maybe this isn't our thing.
A couple more tries and we're done.
-We can't play volleyball.
This will take all day, we got to do the other one.
I think I'll take a breath.
-Yeah, yeah, for sure.
We're not (?) get it, all right? We're gonna get it.
Let's get throught this puzzle, let's keep it cool and get it done.
Check? Judge? We got it! -Thank you.
That's not right.
-It's harder than it looks.
Taxi! -I don't let's go play volleyball.
-You want to try the game, volleyball? You don't want to? -We can do that? Good morning.
-What's the full name of the monument you passed in the flight? Hey, roll it down.
-The monument? -The monument, right there.
(?) down.
Uh Christ the Redeemer? -That's correct.
Thank you, thank you.
Rick, I love how you just addopted, and you just become -Yeah, you know -Local.
In a hurry.
-I'm a little too white for the area, but -You're working on your tan! I'm working on my tan! You made it.
Did you put lipstick on before you came to the mat? -Yes I did! -Look at that! Pink it! Nothing pink, pink! We realized just cupple minutes ago that we're actually redoing the floor, you know, Copacabana beach, which is pretty cool, we're trying to figure out the wawe paterrn.
So we just made the same move we did before.
-Okay, but I think we should go around.
You wanna go We just did that, and it took us to the wrong spot, every time! Wait.
Step back for a second and think about how you're going to move the pieces up.
It's very frustrating.
-Oh, dude! These are tiny.
What was this? -Check out shorts we're about to wear.
-So we're wearing nothing but that? I didn't want to wear those shorts.
He likes being naked, I don't like being naked.
It's not that like being It's Brazil, who doesn't like being naked.
But anyway, they brought out me, like, ladies was looking like: "who's that play volleyball"? No way, are we using our hands? -Yeah.
Got it? We're just getting warmed up.
Two people played against, but not even like, normal people.
-They're just absolutely amazing.
You gotta be kidding.
Damn it! There you go.
Go! What a? You hit with the bottom of your foot! Come on, we got this.
-Hey, hey! Oh, my God! This sucks.
-Strong finish, come on, baby.
Thank you.
USA! We're in cab, on our way to Copacabana beach.
Fast, fast, fast.
This is all I got.
Any chance to get help doing favor? -Where you go? -Copacabana Beach, The Four.
-Costa Four.
-Costa Four? -Costa Four.
We have a chance.
-Why are we stopping? -Beach.
Copacabana Beach.
-It's over there? All right.
We just ? to get out.
-But this beach could be too long ass, we can't just get out.
We have to keep driving.
We need to find red-yellow flag.
What? -He wants us out.
He wants us out? -Yeah.
I guess we're sorry.
We just have no idea how far this is.
-Come on, we're already ?.
Oh, my God, Tiff.
Where the hell is this place? I just want to see some other teams.
That's all I need to see.
Do you know where Costa Four is? How far? -Too far.
-Too far? He wanted us out of the cab, I knew it.
Why did he tell us to get out? Shoot! -Damn it, what do we do? Why did he tell us to get out? -Krista, he wanted us out because.
Just go.
But cab driver did not like us -We're not giving up, let's go.
We're not giving up, we're not giving up Look how beautifull, honey.
-Logan and Chris, you're team number five.
One team, just one team.
I want to relieve some of that pressure if I see somebody else there.
They're still doing the puzzle.
-Oh, they still doing the puzzle.
Let's do this baby, come on! -Oh, my God! Dream Team is behind us, they were on the flight ahead of us by half hour.
I thought they're so far on front -Please help me.
-Kelly, I am! You need to relax.
Hey, other teams, how you guys doing? You guys are short! -Come on, this way! There you go.
Two points away! -Damn.
How many points you guys got over there? -Shut up! I see it! They're still doing it.
We're in it.
Come on.
I know! -The green team's still there.
let's go! Cheerleaders! There's people behind us.
We're so in this race! We're going to volleyball.
I think we'll have better chance to that than to figure this out.
They're going volleyball.
Let's do this, baby, come on! Put that beautiful brain to work.
One point! One point, mate, we can do this! Just one, just one! This is tough.
-Let's go, we got this! We can do this.
They maybe able to spike the ball but we can get it over the net too.
Let's do it.
Oh, my God! You gotta be kidding.
Let's do this! Let's go! -We though we had the physical down, and then we seen the little people.
And they ended up beating us.
Don't underestimate the little people.
Dude, I'm so proud of us.
-Two little guys.
Oh, my God! This is hard! -You wanted to do.
This isn't working.
We're athletic, but playing against them, we're both five foot nothing, this must be impossible.
It's just a little frustrating when you can't get something.
Should we switch? Just go.
-We can't do this.
We think this one is going to be a lot easier.
First leg! First Pitstop, baby! There's a million dollars waiting for one team.
-Could be us! Game point! Ken and barby just gone.
They just finished.
-Taxi! I suck in this.
-Me too! -Come on, let's switch.
We're switching detours.
We're going to kick some butt on the volleyball court.
Okay, bro, let's get out of here.
Ernest! Actually the most frustrating part is the last two pieces.
You have to switch everything around to the end.
So frustrating.
-We're just literally going to circles now.
We had it great, and than we fucked it all up.
So now we're just going to circles.
Oh, my God, Shev, I am dying! Once you put one in the right spot, the other one won't to go back.
My biggest fear is loosing, I'm not a loser.
I don't thin I have ever lost in anything I have ever done in my life.
Oh, my God! And that's what I'm talking about.
-Check out this beach guys, look at it.
It's beautiful.
Beautiful everything.
Yeah, beautiful everything.
This is (?).
We have to get six.
We're gonna win this.
Perfect, perfect! We've been doing this for hours.
It's really hard.
Wow, this is actually impossible.
-Why are you giving up on yourself? I'm not giving up.
-This is it.
Look at me.
We can do this.
-No, stop, stop.
No, you're like frustrating me because you're saying like it's impossible.
It's not impossible, we can get that.
This goes Listen , listen! -I'm listening! This one goes where? -This one goes down here.
Shevonne, I don't know what to do.
I mean.
We can stand there and look at it, but Damn it! Shevonne, I need help, I'm switching, I need help.
I think if we got cut first it would be hard to go back to work, because we're working with a lot of guys that are kind of underestimate us anyway.
So, it would be open season.
-Be not stupid! So embarrasing.
We're so close to the end! It's so frustrating.
I know when things get really frusdtrated, you just wanna quit, but, we didn't come all this way for this.
We're turning (?).
-To be on 1st place and know youre 1st place and you have a lead, to make a stupid mistake an be an hour behind everybody else.
I can not believe we're still in this race.
We'll never, ever make another stupid mistake like that.
We're going to play a lot smarter.
-My heart is pumping out of my chests, it's so grateful.
(?) cry until we get to the Pitstop.
-No more crying! We both just wanted this so bad.
I want to make all dreams come true and this would be a nightmare.
Go here, two days later you go home.
-Pretty humbling? -Very humbling.
I'm still confident, but I'm definitely not cocky.
So now we need to get this to here.
Every time we move something it just messes something else up.
So this piece needs to go here and then we're done.
What if we just move this whole thing around? Try it.
This one needs to go here, and not (?).
We're so screwed.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! Did we finish it? Did we finish it? You know what's so sad? So, I really thought we were smarter than cheerleaders, and you know what, we're definitely not.
Let's go.
-Just get in.
-We have to get there as fast as we can.
Okay? -I'm so proud of you! -You're crying! -We did it! We beat up TMZ girls, so please, you have to drive fast, okay? I see you're smart.
(???) Rio de Janeiro, and all I got was (???).
We're never going to hear the end of this, Tiff.
We're going to be annihilated in our newsroom.
It is absoultely 100%, and you know what, I would annihilate me if I were them, so, I totally get it.
Oh, my God! You're still in the race, you're team number ten! I think we're gonna do the same thing as we done a hundred times.
We finished it.
-We got it! We did it.
Don't cry! Oh, he come to see us.
Well, congratulations.
-We finished it.
-You finished it! Before the sun went down, too.
It took too long.
This is awful.
Unfortunately, all the other teams have checked in.
I'm sorry to tell you, that you have been eliminated from the race.
I just want to know what gonna happen when you go back to work.
Oh, it's never ending.
-We didn't make it to the first leg, bring it on, I'm the biggest loser that ever played this game.
Do you think this is a (???) show? -Maybe we should be a nicer.
Pa-lease (?).
I'm going to hit the bar.
-You're going to hit the bar.
Stay tuned for a look at this season of The Amazing Race.
This season on The Amazing Race: This is amazing! 5 continents, 10 countries, and more than 54000km.
It's all or nothing.
As teams are put to the ultimate test.
Fighting tooth and nail.
Stop yelling.
-I'm not yelling, I'm telling you.
-This could be (???).
To win one million dolars and The Amazing Race.
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