The Amazing Race (2001) s35e12 Episode Script

A Sunset, Seattle Scramble

Previously on
The Amazing Race
This season, The Amazing Race
returned to its roots
with old-school travel
This is old-school Amazing Race
suffering in the airport.
Tight fit.
classic gameplay
Express Pass, baby.
That was so worth it.
Me and you are on the U-Turn.
- It is?
- Yeah.
My God.
and thrilling adventure.
After ten eliminations
I am sorry to tell you
that you've been eliminated
from the race.
it all comes down
to three teams.
Father and son Rob and Corey,
who wanted the experience
of a lifetime together
This is one
of the sickest days of my life.
This is amazing.
and are in it to win it.
I'm hoping that we're
in a race for first again.
Corey's stumble
in India almost cost them
the race,
but his father's encouragement
got them through
their toughest moment.
Better, better. Thank you,
thank you. I'm feeling better.
From then on, they hit the mark
won the penultimate leg
Let's go.
You are team number one.
and their spot
in the final three.
Joel and Garrett
came on the race with a goal.
Get out there
and have an adventure.
So this is gonna be it.
But the best friends
had plenty of struggles
along the way.
I'm so thirsty, I am so hot, and
I don't know where I'm going.
Many people would
have gone insane by now.
Throughout the setbacks,
they kept a sense of humor
Use the power of the beard!
I'm not gonna follow my nose.
I'm gonna follow my beard.
and remembered
what they were racing for
"Dear Dad, I love you so much."
"Hope you and Strasser
are doing well and having fun.
I can't wait
for you to get back."
as the unlikely underdogs
claimed their spot
in the final three.
We're in the final.
Brothers Greg and John
took a calculated approach
to the race.
The wings look pretty complex.
- We'll keep building from the bottom.
- Yeah, yeah.
When things went wrong
- No. - No.
- No. Okay.
- All right?
- All right.
- Debugging time.
- Yeah. Debugging time, baby.
the computer scientists
- Yes.
- Hey.
Yeah, there we go.
They began to hit their stride
through India
They are team number one.
reeling off three
consecutive wins in Europe
- savoring the experience
- Hey, hey, hey!
This was such a good move.
This is fun.
as they earned a spot
in the final three.
You will be one of the
three teams that will be racing
to the finish line
for the $1 million prize.
One of these three teams
will win $1 million
and The Amazing Race.
Route Info.
"Fly to your final destination:
Seattle, Washington."
Rob and Corey are the
first of the final three teams
to begin their journey
over the North Atlantic
and Canada to the west coast
of the United States,
landing in Seattle, Washington
perhaps the most
caffeinated city in America,
that's held the number one spot
of coffee shops per capita
in the country numerous times.
But what really
put Seattle on the map
is the iconic Space Needle,
which has towered above
the city
for more than six decades.
Teams will find
their next clue at the base.
"You must check in
for your flight to Seattle
at the marked ticket counter at
Dublin International Airport."
For us to be
going into the final leg
of The Amazing Race,
leaving in first place
such a confidence boost.
Hello. To the Dublin Airport?
- Yeah.
- Great.
Obviously, a million dollars
would be life-changing,
but once you start thinking
too many steps ahead,
that's where you start
to make some mistakes.
So my dad and I are sticking
with one step at a time.
- Do everything right.
- Let's do it.
I grew up
in Vancouver, Washington,
so, went up to Seattle
several times.
If the Roadblock is to find
the best piece of pizza
in Seattle, I'm winning, easily.
"Fly to your final destination:
Seattle, Washington."
Feeling amped.
This is where the race begins.
We always talk about
that final three being
a whole race in and of itself.
The way we've been performing
just shows
how far our bond can go.
Greg is someone who just,
like, makes me so happy,
and that really
makes me, at least,
perform better in this race.
Adding this competitive element
has been just
a real new chapter
for our relationship.
We're trying to cash it in
and just take it home.
And if you wouldn't mind,
if you have a smartphone,
we just wanted
to look up this airport parking
for Seattle, real quick.
Thank you so much.
Once we get to Seattle,
we have to find our parked car.
I visited Seattle
a handful of times.
I lived there
for a month in college.
We're city people.
We like cities.
So we'll hopefully be able
to figure it out
quicker than any other team.
"Fly to your final destination:
Seattle, Washington."
- Let's go to Seattle. Come on.
- Sea-Tac.
We are super pumped
that we made it this far.
In the previous legs,
we were pushing ourselves hard,
but in this leg,
we're not holding anything bac.
We've proven
that we're meant to be here,
and no matter what happens,
we're gonna
keep fighting for it.
The real prize
after we get to the final mat
is gonna be our families.
We miss our families so much.
My wife and I have talked about
taking the kids up to Seattle.
So now, after
we've won The Amazing Race,
I can take the kids back and
show them everywhere we went.
- Let's go crazy.
- Let's go crazy.
For this last leg,
it's kind of an underdog story.
On paper, we're the underdog,
but I kind of like
being in that position
because we're underestimated.
And all we have to do now
is overperform and win.
It's gonna be a really,
really difficult leg.
You've got to be
on your absolute A game,
'cause you have two other teams
that are giving
everything they have.
Johnny and I
are ready to get this dub.
We're ready to get the dub.
We-We've been dreaming about it
since day one,
and we're gonna
make it happen today.
That's a bold take.
We're winning this race.
My dad and I have every
intention of coming out on top.
We didn't come this far
just to come this far.
We're gonna push
all the way to the mat
and we're gonna get there firs.
It's time for the showdown.
Let's go.
Where's the clue?
Is it there?
It's the Space Needle.
Space Needle, that way.
- Got the clue?
- Got the key.
Okay, Smithe,
know where we're going?
Space Needle.
Amazing Race, final leg.
- Million dollars, right here.
- Amazing Race, final leg.
There is the Space Needle.
There's the Space Needle,
right there.
We need to look for valet.
- There's the Space Needle.
- Down for a thrill?
I'll do anything right now.
Looks like
another team's pulling up.
Look, it's Corey and Rob.
We'll park right next to 'em.
Rob and Corey are there alread.
Route Info.
"Walk around the rim
of the Space Needle,
"500 feet above Seattle,
to find your next clue.
"Choose any available rigger.
Only one member of the team
will walk at a time."
Clue box. Let's go.
Yeah, right there.
Shoot. That was close.
All right, let's do it.
All right. Cool.
There is a million dollars
on the line,
so we have to crush this
and get out of here.
Yeah, it's
a tight race from the jump.
This is gonna be so wild.
We get up there,
we get our harnesses on.
Team number one, baby.
Each team will have
one representative go first.
Come on.
This race just
gets cooler and cooler.
This is the greatest view
I've had in years.
This is incredible.
This is so cool.
"Look for the man
with the yellow and red tie
"standing at the gate,
located to the right
"of when
you exit the Space Needle.
"Enter through and follow
to the marked path
to the Chihuly glass house."
Aw, this is amazing.
This is so cool.
When am I ever gonna
have this great of a view
of Seattle again in my life?
Here I go.
All right. Nice and slow.
All right, to the Chihuly
glass house we go.
You were just
like King Kong on top.
Just walking around,
seeing the city.
The view was really scenic.
I'm somewhat afraid of heights.
I was pretty high up there.
But it was really cool.
All right.
That was awesome.
Just an incredible view.
We are heading to the
Chihuly Garden and Glass cente.
We're looking for a man in
a yellow and red tie
standing at a gate.
Cannot get up higher than this.
Yeah, with the sunset view
and the mountains in the back.
This is nice.
It was such a sick view
that you just
kind of take a second
and just look out.
This is really, really cool.
Holy Shatner.
I've been to the
Space Needle, but walking
around the outside of it,
trying to catch up
to every team,
it's completely different.
Good job, Gregory.
Let's do it, let's do it.
We're currently in first place.
But only by, like, minutes.
It's close.
This way. Let's go.
Thank you.
There it is.
Route Info. "Get ready
for a Seattle Scramble."
It's time for a Scramble.
Teams must complete
three challenges
inspired by Seattle's art scene.
In Grunge, they must be
a roadie for a grunge band.
In Grab, swing from
a high trapeze.
And in Glass, blow molten glass
into shape.
Because it's a Scramble,
they can complete
the challenge
in any order they choose.
At the end of each challenge,
they will get a piece
of their next clue.
Let's go.
I was very surprised
to see that it was a Scramble,
but I was pumped, because this
forces you to run your own rac.
You can't really
follow other teams around.
Other teams aren't really gonna
be following you around.
You're doing your own thing.
And my dad and I
felt like we've thrived
whenever we run our own race.
What an experience.
I cannot believe I'm up here.
All right, Strasser.
We just need to figure out
where these directions are,
and we can
circle them on our map.
So that one's 6th and Lander.
We marked the first two
and they were pretty close
to the downtown area.
And then the third one
was a little ways away,
and it wasn't even on our map.
And we think,
"All right, let's just
get directions
to the third place,"
'cause we know then it'll
be easy to just shoot ourselves
back up
into the heart of Seattle.
Sorry. So close.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
- All right.
- Says with a yellow and red tie?
- Someone at the exit. Yep.
Rob and Corey
they're still ahead of us.
Can't make any mistakes
the rest of the leg, for sure.
All right.
Route Info.
"Get ready
for a Seattle Scramble."
We got a Scramble.
Someone over here?
Would you mind
helping us real quick?
We just need your phone.
We're looking
for three different locations.
They're all around the city,
so we're just
gonna map it all out.
- Lander and 6th.
- 6th here.
All right, let's go.
Yeah, that's the glass house
right there.
It's Scramble time.
All right, grab the map.
We look over and see
the other teams still here.
We're super excited,
so we're gonna do our best
to move up in the race.
They're all on the
they're all on the clue.
For the Scramble,
the way we were trying to set
it up is whatever was closest,
and then work
our way to the furthest one.
- 5th.
- We don't know what block is, though.
Let's go to 6th then 5th first.
We're going to Grab first,
'cause that's the furthest one.
Let's go to Glass first.
- Can you get us there? Hop in.
- Yeah.
Okay. Got it. All right.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
All right, we're off.
We're gonna go to Glass.
We're gonna get one
of three pieces of a clue
that, when put together,
will reveal a destination.
This does say 6th Avenue North
and this says 6th Avenue South.
So this can't be it.
- U-turn?
- Yeah.
- You're gonna have to go back.
- Shoot.
We are doing a Scramble.
This is crazy, 'cause we're not
gonna have any idea
what place we're in.
No one's gonna have any clue.
A sunset Seattle Scramble.
Come on, the alliteration
it's too perfect.
This one's called Glass.
We chose this one first
because it's the closest.
We're trying
to go in a straight line.
All right, let's do it.
Route Info.
"Become a glassblower.
Create a glass sea float
to earn a piece of the clue."
- Okay.
- Okay, cool.
- Nice. We're glassblowing. Let's go!
- Glassblowing!
All right. Choose
any available glass artist.
Okay. Just
Kind of random.
Not to-not to insult anyone.
Left on 6th.
I see a clue box. Glassblowing.
"Create a glass sea float
to earn a piece of the clue."
So I'm gonna
get a little bit of glass,
- and we'll work through the process.
- Okay.
Hello. We want
to make a sea float.
All right,
so pick an instructor. You.
For sure.
- We go in the color.
- We want to stop.
Press down a little bit,
lift, turn.
So, we had to put some colors
on the glass,
then put it into the kiln
for it to heat up.
The biggest thing
was to keep it turning,
'cause it was molten hot glass.
We're gonna pop a bubble next.
The metal rod had a hole
through it, so then you could
blow an initial bubble
into the glass.
See if we got a bubble.
But the second part
is very much a team effort.
You want to grab just like that.
Go ahead and blow, Joe.
And continuously roll it
while the other person
is blowing air into the bubble.
We're gonna grab our diamond
shears and crimp, crimp, crimp.
Then we're gonna
go to our knock-off station.
Our demonstrator made it look
so easy.
And then I'll put
a little dab of glass
and put a stamp there,
and that's when it's finished.
- All right. Ready?
- Yep.
It's like
putting sesame seeds on.
Beautiful. Keep spinning.
We got this. We got this.
So, looking for building 2702.
Right there. Right there.
Clue box.
Number one.
"Perform a knee hang catch
to receive a piece of the clue".
We're excited.
Okay, let's do this.
Put your arms up.
I know, I know.
So it's gonna be like this.
We have to grab onto a bar
and then swing
our legs up onto the bar,
swing back, let go
and just hope that someone's
gonna grab your hands,
which in theory,
sounds terrifying.
- Good job.
- It's looking, it's looking hot.
To get glass to be molten
takes a lot of heat
and a lot of time
just to stand in the heat.
It definitely adds
just more to the frustration
and the uncomfortableness.
- Now, do I heat up first?
- You want to heat it up first, I think.
And then spin it so that
it gets more narrow at the end.
All right. You want to
give it a blow? Yeah.
Go for it. Go for it.
I don't think it went enough.
Go one more time.
Blowing my cheeks are busted.
Did the most I could.
I just don't think
it's big enough.
But I blew
like a million dollars
were on the line. Yeah.
You blowing?
All right.
So, a little bit of air,
and then seal it with the thumb.
It's drooping. Keep spinning it.
So, I think you have to
keep spinning it
while you're
blowing in it, maybe.
That's a lot to remember.
I'm generally athletic,
pretty flexible,
play a lot of sports,
but I've never done
any sort of gymnastics,
so I had zero expectations
for myself going into this.
Face the ladder
on the other side. Okay.
This is where I'm starting
to get a little nervous.
That was electric.
Let's go.
That was so fun.
I think it's getting too long.
- Every time we hotdog it, it, like, gets longer.
- Yeah.
The pressure
was definitely there
with Greg and John side by sid.
Whenever they're
getting close to done,
you really feel the pressure.
You blowing?
Yep. Keep going, keep going.
All right, hold on, hold on.
- Slow down, slow down.
- Okay, I'm slowing, I'm slowing, I'm slowing.
Keep blowing more. I don't know.
- Maybe it's not hot enough.
- Wait.
- Okay, don't go too fast with the blowing.
- Okay.
- You're doing great. You're doing great.
- Yeah
And then squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze.
But not enough to break it.
Okay. Obviously,
it's not hot enough.
Okay. You want to try it?
All right, here we go.
On the top, maybe.
I think we're on the blowpipe.
- We're on the blowpipe?
- Your jack line.
That one's not coming off.
- Okay. Got it.
- All right, next one, next one.
Give us a demo
and emphasize what we did wrong.
You want more heat.
Heat is your friend in this.
All right. Use the tool.
Okay. Here we go.
Let's see
if we got it big enough.
Not quite.
- A little bit bigger.
- Dang.
We had a perfect orb
with a perfect hole,
but it was too small.
Having been that close
and just knowing that
I just had to make one more
puff, and we would have been
out of there, was frustrating.
- We had that.
- Yeah.
Because my dad and I
were fully alone, we
weren't sure if John and Greg
and Joel and Garrett
had finished
their first challenge.
We had no idea
what their status was.
We got to get this done
as quick as possible
and move on,
get to the next thing.
Take a minute.
Tell me when to blow
and how much.
Okay, blow.
You got to let me spin it.
All right, ready? I'm gonna
pull it out. Move. I'm ready
It's not spinning. Blow.
I-I think we're already screwed.
I have to be able
to roll it back and forth,
otherwise it just starts
dripping way down, like that.
Yep. Go, go, go.
- Go?
- Yep. Go.
Stop, stop, stop.
Aw, it popped.
So take it out
and spin it a while,
let it cool a little,
and then make sure to squeeze it
on just the right part.
- It still might be a little too hot.
- Yeah.
Yeah, we're not gonna blow yet.
- That's a nice little bulb they got.
- That's a nice little bulb.
Blow soft.
That's about
as big as it's gonna get.
- Okay.
- I think it's big enough.
See if it'll come off.
- Anything, Johnny?
- Johnny, focus on us.
A little bit of bulge.
Just a little bit.
Come on.
Come on, now. Get off of there.
Give it one good tap.
- Yeah.
- Congratulations. I'll be right back.
That looks
like a beautiful float.
We seal it
so it actually floats.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you so much.
- Really nice working with y'all.
Okay, can you get it
a little tighter?
All right, let's get
out of here. We got to run.
I think they're
finishing it this time.
- That sounded kind of cracky.
- All right, try it.
- Next location.
- Grunge.
We got there after Greg and John
and left before Greg and John,
so that was good.
I think it's big enough.
- So close.
- Really?
It's just barely big enough, but
we broke off part of our bubble.
- Dang.
- Yeah.
So, if your neck is too large
or if you break it too hard,
then the hole chips.
Got to do it again.
New problem. Yep.
So close.
You got it.
Nice work, team. Let's go.
That's my dad.
- Yes. Thank you.
- Congrats.
So we got a wing of a plane.
So we are now headed to Grunge.
That's the one
that's closest to us now.
And I've got it on the map,
so we're gonna try
and take that one on next.
Feeling okay right now.
We got two more pieces
of the Scramble to go.
It's a little nerve-wracking
not knowing
where everyone else is at
or how they stand.
We have not seen Cory and Rob.
We assume that they went
to a different
Scramble event first.
This is Grunge,
which makes me wonder
if we have to learn a dance,
a grunge dance.
It's gonna be
a Nirvana thing, I hope.
Hell, I hope it's mosh-pitting.
Yeah, we have
to get in a mosh pit.
- All right, ready?
- Go slow on this.
- Yeah.
- On the blow.
Once Joel and Garrett were out,
there was a ticking clock.
- All right, ready?
- Yep.
We hadn't seen
Rob and Corey by this point,
so we knew that at least their
challenge or two challenges
were gonna take as long as
- All right.
- You think it's big enough?
- Yeah.
- Let's give it a shot.
Go and tap it off.
All right. Go, go, go, go, go.
- Yep.
- Just a little harder?
It's that same thing.
It's that opening.
In the final leg, you're
either first or you're last.
So we might
lose this thing, right?
'Cause it's been 30, 45 minute.
- It's smaller.
- Yeah, sorry, dude. My bad.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- Okay, third.
- That might be our destiny.
- That's gonna take forever.
Lost count of what try this is.
Yeah. There's a bubble.
There's a bubble.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure.
For sure, there's a bubble.
- So take your time at the bench.
- Yeah.
Go ahead and blow.
Hold on, now.
Not too much.
All right, TBH,
I think that might be good.
That looks good. All right.
All right, ready?
- Ready?
- Go.
Yes. Yes, yes, yes.
That looks good.
That's four inches.
I don't even have to check.
- Nice. Nice.
- Thank God.
Let's go. Let's go.
- That's it.
- That's it.
- All right.
- Nice work.
- That's your clue.
- That's our clue.
Thank you so much.
You're the bomb.
We got time to make up.
You got something? Next place?
We're heading to Grunge.
Anything can happen.
People have
been so further behind.
What about
the marquee sign right there?
That's probably what it is.
What does this say?
- There's the clue box.
- Clue box.
Route Info. "Work as a roadie"
"for a battle of the bands
at the Showbox.
"Properly set the stage
for your band
to receive
a piece of your next clue."
- Okay.
- All right.
I imagine this is the Showbox.
This might be cool.
"Choose any available stage
with your band's name.
"Find your band's equipment
in front of the Showbox.
Use the provided stage plot
to set up your stage."
There's the Black Tones,
La Fonda and Smokey Brights.
- What you want to be?
- Let's be Smokey Brights.
All right.
Okay, we got power there,
power there.
And we just got
to follow the diagram.
Okay. So we got to go find
all the Smokey Brights stuff.
- Smokey Brights, right here.
- Okay.
"Equipment and instrument cases
may only be opened stageside."
Grab the guitars.
I'll grab this stuff.
- Okay, I'm right behind you, in a minute.
- Okay.
We got to start
setting everything up.
I'll work on the piano.
I have zero experience
in setting up a stage.
I played the trumpet
in marching band.
Never played in a rock band,
which might be cool.
Okay, that goes
up to there.
So far, we're the first team of
roadies setting up for the band.
Okay. Next.
So I'm trying
to get us to where Grunge is.
It's by the Gum Wall,
which I know
is over by Pike Place.
- All right, so the amps
- That's blue.
- That goes in the back corner there.
- Okay.
All right, I'll put 'em.
Blue goes from the amp
to the blue guitar.
- This is blue right here. This guitar's blue.
- Okay.
- You know what I just remembered?
- What?
I have a roadie jacket at home.
I have an official roadie jacket
for the band Weezer
- that my wife got me as a present.
- So you do know how to,
so you do know how to do this.
This one's Grunge?
- This one's Grunge?
- It's probably something
- having to do with
- Like, artwork or something.
I was thinking,
like, punk rock, like, grunge.
All right. This one
we're gonna do better.
- Come on.
- Okay. Something's not right.
There's a component
that goes on top of this amp.
See that component?
- It goes on top of that amp.
- Yeah.
We might need
to run out in the street
and see
if we've missed anything.
"Bring all your empty cases back
outside where you found them."
Okay, let's take these out
and find whatever one we missed.
Joel and Garrett are also here.
Got to get moving 'cause
we got teams catching up to us.
- We don't have another case.
- I don't Right.
So it's got to be
something else we're missing.
"Properly set the stage
for your band
- to receive a piece of your clue."
- Okay.
Did we look through all these
boxes and make sure Yeah.
There wasn't a hidden
compartment or something?
We're missing
a piece of equipment
that's in the diagram
but wasn't in any of the boxes.
Are you telling me
that flips over?
- Please tell me that's it.
- Yeah.
I don't know how,
but we finally found it.
It was tucked down into
the amplifier and you had to
figure out
how to take the top apart
and spin it over.
That was tricky.
Right there.
Can we get a check?
All right.
Let's check,
- check every little thing, one at a time.
- Okay.
Are both cords hooked into that?
That goes into the guitar.
Okay. And the power
is it plugged in?
Where's that?
It should go off the side
of this, right into here.
Is it I mean, is it one
of these cords that's already
- plugged in down here, or
- It doesn't No.
We need a power cord on this.
- Where do you get that?
- I don't know.
We're just trying
to get all the stuff inside
so we can figure out the puzzle
once we get
everything stageside.
Looks like things
are color-coordinated,
so it shouldn't be too bad.
It's the two on the outside
that we don't have power to.
- It's these two?
- Yeah.
- Well
- There you go.
- If only I had known.
- Well, look at that.
What do you know.
We're about
to start digging through boxes.
All we had to do
is plug these things in.
Okay. Check again.
No. Again. No.
All right.
Something's not hooked up.
So far
I see a clue box there.
Okay, make a U.
They're both here.
We just want to stay
keep our lead if we can.
All right,
there's the stage, yeah?
- La Fonda?
- Let's start bringing stuff in.
Just bring everything in?
All right,
gonna try to roll these.
Yup, you got the ramp there.
I am not musically inclined
by any sense of the word.
I took guitar lessons
for, like, a year,
and then my parents made me stop
'cause I never practiced.
All right.
I don't know what it is.
Could be something
with the power in the back.
Never been in a band before,
so this is a little bit
out of our wheelhouse.
The Scramble gets wild
when all three teams are
in the same place.
It's intense.
This is not plugged in.
- I know what it is.
- Do you?
We need a power cord
for this amp right here.
Smithe, this is it.
There was another cord
in this box.
All right, that's it.
You guys may
want to give that Weezer
roadie jacket back
at some point.
Smokey Brights,
sound check time. Let's go.
Let's go.
The Smokey Brights
are gonna perform.
Get ready to rock.
That was such a cherry
on top for this challenge.
They started playing,
we started rocking out.
That was really cool.
Rock on!
Let's go.
All right, get us
to the last place.
- Don't sit on the plane.
- Yeah.
So we got to head south,
the other direction.
We're on our way to Grab,
the third of the Scramble.
And now I'm building a little
model airplane back here.
Something Street.
Kenmore, Washington.
We're looking for some sort
of box that goes on the, um
the top of this amp, supposedly.
Yeah, there's, like, a
There's another
You're looking for the thing
that goes on top of the amp?
- Yeah.
- We have no idea where that is either.
All right, want to go out
and check one more time?
Yeah, I'll check one more time.
If we can find it outside,
- we're not too far behind beards.
- Yeah.
I don't see anything here.
Yeah, we need just, like,
power cables
for some of these, too.
Right there!
Flip it.
- Find it?
- Nope.
- It's somewhere in there.
- They just found it.
Sure they found the top one?
Found it somewhere over here.
I don't see it over here.
Where the heck
did that come from?
We're missing
power cables, too.
- We're definitely missing power cables.
- Yeah.
So you guys are also missing
some power cables, right?
I don't think so.
Like, how are you
plugging this in?
This needs power.
I thought we were almost done.
Thank goodness
he said something.
I didn't even think about that.
I was like,
"Yeah, you're right.
Amps need power to work."
Thankfully, that hint
helped my dad and I think,
"Okay, we got to look a little
bit closer for the power stuff".
All right,
we're on our way to Grab.
This must have been the one
that Corey and Rob started on.
What do you think "Grab" means?
I think maybe
it's gonna be, like,
a grocery kind of thing
where you got
to grab a bunch of fruits
and deliver 'em
or something like that.
Or maybe we have
to grab a fish out of the sea
with our bare hands.
All right. See any numbers?
Not yet.
We're looking
for some sort of top, like,
preamp kind of thing.
And some of these
are just missing
straight-up power cables.
All right, let's go.
Let's go check again.
'Cause it's definitely
not on the stage.
Okay. Moving.
- You found 'em?
- Yeah.
Can we have a check?
- They found it?
- They found it.
We stepped out
at the wrong time.
At the very wrong time.
Black Tones,
please come to the stage
for the sound check.
- Here you go.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Y'all rock!
- Good luck!
Thank you.
We got the second piece
of our puzzle another wing,
so, feeling more and more sure
that this is gonna be a plane
at the end of this.
Anything on the clue?
We see two teams pass us,
and we know
both of them have already
completed another challenge.
So we are, by definition,
in third place.
And so we're both
kind of just freaking out.
And you checked in here
This is tough.
What in the world?
Yeah, I have no idea.
I just feel we're missing a box
at this point.
I mean, we're not.
- Right? Like
- My gosh.
- I have no clue.
- I'm out of ideas.
This is quite a search.
We're missing
power cables,
and we're missing this, like,
preamp that goes
on top of the bass.
And we couldn't
find it anywhere.
We were searching so hard.
We were in third
in this final leg.
Like, a million dollars
are on the line, and it's us
just, like, shaking our heads.
Gregory, Gregory.
Okay. Power is here.
That's one thing solved.
We need the thing to
Maybe it's in here.
Power cable?
In the
Here it is,
Gregory. There it is.
- My God.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- We just got to flip it.
- Okay.
- Just got flip it.
- Nice. Great job.
Now we a need a power cable
for this.
- I think I saw it.
- You saw it?
Yeah. All right, we have a
- It's in here. Greg, it's here.
- You found it?
- It's in here, yep.
- All right, let's set this up, man.
Can we get a check?
La Fonda, come on out
for sound check.
- Yeah.
- We love La Fonda!
Look at that.
A real band.
Yeah. Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You guys are awesome.
- Thank you!
Think it's like a wing
of some sort.
So we know Rob and Corey
are gonna take a long time
on the glass-blowing.
If we can just catch up with
- Yeah.
- Joel and Garrett
- on whatever this next thing is.
- Yup.
Stop. Clue box. U-turn.
Somebody's already been here.
- All right.
- Knee-hang, catch.
- My gosh.
- My, my.
I'm not in the best shape,
and so I'm a little nervous.
But I'm excited to get out thee
and show my kids
that even if something's
difficult, you can get it done.
The question is
do I have the core strength
to tuck my legs in like that?
- Glass.
- I found it.
I think we're here.
Route Info.
"Become a glassblower."
This way.
So, I'm gonna give you guys
a demonstration.
See, I'm keeping it turning.
The glass is 2,000 degrees.
Let's go. We'll figure it out.
Trapeze was
never on my list of things
that I was ever going to do.
How's it going?
My wife
she's a personal trainer.
If we win The Amazing Race,
we're gonna open our own gym
and maybe
I'll let her help me get
into shape while I'm at it.
Go, Strasser.
There you go.
Crap! This is tough.
Greg and John haven't
shown up yet, so I have to
knock this out quick.
Blow more.
It's not bigger.
Trying to get
that first breath of air
and then close it off
we just couldn't get it.
- Right here, right now.
- I got third ticket.
"Perform a knee-hang catch
to receive a piece
of the next clue."
- Okay.
- Done.
Hey, guys. It's super scary.
John and Greg ran in.
I said, "It's scary.
You're gonna hate it.
Be scared."
I was trying
to get in their head.
Okay, let's go.
The first time, I didn't get
but I did learn some things.
Now I just have
to put it all together.
Compared to Joel and Garrett, we
might be able to pull this off.
I don't know how flexible
they are. This is physical.
- Yeah. Just be brave. Just be brave.
- Just be brave.
I mean, theoretically, we can
get this on the first try.
- Come on.
- Like, this is something
that, physically, we can do.
I know we can do this.
- Nice job, Smithe.
- Hands off!
- Hup! Yes. Just like that.
- Nice.
I'm back.
My natural reaction
is to get frustrated,
but we just keep going.
- Come on in.
- We're gonna do
everything it takes to win thi.
Let's go, Strasser.
There you go, there you go.
There you go!
Nice job, Strasser!
- Yeah!
- Yes!
I got to nail this.
All right.
Greg and John
are right behind us.
We have to somehow
stay ahead of them.
We're gonna
keep fighting for it.
Great job, Smithe!
I'm actually really happy
it only took us
each three tries.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, guys.
All right. Good
job, boys. Good job.
- You're gonna hate it.
- I'm sure. Let's do it.
Joel and Garrett
got through this quickly.
6321 Northeast 175th Street
in Kenmore, Washington.
That's where we're heading.
Should we go
in that gas station? All right.
Let's grab those people
in the cowboy hat right there.
Hey, can you help us real quick?
We're in a race right now.
We need to find an address.
Can you look?
Got it.
Dude, this is The Amazing Race.
- It's all yours.
- Awesome. Thank you so much. - Thank you.
- Thank you. You're All right.
- Hold that.
So we just want
to take the I-5 North.
Exit 175.
- Thank you guys so much.
- Of course. Hey, best of luck.
- Root us on. See you. - Rock on!
- Thank you. We appreciate it.
We're gonna want
to see another demo.
It was just really hard
getting that first bit
of air in the glass.
Most important part
for the blowing
making sure you're capping it
while you're still blowing
and it's in your mouth.
All right, let's go, Johnny.
There you go, Johnny!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Getting your legs
around the bar
is the most difficult piece,
and from there, it was fun.
I very well might sign up
for trapeze when I get back
to San Francisco.
Great job.
All right. I got you, J.
I knew we had to get it
on our first try.
Joel and Garrett
were right in front of us.
I already know.
The important thing is
keep blowing,
even through sealing.
So that way,
the pressure remains.
As soon as we figured that out,
it was much easier to work with.
Okay, okay, okay.
That's good.
All right, let's do it.
Yeah! Trust it.
Yes! Go! Yes!
- Yes, Greg! Let's go! Yes!
- Let's go!
- Great job. Best to you.
- Awesome. Thank you!
- Please. Thank you. Thank you.
- Thanks so much.
See what we're working with.
Kenmore, Washington.
All right,
there's a person up here.
- Hi. Please.
- We're on a TV show for a million dollars.
- It's so quickly. For a million dollars.
- It's for a crazy
It's 175th Street.
All right, it's in Kenmore.
Yeah, that's it, that's it.
Exit 175?
All right. Thank you. Thank you.
Okay. Thanks so much.
You're the best.
So we know Joel and Garrett
are ahead of us.
Maybe Rob and Corey are ahead
of us, but we don't know
how long it takes 'em
to do the glass.
Check the size.
Over four inches.
You got it.
Get the stamp real quick.
- Let's go, guys. Nice job.
- Thank you so much.
Feeling nervous,
jittery, excited.
It's the big kahuna right here.
This is definitely not over yet.
Yeah. Anything can happen
in these end challenges.
People can freeze up,
people can get lost.
I'm just hoping
this final challenge is a doozy.
In the last leg, there's not
a lot of margin for error,
so I'm starting
to feel a little nervous.
This morning, we made a vow
to uphold the underdog tale
and give it our all
and go out and win.
And we're not in last place.
We might even be in first place.
Who knows?
We're living the underdog dream
right now.
That's the building,
right there.
- Kenmore Air?
- Yep.
Should be an entrance
right here.
- Okay, I see a clue.
- Clue box. Get that open.
- Get that open.
- Come on.
Start at the other side.
Come on.
How many
of these have we torn by now?
- That's not how we want to do this.
- Route Info.
This is the final challenge
before teams race
to the finish line
a memory game.
The Roadblocks and Detours
have been displayed
on these kayaks,
and teams need to lay them out
in chronological order
exactly as they encountered them
on the race.
Once teams correctly
line up the kayaks,
they'll receive
their final clue.
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
"Place your kayaks on racks to
represent each leg of the race
in order,
starting from left to right."
So let's separate 'em
so we can see what's what.
- The Roadblocks are red.
- Yeah.
When we got there,
nobody was there,
and we started knocking it out
as fast as we could.
Paper or Plastic was in Vietnam.
Roll that paper up.
Sword Play was one
of the first Detours.
We didn't do it.
We did the Thai massage.
All Dolled Up
was relatively early on, right?
- That was Jaipur.
- Okay.
Okay. He's got a beard
and a mustache, which we like.
All right, we got
to move faster because
- Yeah.
- If we can get this done
"Who wants a bird's-eye view?"
That was the airplane one
I did, right?
- "Who wants a bird's-eye view?"
- Boy!
This is amazing.
- Bird's-eye view.
- No.
That is the very first one
that I did in L.A.
That was yours. Okay.
I'll take it down.
- You got it?
- Yep.
Right now, we're in first place.
We're the first ones here,
and we're trying
to get this knocked out,
or at least half knocked out,
before anybody else shows up.
Johnny has the best memory,
so if it is a Roadblock,
we're thinking he'll do it.
it's another challenge
where we can make up time
with Joel and Garrett.
That's the goal.
And Rob and Corey, potentially.
We're at a point
where we've kind of lost
what my directions say to do.
I'm not seeing anything
that I wrote down anymore.
I'm starting
to get a little nervous.
We've lost
a decent amount of time.
"Who wants
to get their steps in?"
- That was your Irish dance.
- Yep.
That's all the way on the end.
Go all the way to the end.
We had two Roadblocks that day.
We had the Irish dance
and we had the swing.
"Who wants to be above it all?"
Let's go, Strasser!
Right there,
above House Work
and Field Work, right?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah. I see people
out there. Okay, turn right.
My God. Here.
Here's the clue box.
Okay, Gregory.
"Recreate your race
around the world."
- Got it. All right.
- Let's do it, baby.
Let's go.
Joel and friggin' Garrett
were almost done
when we show up
to the challenge.
- Let's do it, baby. Right here, right now.
- Right here.
- Do you know what you're doing right now?
- Yup.
Yeah, Johnny's just
going for it.
Johnny's got a crazy memory,
so he's just putting
all of the Detours
and Roadblocks in order.
"Who's feeling balanced?"
That was India.
- Special gift for you.
- Thank you. - Mighty job.
Appreciate it. Thank you.
- You're doing great.
- You're doing great.
Yeah, this is definitely
different than,
my life in New York.
Found it!
We're putting our kayaks
on one at a time as quickly
as we can, and we see
Joel and Garrett's wall
just light up with color
from kayaks.
- "Who's ready for change?"
- I don't remember that one.
That's the the wittens.
I repel down from the castle.
Let's go, Smithe!
- Let your mustache guide you!
- Yes, sir.
Okay. That was Cologne.
It's on the very top.
Then we did
Stand and Deliver
is all we have left.
But if we have
Stand and Deliver,
that must go over here.
You got the second one,
I got the first one.
Which one was Sweden?
- Serve and Sort?
- Yeah.
Two, four, five, six, seven.
We're ready.
Guys, I'm sorry.
That's not correct.
- All right, what are we missing?
- Yeah, let's
Should we start
from the beginning?
Are there any more canoes?
The bird's-eye view
goes on top here.
This is the lake.
Yeah. There we go.
Matter of Taste was mustard.
Spicy food.
This is labor.
It was a physically-taxing
memory challenge.
These were not flashcards.
These were
massive kayaks
that we were trying to
individually move
onto their racks.
We're getting there.
Route Info. "Recreate your race
around the world."
Excuse me. Excuse me. Sorry.
- You know what it probably is? Stupid.
- What?
- We put these on the bottom instead of the top.
- What?
- These.
- That's stupid.
I mean, that's probably
what it is, though,
'cause it's the first thing
you did
and the second thing you did.
All right, put it up.
Move it up.
- Gosh. Damn.
- If that's it, that is so stupid.
Well, I mean,
it's our own mistake, 'cause
we should have known
to put it on the top.
- Check.
- Check.
All right, Johnny,
they're getting it checked.
Okay, something's missing.
Something's not right.
All right, Johnny.
They got it wrong. Let's go.
Deliver or Stand.
Yeah. That was
first second day in Vietnam.
Come on, man.
Come on, man.
Would you do this
for a million dollars?
You're doing great.
You're doing great.
- I think she's gonna break my back.
- My God.
Sword Play or Spa Day?
It sounds like the right order.
Scoop Up, Stock Up?
Who knows?
I think that one was
Stock Up, Scoop Up.
That is really hokey.
I mean, I don't know.
There's some little thing
that's preventing us
Yeah, I don't know what it is,
though, gosh dang it.
Dude, this sucks.
Something's missing.
We can do this.
We can figure it out.
- We'll We will figure it out.
- You're sure.
"Who wants a bird's-eye view?"
was the tightrope?
Yeah, it was.
Sword Play and Spa Day.
And then Sword Play and Spa
Day that was our first leg.
We have no clue what's wrong.
Dude, this sucks.
Something's missing.
- Okay, not too many left.
- Yeah. Come on. We got it.
The Big Picture.
That was Um, yeah.
I have, like, a
I have one earring.
It's on the on the other side.
- The first day.
- Yeah.
Let's go, baby!
That's easier.
That was the airplane
that I did.
Then we did either
House Work or Field Work.
- I'm frustrated.
- I am, too, because I see nothing.
I think Scoop Up was pomelos.
This is so many pomelos.
- All right, ready, dawg?
- Okay, give it a try.
- All right?
- Yeah. Can we go for a check?
- Let's go! Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Let's go! Go, go!
- Let's go! Let's rip, rip, rip!
Teams will now make their way
to the finish line
here at Clise Mansion.
The first team to arrive here
will win
$1 million and
The Amazing Race.
Go, go, go, go.
Let's do it. This is it.
- Let's go, baby!
- Let's go, Gregory.
- Let's go.
- Come on, come on, come on.
It's in Marymoor Park.
- What does that mean?
- I don't know.
We got to ask someone
where Marymoor Park is.
I hope it takes them forever to
find whatever their mistake was.
There's some little thing
that's preventing us.
Yeah. I don't know
what it is, though.
Do we need to flip
"Who wants a bird's-eye view?"
and the other one
that has to do with the air?
- Above it all? That's what it is.
- You know what?
That needs to go down there
and this needs to come up here.
All right, let's do it.
I can just take it.
You grab the other one off.
I don't know why we didn't think
of swapping those sooner.
- Gosh dang it. Check.
- Check.
- Bird's-eye view.
- Bird's-eye view. Of course it's gonna be
an airplane
flying through the air.
- Yeah. Thank you.
- Thank you.
God dang it, Strasser, why
didn't we think of that sooner?
- Head back the way we came.
- You think it's back in Seattle?
You keep looking.
- My God.
- The gas station down the road
- that we drove past on the way here.
- Yeah.
- All right, there's a person here.
- Marymoor Park.
- I'm gonna start waving people down.
- Yeah, yeah.
Hi! We're just curious
if you can tell us
which way Marymoor Park is.
Thank you, thank you.
This is truly
for a million dollars.
If we get to this location,
we win a million dollars.
If you could just
look up Marymoor Park.
Can you help us?
We need to find
- We need your help.
- We need to find Marymoor Park.
- Can we borrow your phone?
- Map. My map.
- I-405 South?
- 405 South?
- Looks like Cli-Clise Mansion is that thing.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Thanks so much, guys.
- Thank you. We got to run.
- You guys are awesome.
- We really appreciate it. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.
- These are the directions of a lifetime, Gregory.
- Yup.
All right, we're gonna try this.
Now we're just hoping
we can overtake 'em.
And you're sure-you're sure
it was this way, right?
- Yeah. I-I
- Okay.
Well, like
My gosh.
I I'm pretty sure.
I'm pretty sure.
- Does it say Marymoor Way?
- Um, it says.
"Marymoor Park office."
Might be on our heels.
I mean, it's close.
Marymoor Park.
Willowmoor Farm.
- Smithe, we're gonna sprint it out. Do you hear me?
- Yep.
This I mean,
this is definitely
There's buildings on the right.
That's got to be the office.
- Who's that car?
- Johnny, what does it say?
I know, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I mean, we got to find
the parking, so
You see any kind of clues?
- Is this-is this the parking?
- Like
"The marked parking"
is what it said.
Let's go!
Let's go, baby!
Let's go!
Eight countries, 19 cities,
more than 23,000 miles.
Greg and John,
you are the official winners
of The Amazing Race!
You have won the $1 million!
That is the most excited
- that I have ever seen a winning team run in to the mat.
- Yeah.
We came up, we thought
we saw another car.
And so we were like,
"We got to sprint there."
It's just wonderful
to see the connection
that you guys have
and the spirit
in which you've run this race.
Why is this such a special human
being, this person standing
next to you? It's
as a younger brother,
Greg is just such himself and
has all of his own strengths,
and this was really a great way
for him to highlight that
and see that
he is his own person.
Like, it doesn't have
to be following big brother.
And he just blew that out
the water, this race.
And I just really could not
have done this without him.
I couldn't ask
for a better partner, truly.
It just really showed how much
of a best friend Johnny is.
And I am incredibly grateful
for the rest of my life
that I get to do
even more adventures
- with this man next to me.
- Absolutely.
Great job, man.
Thank you, guys.
Joel and Garrett
are the second team to arrive,
and they've finished second
on this Amazing Race.
- Congrats, guys.
- Great job.
- Very close finish.
- Did they just run up? Did you guys just run up?
- 120 seconds ago.
- Really? - Are you serious?
- Yes! - That close?
- What a close finish.
What does it mean
to have completed
this race
with your best friend?
We ran the entire race
without yelling at each other,
without getting ticked off,
calling each other names.
I've I keep saying this,
and I really mean it.
I got a lot of friends,
I got a lot of family.
There's nobody else
I could have ran this race with.
I couldn't have done it
with a better guy.
This guy pushed
pushed me through so much.
When I was having
a hard time running,
he just-he just kept me going,
and I'm just grateful for him.
The fact that we were able
to hang in there
until the final leg,
and not only that,
but to end in second place
I couldn't ask for anything moe
except for first place, but
There's that.
I do feel like this race
has brought us
even closer together.
Where we were
the most successful
was in those moments where
we could work side by side.
We just tried
to keep each other positive,
and so, this experience
has really
deepened and strengthened
our friendship.
- Check.
- Should we check?
- Congratulations.
- Yes. Thank you. Thank you.
Bring it in.
Rob and Corey, everybody.
You are team number three.
I know you're incredibly proud
of your son.
What do you love
about this boy of yours?
I'm so eternally grateful
to my parents
for raising me
with sign language
because they pulled me
into their world,
and I can have this kind
of a relationship with my dad.
I'm proud that I got
to do this with you.
I'm proud that we never quit
when things got hard.
We worked hard together
and built each other up, so
At the end of the day,
I really hope someone sees
how powerful of a relationship
my dad and I have
and how American Sign Language
is at the core.
It's kind of been our thing
the whole race to just remain
positive no matter what happens.
I'm proud of you, big fella.
My one hope out of this
entire experience is
that my kids watch this
and see what can happen
when you don't look the part,
you maybe don't even act
the part, but
you can do the part
if you just keep going.
It's really bittersweet,
the race coming to an end.
Getting to do it with my dad
you don't beat this.
This is
a once-in-a-lifetime opportuniy
and something
I'm gonna cherish forever.
I'm so elated
that we did the race.
It has been just, like,
a documented journey
of our relationship and
something that
we can show our kids,
something we can show
our grandkids.
We can now look back and say,
"We did this."
It was so much fun,
and the outcome
we couldn't ask
for anything more.
If you think you have what it
takes to win The Amazing Race,
go to
and apply now.
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