The Amazing Race (2001) s35e06 Episode Script

Driving Head On Into Scooters

Previously on
The Amazing Race
Ten teams
raced to Jaipur, India.
-Let's go.
-Come on, come on,
-come on, come on.
-Go, go, go, Dad.
Corey dropped into last place
at the Roadblock
but made a comeback
with his dad at the Detour
to stay in the race.
You are team number six!
Robbin and Chelsea's silence
Don't say anything.
- Pretend like you don't see 'em.
- This way, this way, guys?
- spoke volumes
to Todd and Ashlie.
- This way?
Ooh, they didn't help.
A dramatic race
to the Pit Stop
-Get around them.
Get around them.
-Fast, fast, fast.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Fast, fast.
-Go all the way.
-Come on!
-We have to beat them!
ended in heartbreak
for Joe and Ian.
You have been eliminated
from the race.
It was a rough day for us.
Steve and Anna Leigh
won the leg
and are now getting ready
for their U-Turn vote.
We know we've got
a target on our back.
-We're just gonna keep doing
the best we can do.
-That's right.
Here at the Pit Stop,
teams will cast their mandatory
U-Turn votes to determine
who will have to complete both
Detours on the upcoming leg.
All right.
All right, very cool.
The infamous U-Turn.
Steve and Anna Leigh,
they just finished
first in this last round
and they've been consistently
being really, really good.
Now, Robbin and Chelsea,
they've been performing
pretty well
in the last couple legs.
And I can't see them
as a team that's gonna
be willing to help us
in the future.
- I agree.
- All right.
So, are we feeling
Robbin and Chelsea?
All right,
let's lock it in, bro.
Okay, so I'm thinking
Steve and Anna Leigh,
because if they do come for one
of the top two teams right now,
we'll at least have some
padding of giving them a vote.
Sorry, Steve and Anna Leigh.
Good luck.
It might be
a smart decision to go
for somebody that we know
is behind us right now.
Morgan and Lena
we know are behind us.
-That's a short-term plan.
Thinking a better
long-term plan is somebody
who's gonna
hurt us in the finale.
-I don't even
have a question in my mind
-We'll slow 'em down.
-who it's gonna be.
-I don't have a question either.
Go with our plans. Drop it.
Hasta la vista.
Greg and John.
Steve and Anna Leigh
has also been at the top.
-Rob and Corey.
-Yeah, they're
-They're like the silent ninjas.
Yeah, they're silent ninjas.
Rob and Corey--
they're, like, consistently
always in the front.
-Robbin and Chelsea
have gotten first, too.
Initially I wanted
to U-Turn Greg and John.
-But we like them too much.
-However, they're too likable,
and we don't want
to disappoint their mother.
Todd and Ashlie have
been a consideration for us
just because they're so strong.
We've been with Liam and Yeremi.
We've been
with Robbin and Chelsea.
-We choose to U-Turn
Robbin and Chelsea.
-Robbin and Chelsea.
Teams will start their
next leg of the race
here in the Pink City--
at Gatore Ki Chhatriyan.
"Race by taxi
to Famous Nagra Shoe Store,
"number 32 on Hawa Mahal Road,
"and ask the shop owner
for a clue.
-You have a thousand Indian
rupees for this leg." Let's go.
-Let's go.
-We are in first.
-Leaving in first this morning.
Hopefully we stay there
- for a while.
- There's
a U-Turn coming up.
And we've got to have
a target on our back.
Nagra Shoe Store, number 32,
located opposite Hawa Mahal.
Get all that adrenaline flowing
and here we are, sitting.
Now it's pumping through me.
I feel like I could sprint.
- I know I can.
- Oh, God. Please don't.
- I'm not. Mm.
-I don't want to watch that.
I don't
At this point, we're gonna
take it as it comes
and still do our best.
That's the route marker.
Let's get
this thing rolling today.
-What's across the street?
-I don't know,
but look at numbers.
- Number 32 on Hawa Mahal Road.
- Number 32?
Okay, straight ahead. Go.
-There. Look, look, look!
Nagra Shoe.
Jaipur. I don't see a number.
It's locked.
-Number 32.
That's the one we need.
-Number 32, you go
It's across from Hawa Mahal.
Yes. Hawa Mahal.
Let's go. We got a ways to go.
This is ass.
Why did our taxi drop us off
at the wrong damn place?
"Race by taxi
to Famous Nagra Shoe Store."
-All right. Let's do it.
-Let's do it.
We are thankfully
leaving in second place today,
which is the leg
to leave in second place,
with the U-Turn coming up.
- Hey, hey.
- Namaste.
- Namaste.
Last leg, we spent
time in palaces and forts.
I think today we might
be more in the city center.
We've been loving
the animals we've been seeing.
We've seen cows, elephants,
dogs, cats,
donkeys, birds.
Love to see them.
-We love to see a random camel.
Everything's freakin' shoes.
Thank you, sir.
Get your ass over here.
"Use a telescoping monocular
to search the windows
of the Hawa
for the location."
Hawa Mahal is known
as the crown jewel of Jaipur.
It is among the most
Instagrammed buildings in India.
It was built with 953 windows
so royal ladies could
look out to observe festivals
and everyday life
in the streets.
Teams will now
look into these windows
using a telescoping monocular
to find their next clue.
- Use a monocular.
- Where's a monocular?
We can only use one?
Thank you.
Just search the windows.
We have to stay on this side.
"When you think you've found it,
travel there on foot."
So out of focus.
Twist it if you can, Dad.
I'm twisting, girl.
It was very, very blurry.
It was rudimentary.
It was like something you saw
It was old school, for sure.
Okay, give it to me.
-We're wasting time.
-Try. You can try all you want.
We feel like we're probably not
the biggest target for a U-Turn.
It's possible we got some votes,
but I don't feel like
we got the most votes.
We really do feel like
we fit well in India
with his beautiful beard
and my mustache that is
- like some of the great
mustaches we've seen here.
- Yeah.
Everywhere we go, we see
a man with a beautiful mustache
that gives Smithe
a high five, says,
"Yes, nice mustache."
Fast, fast.
-Just get a different one.
-No, I got this one.
I pulled this whole front out.
Right there.
P-O-L-L number two.
At J-A-L-E.
Do you know?
U-D-A-I. Poll number two.
-Okay. Thank you.
All right, let's go.
Let's go!
Let's go. Come on, let's go.
-Pink City is where it's at.
This is our leg.
We're feeling really good,
well-rested, excited.
Andrea doesn't snore,
so that's good.
I'm getting my sleep.
- We're in our city.
- This is our leg.
Come on, lady. Are you serious?
Oh, my goodness. Is she serious?
This is kind of scary.
-All right. Ready to do it?
-Those look like shoes.
Thank you.
Route Info.
"Use a telescoping monocular."
I'm seeing nothing right now.
I think the hard part is just
gonna be getting it in focus.
- You want to try it?
- Sure.
It was this little pocket lens
that would just extend out.
Oh, yeah. There we go. Hold up,
hold up. We got something.
I think we got something.
All right, go for it.
Uh, U-D-A-I.
"When you think you've
found your next destination,
travel there on foot."
All right, so, now we g
we need to go there.
Thank you so much.
Nama Uh, dhanyavaad.
There it is.
- Excuse us. Sorry.
- Coming through.
"Choose any marked
electric rickshaw
and push it free
from the marked lot."
Almost a quarter
of the eight million rickshaws
in India are electric,
and that number
is rapidly increasing every day.
Most drivers are men. However,
Pink City Rickshaw Company is
on a mission to change all that.
Every one of their drivers
are women,
and they all drive electric.
Teams will get a chance to
ride in one to pick up a clue.
But first,
they have to help their driver
get their rickshaw
out of this parking nightmare.
"Travel on your rickshaw
to the spice shop
to you find your next clue."
Let's go.
You got to find a marked one.
Find somebody fast.
Rickshaw, rickshaw.
Hon, they're all back here,
while we go.
Here's one right here.
This here.
"You must push any rickshaws
blocking your path
out of the way."
Push this one.
Those rickshaws
weren't that heavy.
Let's get her through.
She can come right through here.
-Okay. Get her
-Dad. Get this, Dad.
Get this one out of the way.
Get this one out of the way.
- All right. The guy right here.
- I think I see a way out.
We can cut a Red Sea
through there.
Two more.
We have a U-Turn coming up.
It's got, I think,
everyone on edge, a bit.
Heat tends to make me irritable,
so that's always a plus.
We've been together for so long,
I know how to deal with her.
Um, she knows
how to deal with me.
Um, we make a good team.
Push this one backwards.
- One more.
- Get him out of the way.
All right, let's get her.
Let's get her.
We just cleared the way.
Okay, let's go.
"Travel in your rickshaw
to SD Masala Spice Shop
to find your next clue."
The votes are in.
When teams arrive here,
they'll find out
if they've been U-Turned,
forcing them to perform
both sides of the Detour.
Every second counts,
at this point.
Especially if we get U-Turned.
We're on our sixth leg
of The Amazing Race.
This is incredible.
And we've got that U-Turn coming
up, so that is definitely
gonna shake things up.
Come on, Malaina.
"Use a telescoping monocular."
So Philly's right here.
-This must be it.
-All right.
Let's go.
Turn that bottom knob.
I see something
in the middle, Smithe.
Oh, is it in the middle?
Look at in the middle.
Fifty, 50, 49 is
- There it is,
that's it. Oh, ma'am, ma'am!
- That's 49, right here.
- Forty-nine, spice shop,
right here. U-Turn.
- Let us out. No.
Me and you are on the U-Turn.
- It is?
- Yeah.
Oh, my God.
-So stressful.
-Well, get un-stressful.
-We're fixin' to do a U-Turn.
-I know that.
Okay, well, you fired up
ain't gonna help us.
We knew that we were
gonna be on the U-Turn thing
but I'm stressed and I'm mad.
We choose to U-Turn
Steve and Anna Leigh.
Steve and Anna Leigh.
Sorry, Steve and Anna Leigh.
Steve and Anna Leigh.
-Steve and Anna Leigh.
-Steve and Anna Leigh.
- Right there.
- Okay.
Okay. Detours. "Bundles
and Bricks." We have to do both.
Part of the sensory overload
experienced here in India
is the abundance
of decorative flowers that are
an integral part of the Hindu
religion and on sale
at colorful markets like this.
This Detour requires teams
to bundle up a variety
of Navrang flowers,
just as the locals do.
After packing
their rickshaws to the gills,
they must deliver flowers
to two different temples,
collecting a receipt
at each one.
After returning to the market
and handing their receipts
to the flower vendor,
they'll pick up a clue.
There are good reasons
why bricks
are the number one
building material in Jaipur.
They're durable,
energy efficient
and environmentally sustainable.
This Detour requires teams
to pick up bricks,
sand and gravel.
Then, using a cycling rickshaw,
negotiate the congested
streets of Jaipur
before dropping off
their building supplies
at a construction site.
After returning their delivery
receipt to the supplier,
they'll get their next clue.
Okay, so four bundles
of flowers.
That's what we got to do first.
We're coming. We're gonna get
these two things knocked out
as fast we can
and try and stay in the game.
Okay, here we go.
Say, write this down, Malaina.
Udai Poll at Jalebi number two.
"Once you think you have found
your next destination,
travel there on foot."
Where the heck is it?
Keep your eyes peeled.
I see a clue box.
"Choose any marked
electric rickshaw."
I saw some rickshaws over here.
All right.
All right, it's got
to be marked, Johnny.
Oh, Greg, here's a marked one.
-If we push this guy this way,
then she has a straight shot.
Three, two, one, go.
- Oh, nice, nice.
- Okay, cool.
Push him back.
Clean. Look at that. You can
fit an elephant through here.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Any luck?
- Are you pushing it in and out?
- Yep.
Thank you so much.
- Is it focusing?
- Yep.
- Read it to me.
- U-D-A-I.
Let's go.
We'll push all the way
to the end.
-Hello. Namaste.
-Hello. Namaste.
SD Masala Spice Shop.
"Any marked electric rickshaw."
Oh, this is it.
-I see it.
-Now we're here.
I need an electric rickshaw.
This guy's a spinner.
Look at him spin.
Clue box.
It's right in front of our face.
"Make your way
to the marked parking lot
-across the street."
-Let's start walking.
It has to be a marked rickshaw.
It's really hard.
- Oh, I got it.
- What is it?
Here, try it now.
- P-O-L-L number two.
- All right.
- Should we ask somebody?
- Yeah, we're gonna
have to ask somebody.
So much of The Amazing Race
is driving head-on
into scooters.
And dogs and cows.
The two of us
are getting along fine.
I feel like when I'm down,
she's able to
pick me up and when
she's down, I'm able to
shut up long enough for her
-to sort her things through.
-For me to work through it.
Saturday in India.
I think that's what day it is,
right-- Saturday?
I don't like to go anywhere
on a Saturday, let alone India.
-This is a marked one.
-This one's marked?
Let's go straight.
- Electric rickshaw.
- You electric?
Oh. That's the Hawa Mahal?
Thank you.
"Use a telescoping monocular."
There we go.
Electric? Okay.
-Lucky lady.
-You are electric?
-I am.
-Come on. Yeah, we got
to push, you got to do it.
Okay, stop. Masala Spice Shop.
-Good? Okay.
Fast, fast.
- Now right, to the right.
No, M-Malaina.
Oh, we got to
- Yes, to the right.
- Come on, Malaina.
- You getting in here already?
- I'm coming.
- Come on.
- Push her out to the exit.
-All right.
-All right.
Let's rock and roll.
Thank you.
- Yeah, that's spicy!
- U-Turn. U-Turn.
-Is that our face?
Whose face is that?
-Right here.
-It's not our face!
-It's not our face!
It's not our face. Yes.
-It's Steve and Anna Leigh!
Let's go!
Sorry, Steve and Anna Leigh.
-Detour, baby.
-We knew that!
"Bundles or Bricks?"
- We're
choosing Bricks, baby.
- Bricks.
At that point,
we knew we were going for first.
We were like, "Okay, well, first
team now has to do two Detours."
-"Time to go."
- Hey, I-I think I see it.
- Go straight, go straight.
It's right here.
It's right here.
Sani Phula Bhandar. Number 79.
Number 79. Flowers,
- flowers.
- All right.
- Number 79. Flowers.
- I thought I saw
-There's flowers over there.
-Okay, let's go.
You got 79?
There it is. 79. I see it.
"When you get there,
bundle up one of each
"of the following flowers.
There's four.
"orange marigolds,
yellow, mixed and roses."
These are the four right here.
There's all these
bundles of flowers
in these little cloth baskets,
and we had to watch
the demonstration of the guys,
how they were folding his.
Crisscross this
in here somewhere.
Cr-- No, give it to me.
Crisscross your two.
-He's handing you this one.
-And then he's crossing more.
Tie it, tie it, tie it.
-That's it.
-Is that all that holds it?
-Yeah, that has to be it.
It has to be it.
-Is that gonna hold it?
Okay. Let's go to the next one.
One of my favorite things
to do in this country
is just look out the window
and watch the daily life go by.
I mean, it's
just crazy interesting.
Yeremi and I are extremely
grateful to be on this race.
This is the longest
we've spent with each other
in close to seven years.
Coming from the past
that we've had with each other,
I mean, we've made
so much growth, and I think
we're completely better off
now than we were before.
Oh, look, there's a store, dude.
-There is one?
Oh, man.
- I see the U-Turn board.
- Steve and Anna Leigh.
Detour. "Bundles or Bricks?"
Why are you even
thinking about this?
We have to cycle it there.
I have been hoping
for a cycling-related challenge.
Cycling's my hobby.
I ride my bike
all over the place.
-So, we're gonna do Bricks.
-We're gonna do Bricks.
- We're in a race.
- We need to go fast.
It was our fault
that we came in last,
so we have
to have a redeeming day.
Morgan and I have been
super supportive of each other.
Our goal is to have fun
and to treat each other
with love and respect.
And I think, so far, it's been
working really well for us.
It is anybody's race.
The underdogs are not out yet.
Over here. Todd!
Ah! Good call, boys.
"Route Info. Choose
any marked electric rickshaw."
All right, let's go.
- You want
to work together, clear a path?
- Absolutely. Let's do it.
-Right here. Get this one.
Get this one.
Which way you pushing? Oh,
you're pushing the wrong way.
Then I think there's a path that
just goes clear out this way.
- Yep.
- So we just need
to move these a smidge, I think.
- You want to try?
- Sure. Oh, my God.
Thank God I don't have
fake eyelashes right now
that would be very difficult.
-Right in the middle there?
Good? Okay.
Now we got
to load 'em on our rickshaw?
- Yeah.
- Can you carry two?
Hell yeah, I can.
Long way, girl.
I was trying to come through
that market with my two bundles,
and people would not move.
I was bouncing those baskets
off of motorcycles,
and I fell on 'em
a few times, I think.
Where is my dad?
I got it.
Get the last bundle.
Mandir on Chaura Rasta Road.
Okay, let's go.
If you can get your butt
in that chair, I can get in.
-Go. Dad, tell her to go.
Go, go, go!
Okay, so it's first temple.
-No shoes, no socks.
We had to deliver marigolds
to one temple
and roses to the other.
Chelsea and Robbin are right
there looking at the building.
Oh, you saw 'em?
Yeah, standing right on the curb
with the telescope.
Number two at Jalebi Chowk.
-First left.
Thank you.
You want to walk us there?
- No.
- No? Okay. Thank you.
Good. Good?
- SD Masala. Number 49.
- 49.
All right. Follow. Follow.
Fast, fast, fast. Chop, chop.
- 49. Yes, here it is.
- Okay.
- They got U-Turned.
- All right.
Steve and Anna Leigh's picture
was on there.
They've been number one.
So people are gunning for you.
You have to expect that.
-We're gonna do Bundles.
-We're doing the bundles.
Open it. Let's go.
"Choose any
marked electric rickshaw."
- All right.
- Okay. Find a marked one.
Right here.
So let's just start
clearing the way
back to where we came in.
I'm guessing that's the way out.
Tarkeshwar. Go.
Shoes off. Right there, Dad. Go.
Oh, Lord.
Right where
those shoes are at the end.
- I'm gonna slip.
- Ooh.
Right in front of you,
Anna Leigh.
- Right in front of you.
- Hello.
- One more.
- Okay. Go get 'em.
-All right, let's go.
-I got it.
I got it. Just let me have it.
- Be careful.
- Slipping on this stuff.
- Don't
just drop 'em. Be careful.
- I'm not.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Get a receipt.
Thank you, sir.
There's the receipt.
-Let's go. Get your shoes.
-Okay. Let's go.
"Masala Spice Shop, number 49."
Fast, fast, fast.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
-"A telescoping monocular."
-All right.
Okay. All right.
Here's your bag. Let's go.
Thank you.
This is wild, bro.
I can't read it,
but here, come right here.
Is this it? Is this it?
- Oh, it's a temple
in the middle of the road.
- In the middle?
-Got it?
Thank you, sir.
Can we have a receipt, please?
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
Okay, so we can go
straight to the next one. Okay.
Vivek Enterprises.
Shiv Marg Road.
We're looking
for a construction area.
Vivek Enterprises, essentially.
She doesn't really seem like
she's knowing where she's going.
It's frustrating
because you can just feel
the time slipping away.
Wait, where where
Dude, Yeremi. I can't
see out of this damn thing.
You want to try it? You try it?
Oh, oh, wait, wait, wait.
- Excuse us.
- Sorry, guys.
Sir, here you go.
Thank you. Okay, let's go.
I got it. "U-D-A-I
Oh, we have to return it.
Thank you.
They got U-Turned,
Anna Leigh and Steve.
We cast our vote to U-Turn
Robbin and Chelsea,
'cause if you're
gonna U-Turn someone,
you want
to knock 'em out of the race.
Yeah. But I will say,
I was pleased to not see our
big ol' faces on that U-Turn.
- Good job, guys.
- You too.
- Detour.
- "Bundles or Bricks?"
Which one do you want to do?
-I don't care. You pick.
-Let's do Bricks.
Uh, we're gonna choose Bricks.
- Right here.
- Right here,
right here.
- You stay here. Thank you.
- Okay. All right.
So this is Janta Market,
- and we need to do number 79.
- 79.
Sani Phula Bhandar.
Oh, this is it.
-These are our bundles.
-Okay, so
Look at the demonstration.
Take one, take the other
And then they just
tie it in a knot.
-All right.
-All right.
Teamwork make
the dream work, baby.
Let's go.
"Choose any marked
electric rickshaw."
Come on, Lee.
Man, they're gonna see us.
"Electric rickshaw."
It's a marked electric rickshaw.
Where could it be?
We need to find the mark.
Oh, my God.
Check the middle,
where all the cluster is.
-Right here.
-Right here. Hi.
-Do you have gas?
- Yes.
- Okay. What do we do?
It's just, like,
a regular marking?
I'm not, I'm seeing it, bro.
The-the rock. The rocks, Morgan.
Let's go.
I think we're good.
Hey, right here, big dog.
-This is it. Yeah, this is it.
-This one? Okay. Sweet.
We just closed
the gap with Yeremi and Liam.
They've kind of already
made a path for us this way.
"SD Masala Spice Shop."
We're in front.
We think our tuktuk driver
knows where she's going.
We're trying to catch
up to Chelsea and Robbin.
All right.
Here we go.
-Slow start,
but we're gonna get there.
-We're gonna get there.
Oh, Anna Leigh and Steve
are right in front of us,
Oh, yeah.
- Did you guys
already do the other one?
- We did.
-Where are y'all going?
-We're going to, uh,
-Bricks. Yeah.
-Bricks? We are, too.
-You are, too?
All right, we'll see you there.
John and Greg
might have passed 'em.
Where were they
in the scheme of things?
Pretty up front.
Oh, it's here, it's here,
it's here,
-it's here, it's here,
-It's here, it's here.
-It says hold on to rickshaw?
Can you wait?
You're gonna wait?
To the right.
Uh, yeah, to the right.
Oh, my God.
All right. We got bricks.
We got a lot of bricks.
We got some shovels,
got some gravel.
All right, well, that's
the finished example.
"Load a cycle rickshaw
with 50 bricks,
"two sacks of gravel
and one sack of sand,
then deliver your supplies
to a nearby construction site."
That makes sense.
Steve and Anna Leigh said
they also don't know
where we're going.
You saw Steve and Anna Leigh,
- Yeah, they're
right in front of us.
- Oh, shoot.
They finished
the other Detour already.
I knew it.
"Vivek Enterprises."
That's it.
We found it. Hi.
What's up, boys?
We got another team,
just like that.
One, two, three,
four, five, six.
Yeah, we can just put 'em,
like, in blocks of 12.
-I like that. I like that.
One, two. So
- This way, Dad.
- Grab a rickshaw.
Six times eight.
That's 24 times 248.
Then two on top.
- Through here? Go, go.
- Yeah, yeah.
Just remember
when we deliver it.
Read the clue.
I got it right here.
Is this one available?
No one's using it?
"After completing deliveries,
return to the market
and hand the receipts
to the vendor."
So we got to go back
to the other place.
Well, there goes that.
- We completed the task.
- Everything except for
-turning in our receipt.
-All right.
Well, then we're out.
I mean, that's
Yeah, that pretty much did it.
We're out.
- We're out.
- Not necessarily.
They're probably
already done loading up.
We got other teams
to worry about now.
Those teams are ahead of us,
so let's worry about
the other ones coming.
We thought that we didn't
need to get the receipt
for the clue
-because we were gonna
go get another clue
-We're gonna get another
-at the second Detour.
-Right, on the second.
Got to keep moving,
but we got to get here.
Then we got to get back.
I figured that was the killer.
I knew we couldn't
make big mistakes like that.
-That was a big one.
That was a big one.
-Especially being U-Turned.
- I mean
That was a big one.
That was a time killer.
Not over until
Phil says it's over.
Challenge is just brute force
at this point.
Surprised so many teams
chose this challenge.
-I know, right? This is good.
-You sure?
-Yeah, one more.
-Forty-eight, 50.
-All right, so now we got
Now we need bags.
We had to get 50 bricks,
load 'em up
onto a cycle rickshaw
and then get two bags of gravel
and one bag of sand.
- Oh, you're at 37?
- Yep.
That's 40.
- All right. Ready?
- Yep.
"Load your cycle,
then deliver your supplies
- to construction site at 826."
- Okay.
Ready? I'll steer. You push.
- I can't even lift that up.
- Take that. I'll start on sand.
-We'll ask somebody out here?
-Okay, stop.
-I'm trying, I'm trying,
I'm trying.
Yeah, that should be good. Okay.
Grab a rope and follow me.
- You want to do
a little more? Okay.
- No, that's good.
"826 Balai Colony."
This crossing?
-First left. Okay, thank you.
-Thank you.
Careful, Johnny, of the cars.
Those streets were hectic.
They were so hectic
and it was so hard
to make sure that
you weren't hitting other cars.
Okay. You got it,
you got it. Okay.
- Hot out here.
- I tell you that much.
We're gonna have to return
this crate, by the way.
- See you, boys.
- See you soon.
Let's just get directions.
Okay. Thank you.
We're going straight
and then left.
-You don't have any brakes?
-No, I don't.
Slow down.
There is a stark difference
between my road bike
and that rickshaw bike.
Look out, look out,
look out, look out, look out.
We're right in the middle
of the streets.
We got people
flying on both sides of us.
We're trying to dodge people.
Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn,
turn, turn, turn.
Let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go, let's go.
This is it.
-All right, we're gonna
do the bundles.
Let's find our girl. Okay.
We got to go find our rickshaw.
Our rickshaw driver
did a great job.
We felt really confident in her.
We had no stress
that we were not
gonna get
to where we were going.
Let's go back there. Back here?
- Over there?
- Yes.
She says she knows
where we're going now,
but seems like
we're kind of driving aimlessly.
I wonder
if she can go any faster.
I'm not sure.
This rickshaw
feels like it's going,
like, two, three miles an hour.
We ought to
just get out and run.
Malaina, let's go.
All right,
we'll see y'all there.
See ya.
Are you riding,
or what's the deal?
We got to go. They're coming.
- Is this us right here, ma'am?
- Okay.
The SD Masala Spice Shop.
- I don't think Yeah.
- This is a food court.
We were not seeing anything
that looked like spices.
-I don't think this
is where we're supposed to be.
-So let's go back
to our rickshaw.
-Oh, great.
Oh, we got, we got a camel.
We're all
fighting for first right now.
Directions and challenges
being done quickly.
The name of the game.
This sucks.
This is really, really hard.
My legs
are starting to cramp up.
I might throw up on this leg.
- Move. Push, push.
- Give me a push.
Seeing the amount of people
just weaving in and out
of traffic all day, every day,
those are not
easy things to ride.
That's not easy work.
- Oh.
- You good?
Hats off to
the rickshaw drivers,
the delivery people,
the cyclists.
You good? He's fine.
This is their day in,
day out life.
Definitely newfound respect
for the people here.
John and Greg
are right ahead of us.
Uh, probably that way.
-Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Okay, okay. Go, go, go.
Is this the guy? Hi.
Yep. You're hard to find.
Where? Here?
That one?
It was one, two, three
Uh, like this.
Turn right.
Wait, like this?
One, two
Like, I don't think
that's right.
Where are we?
I got no energy left.
Me neither.
Go, Dad.
Excuse me, sir. Excuse me.
Okay, go, go.
Right here,
right here, right here.
We're right here.
To the bricks. Get in, Dad.
There's blue right next to you.
Seeing Steve and Anna Leigh
meant we were slowly
bringing in this time gap,
'cause even if it took them
an hour to do each Detour,
we still shouldn't
have seen them.
- Follow them exactly.
- Okay.
-I take
You take this, I take
-I take mine.
-Morgan, you take this one!
-You're dr
- Here. Morgan, just hold.
- Lena.
No, hold it. You hold that one
in the right hand.
Hold it in the right hand!
Oh, my God.
Lena, I don't know
what step you're at.
- Can we start at the beginning?
- We're at the first step!
Hold-hold on, Lena.
Lena, let me watch.
Lena was being spicy with me
and refused
to let me watch the thing.
But you were spicy.
This is mine.
- This is yours.
- Okay.
- Twist, twist.
- I think this is good.
Okay. Okay.
This is it, baby.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
When we saw Steve
and Anna Leigh's U-Turn photo,
it was a sense of relief
that we weren't there.
We thought that there
was a chance
it could be us 'cause we were
at the bottom of the pack.
We're gonna do Bricks.
Balai Colony.
Nobody knows anything.
I bet we should turn here.
- Think so?
- I don't know. I'm dead.
I am, too.
Up high. Up high.
I think gravel and sand
was on the left?
Yeah, sand and gravel now. Ooh.
Oh, my goodness.
I might puke.
Okay. How does this look?
-Thank you.
Dhanyavaad, dhanyavaad.
-All right, let's go.
-This time we know
where we're going.
-All right, it's go time.
I don't think
it needs to be perfect, babe.
Yeah, it does for this part.
Thank you.
Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
-Yay! Thank you so much.
Thank you. All right, here.
I hope she knows a faster way.
This a faster way?
Right. She's slow as hell.
Come on, miss.
Beep your horn or something.
Everybody was beeping but you.
Out-of-towner. Out-of-towner.
Wish we were getting lost
in a more comfy rickshaw.
That's the brothers.
- That's their car!
- Yeah,
that's what I'm saying.
-Let's go straight.
Let's go, let's go.
-Let's go straight.
Let's go! Let's go!
-We got past your team.
-We just passed Yeremi and Liam.
This is Brother,
this is so not the rickshaw
-that we need
to be doing this in.
- Good job.
- Okay.
Good job. Good job. Good job.
Hello, camel.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
-All right. "Route Info."
-"Route Info."
India is the largest producer
of cotton in the world,
and textiles are the country's
second largest industry.
Teams must now travel
by rickshaw
to Garg Textile
and Wholesale Fabric Shop
and pick up a bolt of fabric
and a clue from the owner.
-All right.
-All right, let's do it.
-All right.
-All right.
At least it's not us.
-Let's do Bundles.
-We're gonna do Bundles.
-All right. Let's go.
-Let's do it.
- I'm out of energy.
- I am worn out.
I'm tired.
The rickshaw delivery
went so long
and it was so hot, I had
heat exhaustion kicking in.
I hope there's water
wherever we're going, dude.
I'm so thirsty, I am so hot, and
I don't know where I'm going.
We're about to be the last team.
We're about to go home.
- I might puke.
- I'm dying, I feel like,
and we're still not sure
where we're going.
If I don't drink water,
I'm gone.
Bottled water?
As I was unscrewing that lid,
and I felt that cold
bottle of water in my hand,
the psychological effect of that
was nearly magical for me.
It was almost
an immediate relief.
The tunnel vision stopped,
my spirits started lifting.
We could still do this.
Beep, beep, beep.
-Thank you.
-Todd, Todd, Todd.
Right here.
-Oh, yeah.
"Travel to Garg Textile
Wholesale Fabric Shop."
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
Across. This is yours.
Didn't grab yours.
That's why I let it go.
- Twist.
- Here. Okay.
Ooh. I think we should have done
one at a time.
These are too heavy.
- It's okay, Morgan.
- It's not that far.
Ooh! Oh, one trip
from the grocery store.
Man, it was heavy. I felt
like the Hulk for a second
-because we had these,
like, two things.
-Oh, Lena was not
-being the Hulk.
-I mean, I went pretty fast
for the first half of it.
Lena, I was carrying them
like dead weights,
like as if
But, Morgan,
you had lighter ones.
Sure, if you say so.
Get in.
- Okay.
- Okay, let's go.
We're headed
to bundles of flowers.
We don't know
if she knows where we're going.
-She says yes.
-Yeah, she says yes
-and then
we get to the wrong area.
-She says yes.
We're headed to the bricks.
Once we get there,
we'll be able to do this quick.
This is a little slice of hell,
though, for sure.
Lena, just grab a marigold.
Come on.
Go, go, go, go, go!
-Vroom, vroom, vroom.
Fast. Fast.
-Vroom, vroom.
Why is the scooter passing you?
Why is everybody passing you?
Namaste. Thank you.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Load 'em. Load 'em. Load 'em.
Load 'em, girl.
Twenty-three, 24.
I'm gonna need you
to hold it for me.
Okay. It's right in front of us.
We got to stack 'em
just like that right here.
No teams here.
They've all left already.
They all must have got
better directions.
That's good, I think.
Oh, Lord, that's heavy.
You get the bike out
and I'll ask.
A-26 Balai?
At this point,
we're freaking dead last.
-Good? Yes.
-Thank you.
- Oh, it's right here.
- All right,
stop, stop, stop.
Ooh, it's quiet in here.
Do you have a clue for us?
-Thank you. Thank you.
-Thank you.
Dhanyavaad.This is us? Okay.
Okay. "Route Info.
"Travel by rickshaw
to Jaipur Mahal
Jaipur Boutique Carpet
to find your next clue."
Thank you.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes.
- Here's John and Greg.
Oh, boy, am I happy
to see you guys.
-Garg Textile.
Yes, this is perfect.
Hello. Thank you.
"Route Info."
Thank you.
-You take us.
-Oh, my.
-We need to go here.
-U-Turn. U-Turn.
-You have to help, she's saying.
There you go, sir.
-All right. Thank you.
-Thank you.
Good. Yeah. All right.
Now we're going.
- Hello.
- Yeah. Lift the roses.
-Ah. Namaste.
-Thank you.
-Thank you. All right, let's go.
-Right here. Right here.
-Yeah, right here.
Yeah. Dad,
deliver it just like this.
Look how they laid it.
Pull over, pull over.
- Right where?
- Since the guy was
sitting here
right there in the middle.
At this point,
we're freaking dead last.
- Get the bag.
- That's right.
I counted exactly 50.
All right.
-Thank you.
This is the receipt, right?
Thank you, sir.
Let's go back the way we came.
Is this it? Yes?
Go, go, go. Straight, straight.
straight ahead.
Is that them?
They're getting out.
-Oh, right here?
-All the way over there, sir.
Heavens to Betsy.
- Geez Louise.
- Testing my patience.
-Thank you. Thank you.
-Ah. Thank you.
-Thank you.
- We got to go. Go, go, go.
- See you there.
-Come on, Lena.
-I'm right behind you.
Oh, right there,
right there, right there.
-Thank you.
-Thank you. "Route Info."
So many stops today.
Right here, ma'am.
-Okay, okay.
-Oh, heavens.
Ooh, this is crazy.
Hey, 77's down there.
Yeah, keep going.
- It's 79.
- Ooh, bunch of flowers.
Look. This might be
the demonstration.
Let's try it, man.
You swap like this?
Maybe this one?
I don't think so.
Stopping every 30 seconds
to ask someone else is not
suiting us well.
We're highly frustrated
right now.
Thank you.
Come on, Lena.
Hi. Can I talk
to the salesman?
Thank you so much.
-Dad, come on.
-I'm coming.
Every second counts, Dad.
Thank you.
Hopefully, other people are
having just as many issues
with their transportation
as we are.
Here's perfect. Yes.
- Stop, stop.
- Stop, stop.
-Good, good, good, good.
-Right here is good.
All right.
We're gonna rip.
"Who likes
to play with blocks?"
Block printing is
the earliest, simplest,
and slowest method
of printing on textiles,
but the results
can be spectacular.
This Roadblock requires teams
to print the national bird
of India.
Using four different
colored printing blocks,
they must properly print
nine peacocks to get a clue.
-All right, it's me.
-Greg is gonna do it.
I will do the Roadblock.
My dad's gonna be doing
this Roadblock.
This a workstation?
Can I put it here?
Oh, like, you build it up.
It was just four different
blocks that you needed to have
and four different colors,
and then,
you use the specific blocks
with the specific colors
to layer on top of each other
to create a beautiful peacock.
It was gorgeous-- the peacock.
So you did that
and then you did yellow.
All right. So you got to get it
kind of perfect on there.
Aah! Does not look
Yeah, baby. All right.
Other than Todd and Ashlie,
you guys, Anna Leigh and Steve
and Joel and Garrett are
the only people we've seen.
Like, no one
from behind us has caught up.
And so, hoping
we got some cushion.
Is this here? Is it here?
This has got to be it.
- We have not seen another team.
- Single other team.
There we go. Okay.
-Which has its own
hopeless feel to it. Yeah.
I'm afraid of this camel.
- Just this?
- I'll count
-This is another one. Oh, God.
-This is the example?
- Yes, Yes. Oh, God.
- I'll do the bricks.
- You do those.
- Okay.
We are better
at carrying things
than we are navigating.
Our significant others
didn't choose us
'cause we're arm candy.
They chose us
because we can carry a barbecue
up the stairs, you know?
Twelve, 18.
-And we're back.
Oh, they still there.
They're behind us.
All right. Mm. And tie.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Hey, ladies.
Y'all got a specific way
y'all know how to tie these?
-But you have to follow them.
-Follow them. Crisscross.
- "Route Info."
- All right, let's go.
- Crisscross!
- Let's try it.
There you go. Like that.
-And that makes
your little ear, Yeremi.
- Looks kind of stable.
- Yeah.
- A salesman?
- Yes.
Bolt of fabric and a clue.
-Get your get your bolt.
-Oh, we're gonna take this?
I guess so.
All right.
So then he does red on top.
I'm starting to get how to
do it. I'm lining them up
on one side and then slowly
going over to the other.
The tough part was,
like, if you made a mistake,
you can't go back and erase,
or you start all over.
I got to do three more.
Gonna move on to the last step.
This is fun.
I mean, I've never done art
like this before.
Okay. Okay. Now I'm
Now I'm ready for a check.
If you got it wrong,
it was dramatic.
The judge would come up,
and he would slam an X
on the ones
that weren't good.
Good? All right, Run it back.
One, two, three,
four, five, six.
-I got six, Johnny.
-All right.
- Surprised no one else
has gotten here yet.
- Yeah, I know.
- Help me push this up.
- I don't know.
This might be a more
efficient way than riding it.
Uh, let's do opposite hands
when we're crossing,
like this one.
Then throw this over,
and there we go.
Looks good.
We got some bundles.
Now we've got to move
these bundles to our rickshaw.
I'm ready. Are they heavy?
We carried our bags back
to our rickshaw.
And they were not light.
They had to easily be
maybe around 60 pounds each.
Oh, yeah.
That might be heavy, though.
-How was that? Too heavy?
-It's a bit too much.
-At this point, we should have
just done the bricks.
-Hold on.
Come on. Watch out!
-Watch out cow.
-It's on the right.
-Garg Textile.
"Jaipur Mahal Jaipur
Boutique Carpet."
Thank you.
Let's go.
Let's go, miss.
of what the learning process,
is how much ink to put on.
'Cause if you put on
too much ink,
starts to
starts to blot up a little bit.
Yeah, those are all pretty good.
All right, J,
we got another team coming.
Todd and Ashlie.
-"Who likes"
-"Who likes to play
with blocks?"
-You want to do it?
-No. You.
I'll do it.
-I like playing with blocks.
All right. Can I do a check?
Hey! Huge. Huge. Let's go.
-This is for you.
-Thank you so much. Thank you.
-That's my bro!
-That's my bro!
All right, we'll see you guys
at the next one.
"Race to the Pit Stop."
Recent research determined
that there are no peak hour
traffic times in Indian cities.
It's pretty much like this
Traffic circles like this
are built
to help speed things up.
Today, this one-- Badi Chaupar--
will serve as the Pit Stop
for this leg of the race.
The last team to negotiate
this cacophony of chaos
will be eliminated.
"Last team to check in
will be eliminated."
-All right.
-Will be eliminated.
Badi Chaupar.
We're still
in the position to get first.
Oh, yeah. The big tower.
-God, it's so loud.
Okay, so we just did
what looks like a U-turn.
So I'm thinking we're gonna
stop here on the left somewhere.
Okay. Oh, ma'am, please take us
where we need to be.
-Oh, please.
-I know, right?
Getting to the temple
was the real challenge
of this Detour,
at least for Yeremi and I.
Might be in there. That could
be it up there-- that thing.
I don't know, man.
This way? This way?
It was ridiculous.
It was so difficult.
I'm trying to look
for any signs.
- We should
go up and somebody, no?
- Yeah.
We were getting lost
left and right.
Past this road right there.
But these things were
out of our hands.
Thank you. Thank you.
And the best universal language
is positivity.
-Let's go.
-Quick, quick, quick.
This one's tough.
They're being real strict.
I mean, you can see my dad.
He's already
on his second sheet.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
Come on, baby.
"Who likes to play with blocks?"
I'll do it.
All right. It's off.
Oh, way off.
Nice catching up.
We're trying, man.
We're hauling ass.
That one is bomb
right there, dude.
I was like,
"This might be something
I might be able to do."
In college, we did printmaking,
so I understood that
the order of the colors
is really important.
Red. Match up the ink
at the bottom.
Oh! Okay. Too much.
This one looks
like it was murdered.
Come here, come here. Here.
"Who likes to play with blocks?"
-Dad, it's you.
-Hey, Steve.
-Hi, girl.
Steve I want you to know
we did not U-Turn you.
-Y'all U-Turned us.
-Look, I didn't U-Turn you.
Hey, I didn't U-Turn you.
Like, y'all are kicking ass.
Dude, we had no reason
to U-Turn y'all.
If you're gonna U-Turn
someone, don't U-Turn someone
that's, like,
an hour and a half ahead of you.
Beard brothers.
We did U-Turn you.
We cannot beat you guys
for whatever
no matter what we do,
and this is our chance
to get a first place, and now,
look, we're clear at the back
of the pack anyway.
We were also very confident
you guys weren't gonna
get eliminated.
We just wanted to get rid
of that hour-and-a-half lead.
Wrong decision there, guys,
because all y'all did
was slow us down.
There was no advantage to it,
but they showed their colors.
-Yeah, just a little sneaky.
Hey, well, now
we're coming for y'all. Shoot.
-Oh. These need to be closer.
-Thank you.
-Thank you so much.
- Now we take this back.
- Okay.
- I don't remember
how to get there.
- No clue.
There we are.
-There's yours.
-Ah. Very good.
And then Thank you, sir.
A receipt. Thank you.
-Thank you so much.
Thank you. Thank you.
-Thank you.
- All right.
- Okay.
I am trying
to get my first nine birds.
I got to go back and look.
The red's hard.
Oh, he does yellow first?
Blue, yellow, red, light blue.
Blue, yellow, red.
-All right, let's see.
-Blue, yellow, red.
Can I get a check?
Oh, my God.
This is his second full sheet.
You need to settle up?
Okay. Dhanyavaad.
- Bye!
- Bye! Oh, I see Phil.
I see Phil.
-All right.
Welcome to Jaipur, India.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-This is Greg and John.
And they are team number one!
-That's right!
-Come on, let's go!
Let's go!
And I have some
great news for you.
As the winners
of this leg of the race,
you have won
OneKeyCash from Expedia
-for a trip for two
to my home country,
New Zealand.
Let's go!
Expedia experts are gonna
set up some
unique experiences for you,
including a caves-to-coast tour,
a walk among
the nature sanctuary wildlife,
a Marlborough
food and wine tasting,
and the Remutaka Rail Trail
bike ride.
-Let's go, baby! Let's do it.
Coming in first really just
proved to ourselves
that we have the ability
to do this at any point
for the rest of the race.
It's very, very much possible.
Yeah. Check?
He comes with that big red X,
and he was just X-ing
one after the other.
He gets done, and you're like,
"Sweet, he's done."
No, he left to go
re-dip his X
to get more ink on it
to X more.
I'm gonna be seeing this X
in my nightmares.
Oh, you're hurting me!
All right, I got two.
Ooh, that's a ugly peacock.
Can I get a check?
Steve is so quick
with getting checks.
Ah, let's go back
to the blueprint.
Well, I was wrong.
Dark blue, the first one.
-Who's going to do it? Okay.
-I'll do it.
There's Team Philly.
Blue, yellow, red,
light blue last.
- Did y'all vote for us?
- No.
-Y'all didn't U-Turn us?
- I'm like "No! What?
- Oh, my God! No."
-We do not plan on telling
-We don't plan on
Steve and Anna Leigh
that we were one of those votes.
-She'll catch it
when she sees it on TV.
Good job.
As we continued our Detour
and still had not
seen anybody,
we kind of banked
on us being in last.
Okay, go give 'em the receipt.
Thank you.
We still
-were fighting hard.
-Robbin and I
will never give up.
But it's out of our hands now.
All we can do is do our best.
Can I get a check, please?
They don't like
my murder-themed one.
One, two, three,
four, five, six.
I had six.
I do not know
how we can find this.
- I don't, either.
- Drive up and down the road?
Yeah, just keep on telling her
to go down, I think.
Yeah. We This
- You want to try this?
- Yeah.
I mean, I saw some flowers
in there, but
Oh, oh, Yeremi, it is!
Oh, my God.
-Ugh. Uh.
-Dude, let's go!
You don't know happy I am
to see you, sir.
Thank you. Namaste to you.
-Yes. Thank you so much.
-Thank you. Thank you, dude.
Okay, check?
See if I can pick up
a couple here.
Second check,
I picked up a couple.
I'll take everything
I can get right now.
He'll make you feel good,
won't he?
Not one.
Let's go, Malaina.
You got this.
Andrea is like
the positive reinforcer
'cause I can go left
real quick.
Just take your time.
During the pandemic, my ex
cheated, and we were
together five years.
Actually, we was
about to get married.
And Andrea was there for me.
Andrea always been there.
She always had my back.
I had to be there.
She's like my sister.
You know I have a twin sister.
She's like my third sister.
See, I can count on her
no matter what.
And I love her for that, dearly.
Let's go, Malaina.
Aw! I only have four?
I need five more.
All right,
chiggity-check me out.
I just need five good ones.
Okay. Is that it? Is that it?
-No. No more. No more.
-That's it.
Okay. One, two, three,
four, five. I'm good.
-Nice job.
-Yes! Yes.
And this is one for you.
-And this is for you.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you so much.
And it looks like
Strasser got our clue.
Hang in there, guys.
- We got to go.
- Okay, let's go, let's go.
Given how crappy today has gone,
I'm feeling okay that there's
about four teams behind us.
How many you need?
-One more?
Thank you.
-Nice job. Nice job.
-Thank you. Thank you.
-See y'all soon.
Garg Textile. Right there.
- Thank you.
- Thank you. Thank you.
-Jaipur Mahal Carpets.
All right.
Thank you.
Route Info.
-Let's go, dude. Yes.
-Okay. All right.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-And this is for you.
- Namaste. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- We will see y'all.
-Do you know where it is?
We were literally
last in the pack,
and today, we raced smarter.
We are we're back in it.
Oh, we got a hill the rest
of the way there.
That might be
Oh, boy. This might be
our downfall right here.
At least all of our competition
is also in electric carts.
Yeah, but they don't weigh
as much as us.
We're done, we're done.
Let's go.
- All right.
- Rob and Corey,
you are team number two.
Look at this arrival right here.
Oh! Get in here.
-Okay, grab your bags, Smithe.
- Grab your bags.
- Oh!
-Welcome, boys.
-What a mess.
Joel and Garrett,
how are we doing?
This has been the toughest day
we've had so far.
But we somehow found a way
to push through it.
Check, please.
I got five more made here.
He takes out my ones
I think are good.
I'm gaining two a check.
Come on.
Come on, Malaina.
You got this!
- I got two right.
- Check?
That's good?
-Nice work.
-Thank you. My man.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
-Good job. Good job. Good job.
All right.
All right. You ready?
Let's do this.
-Oh, he's Phil's over there.
-Phil's right there.
- Phil's right here.
- Oh, please stop.
Morgan and Lena,
I do have good news.
-You are team number four.
-Let's go!
-You said you wouldn't be last.
-We are ecstatic
to be back
in the top half of the pack.
We do have this tendency
to, like,
be like oil and water.
We just have to keep
proving to ourselves
we can get things done.
And this last leg is
so reflective of that.
Oh, that is so damn ugly.
I need three.
-This is for you.
Thank you very much.
-That's it?
The clue box right there.
"Who likes to play with blocks?"
-You got it.
So Robbin and Chelsea just came.
Hey, ladies.
All right, we got a lead
in front
of Liam and Yeremi, right?
-Yup. Yeah. Yeah.
-That's pretty much
where we're at?
-Oh. That's nice.
-Thank you, thank you,
-thank you, thank you.
-And this is for you, okay?
Thank you. Thank you.
-"The last team to check in
-The last team
-will be eliminated."
-to be eliminated.
-Our rickshaw is
over there. Yeah.
-Our rickshaw is out here.
I bet my kids could
come out here
and knock this out of the park.
I do deal with arts and crafts,
being a homeschooling mom,
but doesn't mean
I'm good at them.
My kids are
Little more free-form.
My kids are better
at it than I am.
Tough crowd.
Yeremi and Liam are
behind us, so I'm just
crossing my fingers
and hoping they take
their sweet time to get here.
And I think
that Robbin can nail this.
Garg Textile right here.
- Ah.
- Oh.
-Thank you. Thank you.
-Thank you. Thank you so much.
-Got it. Okay, here we go.
-All right. Sounds good.
I think the hardest part
was getting 'em lined up,
just properly,
pushing 'em down, and then when
you pull 'em up, pulling 'em
straight up, but they kind of
suction to the fabric.
And by the time you got
to the royal blue, it was
the hardest for me
to get lined up just right.
-Jaipur Boutique Carpet.
We're moving now.
I don't know
what I'm doing wrong.
I'm hopeful
that we aren't in last place.
I was kind of
getting frustrated.
I looked over,
I could see Chelsea.
She smiled at me,
and it was kind of like,
"No more screwing around.
Just focus
and get the job done."
I see some X's coming.
More x's.
I got two
out of nine correct that time.
I kind of see what I got right
on those, so I'm hopeful.
Oh, man, we are moving along.
That's the way
that we need to go.
- Yeah, she knows.
- There we go. There we go.
- Good, Good. Good.
- We're on the road.
All right.
Hey, Phil, you need a ride?
You need a ride?
Look at that.
Todd and Ashlie,
you're team number five.
-Wow. Fun.
-This is a trend.
Oh, yeah, always team five.
I like the symbolism
of a peacock.
After I survived
a brain tumor
and the death of my husband,
and lost all my weight,
I got this peacock tattoo
on my arm
to symbolize the beauty
to the world.
It hopefully
gives someone else hope.
-Let's go, let's go.
-Can we push?
Every rickshaw
is cruising past us.
Oh. Oh, there. We're passing
Steve and Anna Leigh.
-They're behind us?
-Their jigsaw's slow. Yeah.
Go, go, go!
Let's go! Let's go!
We got to find Phil.
-There he is!
I see him. I see him.
-Oh, oh, you see, you see?
-Out of town.
-Let's go, let's go!
-Let's go!
Andrea and Malaina,
team number six!
-Let's go, let's go.
I'll take it.
-That's all right, I'll take it.
- I'll take it.
- I'll take it.
- Go, go!
Here comes Steve and Anna Leigh.
-There you go. Bring it on in.
-Bring it on in.
Steve and Anna Leigh.
-Yes, sir.
-Two Detours
- on one leg after your U-Turn.
- Yeah.
Oh, we're hoping
that we're not last.
And after all of that,
you are not last.
-You are team number seven.
-Oh, yeah, girl.
You know you're a threat
to the other teams.
That's why they wanted
to slow you down.
This U-Turn should have been
strategic for other people
and I think a few showed
their colors at the wrong time.
They're just scared
of a little competition.
If they've got
to be scared, then,
we're not gonna stop.
We're gonna keep on coming.
Live to fight another day.
Can I get a check, please?
No more, no more,
no more, no more.
-And this is for you.
Thank you so much.
"The last team to check in
will be eliminated."
-Badi Chaupar.
Let's go.
Here we go. I'm assuming
Liam and Yeremi are behind us.
Who knows where they could be?
I love to play with blocks.
I will be doing this one.
That's a good one.
Luckily, but not luckily,
I mean, there were no
other teams at this Roadblock.
-We knew we were
in last place at this point.
-Oh, yeah.
All right, back to it.
That's my boy.
So I just got to focus
and enjoy the Roadblock, and
-Looked like he was enjoying it.
-It was so much fun, honestly.
It was just a beautiful thing.
Dude, come on. That's what
I'm talking about. Okay.
-Oh, here's the mat. Hi.
-Yes, there's the mat.
Hi. Pleasure seeing you here.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
Have a wonderful day.
Robbin and Chelsea,
we meet again.
We're just happy
to have gotten through this leg.
And you should be very happy
that you're not in last.
You are team number eight.
-Oh, my God.
-It does mean that you will be
-at the back of the pack again.
-That's okay.
Oh. Okay, cool. Awesome.
-This is for you.
-Thank you. Thank you so much.
-A lot of fun. Okay, that's it.
- Let's roll.
- Let's go.
- Right to you, baby.
- Hey, Phil.
That's what we needed.
That's the first time
we've been taken
-straight there.
-Oh. Let's do it.
-All right, Phil.
-Okay, Phil.
-Liam and Yeremi.
-Yes, sir.
I am sorry to tell you that
you're the last team to arrive
and you have been eliminated
from the race.
We have been
through so many trials
-and tribulations as brothers.
And it's taken us
a really long time
to get to where we are today.
-And, uh
-We've done everything.
-I love you, man, and, dude
-I love you.
you mean everything to me,
and you always have been,
and I know you
I know you know that.
It'd be an understatement to say
that this was the adventure
of a lifetime.
And being able
to do it together as a team--
that's created a bond between us
that I don't think
will ever be severed
for the rest of our lives.
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