The Amazing Race (2001) s34e10 Episode Script

Don't Look Down

Previously on
The Amazing Race
Five teams began a Mega Leg
Aah! I can't
get over we're in Spain!
Emily's injury worsened
- This is, like, this is killing me.
- It's okay.
and brought
her sister Molly to tears.
I just don't
want her to feel like,
if we go out today,
that it's her fault.
At the Roadblock,
Marcus fell to pieces.
Now he's just
making mistake after mistake,
and he can't see it.
Luis and Michelle
hit rough waters
at the Detour.
While Derek and Claire came to
the rescue of Aubrey and David.
- You have to salt the fish.
- Oh, that makes
so much more sense.
As the twins
and military brothers
battled in
the back of the pack
Marcus and Michael
just showed up.
We got to close the gap in
the challenge somehow, some way.
So hopefully
we get this in one try.
the front three teams began
the second half of the Mega Leg.
Come on, Derek.
Come on, come on, come on.
Great job on the skewers.
We're now going in
the second half of the Mega Leg,
and we are
leaving in first place.
- Numero uno.
- All the teams are in our dust.
We have this postcard of
this place that we don't know.
So we have to ask around.
- In Ronda.
- Ronda.
Teams will begin the second half
of their Mega Leg
after driving themselves
here to Ronda,
a popular summer destination
for Orson Welles
and Ernest Hemingway.
This city, in the Andalusia
region of Spain,
is where teams
will face a second Detour
and second Roadblock.
Teams will pick up their first
clue from this tour guide
holding the Andalusian flag
on top of Puente Nuevo.
This 230-year-old bridge
is regarded
as the centerpiece of Ronda.
- Muchasgracias.
Thank you.
And we're driving in style.
The Mega Leg
is really a marathon,
so we definitely want to keep
our lead
as much as possible.
With just
five teams left, we just have
to keep going and hope that
we're on top of the pack.
Uh, okay. That was
- Uh, I don't know about that.
- What?
- I don't
- Then I'll just keep going.
- Okay.
- Uh, I do not like this at all.
- All right, just let me drive.
- Okay.
- I'll let you drive. Sorry.
- Damn it.
I'm sorry.
No, it's fine. It's fine.
It's not you.
Okay, well, then
I'm just frustrated
I didn't listen to myself.
Oh, God.
We're really in it now.
Choose any car. Let's go.
-Let's go.
We're the only team
that hasn't won a leg yet.
When it's our time,
it's our time.
We're just hoping
that the time is today.
You really only have
to win once, but we're there.
We're pushing. We're giving
everybody a run for their money.
We don't know what it's called.
Ask someone. Yeah.
Find a local. Come here, babe.
- Okay, let's go.
- All right. Go.
Starting off
the second part of the Mega Leg,
I am so excited.
We have to find
where it is first. Come on.
As nice as Luis and I are,
we're very competitive.
We're friends with everybody,
but we're here to win.
- Hola, buenas.
- Hola.
- Ronda. Here. Ronda.
- Ronda. - Ronda.
Okay. Muchasgracias.
So we just got direction.
It's about an hour and 30 away.
- Yeah.
- I feel good about this.
I do really want to turn around.
Okay. Just pull up back here
and then turn around.
Show me one place
I can turn around, Claire.
Okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It's fine.
A little frustrated.
You have room over here.
- Already off to a bumpy start.
- Yeah.
All right, we're off to
a little bit of a rough patch.
- All right.
- On the first try.
We left there in first,
and I have a feeling that
we're at least a little bit
ahead of Luis and Michelle
and Aubrey and David.
There should
be signs further down.
- Oh, we're there. E7.
- Here we go. We're good.
That feels right.
And now
we're on our way to Ronda.
We got this.
I'm feeling really good.
I'm feeling at ease right now,
because I know we're not
the last team on the road.
We are in Spain right now.
Top down.
Let's go, baby.
We're halfway done
with the Mega Leg.
So, we have three plates.
Hopefully they will
satisfy the judge.
Watching the fish cook
via this method
is kind of like
watching paint dry.
It's just taking forever.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, please.
- Hold on.
- Please.
All right.
Thank you.
- Okay.
- Good luck, guys.
This is six.
You want to get a check?
Check, please.
- Running sucks.
- This first car?
We got a map.
We're starting the second half
of the Mega Leg,
and we're just fighting
to stay in the race.
We just got
to stop somewhere and ask.
The brothers are competitive
and they're strong drivers,
so we need to keep our lead.
- Hola.
- Hola.
Think you could
help us with directions?
It's important for me
to continue this race
with my injury.
I'm a fighter.
I don't give up. If I can
spend the next few legs
with Molly,
it's extra time before
we have to go back to work
and our normal lives.
More things we can
look back on and laugh at.
Either he's gonna
give him the clue or he's not.
He's like, "No. Thumbs down."
- There it is.
- Very good.
- Oh.
- Gracias.
We're still in it.
We have to have, like,
flawless navigation
from here on out.
- We're still in the race.
- Yeah.
Let's just go and get it done.
You know what? It sucks to say.
We know Emily's injured,
and so we can beat them on foot.
And we'll just outrun them
to the Pit Stop.
- Hola.
- Hola.
I'm trying to find this place.
Aye, Ronda.
- Ronda?
- Nice.
We minimize
any navigational mistakes,
we'll be there.
So, it's this way. Ronda.
We got to go to the center.
- Oh, to the right. Do you see?
- To the right?
Parking. Parking in the front.
Oh, yes!
Oh, my God. We made it.
We made it,
we made it, we made it.
- We got to find the tour guide.
- Let's go.
I see a girl in red.
Oh, she has a flag.
Maybe it's her.
She, yeah, yeah,
she has a little flag.
- Gracias.
- Gracias.
All right, "Detour.
Bend Over Backwards
or Dress For Success?"
A brick arch like this
is held in place
with the force of gravity,
each brick
pressing against each other.
The result is an incredibly
strong building structure
capable of holding
much higher loads
than a horizontal beam.
Once constructed,
they'll stand the test of time.
These were built for an Arab
bath hundreds of years ago.
Teams need to support
each other to build an arch.
Easier said than done.
Flamenco dancing is a
combination of hand-clapping
movement and emotion.
A key part of any performance
is having
the right Flamenco dress
and accessories.
After studying
this performer's costume,
teams must find
all the accessories needed
to dress one of these dancers.
When they have a perfect match,
they'll get a clue.
- Dress For Success?
- Yeah, Dress For Success.
Okay. Want to go that way?
Whatever way you want, baby.
That's kind of wild.
Just one of the five of us
- is gonna have a million dollars, man.
- Million dollars.
The other four won't.
And one person's leaving today.
Oh, it's another car.
- What?
- Damn.
So someone passed us.
Is this David and Aubrey
in front of us?
Oh, wait, I think I see, uh
- It's Derek and Claire.
- Okay.
It makes me happy
seeing Derek and Claire
because they left before us,
and they're my fave.
At the Detour, Derek and Claire
really saved us.
You guys seasoned
with salt, right?
Derek, you are so sweet.
We absolutely adore you guys.
They really did.
Uh, we owe them.
Go towards Ronda.
Look for this postcard.
I don't know if
they know where they're going.
They're coming
on your left side.
- Do you guys know?
- No.
-We're guessing You want
to pull over? I'll ask here.
You want to stop?
Let's stop and ask.
You want
to see if this is a casino?
Casino. Right here, baby.
Right here.
Good job, baby.
The flamenco dance
is so beautiful.
We had to watch this dancer.
We had to watch
what she's wearing.
And then she's, you know,
she's dancing.
I'm trying to look at her clip,
but she's spinning.
-I'm like, "Stop spinning. Where are you going?"
Oh, my God. It was so hard.
- We're like this the whole time.
- Yeah.
- Look at her head.
- I'm looking at everything else.
I was looking at the top
to see what it looked like.
Every single little clip.
I was looking at everything,
and I told him to pay attention
to the head stuff.
So, like, we were
splitting up the tasks there.
We're gonna go
get the dancer's accessories.
The shop isn't right there.
We have to run.
- Yeah, we'll find it.
- We got this.
- So this way.
- Not this one.
- This part's on the
- It said
on the roundabout.
That was really confusing.
Where did we just get off?
My bad.
It's a little out of the way.
It's not been
a great leg day for us.
It also has not been a great
leg day for Marcus and Michael.
We are currently in last place,
but hopefully we got
some challenges
where we can make up time.
- Yeah, it's not over until Phil says it's over.
- Yeah.
In here. Look.
- These right there.
- These are the earrings.
Red clip.
Let me make sure.
She had a small white rose.
- Like one of these.
- She had one of these.
We go into the flamenco shop,
and there's
so many similar earrings.
The clips that she had,
there was different sizes.
Look at all the different
-There's this one.
-Details. I feel like it's like this.
- Like this. Okay.
- Yeah.
I think it's this one, baby.
- Okay.
- The small flowers, the big flowers.
Everything was the same,
but different.
I think it was this one.
It had, like,
an orange thing in the middle.
Maybe it was this one.
How do you feel, baby?
I feel good about this.
- Gracias.
- Let's go, baby. Let's go.
Let's go, baby.
We got this, baby. We got this.
I have never
put an earring on anybody.
Well, it's time you do it now.
Okay. I think
- Just do it, baby.
- I don't want to hurt her.
- Here's this flower. I think that's the right clip, baby.
- Okay.
We have to see
where the flowers go.
Check. Check.
- Oh. Okay. That's fine.
- All right. All right, let's go.
- You want to watch it again?
- Baby, we got to watch it.
- Okay. That's okay.
- We got to watch one more time.
Okay, baby.
Focus on details, okay?
The earrings are right.
- We have the right red clip.
- 100%.
Maybe the flower placement.
Are we missing a flower? No.
- No. Placement. Placement.
- Okay. Okay.
Okay, baby.
So, my placement
was really bad.
Flower was on the right side.
The flowers were not
where they were supposed to be.
I think we got the accessories
good, but I'm not sure.
Okay. Okay. Okay. Check.
All right,
let's go watch it again.
Let's look
at the earrings, baby.
How about the rose, baby?
The rose is it, right?
Okay, I think this is it.
- Hotel de Victoria.
- There you go.
Oh, I see it.
- Valet parking.
- Oh, yeah. Perfect.
Let's go, baby. Let's go.
Did not think we'd make that.
Let's go. Let's go.
"Find the tour guide here
for your next clue." Tour guide.
- Tour guide, tour guide
- I think it's gonna be, like, on the bridge.
This girl's
holding a flag right here.
Oh! Right here,
right here, right here.
- Hola.
- Hola.
- Yeah!
- Oh, gracias.
- Gracias. Gracias.
- Gracias.
- "Detour."
- "Det" Open.
"Bend Over Backwards
or Dress For Success?"
- Dancer.
- Dancer.
- Dancer, for sure. Hold on.
- Let's go. Let's go.
- You guys want to do dancing?
- Yeah, let's do it.
- I'll help you guys. Yeah.
- It doesn't seem that hard.
It's just matching,
matching outfits.
We chose Dress For Success
because why, David?
Because it has to do with dance.
And then when I read
that we were actually
dressing a dancer, I was like,
- "I've been in costumes since I was three years old."
- Yeah.
Like, when it comes to dance,
like, we're good at it.
All right, let's go.
Did I put the rose
on the wrong side?
- The rose?
- I put the rose on the wrong side.
Rose is on the left.
- Okay.
- Let's switch that.
We go back downstairs,
and we realize
we placed everything wrong.
The clip is up and to the right.
Sorry, babe. That's my bad.
-It's okay.
So we go upstairs.
We do everything on her.
We couldn't figure out
what was wrong.
Are the things right?
Is there any other things?
Well, look at those things, and
then we'll check out the clip.
It should be, like, here.
It's in here, guys.
- What else, uh?
- The rose needs to go higher up?
You want to check it?
We're here, guys!
- Did you miss us?
- We made it!
Where were you guys?
As we're trying
to figure out what's going on,
we see Derek and Claire
and Aubrey and David.
They're catching up to us.
- David, let's go!
- And I was like,
"Let's go."
Damn it.
Oh, my God.
We're so confused.
Ugh, we were doing so good.
- Baby, baby, look at this.
- What?
This one has a thing here.
We weren't sure what it is,
but then I caught something.
- These fringes on top have a little thing.
- Okay.
It was the red shawl
that I noticed that the details
were a little bit different.
- Let's of watch it
- You want to take this?
No, let's go watch it again.
- Find a dancer.
- Quiero
- Quiero It doesn't
matter. Just pick someone.
Okay. Okay.
- Hola.
- Hola.
Let's go, baby. Let's go.
We got this.
Oh, we got to run somewhere
to shop for the clothes.
- Okay.
- So let's go down there,
look first and then shop.
Red flower, white flower,
red clip, earrings
and then the scarf.
We need, um clappy things.
The red earrings,
the red flannel it's tight.
All right.
Is it fringes like this?
Are Is that the same?
I think that's it.
You think it's this one? Okay.
Hispania Flamenco.
- Come on, David.
- Yeah.
We're first right now, baby.
You got this. You did so good.
Let's go!
- One, two, three!
- One, two, three!
We got this.
Let's go, baby. First place.
It's this one.
She also had one of these.
We're working together this leg
with Derek and Claire.
We couldn't not help them.
You know, they saved us
earlier in the day,
and it was just
our way of returning the favor.
- This one. Yes.
- Yes. Same one.
And then there was a white rose
that she was wearing.
Oh, the castanets.
What color were the castanets?
- Black. Just black.
- Okay, so
They're these. Okay.
This actually isn't a bad plan
to work with Aubrey and David,
because this could mean we
stay ahead of Michael and Marcus
- and the twins.
- You need a little clip
for her scarf.
Oh, the clip for her scarf.
I-I don't know which one it was.
This one.
I think it was this one.
How is the placement?
- Right there.
- The right one is longer.
- Her right is a little bit longer.
- Okay.
- Check.
Good job, baby.
I don't know who the dancer is,
him or me.
- Gracias. Muchasgracias.
- Gracias.
- Open it.
- Okay. "Route Info.
"Make your way
to Paseo de Kazunori Yamauchi,
and find the wood-carver
to receive your next clue."
- All right, let's go.
- Let's ask the same guy.
Okay. Let's go. Let's just run.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
- Paseo de Kazunori
- Yamauchi.
We got this. Let's go.
I just saw a sign that says
we're about
six kilometers from-from Ronda.
I feel good about the drive
and ready to see another team.
- Get to the, get to the
- Yeah, get my motivation up.
Yeah. Get to the next challenge,
see what we can do.
Now we have to find
the tour guide.
Are you our tour guide?
You're not our tour guide. Okay.
Tour guide.
Yeah, she's got red and yellow.
Do you have a clue for us?
Thank you.
Bend Over Backwards
or Dress For Success?"
- The dancer?
- I think that's probably
- Okay. Dress For Success.
- the one to do.
So right now we are
dressing our flamenco dancer.
And we're hoping
that this is right.
- Hey, how do you do this?
- Uh, yes.
Just stick it down.
This goes
Okay, we're gonna clip these on.
- Uh
- Check.
Can you check our work, please?
- Not good?
- Oh, wrong. Okay.
- Yes?
- They got it.
They got it. Yeah.
Let's go. Yes.
- Yes.
- Gracias.
- Okay.
- What do you need help with?
- I don't know, uh
- You didn't pin it.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- You guys had the same
- items as we did, right?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Okay, hold on.
- Let me see.
We had bigger castanets.
Didn't you get
the same as we did?
I thought I did,
but I must not have.
- They were, I think they were bigger.
- Okay.
You guys just go. Just go.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, yeah. Just go. Just go.
Thank you.
Let's go, David.
Excuse me.
Do you speak English?
- Yes.
- Do you know where El Casino is?
Let's go.
- Yeah.
- Oh, there's David and Aubrey.
Shoot. Wow. Okay.
- This? Straight? Okay.
- Yeah.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you. - Straight.
Oh, my God. I think we're in first place.
-Looks like we're in first.
Find the wood-carver.
- We're first. We're first.
- Oh, my God.
"Who's Been Paying Attention?"
- That's you.
- Okay.
After starting the second part
of their Mega Leg
on top of the Puente Nuevo
bridge here in Ronda,
teams will complete
their final challenge
underneath it--
precariously balancing 300 feet
above the El Tajo gorge.
They'll need to remember
the Andalusian flag
they saw when
they first arrived in Ronda.
If they pick the wrong flag,
they must repeat their
high-wire act and try again.
All right.
"Walk" Yes.
-I'm so happy right now. I'm gonna cry.
Again, it's one of those
thrill-seeking challenges.
And I just laughed,
because I was like,
"This is my challenge."
Ah, I love heights.
I'm so excited.
I just love heights.
Oh, it's down there.
Let's go, baby.
You got this, amor.
What a day.
What a day.
It's a Mega Leg. I think
she's gonna get it right.
She said she got this.
We're in first place right now.
This is Ronda.
All right. Valet station, right?
We need to find the tour guide.
We got to find the tour guide.
- Uh, the person with that stick over there?
- Yeah.
Come on. Come on.
Hello? Tour guide for a clue?
"Bend Over Backwards
or Dress For Success?"
What are your thoughts?
I'm thinking
the Bend Over Backwards.
So we're gonna
do Bend Over Backwards.
Bigger ones. These are bigger.
Bigger ones.
- Do we make a return?
- All right, just go.
Can I return?
These for these.
Okay, let's just go. Come on.
He said it was
straight down this way?
- Hold on, Moll.
- Is your knee hurting?
This is pretty
difficult for my leg.
My knee has been inflamed,
and kicking off a leg
like that was discouraging.
- Are we going the right way?
- Is this right?
Are we just,
like, not seeing things?
This doesn't feel right.
We got thrown off
by David and Aubrey.
They both came
from this direction.
Did you see how far it said?
I didn't even see his phone.
Why is this so difficult?
Oh, God.
- Should I ask?
- I think we need to ask.
Should I ask in this hotel?
We're looking for El Casino.
El Casino?
- Two streets?
- El
He said second right.
Second right.
It's gonna be the second right.
We looked down here.
Are you sure this is right?
Oh, you got to be kidding me.
We were just here.
My God, this is so amazing.
That's right, baby!
- I was so happy.
- It was incredible.
It was a little hard
to appreciate the view
'cause I had
to focus on balancing.
And it was hard
because the thing is shaking,
but it was
an incredible experience.
I watched it.
There is a memory task,
I heard her say.
You got to memorize something.
She's great at memory.
I think she's got this.
I had to pick
the Andalusian flag.
There was
five flags to choose from.
I truthfully have no idea
where the other flags were from.
I would say
I saw this somewhere.
I saw this flag somewhere,
so I think it's this one.
I got it, babe.
Yeah, baby!
I love you, baby!
Thank you
for letting me do this!
Let's get that gold!
Gracias. Gracias.
- Ah, bonita.
- Gracias.
Come on.
This is so much fun.
A little shaky, but
I'm having a great time.
She's crazy. I love it.
I love it.
You got it, baby?
- You got it?
- I don't know.
So what do we got to do?
- Okay, so
- It says "open."
- Oh, it probably says "try again" if you're wrong.
- Got it.
Yes! I got it!
Andalusian flag.
I got it. I got it.
Dance break.
- Okay, cool. Let's go.
- All right.
"Find Phil at the entrance
between Ernest and Orson."
Orson Welles once said that a
man is not from where he's born
but where he chooses to die.
Words immortalized
on this plaque.
Orson Welles and
Ernest Hemingway are honored
here at the entrance
of this city garden--
the Pit Stop
for this leg of the race.
The last team to check in
after this exhausting Mega Leg
will be eliminated.
- Gracias!
- Gracias. Gracias, amigos!
Is this it?
- Is this it?
- I don't know.
It says "pizza restaurant."
Oh, you got to be kidding me.
It's supposed
to look like this.
"Choose a waiting dancer."
Okay, which dancer?
Doesn't matter. Okay.
I think we go watch the dancer,
f-figure out the accessories
- Okay.
- and bring them back.
All right. We got
to get this on the first try.
We have to get this in one try
because my knee was definitely
starting to act up.
This running is gonna kill me.
Go, go, go!
Oh, right there.
"Build a Moorish arch
inside the Arab Baths.
"If your structure
is sturdy enough to hold up,
the archaeologist
will hand you a clue."
- Choose a workstation.
- Yep.
- Hola.
- Hola.
So, they got
the demonstration going.
All right, you want
to just choose this one?
- Yeah.
- Let's just build this thing.
That's the finished example.
So before they place a brick,
they place two rocks.
And they continue that pattern
throughout the top.
The bricks and whatever stones
you place in between
the bricks-- there needs to be
enough tension on itself
that when the wood base that
you build around is removed
the force that they're
pushing against each other
allows it to stay built.
I mean, my building experience
probably is, uh,
limited to IKEA furniture.
So, yeah.
We'll see how this goes.
Got to find the wood-carver.
What did he say
it was next to, babe?
He said it was all the way down.
- I see 'em. I see 'em.
- Okay.
This way, guys!
"To get there, enter through the
gate next to the Parador Hotel."
- Wait. Parador Hotel's the hotel we parked at.
- Yeah.
Guys, it's the hotel
we parked at.
- Just go back.
- All right. Babe, come here.
"Through the gate
next to the Parador Hotel."
- Okay. Let's go.
- All right.
Here's the flowers.
Oh, God.
Were the earrings like this?
I think it was these.
It was a little white rose.
Big red rose and a red clip.
This one?
- Yes.
- How about this one?
Em, I didn't
pay attention close enough.
-No, this is bigger. I think it's smaller.
I think it was smaller.
- She had a clip on her scarf, too.
- I know.
- Oh, you got it. Okay.
- I think it was this one.
All right, let's try.
- Gracias.
- Gracias.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
- Should be here.
- The statues.
You see 'em?
- Where?
- Statues are there.
And there's an Orson.
There's Orson.
Let's go. We did it, baby.
We did it, baby.
- Oh, my God.
- We did it.
I see you, Phil!
- Oh, my God.
- Yes.
- Welcome to Ronda in Spain.
- Yes.
- Gracias. Gracias.
- Thank you.
- You knew this was gonna be a tough leg.
- Yeah.
I'm very pleased to tell you
that you are team number one.
Yes! Yes.
And you are two legs away,
- Oh, my God.
- if you can make it,
from winning
the $1 million prize.
As the first team to arrive,
you have won
Expedia reward points
good for
a five-night trip for two to
Expedia experts are gonna design
a unique local experience
where you're gonna make sushi at
the Toyosu Fish Market.
You're gonna tour Mount Fuji
by helicopter,
learn Japanese calligraphy
- and experience traditional acupuncture.
- Wow.
Two more legs.
Have you thought
about what it would mean
if you won this whole thing?
We're ready. We're ready.
A million dollars
would change our future.
- We could start a family, and it would really help us out.
- Yeah.
We're going into the final four.
I'm thinking
more about the million dollars,
getting first,
being an Amazing Racechampion.
And we are ready.
Yeah, there it is. Right there.
I have really no idea
where we are at,
but most likely in last.
It said look
for the woodworker, right?
Yeah, I think it's this way.
You saw the woodworker?
- Yes.
- Derek, it's up here.
- Go, go, go, go, go, go.
- Can we get our clue?
- Gracias.
- Read the clue.
"Who's Been Paying Attention?"
- Claire, you have
- It's memory.
- You have a good memory.
- Okay.
You got it? All right.
I told Aubrey,
"This is something that
I feel like you can do.
"I know
it has to do with heights,
"but you have
better balance than I do.
As long as you don't look down,
you're gonna be fine."
I'm about to do something
that I never thought I would do.
I'm really scared of heights.
I don't like heights.
I'm a little scared
right now for her.
Oh, oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.
I really don't
like heights at all.
Right now, last brick is in,
but I'm moving bricks around,
testing sturdiness.
If there's too much play,
then it'll collapse.
We got some movement right here.
This is very critical, like, we
get through this the first time.
- I'm ready for the check.
- Yeah.
- Let's do it.
- Can we get a check, please?
It's no good.
Oh, my God.
I'm scared.
I can do it.
I started kind of, like,
freaking out.
That's not how you want
to go into a Roadblock
is, like, hysterical,
you know?
So I was
trying to compose myself.
I'm so proud of you, Claire.
Claire, are we doing this?
Yeah. Nothing else to do.
- Do I have to come back?
- Yeah.
You got this, Claire. Come on.
I'm really scared.
Just don't look down.
Just don't look down.
You're okay, Aubrey.
You're okay.
As I started walking,
I used my dancer skills,
and I was turning, like,
out my feet to walk
and, like, kind of curving them,
like, pointing my feet
to hold on to it.
I just told her,
"Don't look down."
I said, "Aubrey, whatever
you do, don't look down."
I'm really scared right now,
but I'm not even gonna look,
because I just
need to get there.
Claire, how you doing, mami?
Please don't talk to me.
I'm sorry.
- Don't talk to me.
- Sorry.
Talking was actually helping me.
- This is horrible.
- This was a mistake.
Right away, I'm like,
"Derek should've done this."
I really don't like heights.
This has been, like, my number-
one fear since I was a child.
Take your time, Claire!
- Just take your time!
- Oh, my God.
I think this is one of
the worst things I've ever done.
She has a great memory,
which is part of why I was
happy for her to do this one,
but if you're scared, like,
your brain's
not really working.
So her memory might be a little
impeded because of that.
I hate this. I hate this.
I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.
"Ask her to check your work."
- Ask her to check our work?
- Yep.
- Okay.
- Can you check our work?
- Not right.
- Okay.
This one.
I'm sorry. I'll get it.
It's all good.
these things take two tries.
It's so hard to tell.
Oh, the-the
- These things.
- Oh, we didn't get those.
We forgot those.
How did we forget those?
I don't know.
We got a check.
We were told it was no good.
We do know that when the, uh
the pros believe it, uh,
the arch is stable,
they're gonna
pull this wood out.
So, but they won't
pull that wood out until
- They believe it's
- they believe it'll hold.
We looked at the example.
The pieces that touch the wood,
like, those pieces of brick
have to connect with each other.
They had space here,
so, like, they were touching
towards the wood at the base.
And so, a couple of mine,
they would, like, be more spread
out and be layered like that.
They all got to be touching.
That makes sense now.
We had a couple of, uh,
bricks over here touching
without any rocks.
Oh, my God. I hate this.
Good. Okay.
My mind's just
totally black. So, already,
like, me being good at memory--
we blew that,
because I'm just so petrified.
How do I get over?
I need you to
No, I need to go over!
What one did you take?
I don't know.
I don't know what Andalusian is.
I don't know.
What one did you take?
I think it's this one.
Claire, I think it's
it's the green one.
I hope so. I really hope so.
I love you, Aubrey!
- You got this!
- I love you, babe!
Like, she's already
on her way back.
Please be the right clue.
You're doing so good!
That's right, that's right.
I don't think I can do it again,
so please
let it be the right clue.
- Okay, here they are.
- Oh, what color were they?
They were dark.
Were they brown or black?
I think they were black.
Thank you.
Please be the right clue.
Is it right?
Please tell me it's right.
Thank you so much.
I'm very sorry about my drama.
I just want it
to be the right clue,
- 'cause I don't want to do it again.
- Okay.
Thank you.
I'm so proud of you, baby.
You're amazing. Mm.
You did it. You did it.
As soon as my feet
really hit solid ground,
that I was holding back,
crossing, just comes out.
I just can't stop it.
- Don't talk to me.
- All right.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
We got it.
I was so scared!
I've really never felt anything
like that
before in my life.
Uh, and I
just basically, like, collapsed.
It was so scary.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- I love you.
- Derek, please just open it.
"Race to your next Pit Stop.
"Find Phil on the terrace
between Ernest and Orson.
- Warning, the last team to check in will be eliminated.
- " -I need to go.
Let's go, guys.
- I'm so sorry.
- Oh, my God.
Why are you sorry? You got it.
Think we got to just start
shoving 'em in, Marcus.
We got seven left.
- Five. We got eight left.
- Okay.
I just prayed
and prayed and prayed.
My knee has definitely
slowed us down,
so it's really important for us
to get ahead in the challenges.
It's got to be
Maybe these are brown.
- Castanets.
- We'll look at the castanets.
They're shiny.
They're shiny.
Fringe is longer.
- Fringe is longer.
- Longer fringe.
Fringe and shiny black.
- Third time's the charm.
- Okay.
There you go.
Coming in hot.
You are coming in hot.
We're coming in hot.
- I'm so proud of you, baby.
- I'm so proud of you.
So why are you crying?
I'm crying
because I was scared.
I'm crying because I'm happy.
I'm crying 'cause
I'm just so grateful to be here.
This leg was completely all her.
She made it look easy.
I'm just so proud.
So incredibly proud.
Well, the good news is that
you are in the final four teams
that will be racing
to the finish line,
hopefully, if you make
it through the next leg.
- Here we are. Derek and Claire.
- Our friends!
Claire, how you feeling
right now?
Thankful I'm on solid ground.
Um, just, like,
huge relief that we're done.
You know, we came on the race
to conquer our fears.
- Yeah.
- And I-I feel like we did that.
So, two teams behind you.
If you could pick a team
to take out at this point
It's Michael and Marcus.
I mean, they are such a strong
team, and we adore them,
but that's the team
we want to see go.
My leg. Aah!
Take it easy.
Oh, it was hidden. Right here.
I didn't even see it.
Shiny black big ones.
- Okay, let's just do it.
- Yep.
This is what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna
take these stones right here.
I want you to come over here
and see if
you got the magic touch.
You think we got
the right scarf?
And the right castanets?
- Okay.
- Check.
- Yeah!
- Beautiful!
- Mwah, mwah, mwah.
- Thank you.
My leg's killing me,
but it's okay.
One, two
There you go.
Yo. Marcus, we did it.
You got to be kidding me.
- Yeah!
- Geez.
"Find the wood-carver
to receive your next clue."
You think it's up here?
- That was tricky.
- That was awful.
Come on.
- Wood-carver. Gracias.
- Muchasgracias.
"Who's Been Paying Attention?"
- You.
- I have?
All right.
I feel good about this.
I'm not
really afraid of heights.
I think just natural fear.
I'm a little bit fearful
of heights.
And she's also better
at paying attention
to detail. Her knee
is hurting a little bit more,
but she's hanging in there.
I'm just glad that she's not
completely out of walking.
Oh, man.
"Choose one clue
with the Andalusian flag on it."
Are you kidding me?
I don't know which flag.
I don't know which one it is.
God, this sucks.
Andalusian flag.
I know that one's Spain.
I don't know the other four.
How many times
am I gonna have to do this?
Come on, Marcus.
- This is it, right here.
- All right.
We're still in it.
Does Andalusian mean Spain?
I don't
I learned flags,
but I don't know
what they mean by Andalusian.
Like, this is the Spanish
the Spain flag.
So is that what I'm looking for?
I feel stupid
for not knowing this.
Thought maybe I saw this.
So I'll give it a try.
- What's the matter, man?
- Nothing.
Let's finish with a smile.
We're still in the race.
We just, we make it happen.
Oh, leg. Come on.
We have to hurry up
and get through this,
so we can catch them.
Is this the right
Oh, it'll tell me.
All right.
"Race to your next"
I got it right. Yes.
- "Find Phil."
- "Find Phil on the terrace
between Ernest and Orson."
Way to go. First try?
Marcus and Michael
are behind us,
uh, but I think we got this.
Who's Been Paying Attention?"
I'll do it.
Michael's been paying attention.
Michael's been paying attention.
Mm, I don't know. Maybe.
I'm just gonna look at 'em
and-and think about
some of the flags
I've seen before.
Yo! Yo!
Don't fall!
Hey, I'm good, dawg.
Crap, crap, crap.
Hopefully this is it.
If it's not,
I'm gonna be upset.
All right, Marcus.
We just have to find it.
Do you think it's this way?
- Should we ask somebody?
- Yeah, we just need to ask.
- Right here? Can we
ask you a question? Yeah.
"Ernest and Orson."
That's the streets, maybe?
Okay, how do we walk?
Oh, do we go around?
- Yeah.
- We go around this hotel.
- That path.
- Around this hotel. Okay.
- Do you think it is?
- It seemed like it did.
Okay. Where is it?
Totally questioning myself.
Oh, my God. My knee.
- Do you want to walk?
- Yeah.
Today is not our day.
Not even a little bit.
I just don't want to give up.
It's important
because we're not quitters.
Like, I'm still gonna run
to the Pit Stop.
Oh, here we go. All right.
"Race to your next Pit Stop.
Find Phil on the terrace
between Ernest and Orson.
Warning." Yep. Got it.
All right, let's go.
Let's go up this way.
Go, go, go!
You killed it today.
- Injured.
- -I don't feel like I killed it.
Oh, my gosh.
Your first big
adventure together.
Did you imagine that you'd be
standing here in the final four?
- Did he just say "final four"?
- He did.
- Oh, my God.
- You are in the final four.
Congratulations, you guys.
You, today, with a bad leg,
were able to beat out
one of the strongest teams.
I don't know
how we've done this.
We're determined
to spend time together.
- We missed out on 36 years, but we've gained so much.
- You need to be here.
Are you starting to think
that this is a possibility,
a very real possibility?
There is a very real possibility
that we could actually win this.
We have the skills,
we have the determination.
- When there's a will, there's a way.
- Yeah.
Here we go. Here we go.
Marcus and Michael,
I hate to do this.
- It has to be done.
- Oh, no.
- You are the last team to arrive.
- Yeah.
And unfortunately, you have
been eliminated from the race.
- Understood.
- Understood. Yeah.
This Mega Leg bit you.
The first Roadblock,
you got off to a rough start.
I don't know what to call it.
Not paying attention to detail,
being shortsighted.
Check, please.
I didn't do a very good job.
When you reflect
on your journey,
what will you be thinking?
I took $500,000
away from my brother.
- Do you feel like Marcus should be so hard on himself?
- God.
No. Like, he gave
his-his best effort, right?
- Yeah.
- And that's all I could ever ask for.
We had high aspirations
of winning this entire thing,
but I'm not upset about it.
The entire trip, right,
is still a team effort.
What has it been like
to be with your brother,
alongside your brother?
It really is awesome.
we don't get to spend
this time with each other.
- So this is just
- It's not just us.
- Yeah, so it's just him and I.
- Yeah.
We got to share
some cool moments,
learn more about each other.
It was a blessing to be here.
It's all a blessing
in and of itself,
and it's been great.
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